Credit Cards Complaints | Page 8 / my money

on Nov 29, 2017

Trendingthings.comThey took money from me on a subscription that i did not approve they were not authorized to get any money from my account and i'm very upset because they still have not returned my funds i need my $50.00 and they said it would take 1to 5 days for it to be returned and i haven't recived my...

Andrea Iakab / transactions

on Nov 27, 2017

Andrea IakabI have payed one time with my creditcard for slotomania, now more than 650 ron has bee written of my account, if it goes on like this I will remain without money. I want all money reimbursed this week or I will take further action. If I am mailing to the wrong department please redirect me...

Integrity Security Solutions, Inc. / shell gift card

on Nov 26, 2017

Ordered a gift card for my daughter with an initial balance of $100.00 with the intent of recharging it every month. First card never arrived! Ordered second card through YOUR card servicing company RPG Card Services. Second card arrived Card [protected]) and it can't be...

John James De Souza / uob credit card statement.

on Nov 26, 2017

I wish to inform you that my UOB credit card has been charged by for this month starting from 12 October 2017 to 7 November 2017 for the amount of SGD $ 914.46 . Last month from 18 September 2017 to 11 October 2017 the amount was SGD $1400.00 The total amount paid to

Marketing Guru / american express & stroock & stroock & lavan

on Nov 21, 2017

Marketing Guru2017 started out to be a pretty decent year… Life was good I was training, blogging, and of course always working on ways I can make gym junkies bigger, better and continue to help people all across the globe. But that all changed when I received a call on January 20th from my merchant...

F. Hassen / refund from september from sheraton barra in rio de janeiro still not reflecting in my account.

on Nov 21, 2017

I am from south africa. We stayed at the sheraton barra in rio in september. A refund was done to my credit card but still does not reflect in my account. I made several long distance phone calls to the above hotel but to no avail. Spoke to roberto and wagner in finance. I sent them email...

Owen County Public Library / hotel reservations

on Nov 21, 2017

I called Expedia on Friday, September 15 to reserve 2 rooms in a block of rooms reserved for the Indiana Library Federation conference for November 13 & 14. I used Expedia because they were featured in the information put out by the ILF. The Expedia salesman told me there were no more...

DVD Westhuizen / usafis

on Nov 20, 2017

This company is not legit. Once they have your money, they simply vanish. No reply on emails, or via the FB page. They claim a lot, but they do not deliver... I challenge you to show me this is not the case... I dealt with Wendy Rogers - wendy.[protected] No response... / reembolso

on Nov 17, 2017

franciellefabricio2006signgmail.comchegou uma fatura em meu cartão de crédito falando que eu fiz o cadastro neste site eu nem lembro de ter feito isso ai chega um valor para pagar de r$ 136 na minha conta para mim está efetuando o pagamento antes desses já veio o outro fatura de 80 e poucos conto Eu estou tentando fazer o...

Clinton Harichund / credit limit increase application

on Nov 17, 2017

Clinton HarichundOn Monday, 13 November, I applied for a credit card limit Increase and it was provisionally approved, pending submission of proof of income documents..these docs were submitted but subsequently not in the ccorrect format.I then resubmitted docs on Thursday, 16 November 2018, and received... / don't know how to return the items I received

on Nov 17, 2017

I received 3 items, and only one fits me, I would like to return the other 2 items and I would like you to refund me at the same time. They are all tops. You don't make it easy to return the items. Can you please let me know where to send them? I live in Laval, Montreal, Quebec Canada The full...

Veronica Gonzalez / hola mi nombre es veronica gonzález vivo en los angeles

on Nov 15, 2017

Ok este es mi problema .hice un pedido para la dirección 198w43rd set los angeles ca 90037.ok fueron dos pedidos el primero lo cancele porque la tarjeta q termina en3360 no tenía dinero después del ovo hacer otro pedido con la tarjeta q termina con7462.lo que me molesta esque me Ana cobrado...

Adegoke Omotosho / 2016 dz09 swatch watch and iphone leather purse

on Nov 15, 2017

I have just been registered as a customer with your company. Going through your website, I ordered for 2 produts., (1) 2016 DZ09 watch phone Bluetooth smart watczh with camera, sim cardslot for Android phones. (2) iphone6s lether purse. But, I found it difficult paying with my prepaid... /*jamcityusgoogle*jamcity

on Nov 15, 2017

this help pay company has been making withdrawals out of my personal acct, in the amounts of $4.99 and $9, 99 for several months. I want to know why these withdrawals are being made and what the payments are for. I have been unable to get hold of it seems they are for sale. my name...

Gurunathan / vm-sbicrd

on Nov 14, 2017

I have received call from sbicard registered number [protected] dt 2.11.2017 Sbicredit card applying so give details he asked aadhar number and pan number I said and again he called sms 6 digit number that also said... All I aware but my bad time given details Now what happens I don't...

Sherine Fouad / google chatous helppay

on Nov 12, 2017

Sherine FouadI found a transaction of 87.00 usd (For seven times) + 119.99 usd + 179.99 usd from my credit card to (google chatous helppay), I don't know for what? = Amount debitcredit transactionid 2017/11/11 google chatous helppay 119.99 dr [protected] 2017/11/11 google chatous

Gerald Ray / my shell credit card

on Nov 10, 2017

Nov 6, 2017 credit return: online payment [protected] to shell misc. Credit misc. Credit $69.08 Why does this keep happning??? I have sent this payment two times and talked to you staff about this. They said it was all worked out to just send 69.08 and I would be able to use my card...

Airline Ticket Corp / booking

on Nov 8, 2017

Good Day! I made the booking in Airline ticket corp this morning for my brother. This is from Las vegas to Manila Phils. and vice versa. According to the email sent by them, alll my transactions were failed but to my surprised, I was informed by my bank that I my credit card was charged...

Lisa hull / not processing my order

on Nov 6, 2017

I ordered items and u took my money but never processed my order why is that i never experienced this be for so why now please send my items or return my money to my card.ive been using wish for some years now and have been so pleased im hoping i dont have to start telling people who ask...

Quantum Merchant Services / credit card processing

on Nov 6, 2017

Quantum Merchant Services The President lied about the costs, upfront fees and promised free point-of-sale equipment. When we did not open a Merchant Account with Quantum, he charged our business $445 I asked him more than once, "So these are all the charges we will be paying?". "So you...

Iphone / on the internet with all kinds of giveaways if you feel like tons of

on Nov 6, 2017

By I'm done with this I have complained and complaint don't never give back I didn't receive my Swiffer no iPhone 8 no perfume from Victoria's Secret giveaways on underwear Taco Bell tide I'm not received none of the things that I filled out none of none of the products could you replace...

Glambia / sliced bagels

on Nov 4, 2017

Today at 8:30 am I went to Aurora Location Near to 75 st and I ask for bagels sliced and the way they cutting was ridicules very small pieces how you provide those bagels to the employees when look like food for animals left overs etc, you employee should be make adjustments on the cut...

Prem Dev Productions / I didn't subscribe to paid subscription, but they took my money

on Nov 4, 2017

I has created an account in videoblocks 6 days ago for free, but site asked to enter credit card details, I entered because it is saying that 'ur money will not go until u agree for paid subscription' so I entered debit card details and downloaded free templates. Today I shocked...

Money Management International (MMI) / credit counseling services/billing

on Nov 3, 2017

I am an attorney that used MMI for Consumer Counseling services as required by the Bankruptcy Code before filing bankruptcy for my clients. MMI's billing practices are atrocious. Instead of simply billing my credit card once per month for all services, MMI pings my credit card for each...

UC Davis / city credit card

on Nov 3, 2017

I found in my Oct estatement 400 dollars of fraudulent charges of gas in 4 days occured ~400-450 miles away from the city I live or work. The sale date is 3-6th of Aug and posting date is Oct. I called city card and said these are not my charges and the customer service said i have to pay...

Ronald Forcucci / service phone call from (caller id [protected]) to ronald forcucci at [protected] at 11.59 am for 1 min and 5 sec on [protected]

on Nov 1, 2017

The person said something about rate reduction on credit card and when I said I cannot understand you he called me a mother f-----ker on the phone and I hung up. second call by me [protected] to (CALLER id 18009033637caller id) was a rep by capital one again and he said he stopped card and...

Michael Carroll / overcharging

on Nov 1, 2017

We booked a car from Pisa, 10th July 2017 for 4 days, via Ryanair website. We now have a £50.00 charge on our credit card in October. We don't know what this is for, We want a refund for this charge. booking ref :IT807486050 I would also like to say that the man who served us was very...

Austin Air Conditioning, Inc / credit card charged twice

on Oct 30, 2017

I have contacted store #684 & have spoke to the store Manager April on several occasions in regards to my boss's credit card that was ran twice, we still have not received a credit. On 5-22-17 his card ending in 7796 was processed for $2822.12 which the ticket was for ARI Automotive...

Yvonne West / billing issue

on Oct 27, 2017

I received my bill and the account balance was 929.08. I made a payment of 329.08 on 10/20/17(Visa card) I made another payment of 300.00 on 10/24/17, and payment of 100.00 on 10/25/17. Both of these payments were by check. I went online to pay the balance, and the balance was 300.00, so I...

Codrin / unsubscribing from twoo and money refund

on Oct 27, 2017

I was looking for a way to unsubscribe from my twoo account. Instead I accidentally pushed the buy credits button and I was charged without a warning ("are you sure you want to buy") . I do not need anymore credits. I just want my money back and completely and permanently delete my twoo...

Google Smule Inc / google smule inc charges per month

on Oct 26, 2017

I have recently noticed that a charge of Rs.55 is being made to my credit card American Express every month for which I never authorized. I am giving recent detail of Oct Month like this every month it is being charged. Please stop charging to my account. I already intimated American...

Citizens Bank - online services / no answers to my questions

on Oct 26, 2017

Wednesday, Oct 24, 2017, I received this email: For your protection, your Citizens account has been locked. To unlock your online account access, simply visit, click on Trouble logging in? and select "I am locked out of my account". You can also call Customer...

Audible Adbl.CO/Bill US / unnecessary charge 14.98$ by you

on Oct 25, 2017

Audible Adbl.CO/Bill USAudible Adbl.CO/Bill US Audible Contacts United States Today a charge of $14.95 popped up being charged to my account. I neither looked at nor ordered any service for audio books or any other book at any time from any provider. Worse yet, this would have been an ongoing...

Organic Fulfillment Company Phone Number 888-611-8666 / pure garcinia slim 5 bottles, pure colon detox 3 bottles, these items have been sent to me and charged to my credit card without my authorization.

on Oct 20, 2017

In April of 2017 I Garland Davis placed an order for a one time purchase of Pure Garcinia Slim. I also opted for the promotional free bottle of Pure Colon Detox all I had to pay was for the mailing. The next thing I know I was sent 2 more bottles of 2 Bottles or Pure Colon Detox that I did...

JB / viabuy card!

on Oct 20, 2017

I thought the viabuy credit card is free! When I get the card activated, they tell me to put $90 on the card, I dont have no $90 to put on it, so I leave it alone. Then about a week after I got an email from some money company that viabuy is ordering me to pay them $130 and I didnt even...

Active Plus anti-ageing moisturiser & Serum / unauthorized credit card expenses

on Oct 19, 2017

Ordered and received one 50 ml jar as a free sample, ANZ Visa Credit Card was charged $AU5.10 on 29th July 2017 and product arrived within approximately three weeks. No instructions or any readable conditions received. Thought nothing more about product until a further parcel arrived recently...

Irene Trifyllis / credit card

on Oct 18, 2017

My name is Irene Trifyllis. On 26/9/2017 I attended your branch at Abu Dhabi Mall where a bank representative processed my request for the final payout and closure of my Visa credit card No. [protected]. The Card Cancellation Request No. [protected] was initiated and sent to my mobile...

Total Visa Card / total visa card not received

on Oct 18, 2017

applied and paid $89 processing fee and card would be mailed in a matter of days per their statement. 9/10/17 card mailed out then i called again and they sounded like a game was being played and they were reading from sheet of paper and mailed the card again and now i have a bill to pay $38 by 10/12/17 and card not received as of today 10/18/17!!!

Dermaythelp / do not know

on Oct 16, 2017

I have had two withdrawals taken out of my bank account, one on the 29th September 2017 for $131 and the second one on the 14th October 2017 for $135.95. Did not approve of any money to be taken out of my bank account. I want both amounts to be refunded straightaway. What was I supposed to be...

Dri SpyHunter-RegHunter / 28 aug/29 aug t952-6465288mn $85.98

on Oct 14, 2017

28 aug/29 aug dri*spyhunter-reghunt952-6465288mn $85.98 I cancelled this the same day I did the transaction and did email you on this issue and money has not been returned to my credit card capitol one and I am going to them with a fraud transaction from your company. I sent you several...