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Complaints & Reviews

CCBILLfraudulent activity on bank account

Hi, I've had £25.00 taken out of my account for something I have not bought/signed up to. I have contacted my bank who have blocked all other transactions from yourselves and have advised me to get in touch with you about refunding the money. As this is an account I do not use, I am also facing bank charges because of this transaction. If you are not willing to refund, the bank will take further action with a fraud investigation. Thank you.*furio £18.09. /*software 88. £13.99

I never bought those items
Both has been taken out of my Barclay account on the 16 of October at the same time 18:03
Please make sure to look into this and get rid of my credit card details to make sure they don't keep on using the credit card
I did put a hold on my card but like to use it
Please inform me about this matter and give me the warranty that they don't take more money out of my account

CCBILLunrecognized charge on my bank statement

I have just noticed a unrecognized charge on my bank account.
Here is the line item: ""310894 PREAUTH*Kamparri Tra*Kampa +1 88'' I have not made any purchases for this amount, and I would know what my purchases look like. Your company obviously has some bad or unsecured clients. The last four of the card used was 0876, expiration was 11/20 and name on it: Charles J McDonald.

Please reverse this charge promptly.

Charles McDonald

CCBILLunknown charges to my bank account

I have had the following amounts deducted unexpectedly from my bank account:-

September 29th = £23.49
November 28th = £23.72
December 28th = £23.72

Can you explain why these have been charged and arrange for my account to be credited urgently. It is possible I may have signed up for a service which I have subsequently cancelled. If that is so, please provide details of the service provider and I will deal with the matter.

Thank you.

Graham Davies.

CCBILL — $ 99.95 on my visa card

I observe a charge of $ 99.95 on my last VISA invoice, while I do not have any memories in having used your services. I pay my online purchases directly with my credit card. I...

CCbill.comfraudulent credit card charges

Sometime in the middle of the night, while I was asleep, someone submitted a $25 charge to my Citibank Mastercard on . That one went through, but when they tried it twice more -- the Fraud Dept. jumped on it. Now I have to get a new card, change who knows how many automatic payments etc. If it was just one charge -- I'd start trying to figure out what automatic payment might be trying to go through for $25. But when they tried twice more in a matter of hours -- that sounds like either the company itself is a fraud or it's being used by hackers. Oh, yeah -- the notification from Mastercard says the charge originated in Andorra -- a small country between France and Spain.

CCBill EU — unauthorized charges to my credit card.

Over the pass 6 to 8 months there has been the amount of 44.85 charged to my credit card. The last charge to my credit card was 03/09/2017. I have no idea who is charging my...

CCBill EUone time payment taken monthly

hello about half a year ago i bought on time month subscruption for wbsite. but today i noticed you continue to take money every month. please cancel it and refund me it take 5.8 dollar and i didnt agreed for this.
the information the bank give me: CCBILLEU.COM* +1 [protected]

if its not the right address please refer me to the right one but this is fraud and thief to take money i didnt agreed to pay.

thank you

CCBill EUthe furfling subscription

Near the start of January the money that was part for my savings account was used for the subscription on FurFling, in all honesty, I don't want the subscription any longer and I really want to break my subscription at this point. I was told by my bank to contact you and try to disable this regular transfer and get a refund from the recent transaction

Ccbilleu — unauthorized credit card charges

I loose every month € 49, 90 from my credited by this company. I don't know how this is possible since I did not receive anything. I has been going on foor several months now. I...

CCBill EUunauthorized charges

Hi. I have never heard of this company nor used this company for any sort of service at all. I habe bought some things on ebay but those charges go through my PayPal account. I have no idea what CCBILLEU is or what services they provide but I did not authorize any charges from them on my account. There is one for $29.95 and $.90 American. Please refund the money back to my account before this becomes a more serious issue and further action must be taken. Thanks

  • Cc
    CCBill EU admin Sep 27, 2016

    Hello Jill86,

    You can find contact information of our consumer support here:

    If you contact them they will assist you in resolving your issue.

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CCBill EUunauthorized credit card charges

On 05/01/2016 I was checking my account on the Internet, so I pulled up my bank statement, so I can start paying my normal monthly bills.
I am a Disabled Veteran so I don't receive a lot of money, I am on a fixed income so I have to live month by month. When I pulled up my statement I saw this charge from CCBILLEU for $25.00, but right below that charge was my insurance payment and that was 25.00, so I thought it accidentally charged me twice, but no I have 12 charges at 25.00 a piece and one at 50.00 that is $350 worth of charges.
I am a 70 year old man don't use my card for purchases on the Internet, but from 03:20:03, it tried once to be used, it looked like they were seeing if it would work. So at 10:40:08 to 12:40:50 they went wild, cause every 10 minutes there was a charge for $25.00 and there was one at 10:45:01 for $50.00.
I really don't what to know what it was I was supposed to be buying, but the money needs to be returned to my account ASAP, cause my bills are due, that $350.00 I depend on.
I have called my bank, they have canceled my card now I have to wait for a new one, so I can't pay my bills now, witch now are going to be late, because of all this.
Its going to be 7 to 10 working days before I get a new one. This is a real inconvenience, for a person that has served his country, got hurt in the service, now I, m a disabled veteran.
I just cant run down to the bank and get money, it takes me 45 min just to get ready, get in the car then when I get to the bank it still take me 22 min just to get to the front door.
So please deposit the funds back into my account ASAP.
I tried calling the number that was on the bank statement, when I did get a hold of a Rep., When he answered the phone, the only word I could understand was Ishmal, that was it. So I tried very hard to explain to him in perfect English what the situation was, first he says this is a credit card company, that took at least 10 min just to get that out of him, then he says that he cannot refund the money, and will not ! That is when I decided just to call my Bank and to see what they can do.

Thank You
Daniel Riley
122 Methodist Encampment Road
Kerrville Texas, 78028
[protected] — unauthorized credit card charges

We have 6 credit card debits on our mastercard transactions on credit card bill from CCBILLEU.COM +1 [protected] AND dating between March 1st to March 3rd the lowest is $6.99, the...


My credit card was debited several times, 10/06/2013, 13/05/2013, 10/04/2013, for a Euro équivalent value of 69, 95 USD each.

I did not souscribe to any service from this compagny, I cannot find my personnel details into the customers database. Could you please stop the debits and refund the previous ones.

10/06/2013 CB CCBILLEU.COM 09/06 69, 95 USD
1 EUR=1, 316 USD -54, 69

Meriem ALL****

  • Ju
    j. utterson Oct 10, 2013

    removal of £7-77 per month for at least six months from my account.

    0 Votes Valletta — unauthorised withdrawals

Unauthorised withdrawals from bank account. This problem first started about 6 months ago, but after several emails back and forth to company, withdrawals ceased They have since restarted. 6/6 2013 Please advise.

Ccbilleu — unauthorised transactions

On August 15 I was billed $1 on my Mastercard [protected] (cancelled 18 June, 2013). This was followed by monthly billing of $49.90 on about 17th of month. I thought my... / V&j Media — un authorized charge

I have a pre authorized charge for $19.67 on my bank statement, and have not authorized any such charge ever. Any help resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated. Justin Woolworth

CCBILLunauthorised credit card charge

On the Fifth of March 2013. An unauthorised transaction for $25 was charged to my master card credit card.

This charge is supposedly for a one month subscription to I have this problem multiple times in the past however was not charged, just sent falsely stated emails claiming I had subscribed to the same service.

I have emailed CCBILL in regards to this unauthorised charge and shall contact my financial institution on Monday in regards to help in this matter.?

I never received any notification what soever from the subscription service I was falsely charged to. If a subscription service is rightly authorised than you expect an email stating you're membership details. This clearly did not happen as the charge was unauthorised without my consent.

How can i prevent this from happening again in the future.?

  • Si
    singleplykarl Jul 13, 2014

    Some how some way these Bottom feeding ### got my debit card num and charged !40 dollars worth of chages at this Site"have never used them ""and allways use my bebit side with the pin # these guys are real trash [email protected]#$% trash!!!

    0 Votes +1888 Cd 8619nauthorized payment debited from my account

Unauthorized payment debited from my account . Amount or 45 ponds on 24 dec 2012
Amount debited by this name +1888 cd 8619 ?

Plz help me to stop this hacking in account.Or help me to get back my money

Email me ..On
[protected] — they charge my acct. without any authorization

I went on line to check my bank acct. and saw with a charge of $95.-- I have never seen these people nor the company this stands for. I never authorized this to be taken out of my acct.

Dear Sirs I inform you that I've received several payments to which I would like your clarification: 1) on 04.11.12 € 24.95 -2) on 16.11.12 € 0.01 - 3) on 11/18/12 € 19.52 - 4) the same day € 0.34. These for the month of November 2012. I I had requested the removal from the site, but being in another language maybe I expressed myself well. If you intend to continue to send charges will beg you to block any debits and unsubscribe from the site. If was also possible reimbursement of the amounts mentioned above. Thank you for your cooperation.
Francesco Fogli — fraud

CCBILL.COM charged my account on two occasions on 11/16 $39.95 AND $4.95 When I contacted them they claim they have no record of any transaction charging my account. How does a... billing visa card

Since two months my Visa Credit Card is billed with the amount of
€ 19, 12.
I cancel the relationsship with CCBILLEU with immediate effect.

  • Ma
    Mark l. Rogers Nov 21, 2015

    I tried a completely free offer from a adult website that was advertised as completely free, that had absolutely no obligation to purchase anything. At that time I made sure that the free offer was completely free and that it required absolutely no obligation to purchase anything at all. A short time later, without my knowledge I was charged for two different websites that I did not purchase from these months and amounts listed, charged on my credit card, is the name of the charge listed on my credit card statement for $54.95 a month, Debited on my American savings Visa debit card #4145808605434244 exp. date 1/2017 (in year 2015 in the the months listed, march 26 march 30 april 14 april 16 may 12 may 14 june 9 june 11 july 7 july 9 august 4 august 6 september 3 september 29 2015) Iam not sure of the dates in oct. nov. I think I have been charged twice a month in oct. and nov. too. I don’t have my c bank credit card statements yet. When this occurred, I investigated and researched this issue and discovered that there are several other individuals who experienced the same case of being mischarged by this website that may have falsely advertised for the free service without a charge and had reported the mistaken charge. I would like to report this incident and I hope I can receive a refund for the mischarge and that your organization can send a recredit to account at my credit card or at my bank. Thanks for your assistance,
    Mark L.Rogers p.o. box 714 kurtistown, hi. 96760

    ( is the name of the charge listed on my credit card statement for $54.95 a month, Debited on my American savings Visa debit card #4145808605434244 1/2017 these are the dates in 2015 on the months listed, (march 26 march 30 april 14 april 16 may 12 may 14 june 9 june 11 july 7 july 9 august 4 august 6 september 3 september 29) Iam not sure of the dates in oct. nov.that I was charged. I think I have been charged twice a month in oct. and nov. too. I don’t have my bank credit card statements yet I think I have been charged twice a month for $54.95 for over 8 months for a total amount of $990.00.

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  • duncan hackett Apr 16, 2016

    money taklng from accout dont know why u can get off me at [email protected] an let me why this is happen ty

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CC.Billeu.comdébit carte de crédit frauduleux

Bonjour, chaque mois cette société ? me débite USD 54.64 sans mon autorisation. Je vous serais gré d'intervenir rapidement. Merci. Sinon que puis-je faire. ? — unauthorized monthly charges

how do we stop from unauthorized recurring charges to checking account monthly. should i report this to the BBB ? how do contact them to stop?? please help $39.00... 18885969279 Valetta, Maltamoney being taken my account

Since April 2012, I have had monthly withdrawns from my bank account (24th April - 24th July of £39.90 and 2x withdrawals on the 6th August for £35.26 and £35.29 = £230.15) I am currently out of work and can not afford to lose this amount of money. Please could you advise me, how to cancel this going out of my account. I have seen this is related to porn sites, earlier this year I did look at some of these sites and made the mistake of accepting a 3 day trial, which I cancelled and since then these withdrawals started. I have not been on any of these sites since then and would like to get my money back.
Thank you for looking into this matter and look forward to receiving your response soon,

John Coyston

  • Di
    DISHONEST MERCHANT1219 Aug 25, 2012

    I 've been billed several times for the same movie. I'm requesting my credit card company to stop payment. How are you able to get out of the contract once you notify the merchant? Will I be socked in for FOREVER? How long is this bogus contract?


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sorry but i do not remember autorized a charge with your web site name. can you help me to recall what is this charge??? regards the amount is 50 usd.

  • Et
    ethos Aug 16, 2012

    They won't respond to you. Write them a cease and desist letter CMRRR. Also demand your cash and dispute it with your bank. Consider opening a new act.

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CCBILLcredit card fraud

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to report a credit card fraud charge by a company named, and request the assistance from your office for the refund. I also would like to ask for future investigation of from your office to protect more Minnesota consumers like myself.

I have been using a Citibank Dividend card for many years (card number: **** **** **** 5668). In recent statement, there was a charge:

07/16/2012: [protected] AZ $39.77

This is a company I have never heard of, so I called this company immediately on 07/29/2012 and talked to a customer representative named ‘Rafael’. Rafael told me his company is doing the billing for a porn web site: Rafael stated his company is doing this billing for many such companies.

I was so shocked and this is an obvious fraudulent charge. I then searched the internet and there are many consumers like myself, complaining the charge of porn web site by – one site such as:

ccbilleu.comcharges deducted fraudulently

Fees have been removed unknowingly from my account. On checking my statement, found a withdrawal from my account, which I have not authorised. I do not know who CCBILLEU represent, but there are charges going back as far as April 2 and vary between
$46 and $52 monthly. I have no recall of who this could be for, and do not remember authorising these deductions, and would like them stopped forthwith. Would dearly love to be reimbursed for the monies claimed

04/06/2012 CCBILLEU.COM +[protected] -437.34
04/05/2012 CCBILLEU.COM +[protected] -389.23
02/04/2012 CCBILLEU.COM +[protected] -388.55

  • Sd
    SDPATEL Oct 03, 2012

    Money has been deducted from my account twice USD 50 BY CCBILLEU.COM(who the hell are they) which i am not aware of it. Banks should take an action against this as they are stealing people's money big time and our bankers looks stupid in this regard.

    0 Votes +188859692 Valetta Malt 3533took money out of bank account un authorized

There was nothing found but complaints on the google search for +[protected] valetta malt 3533 I do not know did not order and refuse to pay!!
Transaction history
Date check
Number transaction type description debit credit running balance
05/17/2012 service charge fee intl atm debit card fee +188859 $1.49 $-50.30
05/17/2012 point of sale debit +[protected] valetta malt 3533 $49.90 $-48.81

  • Pa
    PAPPAS GIRL May 18, 2012


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  • Mo
    Molyz7 Oct 19, 2012

    I am also a victim in this fraud, in the same manner as you describe. When I went through my bank transactions of late, the ONLY UNSECURE transaction I have made this year is when I bought WinZip!!!

    Did any of you buy from WinZip without a secure (bank sign in) transaction method?

    Could WinZip have been hacked?

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  • Pa
    PAPPAS GIRL Oct 19, 2012


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  • Bi
    Bigguyben Nov 14, 2012

    I just realized the same company charging my card and notified my bank

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Mt Valetta, Malt +18885969279unadvised slacken of credit card

Dear sir:
I had an unadvised slacken of my visa card with amount : 39.90 EUR(54.25 USD) on date 10/04/2012 with document number [protected]
I didn't have any purchase in this date and I want to know how this amount slacked of my visa card.
Thanks alot
Mohammad Reza Joudaki
Email: [protected]

  • Mo
    Molyz7 Oct 19, 2012

    I am also a victim in this fraud, in the same manner as you describe. When I went through my bank transactions of late, the ONLY UNSECURE transaction I have made this year is when I bought WinZip!!!

    Did you buy from WinZip without a secure (bank sign in) transaction method?

    Could WinZip have been hacked?

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ccbilleu.comwithdrawal of funds from chking acct

I have unauthorized charges to my bank account that I want refunded back to me immediately. I have never been to this website ever!!! I want this to stop immediately.

  • Ma
    markamcclendon Mar 30, 2012

    same thing just happened to me emptied my account for 500.00. how do we get in touch with them

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ccbilleu.compossible fraud

I have been charged 2 amounts of £15.50 each, on 28th Dec. 2011 and 23rd Jan 2012 under reference +1888 CD 1516.Since I could not identify the payments I investigated and came across this site and fear I may have been defrauded, and am also unsure how to ensure it is not repeated. I shall phone my ban on Monday.

  • Ca
    carole1961 Mar 22, 2012

    Who is I was reviewing my son's bank statement when I came across 4 £50 payments that were taken out on 12 March 2012. He has no idea what they are for? Someone please advise me! [email protected]

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  • Ca
    carole1961 Mar 22, 2012

    who is 7061? I was reviewing my son's bank statement and found four £50 debits were made on 12 March 2012 to these people. Can we get these unauthorised payments back? Someone please help! email me at [email protected] Thanks.

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  • Ri
    rizam Dec 25, 2012

    unauthorized payment debited from my account . amount or 45 ponds on 24 dec 2012
    amount debited by this name
    CCBILLEU.COM +1888 CD 8619 ?

    plz help me to stop this hacking in account.or help me to get back my money

    email me ..on
    [email protected]

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  • Ri
    rizam Dec 25, 2012

    yes its me ? why

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CCbill.comunauthorized charge

Found charge from for $70.00. See lots of complaints on this website but none since 2008. This is 2012; what's going on? I called and they gave me name and address of someone in the next town over, implying that person made the charge. Said they would refund it in 7-10 days, contact my bank to get a new card. I will see if they come through.

CCBILL — unauthorised charges to my bank account

last year i signed up for a "risk free" trial for one week for a foreclosure company these people have since taken $39 out of my bank account every month since june of last year...

CCBILL — unauthorised purchase

56990 14/11/2011 visa debit purchase card 3010 +[protected] valetta, malt 9.00 usd inc o/s fee $0.25 $8.89 $9.83 - This showed up on the my debit card. It is a purchase...

ccbilleu.comtranslation of what?

Debit on my bank acount on 2011/07/03. The value debited was 39.95 usd by the*[protected] valetta, maltmt.
This transation is about what? I don´t remember. Can you elucidate me now.

Ccbilleui'm puzzled and, of course, will not do online shopping again

This morning when opening my online banking account I noticed a charge for $100.00 from a company called I called the company (I found the number and address on line) and was told that a registration was filled out by my son for a Zanga game website. He did not register for anything. Needless to say, the charge is still pending and hopefully they'll catch it but after reading some of these reports, who knows. Two days ago I allowed my son to purchase a sweatshirt and t-shirt for his birthday from Karmalloop clothing store and our payment went through pay pal. All was well until this. In reading a different report on this website, it looks like they somehow get your mailing and banking information from paypal? The clothing store? I'm puzzled and, of course, will not do online shopping again. +1888 — took money out my account which I dident know about I dnt even know what they are or who they are

hi i was jusy seein if you know what this is i just had 75.00 taken out my account which i know nothing about i dont even know them please help thank you +1888 — unauthorized charges

205842 I've been noticing strange unauthorised charges on my bank statement with Ccbilleu.Com +1888 in the description. I do not remember signing up to anything online or...