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Coast Dental Services Complaints & Reviews

Coast Dental Services / insurance scam to sell unwanted expensive services

L. Dean Murphy on Jan 22, 2019

United Healthcare managed Medicare plan included limited dental treatment, but only through Coast Dental. As a new resident to Central Florida, I booked an appointment for a bi-annual cleaning at Kissimmee's East Vine Street location. I was forced to have full sets of Xrays not covered by...

Coast Dental / Naples FL / 4 crowns broken / charge-back / in collection

tbasch on Jan 6, 2019

I no longer have the four molars that were 'crowned' by coast dental. they all broke, while eating or flossing. now, 6 years later, coast dental has had an issue with care credit whom I financed with. furthermore, coast dental has hired a collection agency to re-claim some...

Coast Dental Services / service/product - unprofessional employees and bad service for crown

Jada W/C on Sep 5, 2018

To whom it may concern, I have many complaints and concerns 1. Lack of professionalism - the front desk didn't have anything together or recorded and were very rude. - the doctors working on my teeth were talking about my husband and myself in my face. They were talking about other coworker...

Coast Dental Services / dental cleaning

Khaled Kadry on Aug 21, 2018

I had a very bad experience at this practice. I went for a dental cleaning and I ended up with so many tests. My dental assistant Jolio ran all those different type of tests and he wanted to do an oral cancer tests that was going to cost me $130 which I refused. After all those tests I wa...

Coast Dental Services / billing, ft. myers office, gary aspinwall

Mike H918 on Jun 15, 2018

On January 22, 2018 I had an appointment in your office to have a crown which had come loose examined and hopefully re-cemented. After the dental tech took several x-rays, Dr. Aspinwall cemented the crown back into place. After the procedure was completed he looked at my x-rays and asked...

Coast Dental & Orthodontics / doctor and assistant

Ladydiana0824 on Apr 14, 2017

Hello. My name is Diana Rodriguez and I used to be a patient at Coast Dental in Land O Lakes Florida (corner of State Road 54 and Collier Parkway). I went in January 2017 to get a filling in my upper right molar. Less than a month later, it cracked so I went back to see if they could fix...

Coast Dental & Orthodontics / Crown - company will not take responsibility for messing up my tooth

masti254 on Dec 8, 2016

In 2014 had a corwn put on the tooth based on oral evaluation, since i had already had a root canal done the practice did not check if it was done properly. in 2015 went for a cleaning to another dentist and was told the crown has a gap. This basically means it was not put on properly...

Coast Dental " Orthodontics / Invoice submitted to collections

dndn on May 17, 2016

Contacted office on 1/19, 1/20 (2x), 2/18. Each time was told it would be researched by "Kasey". Was told it needed to be resubmitted to insurance. Was in office on 5/3 still not resolved. Told same again. Received collection letter on 5/7. Kasey will not do her job! Wanted to speak to regional office manager but was refused phone number.

Coast Dental / Absolute worst experience

Kearsten Shook on Apr 15, 2016

This dentist has given me way too many problems, I don't even know where to begin. I chipped my front tooth and I went in for my first appointment. Not a friendly face in the building. And the dentist and dental assistant were rude and very rough. They did a very bad job at making and...

Coast Dental / front tooth veneer

lspires001 on Mar 9, 2016

My wife was told she needed her front veneer replaced due to a hairline crack and was told while she was under heavy pain killers that our insurance would cover 50% of cost. My wife paid the difference and the work was done but the veneer color does not match. They refused to correct the...

Coastal Dental / Malpractice, felony intent to cause injury, rude manager

El Okim on Oct 9, 2015

On October 4 2014 I went into office for check up. Did xrays and consultation, Dr Serge Prescott evaluated me and recommended surgical extraction in same office with Dr Nicholas Zanakos. On October 13 I went into same office for surgical extraction. I signed in and took a seat. Then I...

Coast Dental / Patient Abuse

Mary Ann Calderon on May 19, 2015

This is beyond the worst dental are provider ever. The first visit they had me in the chair for over six hours for a scheduled visit- and no one communicated or checked in with me, and I had to ask what was going on. I was then told my services were "emergent", and my visit was taking...

Coast Dental / policy

patientcitizen on May 7, 2015

Office receptionists rude generally, but policy is subject of this complaint. This office takes various insurance plans. However, to get an annual cleaning, an exam is first required to determine the level of cleaning needed. If more than the basic cleaning covered by insurance plans i...

Coast Dental / Over Billing, Dirty Facilities, Bad Dentist

Asmodee on Apr 10, 2015

I used to go to these people on a regular basis, but that was nearly 4 years ago when the caring Dentist Dr. Marilyn Palacios, was resident and gave fantastic care. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED IN MARCH 2015: I moved out of the area for a year then came back. I made an appointment due to a...

Coast Dental / Fake Filling to meet sales quota

halawa on Mar 23, 2015

On Mar. 19 2015, Dr. Mariana Bole wants to do filling that (unnecessary) or not there to make more money to please her boss because she is new there. by telling me my daughter needs filling, I said we just did a new filling 3 weeks ago and the other Dr. said every thing is good no more...

Coast Dental / Fraudulent billing

Dick F. in Naples on Mar 20, 2015

Billing Problems; William Mathurin at the time Cape Coral office also overcharged the out of network fee on November 6, 2013. Some records indicate he is now at the North Naples "Golden Gate?" office. It was required for me to contact Discover Card Fraud investigation unit to correct the...

Coast Dental / unethical billing practices

mc cain on Dec 12, 2014

I had a root canal done by these people. They gave me an estimate of coverage and told me that my part would be $700.00. I paid the amount and after the service I get a letter from the insurance company saying that they denied part of the payment because the dentist did two procedures on...

Coast Dental / Dental Scam

Bvon on Dec 4, 2014

Avoid this office at all costs. I first visited the Coast Dental Willowbend office for xrays and an initial examination. Prior to any treatment I requested that a treatment plan with any costs not covered by my insurance by given to me. I never received a treatment plan. I was told that I...

Coast Dental / Phone Calls

Reivax on Oct 30, 2014

In the past weeks I been calling to Coast Dental In Pasadena Location, St. Petersburg FL..they never answered the phone calls that I made. After several times I left a message saying that I need a call back in the same day... and they called me 3 days later. This week I been calling and...

Coast Dental / Massive fraud

DON'T CHEAT ME on Apr 29, 2014