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Fireside Bank / Rude workers, harassing customers


I have financed a car through Fireside Bank... The workers there are rude, they call any number they have and harass people. I gave them my boss phone number and they keep calling him and telling him that, they know that is me. My boss has told them that I do work for him but that the...

Juniper FutureTrust Credit Card / Worst customer service and billing system!


This company by far has the worst customer service. They penalized us for paying early, by not correctly entering our bank account information and then attempting to charge us returned check fees, when they did not enter the data correctly. I paid the day after the charges were incurred...

AmSouth / Bad relationship bank tellers


Dear all, If you bank with Amsouth you will notice that there are no deposit slips for a customer to fill out, inside or outside the branch. This causes the customer problems for adding money to the account so if you can't deposit you can't use it and if you do use it and go...

West Thomsonharris Bank / ACH Debit for $5,300.00


After failed attempts to get badly needed gas fill up and a few embarrassing moments in 3 convenience stores, I checked my checking account balance online at work to notice it was negative by $3,000.00. There was a debit ACH memo for $5,300.00 on our account and no notation or information...

UTI Bank Limited / Customer service is very poor


My name is Ruchir N. Talati, having a saving account at Nadiad Branch (Gujarat). This is a joint account with my father, where I am a prime account holder. I also posses Demat Account on the name of my Father Narayandas Mangaldas Talati with Client ID: [protected]. There is some of the...

Juniper Bank / Account Protect Plus / Unauthorized account protection fee


I have been charged with account protection fee for my USairways Mastercard. When I called they said, while I was activating the card through voice response, I must have misunderstood and pressed the button to activate this protection. I have been charged around $16 - $17 per month and...

UTI Bank Credit Card / Unauthorized billing!


I have got a UTI bank credit card. When submitting the form I was told by the executive that there is no joining fee or annual fee. But when I received the first statement, there was an addition of Rs. 400/- as joining fee. I tried to call the customer care number printed on the back of...

UTI Bank Credit Card / Credit card still not recd!


I had sent in a application for a UTI Bank Credit card I recd a sms with ref no 258244 on 19/05/2007 till date I have not received any verification call from the bank nor any credit card. Previously when UTI launched it credit cards in the market even then there was no verification call ...

UTI Bank / Freezing my salary account


I have received some money in march 2007 from somebody whom i don't know then the bank tell me that the depositing person is fraud and my is freeze. I have send many mails that can reverse the entries coming in my account and allow me to use my money. But nothing has happen till date...

Household Bank / HSBC Card Services / stay away from this credit card company!


Stay away from this credit card company!!! They are full of money making schemes. This company has raised interest rates on both of my cards for no apparent reason, I always make my payments on time, and always pay more than the minimum. The raised the rate on one of my cards to 29.99%...

State Bank Of Bikaner And Jaipur / Lost of bank check


I have an account with SBBJ,Jassusar Gate Branch, Bikaner A/c No. [protected]. On 4th June2007 i made a check in favor of a firm and submitted that in the same branch via online transfer but after 10 days i came to know that the amount Rs. 106070/- had never been deposited in that A/c...

UTI Bank Credit Card / Status of credit cards never received!


I have submitted a form with necessary docs for credit card in Bangalore. I got a confirmation from uti bank stating my application has been submitted vide # 263967. But I am yet to get the card. It’s almost crossing 20 days. No update from uti bank. Very poor service!

Bobcards / Bank of Boroda / Did not receive materials!


On 30th May,2007, I made a payment of Rs200.00 to ICFAI, Hyderabad (for downloading the question papers through ICICI gateway). Though the payment was successful, I did not get any written confirmation from my bank. ICFAI is saying that they have not received any money. When I inquired the...

Santa Barbara Bank and Trust / Tax refund never received!


I never received my tax refund from 2004. Apparently, SBBandT sent it to my bank, where it was rejected and then sent me a check in which I never received. At that point they never made an effort to contact me. I have been in contact with the IRS and my bank over the last two years trying...

ABN AmroBank / Cheating by executives of AMRO BANK with Easy Pay Program


I got a call from an Executive of Amrobank saying about the Easy Pay Program and asked my appointment to explain it and after rigorous calls i have given appointment one day and i have to face the consequences. He didn't come on that day and sent a mail saying thank you for approving...

UTI Bank / Status of credit cards never received!


I have applied for uti credit card but after a 2 months yet i have not received any status for that. So many times i called up in customer care but nobody picking the phone. Just want 2 inform you about worst service of uti bank customer care. Beware! Regards, Amit rana.

Aspire Credit Card / Beware of this company!


Aspire Credit Card Located in Atlanta Georgia, I have had this credit card for over 2 years. I have had nothing but problem's with this company. Every time I go to use this card I have to call them because they will not allow me to charge on it for no reason. I call them...

AmSouth Bank / Excessive checking account overdraft fees


I overdrew my account nine cents, and was charged the standard $30 overdraft fee without any notice whatsoever (until I got my statement three weeks later). The $30 fee then caused a subsequent purchase to bounce, resulting in another $30 fee, which then caused my next purchase at a ga...

United Missouri Bank / Check drawn without consent


Someone got info on my checking account and took $49.95 dollars out of my account i wish to have a refund sent back to my bank immediately.

GE Cash Card / Cheating the customer!


I received GE Cashcard No. [protected]. They are very irregular in sending the statements. Previously, they had a branch office at Chennai where payment can be sent, which they shifted. After this, I used to drop the cheques in the specified drop box. However, they started charging...

UTI Bank / Form 15 g not considered


We had submitted form 15-g for not deducting tax at source as the person has no other surce of taxable income to the bank, UTI bank Ltd, Shakti Nagar Branch Delhi, where we hold our account, in the month of April-2006. This was to ensure that no tax deduction takes place on income from the...

Advanta bank / Excess interest charged


Instead of the 0.69 rate offer, they charged 34% annual interest! This happened on two balance transfers months apart. Seems like a scam. After lots of waiting, they will correct the mistake, but the overcharge shouldn't happen to begin with.

Household Bank / Consumer, beware of Household Bank!


When I opened above credit cards with Household Bank I also purchased their credit card insurance. I became disabled and after numerous attempts Household (self-insured) finally activated my disability claim. This was a devastating road, because the insurance claim department was alway...

Citi Credit Cards / Rude and unprofessional public relations


RE: Citi Credit Cards I have had a Citi card (through Quicken) for exactly 7 years and have always made payments, often more than the minimum, on time. I am very careful to take care of my credit rating and have a very good score as a result. In May 2007, I made a mistake, which I discovered...

AmSouth / NSF Charges


I recently made a deposit at my local branch, cash. It showed up as a ledger balance of the deposit amount + the balance of my account on the same day as my deposit. This led me to believe the funds were available, so I purchased a plane fare using my ATM card the same evening. The next...

Marshall and Ilsley Bank / Incompetent bank service!


M&I Bank complaint: You take a risk by working with these people, at least at their Woodbury, MN branch: 1) While their building was under construction, my car was damaged in their drive-through. While they compensated me, the manager also sent a letter stating the problem was fixed...

ASR Infotech / Unsatisfied from bank service


A copy of email to The Chief Manager, Citibank, Delhi Subject : Unsatisfied with your service (Please close our account) We have a current account in Punjabi Bagh Branch in the name of M/s ASR Infotech (working as a Call Centre), address at 27, Tarun Enclave, Pitampura, New...

The Bank of Fayette County / Ripped off by bank ATM machine!


The Bank of Fayette County ATM machine To whom it may concern, My husband and I went to the ATM at The Bank of Faytte County, 15995 HWY 64, Somerville, Tn. 38068, [protected] on April 3, 2007. My husband put the card in the machine, type in the number and requested 100.00 to be taken out of... / Horrible and pathetic service!


ICICI – Bank Money2 service is horrible and pathetic Recently I sent money to India twice with the same amount, same account etc. One transaction went through and the second one they kept on hold requesting more information. When I called they are not ready to give the...

Delta Montrose Bank of Colorado / Violation of federal banking laws and privacy


My mom bought property and was misled on every aspect of the loan. the management in this bank in Delta colorado has divulged private personal and business information to friends neighbors and anyone who would listen obviously. They made remarks about my moms mental health and admitted...

H & R Block Bank / Poor customer service


I opened an I.R.A. with H & R Block Bank while having a local H & R Tax service do my income tax return. I was unable to access my own account and after trying to contact your bank to straighten out the problem all I got was the endless run around. I even sent in a written complaint to...

GE Cash Card / Hopeless, frustrating service support from GE Cash Card!


GE Cash Card, India, Pune. No proper service support. System has fault in monthly statement delivery system. Always send letters late without any marginal time to return the amount. Customer has to pay interest on those late days even though they have not received letter in time. Thi...

State Bank of Saurashtra / Cash withdrawal through ATM


On Saturday, the 19th November, 2005 around 22.50 hrs. I tried to withdraw Rs.4000/- cash from SBI ATM Centre No. S1AN6024003, Ayojan Nagar Branch, Satellite, Ahmedabad. I inserted the ATM card and completed all other formalities to withdraw the cash, but no money has come out instead a...

Corporation Bank - Delhi / Refusal to open a fixed deposit account


Complaint against Corporation Bank, KP Block, Pitampura Branch, Delhi - 110088 I am a senior citizen and after reading an advertisement in today's newspaper - Business Line - that Corporation Bank is accepting fixed deposits from senior citizens @ 9.75% for 5 years or more, I went to...

Washington Mutual Bank Credit Card / Messing up my husband's credit!


I do all my banking via electronic banking. For more than a year now, we have been paying Washington Mutual Bank on two credit cards. Approximately three months ago WAMU has a mixup and put both payments on the same card. After almost a dozen calls, I finally found someone who check both...

Washington Mutual - Staten Island, NY / Deplorable, rude customer service

Stopped by WashingtonMutualBanktoday (2/15) at 2655 Richmond Ave; Staten Island, NY. Today the US Mint released new Washington dollar coins.Called bank. Told they had new coins. Rushed over to branch.When I arrived,i was informed that I could NOT purchase a roll of new coins,nor ten new...

First North American National Bank - Personal Credit Card Account / Customer harassment!


I had a credit card account with First North American National Bank in 1997. I don't recall the account number, but the account was overdue and turned over to Attorney William D. Smith in August, 1997. I spoke with Mr. Garrett from the office of William D. Smith and arranged for a...

Orchard Bank / HSBC Services, Inc / major credit card fee rip off!

On January 22nd I received my credit card statement with a $69.00 annual fee. I called customer service and told them to close my account immediately due to not wanting to pay such an outrageous annual fee (especially for a card that was not even gold or platinum). I was told that due to...

Secure Online Bank Of America Banking / My advise - do banking someplace else!

I am so angry that I have to let the world now about it. On December, someone breached the SECURE ONLINE BANK OF AMERICA BANKING and I had $990.00 taking out of my account, I notified the bank and the money was replace into the account and a new account was open. To my surprise, there was an...

Online Wire Transfer Glich / ICICI uses customer's money illegally


I have a serious concern about ICICI for which I am now planning to go to Consumer Court and few TV channels for help. I hope this will help me getting attention and seriousness from ICICI. I am trying to trace my money which has been wired by my client from Belgium 2 months back. My...