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MTA Express Bus Driver

There is this one MTA Bus Driver on the SIM30 - today 3/11/20 bus number 2433, at approximately 7:30 am, he has the heater full blast on 82 degrees and 4 of us asked him nicely if he would kindly turn the heat down. He ignored us and the request. This is unacceptable since we are dealing with a Coronavirus outbreak and he has us dying on the bus. It's not like we can open a window to cool off and breathe. This is what he does everytime he operates the bus. One passenger ended up with a headache from the heat.

MTA Express Bus Driver
MTA Express Bus Driver

Bx29 bus to city island

I was waiting for the 29 bus to city island at about 11:40pm at the Fordham Street with my 4 year old daughter and the bus driver had seen us waiting for it and had his/her signal to stop at the bus stop, when he/she started to speed up passing the red light and passed us. The bus driver didn't even stop and kept on going. This isn't the first time that this happened to me. I think it's extremely rude and unprofessional!!! I took a picture of the number of the bus when I had to start walking and seen the driver pass on the opposite side.

Bx29 bus to city island


11:10 pm arriving from amtrak going downtown waiting on express track - dec 25th.
Many people waiting for a downtown express - many announcements and even a mta guy downstairs pointing out direction of how to find the local downtown track but no person or no announcement, sign or anything saying that downtown is not running express. We figured it out when we saw a train running local then we changed to local platform but many visitors arriving from sold out amtrak train did not and remained waiting for the non existent express train.
Please it is a holiday season and people want to enjoy - they should not be wasting their valuable time in the lost mta time zones

card 21 dayescards

Julio cabera check intop motel room 1119 gungill rd bronx ny 10469 paidunlimtted card wintess 12-04-2019 card unvaild card expire 12-27-2019 next wintess criminal office train...

$150 ticket s53 broadway, staten island, ny, 10310

I had checked to see if any buses or cars were
Coming then i had pulled over by a bus stop and was dropping off someone and this bus had came down the street really fast and i was about to drive away but it stopped, and someone got off the bus and told me the bus driver had taken a picture of my license plate and sent me a ticket. I looked to my left and he pulled over to the left side of me, blocking the whole street saying, " hey, i just sent you a $150 ticket" and then i had said " oh no i just pulled over to drop someone off and i was about to drive away but this guy told me you gave me a ticket". So he gave me an attitude and said " oh don't worry, you'll just get a $150 ticket, Don't worry about it." He had given me a rude attitude while i had remained calm and tried explaining myself and unfairly stopped and took a picture of my license as soon as i was about to drive away, but i didn't because he sent some random man off the bus to tell me he sent me a ticket.


11/12/19 at approx 450 pm at fingerboard road. First stop over the bridge. The driver of the sim 35 saw several people waiving him down and drove by us without of the Coldest days of the year.
Hispanic heavy set driver. Saw us waiving and didn't even think about stopping. How do I have this escalated within the mta. Absolutely terrible customer service.

complaint about driver

Attention Sir/Madam

On today November 4th at 8:20am, I was at the intersection of Francis Lewis and Linden waiting for light to change. MTA bus number 8045 was at the bus stop unloading and taking on customers. I pull along side waiting for light to change as before mentioned.

The light changed and your bus driver pulls out, I notice he was coming into the same lane as me, maybe he didn't look in his mirror, so I began blowing my horn aggressively. He continued not yielding the right of way, almost taking my passenger side mirror off had not I gave up and let him in. Also, my grandson was in the back in his car seat. I was shocked at this drivers actions and feel he needs more training. Also, I followed as we were both turning on to Springfield Blvd, and he run the yellow light without yielding, and and he cross and was in the intersection the light change to red. I call that running a red light! Then stop at his next bus stop on the street.

bx 6

Bx#6 On 10/21/19 @12:30 Jerome stop before River Ave .
Demanded documentation of my medical alert service dog, unethical, unprofessional continue to violate my title 111 ADA by be raiding me front of passengers .
I am visiting from Pennsylvania dog never been on public bus she compared his hesitant of hydraulic noise to my disability . Very uneducated driver.
Elizabeth Rivera [protected]

unethical behaviour

I am employed by the mta and on Oct. 15th 2018 i was sent on a random drug test which i failed due to me taking a cough syrup the night before that had codeine for my asthma it was a mistake and will never happen again. Dr. nadig who is now contracted by the mta to oversee my case has been unprofessional with me since day 1. he speaks to me about bodegas (spanish stores) being hungover, forced me to tell him why i have fmla which has been approved for 2 years with the mta with the appropriate parties that need to know not Dr. nadig. i have a open case with him with human resources and i was told i never have to see him again. Unfortunately the person that was in charge of my case has been promoted but the president of HR is aware of this situation. I was forced to see him on Oct. 3rd 2019. I was told i could not bring anyone with me. I fear that if we are in a room by ourself he will say i said something inappropriate or even say i physically threatend him. On this meeting he made his receptionist sit in and hear our conversation but i was denied to have someone sit in on my behalf. i was embarrassed and humiliated on the way he spoke to me and the picture he painted of me in front of his receptionist. He wanted to know what my medical leave was i keep saying are you talking about my fmla cause if so its a federal private act and i do not need to tell him. But being that he told me if i donot it will be longer before i receive my firearm (i am a bridges and tunnel police officer) i was forced to tell him while his receptionist was in the room. I was completely embarrassed and humiliated during and after this meeting.
I can be reached at [protected].
William Fernandez
email: [protected]

refusal to stop

there is a bus driver on x68 express bus named Lou that refuses to stop at the queens stop at 175th street and Hillside avenue in the evenings. He told us today that this is no...

train service

I was on the headed up the escalator to the shuttle bus at approximately 7:30am when I was grabbed from behind and sexually assaulted. I walked up several stairs so I would be...

I am complaining about sim2 bus driver

On September 19, 2019 at about 8:10p.m., on the SIM 2 bus, bus number AW 1043, going towards Tottenville, Staten Island an MTA bus driver was extremely rude when I just entered...

number 2 train leaving 241st street

The number 2 train departing 241st street at about 4.58 AM always leaves 2 to 3 minutes early. Many times people are hustling to catch the train, the electronic board says the train is leaving in 2 minutes, or 3 Minutes as the case may be, however as you are going through the turnstile the train is pulling away from the station. This is not right, this behavior is deliberately done. At times the train conductor looks you in the eye and laughs like if they are playing a game. This is not a game, this is otter nonsense. The train should leave at the posted times not 2 or 3 minutes before. If there's some kind of problem I could understand them readjusting the schedule. However, the issue in question is done with malicious intent.

bus service m7

Manhattan bus service has often been awful, especially on M11 and M5 routes but today topped all of it, so much so that I am now going to register every incident. Today, August...

I am complaining about bus driver on route august 7th, 2019 at about 5:50 am

On August 7th, 2019 at about 5:50am on the Q24 BUS NUMBER 4815, driver was surprisingly rude when I explained to him my metro card may be expired. I wasn't sure so out of courtesy I thought to explain. Driver disrespectfully told me "that's not my problem". I was in shock and told him he didn't have to talk to me like that. I explained I was going to pay why was he talking to me like that. In addition I was with my 8year old daughter that did not have to witness his disrespectful ways. I was surprise and upset and reminded him that I was a customer and if he was having a bad morning being disrespectful is NOT the way to go. He call is an [censored] and I explained he was being a jerk. I was extremely surprised, embarrassed and disappointed of this drivers behavior. I never complain about bus drivers, I totally understand they have it hard, however I take this line every morning and he wasn't only rude to me. I am bring this to your attention because I wasn't the only customer the driver was having conflict with on the bus and he made sure he vocalized what was on his mind through the loud speaker.

I hope that the MTA takes measures to stop this type of behavior by its driver, and that disciplinary action is taken.

Thank you.


This bus is the absolute worst. I always have a problem with this bus, no matter how much earlier I leave. It will say a specific time that one will show up and NONE will show up. It's ridiculous. You'd think that they be on time with how much complaints they've been having. And sometimes when I'd check there'd only be one bus within the track. Are you serious? Step it up and be on time! Y'all are not the only ones with jobs!


I have complain before ref [protected], and to supervisor at LIRR Jamaica MTA Controller so many times but no RESULT, I am working at Bldg 250, JFK and Bus Q6 never showed up fm...

no express bus — bxm8

Having reached the corner of 45th street and madison ave. @ 10:10 am to catch the 10:27 express bus...No show mta has rouined my plans for this beautiful summer day for me and my family. I can't express to you how much i hate the mta...I have become fearful of the subway, so i opt to take the bus's when i need to. Mta is a disgrace to the position you have in this great city...

Frank posillico

bus need to be replaced


I am writing because recently the MTA removed both bus stops on 8th street and avenue D. The bus stops were removed on both routes on the M14 bus on 8th street. These stops have been their for generations. This will be a problem because there is no bus stop that is convenient especially during snow seasons for the wheelchair, and the elderly people, or handicap, with or without walkers. They would either have to walk a long block to 6th street and cross a street, or go to 10th street and cross 2 street just to make it to the bus stop. The streets are very dangerous during snow removal, and slippery. How do the MTA look out for the elderly by making people give up their seats to them inside the bus, but don't think about the dangerous conditions to make it to the bus stop. PLEASE consider putting back the 2 traditional bus stops on 8th street and avenue D, and add the 2 select bus metro card machines on the sites, even if it is just one machine. If you have to remove the benches that nobody really use, and add the machine on the West bound M14D.

Thank you,
Concerned citizen

driver express bus bxm7

81445 Bus driver rushing to pull off quickly another person ran up ahead of me and and stopped him just as I was about to walk up he closed door in my face. I told him you closed door...

driver on m14d

I boarded the M14D, Bus No. 5510 at 18th Street and 9th Avenue. At 14th Street and 6th Avenue I asked the bus driver to let me off at 14th Street and 5th Avenue since it was 11:15 pm. My understanding is that one may ask to get off on a corner other than a bus stop after 10 pm as long as it is not dangerous to do so. This driver refused to let me get off at 5th Avenue even though she was stopped for the light and no traffic was coming. She said only short buses do that. If that is so, than there are many "long" bus drivers that are breaking the 10 pm rule. As a matter of fact, this driver was the only driver ever to refuse to let me off at a safer, more convenient corner along their route.

The bus driver was not wearing her badge (which I thought was mandatory) so I could not get a number and didn't want to get into an argument since she was already acting contrary. The driver was a hispanic woman with light hair. Again it was bus #5510. Since traffic was so light, I would estimate it left it's starting point at 18th Street and 10th Avenue around 10:50-11:00 pm.

Please let me know if my understanding of the after 10 pm rule on NYC MTA buses is wrong. I can be reached at [protected]

Audrey Sevastacis

mta/bus b6 service complaint

June 30, Sunday, 2019.. I was waiting B6 bus from 5.30 to 6.10p.m.(40min) at the Bay Pkwy and 67 street. Bus #7839. In 30 seconds after this bus, 2 buses B6 drove past us. It did not occur the first time, it's a system. It go the same way in both directions. It looks like the drivers play some games with customers. Very funny. But I'm 80 and for me it's not funny. It's a shame and disgrace for New York city, MTA. The drivers do whatever they want and nobody control them, but they get paycheck from our taxes.

f and q manhattan bound trains

Good day,

I always take the F and Q trains to go to work. And for the past couple of days, F trains which are supposed to be running EXPRESS are going SLOW on tracks due to "signal problems." I have been stuck on the F train on Wednesday (June 26, 2019) and today (June 27, 2019) from Roosevelt Island to Lexington around 8:30 am-9:30am. On top of that, when we get to Lexington/63rd stop, we have to wait for "4 minutes" that turns into 12 minutes on end for the Uptown Q train transfer. This is ridiculous. There are a lot of commuters who rely on these trains, especially those who are working in the hospitals at second avenue. Given that these are the circumstances, it hurts that I pay an increased $127 unlimited monthly card for this crappy slow service. Plus, being late to work is a pain as I don't get paid for the lost hour I missed because of this train problems. Please make sure that this is going to be resolved immediately.

a mta bus hit my vehicle

An MTA bus hit my car and I am trying to get the claim processes and cant get it doone. I was told my my insurance company GEICO to call 311. I have and spke to several people and...

advertising billboard


Over this past weekend( June 23rd), we were traveling and after getting off the F train at 2nd Avenue there was an animated billboard advertising the motion picture horror film called "Annabelle" - My 6-year-old son saw this advertisement (and to be honest it was pretty scary even for a grown up) and it really affected him in a bad way. We pushed through the day but last night he was inconsolable and we weren't able to get him to sleep until 3 am - he was REALLY distressed by the advertisement.

I realize folks want to advertise their movies but surely there needs to be some kind of censorship in a public space? Can you please look into this and see if there is something that can be done?



1 train overnight

While the 1 train is not running its full route overnight, I have had to transfer over to the A at 59th street. I checked to see the estimated time of arrival of the A train just now, and there should have been enough time to make a direct transfer to the uptown A. The 1 train was going at slower than normal speed, and I missed the transfer, and now have to wait another 18 minutes for the next one. While repairs are done overnight and people have to transfer to an alternate route, it would be much less inconvenient if the A train could be directed to wait an extra minute at 59th st for the people who have to transfer from the 1 to continue their commute.

m106 crosstown bus going east bus #6691

Upon entering the bus M106 #6691 at 11:45am, June 14, 2019 ( not rush hour), I had a shopping cart with a 50lb bag that I easily entered onto the M106 bus at Columbus Avenue. After entering the bus there was only 4 people on the bus and I was not blocking anyone. The bus driver repeatedly asked me to move the cart to the back of the bus within seconds of me sitting in the front seats. After i get up I moved the car as far back as I could and parked the cart in the entryway sure to not block anyones exit. He again asked me to move the cart.

SO I got up and pulled the 50lb bag out of the cart and folded the shopping cart spraining my wrist in the process. I did all that unnecessarily because the bus was virtually empty with about 4 other passengers. He was rude and consistent upon harassing me unnecessarily for no real cause at all! He needs to be retrained in how to deal with he public and when to assert his authority!

q 13 always latte

This is getting ridiculous. Q 13 constantly late going to Long Island railroad in the morning and back home. Today June 7 I arrived at 23rd Avenue bus stop at bell Blvd. at 10 am. I checked the meta app arival time. No bus in site and the last one that arrived was already at northern Blvd near utopia. The bus did not show up at 23ave and bell until 721 and then passed the stop speeding and a 2nd bus pulled up a few seconds later. I complained to driver who stated it was earlier bus drivers fault. To add insult to injury a third bus passed us. I missed 728 lirr train. Also the 13 is awful on way home around 5pm I wait an average of 30minures or more at 42 ave and bell. I sometimes walk mile and half and beat the bus. And bunched busses are common as well. A 8 minute bus ride should not turn into 30 minutes. Lirr train to bayside is actually quicker. I am going to mayor office and media due to your lousy service.

bus service 14a and 11

Big complaint about 14A abingdon square loop absolutely necessary to senior and disabled. Also I keep trying to get home to west village wait 20 min for 11 bus only it stops at 23rd street leaving us stranded once because it doesn't complete it's route to abingdon square, this happens more times than I can count. So do we wait for another 20 min at 23 not knowing if another bus will come. How about keeping to the schedule and complete the run. What does the MTA have against the people in the West Village?

mta express bus sim4c

I got in this bus at Lambert's Lane at 3:10. No GPS on. This is the second time I have had to take the bus at this time, and this driver drives like a lunatic. He thinks he's alone in a sports car or something. It's bus 2784 today. On the VZ bridge, not only was he speeding, and constantly slamming on the horn, but weaving all over the road. He hit what I thought were cars 2 times, but then I heard something bounce under the bus and clunk out the back so it must have been a cone, and I hope so.. but he's scaring everyone and putting a bus full of peoples lives in danger. He wants to drive like that when it's just him, I don't care, but I have a job to get to and a family to go home to. He should not be driving a bus.


This is not the first time I have complained about the q24 bus. This is getting ridiculous how everyday the app says the bus leaves the terminal at a time but not one bus comes. I've been waiting half an hour for the q24 going towards Lafayette. What is it gonna take for you guys to do something about this!! Why should I have to wait longer for this bus?? But it seems to me that you guys dont care!! Why should you??? This makes people late to work or wherever they gotta go! Then you guys sit up here and wonder why the drivers get punched in there face or get cursed at!!! Now I hope something can be done about this issue. It is now 3:22 PM. Wheres the bus that was supposed to leave the terminal at 3:06?? So now I have to wait till 3:30?? Its [censored]ing ridiculous!! Now the bus is gonna be overcrowded. But you guys dont seem to get it. I really do hope something gets done about this. And I hope I dont have to complain again!! The same way you guys gotta work, so do the people who rely on the mta have to!!! I dont wanna hear any excuses. I'm tired of hearing them..

q1 bus

This bus driver drove the Q1 bus on Monday May 20, 2019 bus number 8515 took the bus out of service because riders asked why the bus was so early and many people were running to catch the bus and she refused to let them on. She then drove to Hillside and Springfield and took the bus out of service and threatened to fight a young women and also advises her that she was off work tomorrow and would come looking for the young lady at the bus stop. She is very rude and unprofessional.

q1 bus

q 59 bus service new york

It's just too many times that I go to take the Q59 bus route from Williamsburg bus stop Grand St and Roebling going to Rego Park and had to wait 40 minutes for this bus. It was at 9:02 am. Four (4) passed on the other side going to the Williamburg terminal returning from Rego Park and no bus to rego park . Finally the pass came at 9:44am. This was Tuesday May 16.
Today Friday May 17 at 12:44pm I am wainting on Grand Ave and Queens Blvd to Williamsburg terminal Q 59 waited another 40 minutes, but it gets worse as the bus is packed because its so late when we are in Metropolitan Ave and Union Ave the bus driver announce we must leave the bus and that there is another bus coming in 4 minutes.
I don't know who is in charge of dispatching these busses but obviously they are not doing there job or sleepong on the job.
And as much money you spent the MTA app it stinks obviously it not working. It keep telling me the bus is arriving in 4 minutes but it turns out is 40 minutes.
You know want to increase the fare and I don't care if the service you provided is improved.

But your app and service stinks you need to improve service first before increasing our fares.

burnside $ grand concourse

I'm standing at the bus stop he never slowed down to stop. Now I have to wait for 1 hr!!! It was the 5:12pm bus!!! He needs to know this was a stop!! I hope tomorrow he will stop...

restrooms at 14th st & 8th ave subway

The restrooms (both Men's & Women's) at the 14th Street & 8th Ave Subway Station have been "closed for repairs" for approx. one continuous month now. When open, the restrooms did not furnish toilet paper causing desperate straphangers to use newspaper. This in turn clogged the plumbing which has caused repeated closings of the restrooms MTA employees appear to enjoy this situation because it gives them two less areas to clean.

mta bus driver of x68 to midtown at 9am

It was a spanish older man in his 50's. I dont have the bus number or his badge number. But - I pressed the stop requested button to get off at 5th avenue and 50th street. But he stopped the bus at 52nd street. I asked him isnt the stop at 5th ave and 50th st? he said no its not - i said its on the app that it is a stop and he asked me to show him where it says that. i said i take this bus everyday and that is the stop i get off. today i was just taking a different time of the bus. he continued to look out the window as if he wasnt paying me any mind and he wasnt going to move the bus. I was the last person on the bus and the last stop of the bus is 23rd street and 1st ave so i am not sure what the issue was of dropping me to my correct stop. I am 5 and half months pregnant and am high risk and cannot walk for too long that is why i take this bus to work. I found it very inappropriate and unprofessional in the manner he handled the situation. I will not be taking that 9am bus to midtown again as long as he is the driver. no one deserves that kind of treatment.

MTA Bus Drivers 74 time: 7:19am it passed at arthurkill road & carlyle green staten island 10312

On Thursday March 28, 2019, my daughter was waiting at the bus stop at Arthur kill Road and Carlyle Green from 7:00am to 7:19am along with two other kids. The S74 drove by the stop with great speed and did not stop for the three passengers waiting at the stop. This has happened six other times and this must be addressed. My daughter attends Wagner High School and needs to connect to the S54 on Arthur kill Road and Giffords Lane; therefore, because the S74 bypassed the stop with speed over the limit and up to and including passing the RED LIGHT at Arthur kill Road and Arden Avenue and the driver slammed on the break at the stop at this corner. I was observing all of this from yards away. This driver needs to be investigated and needs to have counseling sessions on how to service the bus stop with passengers waiting in the bus stop and the driver needs to drive safer with the appropriate speed at all times.

st. george ferry terminal buses and dispatch

The S52 bus is often late or non-existent to meet evening and night time ferries on weekends at the St George Ferry Terminal. I have complained about this more than several times and of course it happened again on 3/9/19 for the 8 PM ferry arrival. No bus until 8:30 PM. No explanation. However, I had begun tracking it around 7:40 PM on the MTA Bustime site and there appeared to be n S52 en route and only two or three stops away from the terminal. The odd thing is that is was only about 7:40 PM so it would have arrived very early for the 8 PM ferry. Then, instead of showing it arrived at the terminal it disappeared from the site. I thought maybe the driver took a break and turned off the bus while waiting for the 8 PM ferry. Not so. They did make an announcement at 8 PM there would not be a bus until 8:30 PM but no explanation. Unfortunately I did not track it on the desktop site which would have given me the bus number. I will next time and there will definitely be a next time.

  • Updated by zekemiles · Mar 10, 2019

    Staten Island is barely a metropolitan community and the route that bus travels is not likely to encounter any major traffic congestion. Weather and breakdowns or a sick driver or passenger incidents and accidents are all sometimes a factor. Unfortunately the bus dispatcher at the terminal has rarely announced why a bus was delayed or canceled. I would like to think that he in fact he made a brief announcement Saturday night because of my several complaints to the MTA about the issues at that terminal and with that particular route. The MTA should deal with it!

bus driver of sim 4 bus #2302 on 2/25/2019

On 2/25/2019, from the Staten Island mall bus stop beginning @ 08:08 am on Bus# 2302 SIM 4 the Bus driver continually and intentionally drove slowly (under 10 mph), stalled at red lights which again changed to red twice before taking off (Victory blvd, Signs rd) pulling over less than two feet away from bus stops and sitting for 2-3 min (Nome Ave, Travis Ave, Draper Pl, Merrill Ave) w/ doors closed and then pulling into actual stop loading passengers and again sitting w/ doors closed for another 2-3 min before slowly driving off. By the time we reached the Merrill Ave stop passengers began to complain and asked the bus driver why was he doing this and he's making people late!! His response was "I am running early". Passengers told him that is not fair or right to hold up passengers making them late and he should have let people know so they can get on other buses. This is not the first time that I've experienced this behavior w/ this Driver as well as other MTA Bus Drivers. I believe it's called running Hot and as not to get in "trouble" for getting to the stops early the drivers slow down as well as stall. It appears to be a common practice w/ MTA Bus drivers. This behavior /problem really needs to be addressed on so many levels as it certainly negatively affects the Drivers - thereby performance pressure resulting in lack of focus on passengers' safety and concern, as well as Ridership and quality of service especially w/ pending increased fairs.

sim 2 staten island express bus

It is crazy going home each night having to stand on the sim 2 bus only to find that they cut more buses from the line. If people are standing everyday at rush hour, how is it possible that they would cut buses at rush hour. The schedule does not reflect the changes made. The schedule says there should be a bus at liberty and broadway at 5:00 and 5:09 and these two buses are non-existent. I have been waiting from 4:55 to 5:16 every night and there are never any seats!!! Something has change. Maybe you need to put a supervisor on the bus to see what is happening. We are all freezing waiting on line every night watching every other bus line that has 4-6 busses each to 1 sim 2. It is not fair!!! Please make changes to this bus line. We need more sim 2 buses at rush hour and we do not need them to come two at a time they need to be spaced out better!!!