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Bloomingdale's review: Customer service

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We had placed an international order for a few items in September of last year. Expensive items, including a watch. While the shipment arrived in my city in the stipulated time, we ran into administrative issues with our local courier partner who needed additional documents from us to dispatch the goods to our address. While the email trail clearly shows that all the required documents were submitted from our end to expedite the goods, they were somehow sent back to border free. Upon writing to border free to explain our situation, they said to contact the merchant directly. At the time, it looked promising to us, as liaising with Bloomingdale's s directly (being their direct customers) would ensure better clarity as to where our goods were and we thought that a brand like theirs would have a good customer service team in place which would help us resolve the issue satisfactorily. But we were so wrong.

It's been months now since my first email went out to them explaining our unique situation. While in the beginning they sounded keen to help us , it all just turned into an endless nightmare. Upon repeatedly asking them to ship the goods back to us at a cost that we were happy to bear ourselves, they continued writing back to us telling us why a refund wasn't possible. We weren't really even asking for one in the beginning. Just expected them to help us in getting the order to us. But no options besides 'sorry can't process this aged refund' were shared with us.They cited 'technical integration' as the reason. At one point , I received 3 different emails from 3 different customer service reps, all within minutes of each other, all saying different things. While one said, a refund is being looked into and will process shortly, another one would convey apologies and say that it won't be possible. Not to mention intervals of weeks between each response with no clear updates.

As a customer, if I have paid in full for my goods, I expect the goods to either reach me or at least that they try finding a solution where it somehow reaches me or I get my money back.After a gruelling two months of this back and forth with no clear direction, what they essentially told me was that they would not be shipping my goods to me and they won't be issuing a refund either. So basically, I dont get my order nor my money. And that they were 'sorry for the inconvenience'.

The least I expected was for them to offer me some resolution where I felt like I matter to them as a customer. How difficult is it for them to ship it to me especially if I am bearing the cost?! If I have paid for something , it belongs to me. It's my property. How can they refuse to dispatch it? This is daylight robbery and I can't believe that they think doing this is okay. It's ridiculous to say the least. They won't release my money or my order. How is this okay? It was not a small order but one that has costed me a LOT of money.

They are by far, the most incompetent customer service team that I have come across with no regard for their customer or the ethos of their brand. Rest assured, I am not letting this slide. They are cheats.


Update by FarahB
Sep 21, 2023 3:01 am EDT

These guys are such crooks! Now after telling me they can't refund the money nor ship the stuff to us again, they are refusing to even tell me where my order currently is. Every email response is from a account that just says we are sorry for any inconvenience.

I simply asked them where my goods are. Fully paid for goods. They refuse to tell me! Worst custom er service team full of crooks and incompetent people. Can anyone advise on how to proceed from here on?

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