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Credit Cards Complaints


Greendot Corporation/Walmart MoneyCard / walmart prepaid visa card

JessaK on Mar 18, 2019

I opened an account with Greendot Corporation (a.k.a - Walmart MoneyCard) online in September 2018. That day, I was provided with information such as my account & routing numbers so that I could immediately deposit funds in addition to being able to use my card immediately (online...

Angry Bird / scam app. almost $500 dollars from my account

Ann Law on Mar 18, 2019

Angry birds app game must be brought down and must refund our money! This is a fraudulent act! Debitting from a credit card without any authentication. I move a notion and raise a petition, angry birds must refund our money and be brought down. I woke up with several debit alert from my...

Phendora Garcinia / complaint

helen harries on Mar 15, 2019

Two unorthised payments have been taken out of my credit card on the 5.2.2019 and 1902.2019. I do not have an account with this company and they do not have any emails associated with me. How can I get my money back? I have spoken to customer service at the telephone number the company...

DirecTV Now / signed up for direct tv last month

Cabanag on Mar 14, 2019

I signed up for direct tv last month being told I would get the 1st. 10 days for free and would give me a free month more to try it out. Lies, lies, lies!!! Got my credit card statement yesterday and was charged $40.00 on the 4th. Of march. I have not even tried to get on and don't...

Gaffney Mediation / citi bank

Amy G. Davidson on Mar 14, 2019

This private caller calls with no number, saying someone is complaining about my cards from more than ten years ago. There were storms everywhere, not including cancer in the family and the September 11 attacks. I was robbed, broken into, thrown out, my car was stolen and the police were...

Addebito/Frode / other

Francesco000 on Mar 8, 2019

Salve, in data 07/03 mi sono stati illegalmente addebitati 19, 05€ da parte vostra senza alcun motivo. Questo è illegale e ritengo sia una truffa, mi aspetto una risposta e un rimborso da parte vostra il prima possibile oppure dovrò agire per vie legali. Attendo una vostra risposta. Saluti. Hi, on...

Wizard Customs and Brooklyn NY / unauthorized charges

E. Raines on Mar 5, 2019

I received notifications from bank abt 2 pending charges to company. I didnt authorize them nor order anything. Sent email to risk but no reply. I would like refund as well as order cancelled and tracked. This company has no resolution department to catch fraud immediately. This is a...

Platinum Millennium Public / unauthorized credit card charges

mhpitcher on Mar 2, 2019

This company has charged my card for seven months without my consent. I have ordered no products or received any services. In fact, I have not visited the site. I want the charges to stop, and my monies returned. The dates are 2017, 7/17 27.00, 7/31 67.73, 10/4 67.73, 10/29 67.73, 11/28...

123 Help ME / two unauthorized credit card payments

Kimberly Tejada on Mar 1, 2019

123 Help MEHi. My name is Kimberly Tejada, and I'm requesting a refund for 3 payments I have never made, the first one happened on December-31-2018 which in that time I didn't even notice just like the second one that happened on Jan-29-2019 I noticed until yestarday Feb-27-2019 that they withdraw...

Citi Cards / site for bill paying

Robert Maddock on Feb 26, 2019

Tried to pay my credit card bill on line. Could not get it to accept payment. Called # for help. Was told there was problem with user ID. Managed to change user ID. Attempted to pay. Was told I needed to again set up account with bank. I have been a customer for many years. Accessing my on...

Residential / both of my capital one credit cards ending in 8916 & 3794

Corina Rivera on Feb 19, 2019

Hello, Never in all the years with Capital One did I have this much trouble. Back in November 2018 my husband called to tell me he lost his wallet, he must have dropped it somewhere. So I contacted Capital one because we have two credit cards with you guys. Once I got home, I noticed a... / unable to cancel my premium subscription

Oageng Leapeetswe Mosoeu on Feb 14, 2019

After signing up for premium subscription for this site I realised it was a scam after my bank card was billed threefold what was shown. Now I am stuck as it doesn't have delete options. I've looked far and wide but I am stuck as they say they have given me 14 days to submit signed...

All Things Trending / #3157

Beata Krkoskova on Feb 13, 2019

Hello! I purchased silicon hangers for $0.00 last Sunday 02/10/2019. Iwas informed about world wide shipping charges $ 1.95 but on February 02/12/2019 it was about 47€ taken out of my account!!! What forwas this withdrawal?? Please be so nice & kind and return my money back, as no item...

Audible Amazon / audible amazon

Glpoban on Feb 12, 2019

I have done only one order over amazon - paymentgate credit card - obviously there is no other. audibel-company of amazon has charged monthly fees for audible services we have never agreed in a legal contract. these [censored]ing scumbags just take the credit card infos from the amzon account and...

Merimac / lease

Ben Millstein on Feb 6, 2019

They make you sign a lease agreement for credit card processing equipment through a third party such as "Merchant Services". Even though I obtained a signed guarantee that I could terminate the agreement, Merimac has not honored that guarantee and continues to debit my account about...

Google charge / credit card charges

MsDP on Feb 3, 2019

Hi - please advise what "google*kisup lee helppay#sg" is about. I have not used any service related to that charge - and have been getting deductions for months against this service. Can it be stopped? The charge for the amounts average $26.00 + and sometimes it happens in a span of 1...