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Payoneer Complaints & Reviews

Payoneer / Payment not received

Aug 20, 2019

My payoneer id is - [protected]. I have 40 usd in my account on 16/8/2019, still I have not receive my salary in my account. Please tell me the reason? My bank name is bank of baroda and my bank is approved and verified. I am continuously calling at customer care number from three days, they...

Payoneer / regarding my funds 605$ stuck in payoneer account

Aug 03, 2019

Hello On July 1st 2019 my Payoneer Card without Any issue or any claim charge etc Blocked without any notification or email many times I contact with support they tell me you will get reply soon but not yet after month again contact 2-5 times with support they tell me that account Closed I...

Payoneer / inactive account

Jul 31, 2019

Payoneer is a scam! scam!! scam!!! My USD account has been disabled. Why? No reason was given. If I was even asked to submit details, probably, I would have been happier. Now I have about $8000 stuck there without a response from the Payoneer team for over a week. I trusted you, so I...

Payoneer / account closed without informing me

Jul 30, 2019

PayoneerI created an account with payoneer on July 12, 2019 and on the same day received email that the account has been approved. The account was live and was working fine. I asked my payement service provider to deposit funds in the bank account provided by payoneer on July 29, 2019 and to my...

Payoneer / worst customer services

Jul 14, 2019

Payoneer become one of the worse platform. I have face an issue with funding source almost a month ago and i was first contact with one of Live with customer support service name "Shawn", nothing happened and then "tobi" and then "Ashley" nothing happen all they said was your problem will...

Payoneer / blocked account

Jun 12, 2019

So i received an alert about a transaction which was not carried out by me and I reported this to payoneer cs, they locked my account and after a while asked me to change my login details, I did and was getting desperate since I wanted to withdraw my earnings and I kept contacting customer...

Payoneer / service / withdraw my funds

Apr 12, 2019

At first I did request for change some account information. & I did submitter documents 3 times. But they did disabled my account without any reason. Then I did request for for withdraw my funds to my local bank. Then they asked me for my bank info. Then I sent them bank info for transfer...

Payoneer / declining a payment received by payoneer from my customer

Mar 31, 2019

PayoneerHaving registered with Payoneer an year ago, I received 3 payments against my payment requests to various clients in different countries without any problem but the last payment of US$699 declined giving no reason whatsoever. The payment having been receiver by Payoneer on 27th, we...

Payoneer / payments request and cards

Mar 13, 2019

PayoneerMy name is Jose Eduardo Perotta de Almeida, Im a payoneer customer there is 6 years. I do use Payoner to receive from 3k to 5k USD every month. I did ask for a new card on november/2018, once my active card would expire in 02/2019. Payoneer did not sent me my card. Now I received my salary...

Payoneer / customer support and accounts team is so careless!

Mar 12, 2019

A few days ago, I tried to attach my local bank account for two times to my Payoneer account. Rather than the confirmation email, I got an email from Payoneer "We regret to inform you that you can no longer receive payments to your Payoneer account, due to a violation of Payoneer's Terms ...

Payoneer / service

Feb 24, 2019

Payoneer disabled my USD for 3 weeks with $5311. I haven't receive any update from them. I have been calling them twice ($20). My names and business spoilt on social media because some clients I couldn't finish their projects are angry and some tagging me scammer. I have my source of...

Payoneer / holding my payment

Feb 21, 2019

It seems Payoneer teams are working as "separate islands" the customer support doesn't have an answer to my question as my case is not handled by customer support but it is handled by "the relevant department"!!! It has been 5 business days and my payments still...

Payoneer / payment is a scam

Feb 20, 2019

January 8th i had $7000 taken out of my account to a unknown account i contacted payoneer immediately and informed them of this to stop this, it is now February 20th and i been informed that they cant trace or reverse this. i have called over 1000x and every time its been we will call you...

Payoneer / holding my money

Feb 18, 2019

I'm a freelancer working on fiverr and upwork. I receive funds from clients who want to outsource and for direct project into payoneer. I have a team I work with. Payoneer disabled my usd balance with $5311 inside without any reason. It's 10 days now and I keep calling with $30 everyday...

Payoneer / payoneer has defrauded their customers. I have been defrauded of over 50 000 usd!

Jan 14, 2019

As a business user of Payoneer, it had been working perfectly fine until mid 2018. In mid 2018 suddenly a part of Payoneer's users were informed that Payoneer became FirstChoicePay, with the same visual identity and support and people working for the company. They even instructed people on...

Payoneer / inappropriate exchange rate applied

Jan 07, 2019

PayoneerI recently transferred $1171.65 to my bank account after carefully reviewing exchange rates for last 30 days slab (a screenshot is attached hereby). As per, it never goes down 69.50 INR (it has been mentioned 69.53 INR ) for 1 USD even for lowest rate. But I payoneer applied...

Payoneer / payoneer stealing 9000+ usd from my balance

Dec 17, 2018

I tried to log into my account today and found out that I was not allowed to do it. The message I received was "Account Blocked". I contacted support via live chat and the representative said that my account was reviewed and they found that I had infringed the terms and conditions so that...

Payoneer / payment missing

Nov 25, 2018

my payment was hold by payoneer and after providing all the needed information there is no clue and update about my payment and now live chat is saying it was deposit on 13-nov-2018 but it is not the case beacuse i didn't recive any money and i have payoneers email in which they are saying...

Payoneer / account

Nov 13, 2018

I had been using Payoneer for about 7 years now and September 11th 2018, My account got hacked. Someone has accessed my account and transferred $700 (Account only had that amount) to his/her account. I even didn't got an email confirmation regarding that. I only got to know about thi...

Payoneer / global payment service - stolen money

Oct 16, 2018

I have sent on september 10 of 2018 over than 1.8k euros from my skrill to payoneer. Customer ID: [protected]. Money of a lot of work as a freelancer reporter. T hey asked for documents to explain where the money came from, and I sent all. After the cancellation they say that "the payment...

Payoneer / return of payment.

Oct 15, 2018

i transferred an amount of 1443 aud from paypal on 25th of july to payoneer. they received the payment and asked me for verification. i provided every detail with screenshot but they cancelled my global payment service (which is ok every company has its own terms and conditions) the...

Payoneer / payoneer account service

Oct 09, 2018

my account was hacked easily and transfer amount up to $10, 500 just one time and without verification to a strange account I contact them and receive nothing, after that they block one way transfer in my account, all my business activity had stopped until now I had contact them so many...

Payoneer / rubbish the money

Sep 21, 2018

Payoneer account opened. No problems in the opening, but when the money is send to the account, your gentlemen have made up an excuse to address your inadequate . I have e-mailed many times did not work. There is no contact person already. On the top of our money, men lay down. This copany dont listen me, dont answer me at last they rubbusih my money.

Payoneer / payment not received yet, no explanation, usd balance disabled

May 23, 2018

Dear, Sir/Mam Customer name Richard Zabinski he paid $609.93 on [protected] payment ID - 2562747. After this [protected] date his card was tried to billed twice From payoneer United Kingdom. He is very angry and he want to file a case on you about this by having all paper records of trying...

Payoneer / bank withdrawal made on 5 april and still haven't received

May 09, 2018

So it was 5th of april last month I made a withdrawal to my bank account for payoneer and I still havnt received payment in my bank...amount was $6695. I am contacting them on a daily basis...and still no progress. They tell me that they are tracing payment but I dont think that bank...

Payoneer / account blocked

Mar 17, 2018

Payoneer is just pranked service with clients. I was an account holder of this platform but my experience was really terrible. I want to suggest to all people please never join this platform in your life please, please I want to tell you about my crime, I forgot my security questions and...

Payoneer / account blocked - payoneer

Dec 18, 2017

Due to the loss of my card Payoneer has blocked my account entirely. It takes me now more than 6 months to correspond with them. They impose that I must receive the card before I can access my money. I am so tired of this and I really need help. They requested (a) my ID; (b) my lease...

Payoneer / release of my payments and issue of prepaid card

Nov 16, 2017

I am a trader. been working with UK and USA traders for the last three months My traders are depositing with payoneer since 15 Dec 2015. Payoneer neither release my money nor issue good standing official statement of my two accounts. Even prepaid card has not been issued to me so far...

Payoneer / it's very poor

Nov 03, 2017

I old like to get my money they sent in the middle of October. I opened a dispute and was promised to get everything till the last cent. It never happened, as you can see. Regret I started dealing with them. I used several services before and this one was the most adequate. Well, it was a...

Payoneer / identity theft

Nov 02, 2017

After having my account drained by someone in Mexico l was alerted by payoneer of the suspicious transactions. l contacted payoneer and informed them that it was impossible for me to have made these transactions as l live in Australia. My account has been suspended, l am unable to accept...

Payoneer / payoneer account blocked

Oct 22, 2017

They blocked my account months ago. They asked me for copies of my documents claiming they need to comply with US regulations etc but they keep on replying to me they need to check but I found hundreds of similar complaints online and they are not releasing the money on the accounts. The...

Payoneer / finance

Oct 16, 2017

I did try to transfer money for my Bank Account from payoneer. It is $ 460, and my bank account are confirmed on website. I did it in 10/11/2017 and they started to create difficult asking 2 times my name on bank account, that is the same on Payoneer. My client number is [protected], already...

Payoneer / request to activate account

Sep 05, 2017

PayoneerAccording to our conversation for activation my payoneer Account. around 20 days ago with the Reference Number: [protected]. In yesterday I got one positive email. But in today I got other email that made me hopeless to activate this account. As now I wondered why at first response you...

Payoneer / they are the worst service ever

Sep 05, 2017

They are scammers for sure. All they want is your money and don't expect a great service from them. Thir employees are people who spend their time during the whole day doing nothing. I hope one day this business will be closed, nobody won't deal with them. They make everything worse. The...

Payoneer / payoneer are liars and hold my funds

Aug 31, 2017

I open accounts two weeks ago and received 600£ from UK based company. Uploaded documents straight away. My money was frozen I gave them a call to ask what's happening theyasked for invoice from the company so I sent them, it took 3 days to check the invoice and they realised my money so I...

Payoneer / payments

Aug 26, 2017

I am a trader of Pakistan. I applied payoneer account in 15 May 2015 and my traders have started depositing money in payoneer on 15 Dec 2015. I have two registered accounts and my more than 150 Million US Dollars are in payoneer but they(payoneer) *1) Neither release my money more than... / my account was hacked they are not assisting me

Aug 07, 2017

Payoneer.comMy acount was hacked and the hacker changed me email address, password and my profile now I could not login to my account by any means not by email etc I made a call and gave prove of my owner ship of account they promise me to send new settings and protocols on my that email that i...

Payoneer / account deletion is hard! do not open any account with them!

Jul 15, 2017

I was having issues upon receiving payment from my employer so I switched back to PayPal. I had no issues with Paypal, the transaction was smooth. I decided to permanently delete my account Payoneer. The thing is, I cannot understand why Payoneer wants to hold my all my personal...

Payoneer / missing withdrawal ticket # reference number: [protected]

Jul 13, 2017

PayoneerHi everyone! I am a teacher from pk I teach kids online. I made a withdrwl of $289 on june 5th 20017 and it's been 39 day since then I have no sign of withdrwl in my bank account. I kept on asking them to find the money and all the time they say we are working on it it's bank not a post...

Payoneer / no reply not unlocking my account having funds there

Apr 26, 2017

No reply not unlocking my account having funds there, They keep replying in 2 to 3 days and with same question i am frustated i aam really torchured. I want to sue them really . We have one national card only and we submitted that only and they are keep saying that you have different id...