Aspen Dentallower denture

D Nov 12, 2019

On 11-12-2019 I went back for the 4th time to see if my dentures could be fixed. I cannot wear them at all. I asked why my other set of dentures, which I dropped and broke, fit and these new ones don't. I was told that is just the way it is and I would need to get 2 implants. The cost is over $9000.00! Had I known this prior to having al my bottom teeth removed, I would not have had them all removed. I was told that aspen has a denture money back guarantee that says if I am not happy with my dentures they will make them right or give me my money back. Since they will not fix my dentures, I would like my money back so I can go some where theat can make them right or use towards implants if I can find a place that lets me make payments. I am so angry, I can't go out in public, it is embarressing at work to wait on customers with no teeth! My life is misserable thanks to aspen dental.

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