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Square, Inc. / they accept credit cards to make payments like like paypal

Square, Inc. Committed Fraud! Do Not Use Them! Back on Saturday, April 30th, 2016, I used my American Express Credit Card to pay my contractor $20, 000.00 for a job that has Not Been Finished! The way that I paid for this amount of money was by receiving an Invoice that my contractor...

Square, Inc. / San Francisco District Attorney Actively Covering Up For Ross Nadel and Square, Inc.

Reviewer71058 on Dec 1, 2015
Fellow Jew, Ethel Siegel Newlin, of the San Francisco District Attorneys Office is actively covering up for Super-Jew, ex-Federal Prosecutor, Ross Nadel’s vast criminal private enterprise known as Square, Inc. Merchant Services, judging by the 5000 complaints literally filed against Square...

Square, Inc. / The Criminal and Fraudulent Empire of Square, Inc. Merchant Services

Reviewer76604 on Nov 30, 2015
THE CRIMINAL AND FRAUDULENT EMPIRE OF SQUARE, INC. MERCHANT SERVICES Solid sources report that Square, Inc. credit card merchant services, located at 1455 Market Street, Suite 600, San Francisco CA 94103 is being investigated upon information and belief by the Securities and Exchange...

Squareup Credit Card Processing / kept my money

brenda hedgpeth on Sep 8, 2014
i set up an account and the first few transactions were ok but after that i had a 55.00 transaction that i have never been paid for they told me that they deactivated my account becaue of some crap about a match file connected with my prior processing company

Squareup.com / squareup.com

southern motorsports on Nov 29, 2013
we are a small business 2 employees I seen a ad in walmart-verizon-target for squareup.com and thought hey this would work easy fast no hassle {read there web page} I provided there required info then confirmed my account with my bank said I was ready to go start swiping i looked on my...

Squareup Credit Card Acceptance Company / Scam company

Tikkies on May 22, 2013
Squareup Credit Card Acceptance Company is planning some big scam I suppose, the have affiliated with big retail shops in US but there is actually nothing behind this company. Their website is a joke and I doubt that it has some other purpose than scamming people.

Squareup.com / Unprofessional, Do not honor there advertisement statements, Poor customer service, I dont think its a real company

ShawnK on Apr 16, 2013
So I am a small business owner in New York City. I have a very busy small business dealing in Thrift, Antiques, Vintage Items, modern furniture, Vinatge jewlery, and any odd item you can think of. I have been a loyal Paypal user my entire life and I should have stuck with Paypal after thi...

Squareup / stealing my money

melissasabin on Apr 15, 2013
On March 18th we ran a payment through the square card website. The payment was for 12, 734.10. We had expected the full payment to be in our bank account the next morning. Well only 2002 got deposited. We were very upset. It turned out that if you do not swipe the card they hold your...

Square Squareup / Theft

FlaGirl on Apr 9, 2012
Square is holding over 35 thousand dollars on our Company account, they say for 90 days. Who knows if we will EVER get it. There have been 70 complaints file with the San Francisco BBB alone in the past 12 months. YES, use this company if you can AFFORD to HAVE YOUR FUNDS HELD...

Squareup.com / POOR customer service/scam

scooterob1 on May 12, 2011
My Ex and I were needing a quick and painless way to settle up on a vehicle that we had purchased. After reading about the Squareup.com product we thought that It would be worth checking out because we needed to use a credit card to make the transaction between us. I initially emailed the...

Square Up / No customer support or user manual

swhhu on Mar 31, 2011
I signed up for Square Up a week ago and just starting using. there are so many bugs in the application. I have sent 14 emails today alone to support and NOT one has been answered. how does this company ever expect to stay in business without any customer support. I will be looking to...

Squareup.com / Long hold on my money & no customer support

nickp46 on Mar 25, 2011
Started using squareup.com to accept credit card payments from my customers in January, 2011. Used it four times without incident. Took a $1200 payment in March, 2011 and only received a partial payment to my bank account. After submitting a request through their email and not hearing back...

Squareup.com / Theft/no customer service

John Underhill on Mar 23, 2011
I read a few blogs about a merchant service(squareup.com)on an excusve website. I decided to use the service and accepted over eight hundred dollars in payments through them. The problem is they will not send the funds due to my designated business account and I have now idea how to...

Squareup.com / Credit card transaction

Incognito4300 on Mar 23, 2011
I received a credit card transaction and I'm still unable to receive my funds for a payment I received I have been getting the run around for 2 days from this company no contact phone numbers or anything this is a scam!!!

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