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taiwan is not a province of china.

Taiwan is not a part of China.
This issue has been talked about with a lot of Taiwanese in Dcard and other websites in Taiwan. But all the complaints are in Mandarin. As a tour guide in Taiwan. I have to state this complaint in English for Taiwan. I know something is not right.

As long as we set our nationality in couch surfing for our profiles, it shows "Taiwan, a province of China"

Taiwan is not actually part of China. I wish couch surfing can fix the system for profile setting .

I have been traveling in Europe for one year by using couch surfing. All the people who I met are amazing! But they don't really know something right about our country, Taiwan. Because of the profile of the couch surfing. Some people thought my country, Taiwan is associated with the China, communism. That's a big mistake.

We have our own military, currency, territory, and democracy.
I am proud of being Taiwanese.
Although my ancestor is from China 360 years ago, I am Taiwanese.

For example:
Austria and Germany are German speaking countries. But the both cultures, governments are not the same.The people between are totally different.

If I type my location for my profile "Taiwan", the system incorrectly automatically changes it to, "Taiwan, a province of China".

I really wish couch surfing will do something or I might complain further and work with other people.


Hello. I would like to cancel the verification payment -it was unclear to me ithat that the amount shown was the amount od the money I had on my account or od that was the cost od the verification. I did not wish to pay for the verification. The cost od top high for me and I cant afford it.
Please tell me what is the procedure for the cancellation

Monika Olesko

phone application

To whom it may concern,

The application couch surfing took $60 off of my credit card and I would like that money back. There was supposed to be a member upgrade that aided in a place to stay when travelling, This did not happen nor did I get my money back . Also there has not been any activity from the app as far as newsletters or updates go. I was really hoping to use the app. as a means for lodging when traveling. Unfortunately not only has this app. let me down but I am now irate due to the fact that my money was taken and thrown down the drain. No matter what I do whether it be a side gig main, main profession, taking in metal for profit etc that is still my money that I earned so for anyone to think it is okay to straight up steal and con me out of something that I more than likely worked my ass off for is outrageous and unacceptable. If this is made right then I will more than likely use the app again. As for now they are my enemy.

Best Regards,
Miguel Gutierrez

  • Je
    Jenny Pizzol Dec 28, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi Miguel, I, m happened the same things... have you solved the situation? Do you have you money back??

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couchsurfing verifying hidden costs

I was travelling with my family in France. As we had limited resources for our travel i tried to look for accomodation using platform Couchserfing. As i am new in this system i wanted to get verifiied to increase potentiality of hosting us. I preesed button verify me by my bank account. Was thinking its usual verification of account. Then i was informed that my account was charged for 52 euro what is some amount as my monthly income is about 1000 euro for 4 persons, ne and 3 of my children! I got furious. I contacted couchsurfing service to get refound. I was promised to get my money back in 5-10!!! work days. It was on 25 october. Now is 8 november and i didnt get this money. I wrote again and again to them and didnt get any response. I cant afford calling US. On my account is only 50 euro now and this another fckin 50 euro means something to me.

Its robbery. I dont agree for something like that.

charged account without permission.

Unfortunately, I too was a sucker and gave this company my info for "verification purposes." They charged my account 60 dollars without my permission. There was NO mention of being charged, NONE. There customer service is non existant. I would like to get a refund. I will be following through with Better Business Bureau. To make it worse there isn't even a record on my profile account that I paid, only a charge by them that showed up in my statement. I am furious. People who choose Couchsurfing don't have the means to get an airbnb that's why they are couchsurfing. They are essentially robbing from people who have low income, it's disgusting.

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no answer from couchsurfing about my complaint!

Hello CS team,

I wrote a complain and asked many times whats going on with my CS account (was hacked, or something) but I didnt get any answer back. thats unpolite and not customer oriented. I paid for usid this account and should get any explanation.
below my emails . you can answer to my email address arek.[protected]

thanks in advance
Arka Les

Hello CS Team, still my CS account is blocked... whats going on?
please explain and make it accessable? thanks in Advance. Arka Les

Hey Jenny,

here the required link

this king of Things never happened to me?! somebody hacked my account?

Arka Les

Dnia 2 października 2019 18:16 Couchsurfing Support napisał(a):
## Please reply above this line so that it is sent correctly ##
If you'd like to send a reply, please reply to this email.

Jenny (Couchsurfing Support)
Oct 2, 09:16 PDT
Hello arek.[protected],

Thank you for contacting us. I'm happy to help with this, but to do so I will need to find your Couchsurfing profile.

The email address you provided does not appear in our system. Is your account registered under a different email address? Can you remember your username? If you don't have this information, can you send us a link to your Couchsurfing profile page or the full name you registered your account with and your date of birth?

I look forward to hearing back from you so I can help you with this.

Best regards,
Community Support Team

Oct 2, 08:57 PDT
Hello CS Team, I got a message my couchsurfing account is suspended ?? why?? Arka Les Arkadiusz
Here is a link to your request if you would rather reply here: (#1231671)
This email is a service from Couchsurfing Support.

wróć do Wysłane odpowiedz prześlij dalej przenieś do zapisz drukuj

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    Oren Franklin Oct 13, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This just happened to me as well. Any luck getting your money back. I will be filing a complaint with better business burrow.

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your whole joke of an app

I signed up for your easy, on-the-go, "successful" and complete BS crap app, "entered my card number in for...

money withdrawn without permission

I was encouraged to get verified. So I did. I chose the credit card option. Little did I know I was going to...

website communications

Hi, I have been a host on Couchsurfing and gained hundreds of immaculate references i was verified had 100% response rate then find my account deactivated,
Messaged then and received a computer-generated message, then after no answer to lots of messages, they send a link to the rules and regulations with no answer.
I think it's disgusting that they never read all the positive references and at least communicate with the host,
if it wasn't for people like me hosting they would not exist.
I would like someone to contact me and talk this matter through with me as i put my life into being a good host as all my references will verify.
Regards George.

credit card verification

It was not stated at all that $60 was going to be charged to me. I quickly entered my credit card details without seeing any indication that I would be charged at all. I would like the amount to be refunded. Here is the receipt number incase that would be of any help. I absolutely cannot afford this charge and I would really appreciate this being resolved as quickly as possible. Thank you

credit card verification

my account verification issues


I have created an account on Couchsurfing. I have paid £47 but I'm unable to verify my email address and so to use my account. I have tried to contact the customer service and I have received an auto generated email in reposnse. The email details some tips that I have tried but I still haven't received an email that would allow me to verify my email. In the auto generated email one of the instructions details to reply to it if issue is still unresolved. How can I reply to this email if there is no email address, all it says is Couchsurfing support. I have tried but I'm unable to reply to the email that I received. So to sum up, I have created the account, paid £47 and I'm unable to activate my account or contact customer service. I also submitted a photo of my Id a few days ago but this is also showing as not verified.

I found this extremely frustrating.

Please can you investigate and get back to me ASAP?

Kind regards,
Dominika Kuczynska

unauthorized credit card charges

To acheive a booking on CouchSurfing, a half completed profile is needed. To do so, you can confirm your adress, ID and so on...
Or, you can confirm your idendity by giving your credit card details.
Plus, they are saying it is a free application. They never mention any charges when filling up the card details. Afterwards, you notice that you just get charged 86$AU. It is actually my bank who sent me a text to make me notice this weird transaction. After what, I have been called by a fraud officer to explain the situation. He answered me to submit a complaint against CouchSurfing. If they refuse to pay me back, therefore I will have proof and the bank will be able to initiate proceedings.

Looking forward to hearing back from you;


Stanislas LEURENT

random account suspending

I have been a member of Couchsurfing for over 4 years. However lately CS seems to be suspending member...

reactivation of my account

hi..I really cannot why my account is it not my right to say to people politely that you...

2 comments Muscat Other

couchsurfing's flawed reference system

Couchsurfing has a seriously flawed reference system. The website says guests/hosts have 14 days to provide feedback, yet even after this time period has elapsed, the other user can post retaliatory negative feedback after seeing an honest negative feedback. How can the site expect people to give honest feedback in fear of retribution from the other user? This hardly encourages a culture of being honest and weeding out undesirable people. Couchsurfing refuses to take down the feedback of the other user. Unverified random users are free to post negative personal feedback even when they don't know the other person or are blocked. Support make unhelpful suggestions and do not deal with the incidents.

I inactive my account.

I'm from Taiwan.
I was a host on
I paid 60 USD for verification on
But they inactive my account now.
I want to complaint 2 things to Federal Trade Commission.
Which I already contacted, but didn't solve.
1. Reactive my account.
2. Delete libelous, offensive reference on my frofile.
Few days ago, I hosted a japanese girl, Konomi Taki. Once she arrived in Kaohsiung, I went to station to pick her up. I paid UBER, bought snacks, offered my place, took her to Monkey Mountain for her. Well... I might not always smiling, because I have major depressive disorder. But I did my best jod to be a host.

She always asked me " Are you unhappy now?" all the time. She asked this question so often, that almost drived me crazy. I always replied her "No, I'm not unhappy, just tried and sleepy." That's true words base on my real health condition. Because major depressive disorder and the medicine. But she just didn't believe it! In conclusion, we just couldn't get along. One day, my family told me that they will come to my place 2 days later. I had no choice to tell her that she most leave. She told me that she was already looking for a hostel. Because she thought we just couldn't get along. And she didn't want to stay in my place anymore.

Few days later, she blocked me. I was so angry, I left 3 bad reference to her. I knew I was wrong. Because I couldn't register for more than one member account. So, my account is inactive now.

But she also wrote me a libelous, offensive reference.

1st . She said "shady and unreliable", "i needed to check if he's not grumpy or not all the time" . She also said "DON'T RECOMMEND THIS PERSON TO ANYONE". I think those words are a kind of defamation, and also against the Terms of Use 4.1.(a), 4.1.(e) on

2nd . She was not telling the truth. She said "This guy will cancel on you at the last minute". But the truth is, she already planned to leave before I told her that my family will coming. She just want to leave a negative reference to me.
3rd. I was looked "shady", because I have major depressive disorder and the medicine. It's really immoral to blame someone because of his disease.

Here is the original reference she leaved to me.
This is the first time I write a BAD reference.
Worst host ever!
This person is really shady and unreliable!! He left me 3 bad references with fake accounts! This is against the Couchsurfing guideline. I already reported this person.
Firstly, he sent me a host request and i happily accepted it. My stay was kinda long and i asked him if its really ok or not (10 nights) then he said its ok! Suddenly he told me he cant host me because his family would come over. Thanks for telling me this after I declined other offers. So be careful if you don't have a backup plan. This guy will cancel on you at the last minute!
he always says "tired" or "sleepy". he only cares about himself... i needed to check if he's not grumpy or not all the time... it was so tiring. He never smiles he never tries to talk!
If you got enough time to make lots of fake accounts to cyberbully someone, go do
something productive. You're wasting your time.

they do not let you cancel your subscription, or let you cancel your payments

another 18 euros has been taken from my account; same as last year which I made abundantly clear I was not happy about.

They will just take money as they please from your account, do not give them your paypal details

I will take serious legal action if a refund for 36 euros is not made back into my account within the next few days


Disgusting experience

beware. girls especially.
this website is full of pervs!
I was looking for a place to stay and go a bunch of messages fro obviously horny guys who wanted to have some fun with an unknown girl. It was so disgusting.
I sent several complaints to their customer service that contained their names but got no answer yet. I want them to do something about it. Maybe they will.
And I am also here to warn you to be very careful when looking for a place to stay.

necessary to pay if you want to use the website

I have used couchsurfing for years now, I still thibk it is a great way to meet like-minded people. I never had any bad experience with it and I keep believing that MOST people on this website are open-minded fellows, and with a little bit sof wittyness it is easy to find a safe place, maybe even new friends.

HOWEVER: I am greatly disappointed when I saw that in order for me to be able to send more than 10 requests, I would have to pay 60$. From this moment, this website is only for people who can afford to pay this amount (and in eastern europe it is sometimes the 20% of somebodys salary).
For the record, I got verified earlier for the 25$, because I thought about it as a donation to a cause I really believe in it and now I find it shameful that it became a regular business to the owners of the website.

I go ft charged on my paypal account


I was trying to get myself verified as a user and some Chinese page came up as I'm in Hong Kong right now and I see that I've been charged 60 USD on my paypal by couch surfing. I do not wish to continue to my account if I'm going to have to pay for it. Please reverse my payment as I did not authorize it. I already submitted a complaint to PayPal for it. Please refund me back. Thank you!

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