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Bloomingdale Customer Service (1 - 800 - 323 - 7857)the worst customer service staff - no accountability

Shame Shame Shame on the senior management of Bloomingdale's Customer Service. You are not in touch with the operations. The reps lie, put you on hold for excessive periods of time, hang up and just leave you on hold for ever. You cannot esculate to a manager and you are left dealing with rude, untrained, uncooperative customer reps.

The delivery process is horrible!!! The whole process is terrible every step of the way. If you order from Bloomingdale vs. Macy's they are not even aware.

Just horrible - order from another company. Poor Bloomingdales have let the poorly training rude people impact their reputation and service. Congrat to the executive who falsely pride themselves on running the company!!! Learn to do the right thing and set the tone and correct expectations. Your people reflect your poor managment.


  • Ru
    Ruz Apr 06, 2017

    I had no idea Bloomingdale's customer service team and store employees were so unprofessional & poorly trained. I wish I had read the reviews first...I would have thought twice about placing an order with this company. This placed is nothing more than an over priced Walmart when it comes to customer service and the type of quality workers they hire. They cannot even tell me if my item shipped already or's yes it shipped on Monday, when I ask for a tracking #, oh it didn't ship, then they tell me someone will give me a call with the tracking's still waiting. I call customer service this morning only to be treated rudely...then I asked to take the survey and she would not transfer me bc "it wasn't her fault" . This place is a JOKE. out of all of the stores that have been closed down..I am SHOCKED they are still standing. Take your business to Saks!

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  • Ro
    Rosemary Drainey Apr 19, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered on-line from Ireland. The service I received was excellent. Particular thanks to Glenn H - Pack ID: CHS O672.

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  • Ma
    Marilyn R. Apr 15, 2016

    I ordered, on line, an expensive Eileen Fisher top during the Friends and Family sale. When the item arrived an Eileen Fisher tag on the item indicated that the selling price was $298.00. A second tag said that this was 100% exclusive to Bloomingdales. When the bill arrived for the merchandise it showed a before tax charge of $253.00 which was much less than the 25% reduction of the Friends and Family sale. I followed up with a phone call to Bloomingdales but was told that the cost was $339. I asked to understand why the online price would be so much more than the store price. After investigating the person I spoke to assured me that the price was always $339.00. How can a $298.00 top from Eileen Fisher made exclusively for Bloomingdales jump in price to $339.00, a 14% increase. I have to assume that Bloomingdales increases prices on items before a sale, and therefore, in my world, this minimizes any sale and makes me as a buyer suspicious of what Bloomingdale claims a sale is. When I asked to speak to the supervisors manager I was told that except for writing this on line I couldn't have any access to his manager. Marilyn

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  • Re
    Reviewer46031 Feb 27, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I applied the bloomingdale credit card at the store. The sales associate just ask my ssn and she applied the bloomingdale credit card without even letting me know about it.

    After one month, I still did not receive the card. So I called the customer service. They said they will resend me a new card and they also ask my check number to pay the balance.

    One month later, I still did not receive the credit card and I found that my balance is still there. So it seems that they customer service did not do anything about it. I am so disappointed with their customer service .

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  • Bo
    bocamom Aug 13, 2015

    I have now CLOSED my account with Bloomingdales that I had for over 20 years as I have NEVER had to deal with such incompetence in customer service in ANY company. I recently moved and had called to update my address with them. I was then in the store, about a month later to make a purchase and my credit card was denied due to a security verification. I made the verification. I then called them afterwards to complain about my card being denied in front of other customers, when I had called and given my new address previously. They said that they would correct this and even sent me a $25 gift certificate as an apology. Well, tried to make a purchase on line tonight, and my card was DENIED AGAIN. Spent over 35 minutes on the phone with their supposed CUSTOMER SERVICE (what a joke). Got transferred to 3 people and had to repeat myself each time. Finally just decided to CLOSE the account. They are the WORST!

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  • Pe
    peggyjerry2723 Aug 01, 2015

    I bought 2 pairs of shoes back in march and used the loyalist membership card and was to receive $175 gift card called customer service 3 times and was told each time that it must have gotten lost in the mail. If i was rich it probably wouldn't bother me but since I'm not I would like to receive my gift card I was promised.

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  • Si
    sillygrace Mar 27, 2014

    I bought some egift cards online too. And they don't even take it online. They blocked my address and I would never place orders online or by phone again. What the manager told me" Cause You used too many giftcards. " and they refuse to issue an plastic gift card to me then ask me to shop in store. Here is no Bloomingdale's at all. They even ask me to sell the cards back to Why would I loose money because they wouldn't take my cards? What is it matter how many gift cards per customer use? If you sell out gift cards, you should accept them, otherwise it is a fraud! This is not over yet, I am still trying to contact to deal with it. And someone need to pay for this, but not me.

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  • Sd
    sdjr Feb 20, 2014

    I agree Bloomingdale's is the worst store I have ever shopped in. I bought E Gift cards online and tried to use them in the store but when I got there they wanted me to change them to hard gift cards so they could swipe it through the system. Their customer service changed over all the gift cards to hard cards after a huge hassle which I am not going to even mention. They then sold the bag I had on hold which I was going to use the gift cards for, then I get home and found out that the gift cards had a hold on them anyhow. I call customer service and they are the most horrible CSR reps I have ever dealt with. They wont contact the store and they wont remove the hold, then I go back to the store and they wont do anything because the customer service department will not communicate with the physical stores. Basically I got insulted and robbed of over $1000 thanks to their poor service, This in turn made the holidays that much harder. I got tired of calling and getting placed on hold for hours then hung up on. At this point my lawyer will handle it but really though how is this place still in business!! And the Manager there at the White Plains store was not willing to look into my issue, I mean what is the purpose of the manager anyhow? The business plan there is to argue and place the blame elsewhere.

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  • Re
    Rence Nov 25, 2013

    I experirnced many of the same issues described in other complaints. Slow delivery process, terrible VRU menu and long hold times for poor customer service. I do not plan to shop at Bloomies in the future.

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  • Gs
    gsw3 Jun 30, 2013

    I was issued a Bloomingdale credit card 6/8/13 and returned 6/27/13 to pay toward my account ($692.69 #588). I was going to purchase a e-gift card but was informed it had to be done on-line. It was a wedding gift for furniture. It was nostalgic because my first bedroom suite was from Bloomingdale.
    When I tired to make the purchase I was told there wasn't enough in the account because it takes 6 days to clear the check. I was informed that I could have use cash to immediately post it. They said since it was he same day I could void the check which I have a pay cash ($500) which I did.

    I tried to make the purchase again and they (customer service) told me since it was a new account i couldn't purchase a gift card. I found that strange. He even said gift card could only be purchase from the store. He said he spoke to the supervisor and he authorized the purchase.
    I attempted to make the purchase again but it didn't go through. I contacted customer service again and they put me on with a person to verify my ID with serveral questions. The problem was after waiting over 40 minutes her accent was so bad with a poor connection you really couldn't understand. But the real problem was one question provided by public records dealt with one a my patient which a informed her which would have been a HIPPA violation. She informed me that my card would be froze. I requested to speak to her superior to further assist me. I explained every thing to her and she stated she could not provide further assistance which started to frustrate me. she than hung up on me because she said there was nothing more to say or do. She was as rude as I was frustrated.

    I make the same call to another customer service person and describe what is going on. She connects me to a supervisor who reads the notes. She puts me on hold comes back and tries to re issue the verification questions, but she asked some to me. She says now they have to verify my phone by calling CPD at [protected]. I do and they respond and they call me. They informed I had been verified and that in 24 hours I could make the purchase.

    Affter 24 hours i failed in purchasing the gift card. I called CPD [protected] to find out what happened. I can't describe the depth of rudeness, but during the call another representative called to verify me and my purchase so I again thought every thing was addressed. Sunday I was not contacted was I checked the status of the order which was again not addressed. I made another call to CPD to find out what happened. Her name was Ms. Santiago. was pleasant person who review the notes asked me questions and same everything was in order and would personally walk the purchase through herself. She said even though it takes 24 hours it would take 2 hours. After 4 hours i again check the status of this order. It was unchanged. You could say it was a real challenge to ones patience. I made the mistake of call again to find out what happened. This person to say the least would not be someone excelling in people skills. I decided to the virtual e-gift to rest and do the the customer service person suggested and get it at the store. i found out my account was now blacked with nearly a zero balance. The salesperson it the store couldn't believe what I was going through, Not only inconsistency but rudeness. It's awful, disgraceful and insulting. This is me first complaint letter and I feel very strong about it. I'm a doctor and excellence is important to me. My bedroom furniture purchased in 1980 was a quality purchase which I wanted to share with newly weds. I guess quality and service takes on a new meaning today.

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  • Me
    MethodYoon Apr 08, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Bloomingdale's just rerouted my order due to getting a good price on the items. They have forced a return despite my credit card being charged. Is this a breach of contract? I spoke to Katherine Perini who called herself an "Executive" of Bloomingdales when her title on LinkedIn is Executive Management at Macy's Credit and Customer Services. This seems unethical and illegal.

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  • Ma
    maryyendavid Apr 01, 2012

    WHY BLOOMINGSDALE STILL EXISTS???!!! I bought a cosmetic pallette in the SF store and was told it was not in stock but they could ship it from another store, but they woudl have to charge me shipping fee of 9.75 for a small pallette. I found this disturbing since it is from the same store. This would not be a problem at Nordstrom. If I had known ahead of time that Neiman Marcus carries the same brand I was buying I would have switched. But at that moment I was stuck. The staff told me if I purchased to $150 my shipping would be free. So we included my friend's blush, and still it took them half an hour to get it going. They told me it would take at least a week. The next day I got an alert phone call from my bank saying that there is some irregular activitiy going on with my card. And to my disbelief, there was a charge from a Bloomingsdale in Virginia for $197 dollars. So I had to cancel my card and had they look into it. A week later the blush showed up. Another week a cosmetic palette showed up, and when I opened it - IT WAS EMPTY - and the receipt attached to it was for $!50 dollars. I had called the assistant manager at the SF store to explain what had happened and if he could look into it. Not a call was returned. Now all the time I spent getting a new bankcard, and now I am told to take my blank cosmetic pallete back to the SF store to get a refund. Well at that point I just wanted a full refund. But somehow the system couldn't do it because I no longer have the original card to get a refund. So I had to get a credit. I DIDN'T WANT TO SPEND ANOTHER DIME IN THEIR STORE. And she couldnt' get any help. BLOOMINGSDALE OVERALL JUST DYSFUNCTIONAL AND CRIPPLED. They dont' have anything better than Nordstrom or NEiman Marcus. So why should we continue to shop there.

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  • Be
    bettyboop123 Mar 22, 2012

    That's nothing! I placed a huge order of gifts with for xmas. The rep was so irresponsible, she inexplicably issued a call tag to the shipper, after all the packages were in the mail, ordering them all back to the warehouse. We were left with no gifts for xmas and couldn't reorder items for after xmas as they were sold out. Complained to Bloomingdales management who offered me a 20% discount on any future purchase on with no expiration. But when I went to use the discount code, it wasn't valid and management would answer emails or calls for valid code. Terrible company. It's called TOO BIG TO PROVIDE ANYTHING RESEMBLING CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

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  • An
    Annoyed International Jan 11, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I placed an order with Bloomingdale for a shipment to India.
    I tried to order in bulk because shipping charges reduces as the quantity goes higher. However for the most important order in the lot all i received was an apology note saying we really tried to locate it but we could not find it. What was surprising is that the item was still showing in the website as being available
    As for another order in the same shipement - I had ordered a pimento color but was totally disappointed to find that they had sent me the sage combo instead. From India I am not even sure how I can handle the return. They ought to have been doubly careful
    What was worse was that for a long time there was no response to my queries ands when they finally did respond it hardly even qualified to be an apology
    Looks like Bloomingdale is not ready for international service. It is better to shut that down than offer something so shoddy

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  • Kk
    kkaer Dec 07, 2011

    Bloomindales online shopping experience is so bad...I placed an order of 4 kiehls facial cream and other stuff. but when i get the box, there was no one cream in box...So horrible. And i wanna call the customer service. The phone system is operated by robot, i have no chance to speak with a representive. what the X is that. And i sent 2 emails to them. no response so far.

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  • Ka
    Kate Keffer Oct 11, 2011

    I bought a pair boots in the Bloomingdales store over a week and half ago while shopping in the store. I was told they would be shipped to me as the only pair in the store were scuffed. A week and a half later I am still searching for a tracking # for the boots that have SUPPOSEDLY shipped. When I call the customer service # [protected] the call center is in Asia with an agent that doesn't understand what I am asking and keeps repeating things that honestly don't make sense. When I ask to speak to someone else in the United States they say there is no one that can help me. They have no tracking # and one agent told me that they didn't ship and one said they did. The customer service is really ridiculous for a store who's slogan is 'like no other store in the world'. Complete joke, and as of now, I still have no idea where the shipment is and if and when it will arrive... neither does Bloomingdales. Great.

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  • Fr
    frustrated85 Aug 30, 2011

    Never, never, never deal with and their customer service representatives for your Wedding Registry. Their customer service is absolutely and positively atrocious.

    We ordered an item from our registry a month ago. It still has not arrived. We called and were told rudely that it was shipped back to their warehouse. Do you think we maybe could we pick the item up from a store location? No, of course not. That would be the smart solution. Their "systems" are not coordinated to implement the "smart" solution.

    So, OK: we can't have the smart solution, what about the solution? Maybe it's almost as good? Nope. "Ashley" actually attempted to tell us with a straight face that if we wanted to use the registry pots to which we were legally entitled to cook in our own home, we could fork over another $500+ at a store location. Great: now Bloomingdale's has double the money and we have only one set of pots. Oh, yes, there was one more thing: we could sit patiently and wait for a credit, which may or may not be forthcoming ("typically", "probably") once UPS shipped the order back to them.

    "Ashley" - their Wedding and Gift Registry manager to whom I spoke - actually justified their intransigence with reference to WalMart's policies. Really? considers WalMart a competitor?

    This should be all the warning you need: take your business elsewhere.

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  • Ca
    calexas Dec 17, 2010

    I WILL NEVER SHOP AT BLOOMINGDALE's AGAIN! I registered for my wedding gifts there, and the entire process since then has been absolutely horrible. I'm sure there are many gifts that were simply not shipped to us. We must have received about 7 or so gifts from our registry there, and out of those, I would have to say that only 1 was delivered with no problems. With the rest, Bloomingdale's and their AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE have put us in incredibly awkward situations. For example, the most recent issue: I received notice a few days ago that a gift that an invitee purchased had been cancelled, no explanation, nor what they were doing with the money used to purchase the gift. MY WEDDING WAS 4 MONTHS AGO! I had initially received notice that this gift had been purchased BEFORE my wedding, then I received another notice a few months later that it was on back order, and now, 4 months later that it was cancelled. I emailed customer service asking whether they would be sending me credit so I could purchase something else. The response was "Credit for the item goes back to teh individual that placed the will be up to them as to the replacement gift". ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME???? 4 months later they'll purchase me a gift???? AND it's not like I can ask the invitee to buy me another gift.

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  • Fe
    fenwhey koh Feb 27, 2010

    I took my mother on the wheel chair and went to Bloomingdale at the White Flint Mall in Bethesda, MD on Jan15, 2010. I bought a pair of winter trousers that she desperately needed. The woman who said she was the manger there told me if I opened an account, I will receive double discount. 15% from her and 15% for opening the new account. However, the 15% for opening the account will not show up until my first account statement--which would arrive somewhere in Feb. I told her by that time if I did not get the discount, it would be too late to return the pair of pants. She said, just trust her. She would give me her name card. She also had this other customer there that also told me she was trustworthy. Well, today I received my first statement, and guess what ? The 15% discount was there, but it was not a 15% off the original price, it was 15% off the already discounted price (the 85% of the original price). Well, I guess people at bloomingdale could "play" their math game in order to charge people more. It is such a shame that Bloomingdale choose to take advantage of people who are in a hurry and who trusted them.

    On top of that, they also charged me $2.00 for "fee charged". This is my first statement for crying out loud !
    And there is a statement underneath the charge that says if I pay the account balance plus the minimum balance of my "other Account Type" (They have given me a VISA which I don't intend to use), the $2 will be refunded to me on my next statement. They sure tried to hook me!

    I will never ever shop at bloomingdale again. Shame on them for taking advantage of people who trusted their reputation and took them for a ride!

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  • Sb
    sbradbury Dec 28, 2009

    I placed an order with Bloomingdale's almost a month ago now. A week after I placed it they finally let me know it was being shipped. Now over two weeks later, I have yet to receive my package! When I call or email, I just hear/receive automated messages. I have yet to find a way to speak with an actual human being. I would much rather wait on hold for 45 minutes to speak with a person and get my questions actually answered than press buttons just to find out things I already know.

    I am by no means rich nor do I treat myself often to 'fancy' things. I thought new bedding from Bloomingdale's would mean I'm paying for great quality and a long lasting product. Hopefully, someday soon I will be able to determine that, but for now I must wait day after day to see if my package ever arrives.

    I 100% will never order from Bloomingdale's online again, and there's a fat chance you'd ever see me walk into one of their stores again.

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