Bob Evans Restaurantsrestaurant was very dirty

B Dec 01, 2019

After the seater wiped off the table we used our own "Wet Ones" to clean the table while other staff watched and smiled. The table was sticky with syrup and had been wiped off with a sour smelling cloth that left a residue. Fortunately I wiped off my chair before sitting on something greasy.

The floor was filthy and had neither been swept nor vacuumed. It was the same under nearby tables which had not been cleared of dirty dishes. There were very few people in the restaurant when we visited at 6:00 pm on 12/1/2019.

My wife ordered a salad which was supposed to have hot grilled chicken. The chicken was cold and very dry. I ordered the steak/egg Benedict. I asked to have the eggs over medium, the steak medium, and asked to have all peppers and onions deleted. The eggs were slimy and not done, the steak was well done tough and dry, the the entire Benedict was covered with peppers and onions.

The server was gracious and apologetic, we did not see a manager. We drove 20 miles to Wapakoneta from our home for our Sunday meal at Bob Evans. We were very disappointed. My wife and I work part time in food service and we are often responsible for the cleanliness of a dining area. I do not think our comments are unjust. I will be submitting a complaint to the Health Department as I can only guess about the cleanliness in the food preparation area.

We have eaten at this restaurant for years without concern. You have a serious management issue. When I posted on local Facebook many others reported problems at the Wapakoneta restaurant.

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