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CCBill Complaints & Reviews

CCbill.com / fraudulent credit card charges

MarkeB on Apr 29, 2017
Sometime in the middle of the night, while I was asleep, someone submitted a $25 charge to my Citibank Mastercard on ccbill.com . That one went through, but when they tried it twice more -- the Fraud Dept. jumped on it. Now I have to get a new card, change who knows how many automatic...

CCBill EU / Unauthorized charges to my credit card.

brodad on Mar 9, 2017
Over the pass 6 to 8 months there has been the amount of 44.85 charged to my credit card. The last charge to my credit card was 03/09/2017. I have no idea who is charging my account and would like this matter looked into and my money refunded. I have contacted my credit card company to stop these charges but they still continue to charge my account.

CCBill EU / One time payment taken monthly

אלמוג פניקס on Feb 22, 2017
hello about half a year ago i bought on time month subscruption for wbsite. but today i noticed you continue to take money every month. please cancel it and refund me it take 5.8 dollar and i didnt agreed for this. the information the bank give me: CCBILLEU.COM* +1 8885969279 if its not...

CCBill EU / The furfling subscription

Adam Gasieniec on Jan 23, 2017
Near the start of January the money that was part for my savings account was used for the subscription on FurFling, in all honesty, I don't want the subscription any longer and I really want to break my subscription at this point. I was told by my bank to contact you and try to disable...

Ccbilleu / Unauthorized credit card charges

JanDS52 on Nov 21, 2016
I loose every month € 49, 90 from my credited by this company. I don't know how this is possible since I did not receive anything. I has been going on foor several months now. I happens every two or three months. You do not notice it since it does not appear every month. I noticed that a...

CCBill EU / Unauthorized charges

Jill86 on Sep 27, 2016
Hi. I have never heard of this company nor used this company for any sort of service at all. I habe bought some things on ebay but those charges go through my PayPal account. I have no idea what CCBILLEU is or what services they provide but I did not authorize any charges from them on my...

CCBill EU / Unauthorized credit card charges

Daniel Riley on May 2, 2016
On 05/01/2016 I was checking my account on the Internet, so I pulled up my bank statement, so I can start paying my normal monthly bills. I am a Disabled Veteran so I don't receive a lot of money, I am on a fixed income so I have to live month by month. When I pulled up my statement I saw...

Ccbilleu.com / Unauthorized credit card charges

Lods on Apr 1, 2016
We have 6 credit card debits on our mastercard transactions on credit card bill from CCBILLEU.COM +1 8885969279 AND dating between March 1st to March 3rd the lowest is $6.99, the highest and most concerning is$705.87 we have no idea what the transactions relate to and would appreciate very much finding out and we anticipate we should be due refunds

Ccbilleu.com / Fraud

Meriem All**** on Jul 1, 2013
My credit card was debited several times, 10/06/2013, 13/05/2013, 10/04/2013, for a Euro équivalent value of 69, 95 USD each. I did not souscribe to any service from this compagny, I cannot find my personnel details into the customers database. Could you please stop the debits and...

Ccbill.com Valletta / Unauthorised withdrawals

gsdouglas on Jun 25, 2013
Unauthorised withdrawals from bank account. This problem first started about 6 months ago, but after several emails back and forth to company, withdrawals ceased They have since restarted. 6/6 2013 Please advise.

Ccbilleu / Unauthorised transactions

Simon1946 on Jun 18, 2013
On August 15 I was billed $1 on my Mastercard 5353 1852 7673 0737 (cancelled 18 June, 2013). This was followed by monthly billing of $49.90 on about 17th of month. I thought my wife had subscribed to something but, on finally getting her attention, she denied any such purchase, as I do...

Ccbill.com / V&j Media / Un Authorized charge

Justin Woolworth on Mar 11, 2013
I have a pre authorized charge for $19.67 on my bank statement, and have not authorized any such charge ever. Any help resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated. Justin Woolworth

CCBILL / Unauthorised credit card charge

Paddy38 on Mar 9, 2013
On the Fifth of March 2013. An unauthorised transaction for $25 was charged to my master card credit card. This charge is supposedly for a one month subscription to http://www.iml-wl.com. I have this problem multiple times in the past however was not charged, just sent falsely stated...

Ccbilleu.com +1888 Cd 8619 / Nauthorized payment debited from my account

rizam on Dec 25, 2012
Unauthorized payment debited from my account . Amount or 45 ponds on 24 dec 2012 Amount debited by this name Ccbilleu.com +1888 cd 8619 ? Plz help me to stop this hacking in account.Or help me to get back my money Email me ..On Rizammehmood@yahoo.com

Ccbilleu.com / They charge my acct. Without any authorization

Dorothy Chandler on Dec 20, 2012
I went on line to check my bank acct. and saw ccbilleu.com with a charge of $95.-- I have never seen these people nor the company this stands for. I never authorized this to be taken out of my acct.

CCBILL.eu.com+18885969 / Accertamenti

fogli francesco on Dec 10, 2012
Dear Sirs I inform you that I've received several payments to which I would like your clarification: 1) on 04.11.12 € 24.95 -2) on 16.11.12 € 0.01 - 3) on 11/18/12 € 19.52 - 4) the same day € 0.34. These for the month of November 2012. I I had requested the removal...

CCbill.com / Fraud

Gregg Warnwer on Nov 20, 2012
CCBILL.COM charged my account on two occasions on 11/16 $39.95 AND $4.95 When I contacted them they claim they have no record of any transaction charging my account. How does a company charge your account money and have no record of it. This place is a SCAM, plain and simple. I WILL pursue every avenue available to stop these SCAMMERS.

Ccbilleu.com+18885969279 / Monthly billing Visa Card

Ronald F.M.Schrumpf on Nov 6, 2012
Since two months my Visa Credit Card is billed with the amount of € 19, 12. I cancel the relationsship with CCBILLEU with immediate effect.

CC.Billeu.com / Débit carte de crédit frauduleux

Francis Nobs on Oct 17, 2012
Bonjour, chaque mois cette société ? me débite USD 54.64 sans mon autorisation. Je vous serais gré d'intervenir rapidement. Merci. Sinon que puis-je faire. ?

Ccbilleu.com / unauthorized monthly charges

r hogrebe on Sep 15, 2012
how do we stop ccbilleu.com from unauthorized recurring charges to checking account monthly. should i report this to the BBB ? how do contact them to stop?? please help $39.00 every month is hurting me financially. i am unemployment and don't understand why this charge keeps recurring...

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