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+1 866 319 9409(Customer Service) 9 3
+1 800 579 3783(Head Office) 8 6
+1 888 256 9976(Staff) 2 1
+1 866 620 8390(Billing Information, Arizona and California) 3 4
+1 888 891 2354(Billing Information, Nevada) 1 1

Western Dental Services Complaints & Reviews

Western Dental Services / automatic billing updated

Oct 12, 2019

I called this office on 10/12/2019 around 1:20 pm for my billing updated. She said can not do that and try to give me another number to call. I asked her if she sure can not do that? I believe she was getting rage and hang-up. To Western Dental. This person is unprofessional customer...

Western Dental Services / pulled tooth

Sep 27, 2019

Western Dental ServicesWorst dentist ever. I had a tooth pulled and he left pieces of sharp tooth still in my mouth. He didn't even look when he pull the tooth, to make sure he had everything out. The first day when I get home and the numbing wear off. I noticed that there a sharp piece still in my mouth...

Western Dental Services / billing

Aug 21, 2019

I disputed a transaction because I did not authorize the payment however it's been almost 10 business days and I have yet to receive my refund.So after that I told them to take my debit card information off my account they still managed to process a payment I had spoke to someone prior and...

Western Dental Services / ortho

Aug 09, 2019

Requested void on 8/5/2019. Void was approved. I Was told payment refund would take up to 72 hours to post. As of 8/9/2019 No funds have been posted to my card. All operators are giving me the run around and have no knowledge of what to do or how-to handle the issue. The payment is still pending on my account. I need my money refunded asap. Thank you

Western Dental Services / brand of implant

Aug 05, 2019

Dear Western Dental, I got an implant at the Corona office on Main several years ago. It is now loose and I have since changed dentists. My current dentist reached out to you regarding the brand of the implant because the screw needs to be replaced. They spoke to a Stephanie who gave u...

Western Dental / dr kwon

Jul 30, 2019

This Dr should not be allowed to work whit children she does not know how to deal whit children she is rude and unprofessional they way she tread my son today and the other last app any parent will not tolerate I walk out today I told them how can you let this dr work whit kids staff say I...

Western Dental Services / all the secretaries at the merced western dental office

Jul 26, 2019

This is the second time I've been cut off from a conversation with a front desk worker at Western dental in Merced California.Then I call customer service to see who I can talk to to make a complaint.They put me through to a supervisor who ends up hanging up on because I raise my voice y I...

Western Dental Services / unlicensed employee

Jul 24, 2019

I've just been informed that the western dental in huntington park, ca has a employee working as a dental assistant by the name of brenda escamilla, she's not certified to perform those duties, my sister goes to that location often and didn't want to make the complaint. She...

Western Dental Services / dental work

Jul 23, 2019

Western Dental ServicesI was in the office for 5 hours. 1 hour was just waiting to get called back even though no one was in the waiting room 4 hours of the dentist trying to get an abscessed tooth removed. I was given the lowest amount of ibuprofen (600mg) and amoxicillin you could get and was told that's the...

Western Dental Services / they don't work with kids

Jul 22, 2019

I have three kids. 2 of them are twins and are 5 years old. In April of 2018 they went into the dentist to have their first check up. And because my kids would not sit still during xrays they did a visual only. Then said they had a couple of cavaties. They referred them to salida surgery...

Western Dental Services / appointment for three children

Jul 22, 2019

On Saturday July 20th 2019 I had an appointment for my three children [name removed], [name removed], and [name removed] starting at 9:30 at the western dental location located at 5807 University Avenue San Diego Ca 92115 which the only children specialists location in San Diego, so the...

Western Dental Services / billing

Jul 07, 2019

Ive gotten 2 bills from Western Dental. I did have work done about 4 years ago.. Since I didnt get any bills from them I thought I paid my debt. First letter came in March or April of 2019. Stating I owed about 300. This last letter stated they would give me a 25 percent decrease on the...

Western Dental Services / billing

Jul 03, 2019

On April 20, 2019, I made a payment in the amount of $850.00, to my Care Credit Account, all funds were immediately deducted! Again today, I am receiving phone calls stating a payment is due! I have received nearly 100 calls after being told that this is an error and we apologize! I am now...

Western Dental Services / implants pulled all my teeth for money

Jun 15, 2019

I was told I had gum disease and they pulled all my teeth . There is so much more to this long drawn out BS they put me through . No heart, all about money needless to say after numerous appt and them canceling on me. I had z4 appt with people that weren't even dentists I final put my foot down I...

Western Dental / cracked and ruined a perfectly good tooth

Jun 11, 2019

I went in this clinic to get a broken tooth looked at and they put that goop to make an impression on the wrong tooth !It hardened enough and then the technician had to wiggle it to get the goop out and later on I realised there was something wrong with that tooth that was perfectly...

Western Dental & Orthodontics / issue after tooth extraction, sinus perforation, wound site not healing properly

May 15, 2019

On 3/11/19, I had my tooth extracted at Western Dental Orthodontics on Elkhorn Blvd. The dentist perforated my sinus cavity during the procedure while attempting to clean my root canals. A couple of days later, I informed the the dental office of pain, nose leakage and air escaping into my...

Western Dental Care / billing medical /denti cal & metal poking out gum line

May 07, 2019

Basically, they have incompetent back office workers who don't know the laws for prior auth under denti cal or ca amended laws for denti cal. I went in for crown that had fallen out.. I wanted implant they remove a tooth.. That shouldn't have been removed.. Can't do implants..3 of them can...

Western Dental Services / root canal and wisdom teeth extraction

May 05, 2019

I went in in 2017 for a root canal and wisdom teeth extraction. The dentist there had said that it could be done but I would need a full cleaning that she would not do a root canal without a cleaning. They gave me a list of what everything would cost me, said I had great insurance covered...

Western Dental Services / scam, rip off, lies, poor customer relations, poor care of childs root canal

May 01, 2019

Western Dental Serviceschart 76340 I do not have exact dates for all that has happened. I couple of years ago my step daughter went in for a root canal, she had the procedure done and she was to get a crown placed over the tooth as what I am guessing is standard procedure after a root canal, only thing is it took...

Western Dental / make up the rule or policy to cover their mistake (2 front desk workers & the office manager), blame the insurance company & void my appointment

Jan 23, 2019

I've been a patient (Chart # 62259) from this office since August 2018. My last visit was October 31st, 2018 & I suppose to get back on November 28th, 2018 to have tooth extraction. But year end, holidays are coming, my schedule was busy with works & the worse part is I am...

Western Dental Services / fraudulent practices

Jan 22, 2019

Western Dental is fraudulent in their practices because they will tell you that your insurance will cover procedures without actually verifying before having you sign a contract. Once the procedure is completed you are stuck with the bill and no insurance coverage because of their lack of...

Western Dental Services / aggressive collection due to an error on their part!

Jan 11, 2019

This is by far the worst place I could ever imagine doing any business with. They made a mistake in charging us, refunded that charge and then processed the correct amount. This was the beginning of the disaster that is Western Dental. They have totally screwed up their billing. My wife...

Western Dental Services / products and services

Dec 03, 2018

The most horrible experience I've ever had in my life. And after all that my Dentures don't even fit. I cannot close my mouth I am gagging its painful in different areas of my gums upper and lower. I have to wear the old ones because I cannot walk around with NOTHING! I'm so dissatisfied...

Western Dental Services / my daughter

Nov 05, 2018

I am so unhappy with my experience with western dental today. My daughter who is 4 years old had taken xrays and they told me she had all these cavities and needed baby root canals and a tooth extraction. I went for her appointment today and the dentist was so rude to me and called me a...

Western Dental Services / I cancelled my business with western dental

Oct 16, 2018

Western Dental ServicesI cancelled my service with western Dental last month and I am still being charged 204.55 a month for service I am no longer receiving. I called them today to figure out why and they hung up in my face. I called my bank and they won't do anything about it because it's not "fraud" but they...

Western Dental Services / upper dentures

Oct 11, 2018

Hi, i would like to make a complaint about my recent experience with western dental Canoga park office. My name is Luydmila Makaryants, chart # 84. We had been coming to the Canoga park office since May 25th, 2018 to complete upper denture work. Unfortunately, it has been worse experience ever...

Western Dental / doctor diagnosed $10.000 with problems that did not exist

Sep 17, 2018

Western DentalWESTERN DENTAL is a criminal enterprise. — on 9/17/18 I went to Western Dental on Northgate blvd in Sacramento. First thing I noticed is that in the paperwork that they request you to fill out included an ARBITRATION AGREEMENT... They don't bother to tell you that this not NOT REQUIRED. I...

Western Dental Services / deep cleaning

Sep 14, 2018

I was going to be charged $3100 for a deep cleaning, 900 out of pocket my expense part. I have dental insurance that covers 100% on deep cleaning, they never told me what percentage was being covered by my insurance, just told me what my costs were. I found another dental office that doe...

Western Dental Services / crowns

Aug 20, 2018

My crowns were made way to thick and my bite is completely off. They told me I just needed to get used to them but I just can't! The crowns have bulges in the back. They hurt and food keeps getting stuck in them. Now I have to pay someone to fix them. I wanted porcelain so they would look...

Western Dental on San Fernando Blvd. in Burbank, CA / services not rendered

Aug 07, 2018

So far I have had four appointments with Western Dental, Burnbank and still have not been seen by a doctor or received any treatment. I broke a tooth and needed it pulled. The first time I went in they told me they do not take my insurance. I asked them to please call my insurance company...

Western Dental Harassment / incessant phone calls demanding payment when i've never been to western dental

Aug 05, 2018

[protected] started calling my mobile number and demanding payment. I've NEVER been to Western Dental...ever, so I didnt respond. After a week, I received 3 voicemails for a "Carolina" to call. I'm not Carolina. After 5 more messages, I blocked the number, but kept getting voicemails. After 5...

Western Dental Services / text message

Jul 27, 2018

You keep texting my MAGICJACK and leaving a text for Lorrie to make her next apt. As it is a MAGIC JACK I cannot text back stop to opt out. Please STOP texting me! I am not giving out my magicjack number, so figure it out you stupid people and leave me alone!!! You asked that I write 350...

Western Dental Services / orthodontist/customer service

Jul 25, 2018

Went in for my new retainers. Waited 30 mins just to get help and the lady receptionist that took my information just left it on the desk where people can lean over and easily see while she went walking around doing other errands. Not under HIPPA compliance at all, and is under...

Western Dental Services / exposed wires in children’s room at western dental

Jul 17, 2018

Western Dental ServicesMy daughters face got cut on exposed sharp wires coming out of the wall in the kids play rooms! Now she will have cuts two cuts on her nose. Hopefully it doesn't get infected but they have a room for the kids and I've been coming to this place for a while now and it's just show I gue...

Western Dental Services / having my teeth get fixed

Jul 15, 2018

Western Dental ServicesYes ever since dentist cal said they will pay for partial I made an appointment next February 2018 to start the process it is no July and all they have done is fixed a couple of cavitiys and have been told for 6 month that I had to be almost done with my treatment for them to put n the tar...

Western Dental Services / why am I billed when I am fully paid?

Jul 07, 2018

Western Dental ServicesThis is Relyn Corpus with account number [protected]. I was seen at Western Dental Broadway Branch Chula Vista on March 31, 2018. Gingival Irrigation was done for which i was billed $244. I initially paid $50. pls see receipt and i was told to pay $66.62 for 2 payments however i surmised...

Western Dental Services / I required replacement itemized receipts in order to reactivate my flex spend account.

Jun 28, 2018

I have been told several times that my request for replacement receipts was indeed accomplished. They (2 or 3 customer services representatives from Western Dental) told me that I am suppose to have them in my e-mail inbox. At this moment I still waiting for those... I need them to still...

Western Dental Services / billing and non disclosure

Jun 11, 2018

They deliberately sold me the tray and "treatment that is 1500 dollars without telling in me there is a chance my medical would not cover the deep cleaning. Something vital to getting the proper treatment. They could have informed me that they would process the approval for the deep...

Western Dental Services / removing teeth on a child

May 24, 2018

My son had an appointment was at 12pm and went in three hours later. Once inside, they gave me the consent forms to sign and I was reading them and Dr. Knapp was telling me if I was done in a rude tone. And I told her I'm reading what I need to sign but she seemed so fed up and in a rush!!...

Western Dental 791 E Monte Vista Ave Vacaville, Ca 95688 / customer service there

Apr 28, 2018

I am a client here at western dental. I go and my kids go there; we repeated clients coming to this office. I have to let you know this is the worst office to go to. Let me start by saying customer service sucks here. I set schedule appointments here for me and my kids all one at time. We...