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Complaints & Reviews

Two Bob Evans Stores — Bub Evans on Benson Road, Columbia and Bob Evans Court, Ellicott City

Bob Evans on Benson is zip 21045; Bob Evans on Court is zip 21043

I did an online order this evening. When I pressed location near me it came up with the Evans on Benson and Columbia, 21045. Nothing else Neither restaurant is in Columbia. They are both on the edge. I lived in Columbia for 30 years. Benson place should answer phone with "Near Costco" Court should answer off "Rt 100"
William Reider

PS. My wife had to drive an extra 12 minutes because I thought I was ordering from the Court place, zip 21043

Pick Up order -- Complacent Service

Check #50225. 3/6/20. 6:43 PM

My ordered 2 Cobb salads with the colonial dressing 2 rolls & 2 biscuits.

I stopped by to pick it up & it wasn't ready. The store was not busy and the rep had no sense of urgency.

Got home & found that salads were not Cobbs & the lettuce was wilted. 4 rolls (no biscuits), No silver ware & got gravy - no salad dressing . Sad


We visited this restaurant on 2/16/20. Table 88/1 We were seated within 5 minutes however waited over 12 minutes before I had to ask if we had a server. The staff walked by u...

food was not fresh/hot, servings were not worth the price, not like other locations.

I usually do not say anything, however, the hostess, which was the cashier needs training to take care of customers, she lead us to our table, she threw our menus on the table and...

Bones in creamy chicken and noodle "pasta"

I bought a frozen creamy chicken noodle dinner from our local grocery store, which when I was eating it I came in to contact with several bones which appears to be chicken bones I didn't see one which resulted in me choking and needed emergency medical attention, I have missed several days of work and still yet i can't barely speak due to it lodging in my esophagus. Something needs to be done to compensate for medical personal injury and missed work this I completely uncalled for. Please get back to me in reasonable timely manner, or I'll have no choice but contact an attorney. Which I haven't yet done didn't want to if we could resolve it without it.
Thank you

customer service

I'm about writing to complete a complaint due to me and my family went to have lunch and we walked in and was waiting to be seated in while waiting a manager and another...

the restaurant

51095 This restaurant has cock roaches and the it is filthy! The supports in the dinning room have water marks running down them. And people in Springfield are posting pictures of the...


My boyfriend and were very disappointed with our service here. We ordered the down home country fried steak and our server asked us how we wanted our steak done? Clearly he didn't...


I get the same thing every time I go to Bob Evans for breakfast, build your own omelet. Swiss cheese, mushroom and bacon or sausage. Today it was disgusting, it was swimming in...

food cold all brought out at some time with salad poor service quality has gone down

I talked to a manager about food quality and service.all she said was. I'm sorry.I told her I've been going to Bob Evans for about 50 years.we go to Cracker Barrel now...

take out

Call the Amelia location at 8:20 PM on Saturday evening to order a chicken dinner was told they could not take my order because the grills were shut down at 7 o'clock they...

potato soup

Why do they now serve Bob Evans potato soup with the potatoes raw and uncooked...they didn't use to, but for the last year or so, when I order their potato soup, the potatoes are that the way Bob Evans makes soup now? We go to Bob Evans quite often, either done in or pickup, and my family is a big soup lover... potato being one of our favorites, but the raw potatoes is a real turn off. Is there anyway the soup can go back to what it used to be?

amount of food

This evening I went inside to eat ordered the turkey & dressing meal with mashed potatoes gravey carrots, rolls and pepsi but I had 18 baby carrots (Thought that was crazy...

lousy baked potato and awful pot roast sandwich combo

The baked potato was so old that it was hard as a rock, over steamed, and had dried out to the point I spent my eating time trying to find any part of the potato that was worth...

got charged for something we did not order

My husband and I went the Bob Evans on howe rd. Akron, Ohio order breakfast buttermilk pancakes sauage bacon. The problem was the pancakes. waitress brought 4 pancakes for me and...

bob evans original mashed potatoes

We bought 2 packs of potato's yesterday as we normally do, the first one was very clumpy and would not cook right, and the second one was the same. In the second pack of potato's we found a piece of plastic about an inch long that could've cut someone's mouth if eaten. We are so disturbed and disgusted.We have never seen that in these potato's and do not want to continue to buy them.

dining experience and fried chicken dinner

Ordered a chicken dinner it was ok at best mashed potatoes fair, only had about 3 drops of gravy chicken chewy gristly but a lot of batter on Brest and wing, the server thou nice...


I ordered the shunshine skillet and it came out just as scrambled eggs and hash browns. Our server Tina took it back to the kitchen because she knew it wasn't made correctly...

food was bad, manager laughed and hung up

51095 Thanksgiving November 28, 2019. I purchased a 4 person turkey dinner. We would always get the turkey dinner when we come in to eat. We all liked it. So we all had fixed our...

restaurant was very dirty

After the seater wiped off the table we used our own "Wet Ones" to clean the table while other staff watched and smiled. The table was sticky with syrup and had been wiped off...


First of all, I stood there waiting to be seated. I was told "we will get with you" with no welcome. Then they bypassed me and seated a couple who came in after me. I waited at my...

poor service / experience

I just arrived back from dinner at Bob Evans. Last year we had a good experience and decided to go again this Thanksgiving. We understand that it is a sy time, however, from the...

food quality

first of all let me say I love Bob Evans, BUT its been almost a year since I've been back to this location because of the poor service we were getting each time we came...


After reading all of the other complaints and reviews, I don't expect that my complaint go far.
On Saturday morning 11/23/19, I placed an online order for a family meal, for later (6:00PM). When I submitted my order, the confirmation pick up was 10:00AM. The location is, 1101 Louis and Clark Parkway Clarksville, Indiana 47129. I immediately called to point out the problem, and was given the manager. I told him about the issue. His response was " the order is already being prepared, I guess we will have to throw it away. Next time call as soon as it happens.) I informed him that I did call as soon as it happened. He disputed that. I asked him if he was calling me a liar. I mean, why would I lie about that? He told me to take my business elsewhere. Ok, that works for me. My average order is $30.00 per visit. Believe me, I am passing this info to everyone, and I know a lot of people nationwide. Customer service no longer exists in the fast food industry, and one by one, the restaurants disappear. I hope Bob Evans goes away in the very near future.


Hi my name is Patty otruba phone number [protected] I'm calling to file a complaint because this has happened twice and I will never order from Bob Evans again tonight I placed an order at approximately 7:40 for a pot roast dinner and a chop steak dinner at the oak springs road location in Washington PA they said it would be done by 8:15 we get there by 8:20 go in to pick up our food they say it's not there try the Bob Evans on Chestnut Street in Washington PA I call that location it's not there another time we ordered from the Bob Evans online at the McMurray restaurant once again ordered the food they gave us a pickup time went to the restaurant food wasn't there so either your employees need some training and or manners or when they see it's getting close to closing time they're too lazy and just throw the orders away or something I could see this happening once but twice no way I will never order anyting from your restaurant chain again it is a joke and this kind of stuff should never happen and I hope this goes through the proper channels and doesn't slide through the cracks like so many other things do thank you


Table 62/1 5:08 pm Server : Maranda My wife and I dined at Bob Evans restaurant this afternoon as we often do on Sunday, we were seated and waited approximately 15 minutes for...


Waited 20 minutes before I even got my order taken. Food came 20 minutes later cold. Another customer walked out. Manager ould care less.. Finally called manager over. He then...

bob evans roll sausage

On Nov 5 2019, I made a purchase of your sausage. So next morning I open package and saw something with a dark red substance, my stomach got upset & I was nauseous rest of morning!!! I'm not sure about your product at this point in time. I need some type of payment for the inconvenience and time & money for product & transportation back to store where I made the purchase!! Very disappointed customer of many years!!

bob evans roll sausage
bob evans roll sausage
bob evans roll sausage

mashed potatoes.

I actually usually love their mashed potatoes but these has some weird thing in it almost like a nail it was gross! Now can't eat them. I literally didn't swallow the bite in my mouth! I spit it out. I literally just bought them a two days ago and they weren't even close to expiration. I scared to eat anymore. Has anyone had this problem? It almost looks like a stick or a nail.

mashed potatoes.

all the food was lukewarm. the only thing was good was the salad

I ordered Turkey and dressing and all of it was luke warm there were other people saying that there mashed potatoes were cold. Every time I go in to store #94. Everything is warm...

no gloves worn!!

My family and I recently ate at Bob Evans, we were seated at a table to where you could see where the staff fixes salads etc.. We observed a waitress fixing a salad with her bare...

meatloaf meal

Had ordered the meat loaf quite some time ago and it was thick and very good tasting. Ordered the same meal on 10/25/19 at the same location. Meat loaf was thin sliced...

servi e

My wife and I recently went to your restuarant in florence ky. I was amazed at how bad the service was. We were told the wait would be 15 and we waited over an hour. The worst...

whole order

51095 Ordered the Smokehouse burger well done, a little pink when I got it and the bacon was barely cooked. Ordered loaded fries and there was nothing on them. Ordered Mac n cheese and...

carry out pricing

I went to Bob Evans to make a carry order and I pick up a menu to order and the cashier inform me I had the wrong menu thats the dine - in here the carry out one, I asked: what...

unhealthy cooked food

After waiting 30 minutes for seating for four adults. We ordered and was brought out hash browns that were extremely cold. My son order belgian waffles that were extremely hard...


We was at the marysville, ohio bob evans on saturday at 7:30 p.m. October 19, 2019, we had a great waiter but our complaint is our food. We received all of our food but our...

host or hostess

The experience we had today on a Sunday was just awful. There were at least 10-15 tables open and no one sitting hut on a 20-40 min wait. When asked why no one sitting we were...

the waitress named amanda was very rude.

Was at the marion Ohio Bob Evans between 730 and 8 o'clock me and 3 other people the waitress was rude. When I try to ask her something she walked away from me had to keep asking...

my carryout order

I called in and placed a carry out order today, 10-11-19 around 11:20. I was told it would be ready in 40 minutes because they were busy. I waited the alotted time and left my...