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TryVix Anti Wrinkle / unauthorized credit card charges

on Jul 4, 2018

Respected, I want to make a complaint. On 13.6.2018 I order a free sample of creams, with the consent to pay delivery, that was supposed to amount to 7 euros. You billed me for 107 euros and again 27.6.2018 for another 100 euros, for which I absolutely did not giv permission or orderd...

Comdata Payment Innovation / scam - sent a letter saying I had unclaimed comdata prepaid card

on Jul 4, 2018

7/2/2018 I received a letter from a company I had never heard from before - Comdata Payment Innovation saying "Comdata Inc., is holding unclaimed property representing a balance of at least $100.00 on you Comdata Prepaid Card." A customer service number was provider and it was signed...

Payment made at 130 Shallotte Crossing Pkwy, Suite, 1 Shallotte NC 28470 a Error. / belk credit card payment. payment was received but not credited toward my credit card.

on Jul 3, 2018

I made a payment on my credit card June, 5-2018. I had a card that was closed out. I swiped it accidentally. I called it in, the associate said that she will send me a refund. Due that she could not switch the payment from one card to the other recent card. I have not received the check... / unauthorized credit card charges - automatic deduction for premium account service,

on Jul 3, 2018

www.bayt.comDear premium account service, Payment of US$ 40.87 deducted from my Card on Dated 02.07.2018 for 3 months renewal without my concern. I have not subscribed for it to continue. I have subscribed to it for 3 months only for premium account service only. Please look into the matter to...

My Credit Report / I never purchase

on Jul 2, 2018

I just noticed a diligent filed on my credit records by luminess air, after taking to the collection agent I was told that I did that purchase in 2015, it is around $600.00. Why should I pay for something I never purchased and the thing which is useless or worthless to buy. It hindered my...

SM MOA Appliance Center / fail credit card transaction

on Jul 2, 2018

SM MOA Appliance CenterLast june 23, 2018. I went to sm appliance to buy a sony tv. The total amount is around 21, 000. When im about to pay the total amount to the cashier I instructed them to credit the amount in my two credit cards 12, 000 to my pnb card and the remaining amount to my union card. That i...

Pinoy Express Gifts Online / red ribbon cake ordered

on Jul 1, 2018

Last June 30, 2018 I placed an order of a Red Ribbon Birthday Cake, with an order number [protected]; Card ID 21808 given thru my email. It was stated for a same day delivery service on July 01, 2018. It was charged against my credit card, but up to this date, July 1, US time; July 2...

Poor Customer Service! / visa rebate card

on Jul 1, 2018

My husband and I bought four new tires and received $100.00 Visa Rebate Card in the mail. I am extremely disappointed as we went to use it today and it said it expired 06/2018. We haven't had it very long and I have never heard of them expiring that quickly. I called to...

Foreign Currency Transactions IC * 800-515-9185, CT / shipping charges monthly - these charges are not authorized by me - it is always around the $15,$16 and $17 ranges.

on Jun 29, 2018

Hello - I have noticed that this has been charging my credit card monthly for no reason - I have not ordered anything. I had in the past however monthly charges are not right. Please help - I noticed that every month my credit card is being charged, please help me to...

Greendot And Walmart / all of them

on Jun 27, 2018

Green dot is such a scam. They have took the Money from 2 different cards and will not give it back. They tell you 2 business days but then continue to add more and more days to your life sentence they decide to out you on. For the love of all that is good do not let them have your money...

Google... / do not know unauthorized charges

on Jun 27, 2018

On May 29 and June 13 I was charged .99 and $19.99 on both dates. Trying to get someone to answer FOUR of the service numbers was: two..not even rang; one, busy; last one cannot take call right now; call back during regular business hours which is M-F from 8-5. Mind you I called at 2:45 on...

Kmart Store Asheville Patyon Ave / customer service

on Jun 26, 2018

I made a purchase. The cc machine chip reader malfunctioned and said transaction ended credit card declined. So I ran my card again. Come to find out kmart charged me twice. Both transactions cleared my account. It is proven any merchant cant see if they charge a card twice, but no since...

Gap Credit Card / deactivate / upgrade my credit card without my consent

on Jun 24, 2018

Gap credit card company is having a very inconvenient banking system to activate / deactivate my card. Whenever it's the time for me to renew the credit card, before it expires, they always will deactivate my old card on their end without letting me know. This happens all the time and ha...

Zahfar Abfur Rashiedz / need use of credit cards

on Jun 20, 2018

Greetings, I just did this app. I'm going to condense I have two first Premier cards and I'm in Senegal West Africa. How can I use them. ice been informed by my daughter in Philadelphia who is paying my bills that you want an update on my residence. Nothing has changed wet West Seymour...

Wayfair Card/Lane Bryant Card / customer service/harassment

on Jun 20, 2018

To whom it may concern, I am extremely upset/angered with your service as of today. Never had I have I had such a poor experience! My mother received a call from a robin. There is no reason what so ever your agents should have called my mother! I have never provided her phone number to...

Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa / travel rewards redemption

on Jun 18, 2018

On June 15th 2018 I tried to book a standard economy airfare on American Airlines, round trip from IAD to LHR. The standard fare posted on every internet site and available through virtually every travel agent was $777. The booking agent was only able to book a flight on a basic economy...

NAJM Bank / aed 4000 deducted on date of 31/05/2018 credit card limit aed 15000 / but aed 4000 deducted, without confirmation of me

on Jun 18, 2018

-NAJM bank deducted AED 4000 -Incident date 31/05/2018, -No client number, Because no body not discussed about (loan on phone), -without any call & without any confirmation silently deducted money, And I got message. (31/05/2018) -About this deduction I informed to customer care, Please...

Macys/Department Stores National Bank / request to remove a fraudulent account

on Jun 17, 2018

06/16/18 MACY'S/DSNB Dear Sir or Madam: Please be advised that I checked my credit report yesterday and found that an credit account 603534001622XXXX under my name is active in your business. This account was opened on 05/12/16 and reported to credit agency as near as on 06/08/18. But thi...

Capital One Secured Card / secured credit card

on Jun 12, 2018

I was approved for a capital one secured credit card and the first problem I encounter with customer service I was told to activate my card before I can make addition deposit that was wrong. The second thing was that they put my social security number in the system wrong causing me not to...

Dr Craig Voortman / flamingo marina resort 612

on Jun 12, 2018

Greetings. Thank you for many wonderful bookings through all of which have been very successful. Thanks. This booking deals with Flamingo Marina Resort 612 & booking confirmation number 1013.781.412. They have informed me that should we arrive by air after 10pm the unit will not...

Blue star nutraceuticals inc. / over charge my account

on Jun 7, 2018

Blue star nutraceuticals inc.Charge my account I would like to dispute this charge for the fact that giving me misinformation on the bill I was told I would be paying $185 plus $10 shipping and handling charge my account for $375.95 which I did not agree to try to get in contact with them to try to correct thi...

Vinesh / credit card transaction

on Jun 6, 2018

1). Credit card transaction details didn't reflect online which effects the usage of the card. 2) Removing the customer contact tool free number effecting negatively. 3) Avoided the SMS alert message less than AED 100 is not acceptable So planning to reduce/stop the usage of ADCB credit card...

I am complaining about my card / I am complaining about my card

on Jun 3, 2018

I am complaining about my card because I tried to order something with both my cards and it said it wasn't working but when I checked my bank account money came out. Also when I looked on my order history it said there was none so I just want my money back because I am pretty sure the...

MmeEMMERT / prelevements abusifs

on Jun 3, 2018

A plusieurs reprise vous avez prélevé sur mon compte la somme de 74 euros 57 en plusieurs fois .J ai déposé une plainte et prévenu ma banque .Cessez ces prélèvements je n ai aucun abonnement chez vous ni fait aucun achat . Le premier prélèvement a été éffectué le 17/04 pour la somme de 0, 24...

GoBank / [protected]

on Jun 1, 2018

05/14/18 I purchased a card to pay someone over the phone for a grant I supposedly recieved. the card was purchased in their name, but when I found out that they were trying to cheat me, I kept the card. I would like to either, cancel the card, or get the info back. My name is Jesse...

Arianna Hotel / deduction of amount of $ 76.51 from my debit card account

on May 31, 2018

Arianna HotelThis is with reference to the my bellow mentioned booking for the 2 days stay in Hotel Arianna (Check in on 26th and check out on 28th May 2018), I arrived in Hotel on 27th May 2018 early morning and paid all agreed payments of $ 158.90 in advance . I am surprised to see that an amount of...

Marina Noble /, fraudulent website, (watertown, ma): credit card trap, fraud, also impersonating justin klein, from klein pharmaceuticals

on May 29, 2018

Marina NobleMarina Noble (formerly, Marine Mkhitaryan) is neither MD, nor she has earned any MPH degree. She changes addresses often, as she flees from the FBI/FDA prosecution. In her land Armenia, her address was: Streets of Gyumri and Yerevan in Armenia In 2001, she infamously entered the USA...

Marina Noble (Watertown, MA): credit card trap, fraud, also impersonating Justin Klein, from Klein Pharmaceuticals /, fraudulent website, credit card trap

on May 29, 2018

Marina Noble (Watertown, MA): credit card trap, fraud, also impersonating Justin Klein, from Klein PharmaceuticalsMarina Noble (formerly, Marine Mkhitaryan) is neither MD, nor she has earned any MPH degree. She changes addresses often, as she flees from the FBI/FDA prosecution. In her land Armenia, her address was: Streets of Gyumri and Yerevan in Armenia In 2001, she infamously she entered the USA through...

WU Auto * WU Auto / ally financial

on May 23, 2018

On May 13, 2018, I made a payment for my vehicle using my debit card what happened next was that I received a letter from First American Credit Union stating that there was an insufficient funds to complete my transaction. Now I no longer have accounts with First American Credit Union. So...

Customer service officer's non closure of name / I am a credit card holder.

on May 20, 2018

I am a credit card holder. I received a call from one Mr,. Lee notifying me of overdue payment for loan and credit card. I notified that I had encountered difficulty to extract the monthly statement and also the particulars of the loan amount. I requested him if I need the normal manual... / rental car insurance through credit card

on May 18, 2018

Beware of credit card insurance for rental cars overseas. I relied on VISA Capital One Signature Card for rental insurance for a Trip to Spain in 3/2018. I dented the rear hatch of a van I rented. I paid $628 to Avis for the damage and went thru the process with Capital One's supplier for... / money

on May 16, 2018

This company has been billing me on my Debenhams card since February. No time did I sign up for this. They have now taken £15 per month. The total is £60. I have now cancelled. Although I never signed up in the first place. How can this happen??? How can a completely different company get...

ABB / prepaid visa card

on May 16, 2018

I work for ABB in Canada. We are given prepaid VISA cards for awards. Canada has a law that states gift cards NEVER expire. Apparently my card balance $125.12 is gone now. How can this be when we have this law. I want my balance reinstated!!! I was told originally this would never expire...

Esso Golflinks And Stone Church Ancaster / prepaid visa not working and i’m accused of switching cards

on May 15, 2018

Bought $150 prepaid visa. It didn't work. Brought back receipt card and activation to this station. Owner checks and starts yelling that I think his people are stupid. I'm a dirty man who switched the card and am trying to rip him off Also he threw out the card and my re opts so I'm out...

Visa Debit/Credit Card / received 2 cards each with different expiration dates

on May 11, 2018

We bought tires and received 2 Visa debit/credit cards. Put them away because expiration was 9/18, went to use today May 11, 2018 and oh boy one of them which was for 100.00 expired 4/18. This is horrible, why wouldn't they both be for the same expiration date. Very disappointed and no...

Team Marketing Valletta Gambling / taking money from my credit card

on May 7, 2018

Team Marketing Valletta GamblingI have had two lots of $20 taken from my credit card which I have not permitted. I do not use online gambling. Now I want to know why this has happened, and I want my money back. When some one contacts me I will give them my credit card details. My name isJanet Lewis. My email i...

Visa Green Dot Prepaid Credit Card / visa green dot prepaid credit card

on May 4, 2018

Visa Green Dot Prepaid Credit CardPut money on my Visa Green Dot prepaid credit card March 23rd 5 use the card and was unable to and then I called customer care and they told me that I had another one being sent to me in 7 days I told her I didn't want it I wanted the money to transfer she said that I have to wait for the...

Johnny Lim, SJN977P / verbal abuse and rudeness!

on May 4, 2018

Johnny Lim, SJN977Pthis is definitely the most atrocious driver ever!!! johnny lim, carplate (sjn977p) honda ariwave. i'm joanne here. the incident has happened on 4th may 2018, around 9.10pm. it was a rainy day and pouring very heavily. my bad for booking the trip accidentally when I haven't reach...

Freedom Debt Relief/SCAM! RIP-OFF! WATCH OUT!!! / misleading/incomplete information given when you enroll. their fees are very high and it takes years to pay off your debts.

on May 2, 2018

First don't even accept the legal team to represent you, they don't help you at all so safe yourself the $12.00 fee each month. They don't pay off your loans, you pay them! They don't start negotiating until you've had several months of making your money deposits with them. Might as well...

Thomas Bennett Exhibition and interiors LLC / credit card

on May 1, 2018

I have applied for a credit card through online - REF - MSH00021269 (ref -4126140) also your courier team collected all the self attested copies from me, today morning I come to know, this application been rejected, I called customer care, they are informed me, because of bank decision...