Baja Fresh Complaints & Reviews

Baja Fresh / false advertising

Oct 12, 2019

Is this false advertising? receipts from every baja fresh thanks you for the visit and encourages you to "come again" by going to their feedback website and get $2.00 off next purchase of $10 or more after filling the survey. Total lie, when I visit the website it is "no longer taking...

Baja Fresh / complaint about quality

Jun 28, 2019

Baja FreshI bought a steak burrito and shrimp chile lime salad from your restaurant store# 30632. It was an order to take out. When we got home to eat our dinner, my wife was not happy as she found out the burrito barely had any steak in it, just vegetables. Your food is not cheap, and I have no...

Baja Fresh / service

May 07, 2019

I ordered chicken nachos on their online website, I payed for that. I never got a confirmation number on my email, therefore I called the restaurant to make sure they received my order. The guy that answered the phone said no, that the website was down, and that I wasn't going to get...

Baja Fresh / burrito

Apr 20, 2019

Baja FreshI just went to your restaurant in Bras Basah and bought a takeaway burrito and as I sat down to eat it I found a hair in my burrito. I am extremely put off and I cannot eat the rest of my food so my money has also been wasted. This is highly disappointing and I expect more from your...

Baja Fresh / customer experience

Nov 25, 2018

An issue happened with a free taco coupon and I was trying to explain it to the cashier. He was immediately impatient and told me that the situation that happened isn't possible making me feel belittled and stupid. The manager came over in an attempt to understand the situation. She told...

Baja Fresh / salad and dressing

Sep 07, 2018

Baja FreshI ordered 50 worth of food and usually we get great service and everything is always right . I got the ensalada salad with extra cheese with cilantro dressing . I got a salad without extra cheese steak and chicken and I only ordered chicken and got cilantro lime dressing instead of...

Baja Fresh / service and customer service

Aug 15, 2018

Baja FreshOn 8/15/2018 at 7:03 Pm. I went into store 078 to Order Dinner, I spoke to a Jose C from the store, I asked him if there was a taco meal with no rice n beans; his response you can get the taco meal with extra rice ( not what i asked) I responded by saying I want 3 tacos no rice and bean...

Baja Fresh / online catering order

May 15, 2017

Order numbers: [protected]. & [protected]. I acknowledge that I made an error on the time with the first order but the second order was not ready at the agreed upon time (2:20pm). After acknowledging my error and pointing out theirs they started on my order. 10 minutes after my arrival the...

Baja Fresh / Inside store

Mar 11, 2017

Baja FreshWhile waiting for my order, sitting at table in back, the door leading to entrance to kitchen with window was very visible alcoholic beverage cans. Not suspecting that it is ok for staff to be drinking while working. I took a picture see attached. My teen daughter even noticed the alcholiC...

Baja Fresh / rude service, mean managers


baja fresh has very RUDE service there. The owner or manager who I think is arab has treated me and my friends really badly there sometimes. He thinks he's better than cutomers and accuses them of things they didn't do and then uses that to pick on them or treat them badly. He i...