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Complaints & Reviews

roadside towing

My issue happened on December 19, 2016 between 8:30pm-9:00 pm. We requested to be towed from our residence to a garage because the truck seemed like it was having loss of power or low on fluid. When the driver arrived he was irate and irritable. He was told from my husband owner of the vehicle not to drive the truck, the driver of the towing company refused to listen to my husband and hopped in our truck and put it in reverse which the truck wasn't making any noise than he proceded to put our truck in drive and hit the gas aggresively which than caused our truck to make a loud grinding sound. The towing driver hopped out of our truck and was going drag our truck on the flat bed which my husband said not to do that, and my husband offered to help him to make sure that our truck wouldn't get damaged anymore than the driver did already. The driver insisted my husband needed to sign a damage waiver releasing the driver of liability or he was not towing us anymore. We refused to sign the waiver because he did damage our truck and than the driver unhooked our truck and left it in the middle of the street on a hill, which we had to call our police department and file a report because our truck was blocking traffic, once the police department came there was fluid leaking from the front and rear of my truck and that there wasn't any fluid in our parking spot where we had the truck parked. We had to call people to come and help push the truck back into the parking spot. No one has resolved this issue and we had to get a rental and pay for that, no one has came to look at our truck like we were told they would no one has called us back, Now we have the rental truck until wednesday and that has already cost us over 800 dollars because that was the only vehicle big enough for our family considering there are 7 of us.Since we only have it until wednesday, I have no payment for anymore time for renting the vehicle or getting my kids to there dr apointments or other activites and my one daughter is disabled .Especially since I was told not to move my truck by the represenatve from your claims department while they investigate it, and advised us to rent a vehicle, not counting a man called us claiming to be from triple aaa claims department trying to intimate me into dropping this claim and that the driver did not do anything wrong. And the lady that called me from claims said there was no record of anyone that called and that she is the only one working on our claim. At this point I am very confused and concerned about exactly what is being done if anything. We would like this resolved asap or I will have no choice but to make sure this is addressed properly, considering I have video and photos of the incident on our phones and survallance system from our house and our neighbors as well. Please contact me asap Shawn [protected] Thank you I am available anytime to speak.

roadside assistance personnel

December 7th 2016 my car overheated at 2567 yard like Hamilton square road, Hamilton New Jersey - the man who...

aaa towing service

I was a member of aaa over 10 years. Never used their service until today when i needed it. I called aaa to get a tow and they denied my request to tow it to my house rather than a garage. I am the type of guy that fixes my own vehicles because i know how people always get ripped off when they bring their car to a dealership or private mechanic. I fought with the representative on the phone until they got manager approval to do this as a one time accommodation, but a note on my account would be made to say that i was notified that further tows would never be made unless it was sent to a garage. This was after being put on hold multiple times over a 20 minute period.

After getting off the phone, it dawned on me that they now have aaa car care centers popping up everywhere. There is one about a mile away from my house. I am sure that is where they wanted to bring it. What better way to take advantage of peoples unfortunate circumstances? Aaa should be shut down and fined for such shenanigans. I am asking for a refund of my membership fees and i will no longer be a customer of theirs.

tire change

I originally placed a call to get tire fixed at 2:30, and after speaking with rep they told me 5 at the latest. At 5:15 i called them again and they said driver was in route. Almost an hour and a half later i call again to be told that driver called me which he didnt, and i said i dont like being lied to buy a company several times in a day and all aaa told me was there is nothing they can do about it. By the way im an 8 year member so there goes customer satisfaction out the window

roadside assist.

Tried to schedule a pickup of my automobile but, they would not take an appointment.
I called at 4pm and still, I wait and it is 9pm.

You are fired.

Aaa hassles me for an annual membership or you will cancel my homeowner's insurance.
I will now cancel... Aaa is bull####.

I tried to get this done at 8 am.

Look to see how many years I have been a customer.

Go to hell

  • Updated by Mike Gibney · Dec 14, 2016

    AAA is a giant disappointment.

    I've learned my lesson...You incessant sales calls to get my auto club membership will no longer be accepted.
    I certainly plan to cancel my home owner policy after this gigantic screw up on the part of road side assistance.

    Called at 8 am to get my car towed but asked for a 3 pm pick up. AAA said they can't take an appointment.
    I then called at 4pm and it is now 9:44 pm, as I sit in an empty, unheated warehouse.

    Most horrible experience in my life!

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terrible road service phone operator on december 11, 2016 at 12:00 am

I had flash tire on my 2016 Toyota tundra on December 11, 2016 at 12:00am (midnight), and I have two little kids and my wife on the truck. It was on Monterey Rd and cross street is Ford st (in san jose). I called 1800 number on the membership plus card to ask for help to change the spare tire for me. The phone operators gave me hard time and don't want to help us. I called them two times, but they still do horrible thing to me: put me on hold and ask me to call 911.

emergency road service not provided

My transmission went out on highway 55 at 8:00 p. M. Near tullahoma, tn. My aaa membership code is 429 014 [protected] 0 (A gold card, "plus" membership). My vehicle is very high mileage, so I wanted it towed to the scrap yard (2.2 miles away). When I called for roadside assistance, I was told I could only have the car towed to a mechanic (I have no intentions of getting it repaired) or my home (30+ miles away). I had to call a family member to come pick me up. What is the purpose for paying for emergency roadside service when none is provided?

auto insurance aaa drive app discount

I purchased home and auto insurance about 2 months ago. My auto insurance premium was partially based on a discount for having the AAA Drive app downloaded on my cell phone so my driving habits could be tracked and monitored by AAA. I only had to have 2 driving trips of over 10 miles tracked and recorded within the first month. I had the two trips tracked and recorded within the first week, and I could view the trips and scores myself. But AAA kept telling me they couldn't access my account and see my trip scores so my discount was in jeopardy. I called AAA Customer Service numerous times and was told there was a technical problem on AAA's end and that it would be resolved shortly. For about the first month, I had to uninstall and reinstall the AAA Drive app about 20 times as the app would only be good for about an hour before it would timeout or discontinue. About a month ago, AAA changed their AAA Mobile app and since then I can't access the AAA Drive app at all. I keep getting a message stating my AAA Drive is already registered under my personal e-mail. Everytime I contact a customer service rep. I am told there is a service incident ticket in progress and I will be notified when the problem is resolved. About 2 weeks ago, I received a supplemental bill in the mail from AAA for my auto insurance, that according to AAA is because I didn't fulfill the AAA Drive trip tracking and journey scores. I keep complaining to AAA that I should not be penalized for a technical problem on AAA's end. I believe the problem could be resolved quickly if I'm allowed to talk directly to a AAA IT Support person but AAA said they don't allow direct communication between a customer and IT Support. I am very frustrated about the situation and am considering cancelling both my home and auto insurance policies with AAA.

  • Aw
    AWeb Aug 19, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same here. Ditto experience. AAADrive app is very poorly made app. I have a policy with two designated drivers. My wife's phone had the same problems as you have described, but mine is a different problem - the app on mine stops abruptly and I have to 'restart' it several times a day!

    I am lucky that my AAA agent has worked with me and taken care of the supplemental invoice I received. He also arranged for someone to contact me on this technical issue. Our problems are not solved yet but will see what happens. Cheers!

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roadside assistance

I have been waiting for a tire change for 3 hours. Rude people on the phone. After paying money for 19 years to AAA, I am disgusted!

I called at 4:45 and was told 90 minutes.

Called at 5:45 to report that no one had shown.

They assured me that someone would come within 40 minutes.

6:53 I called back. Got Jennelle. Very dismissive.

I called at 7:02 – I asked the same girl to put me back to boss. She asked with an "attitude" for my name. I said that I just wanted to talk to boss. I gave her the name. When I asked for her name she put me on hold. She put me on hold until I hung up.

7:04 Called back. Talked to Al who earlier had told me 40 minutes more. His attitude was much the same as Janelle.

7:28 Someone called from garage and told me that they would be there in 5 minutes.

It is now 7:43. I called back the people to fix my car. They said that they tried to call me back but I did not answer. I had my phone the whole time. They said that I hung up on them. They said that they were still 4 miles away.

The company that is fixing the tire was polite and when I was frustrated I felt that he did understand.

It is 7:50 and they still did not show up.

  • Di
    Disgruntled with AAA Nov 15, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I never did get my car tire changed. I left after 3.5 hours. But I did realize it was not the AAA and Al to blame. Al ended up being very helpful. It was the AAA garage. It was not the usual garage that answers the calls. I guess we know why now.

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homeowners claim complaint

I have a home owners claim opened for almost nearing to an YEAR long now and I have followed up with my adjuster for more than 30 times now in last 3 months !!! Is this the level of service AAA provides . Its highly unacceptable and disappointing . I have emailed csaa more than thrice and each time I try to reach my adjuster, her line is busy and then I end up talking to one of her colleague who unfortunately has no other solution other than letting me know that they would leave my message to my adjuster ! This is recurring for almost 3 months now and I am quite tired as a customer of AAA .

sent a tow truck then expect me to pay for the tow

My son had a wreck, he rolled our jeep twice and it came to rest on its tires. It was in a solid grass field...

unethical behavior

On thursday november the 10th, our longtime customer sandy s. Had a problem with her car. Her '98 lexus had a stalling issue and she called on us for advice. We no longer tow but we do outsource towing- our first question always is whether our customer has aaa since this tow/road service would be free vs a charge if we were to set up the tow (non-aaa). Aaa affiliated sugar hill towing company came to pick her up, the driver felt the issue was a battery, insisting on bringing her to sugar hill auto on saying that they will "give her a great deal" on a battery. We always suggest our customer sign up for aaa and always advise on calling aaa first in order to save money. We feel they should abide by a code of ethics where if a customer puts in a reasonable request to be towed to her longtime garage (only a few miles away) they have an obligation to fulfill their customers request- whether or not aaa gives a deal (5%? off) the aaa tow driver should not make multiple attempts to persuade the customer to go to their shop. This is not the first instance this has occurred and is really unacceptable.

roadside service

In sept 17th i called aaa for lockout service on my cadillac 2016. Two drivers showed up at the same time and one had waved to us to let the other service the call. Phone was dead and we needed help he damaged the driver door and would not leave asking for cash payment. We also needed a tow but we were left in the parking lot all night till the next day. I have been with a doctor's care and this had made things worse as we were stuck in t he car all night long till morning please have someone call us to update the info of this complaint. I believe we deserve restitution for the damages and the nehligence we recieved as a result of the aaa call center gross negligence in the matter please call. P. Anthony corrado at [protected]

international drivers license request and an employee

In august, i sent an application, a photo, a check for the international drivers permit, as well as my credit card information to pay for shipping. I received an email from employee: nikita ambersley stating that she was going to bill my credit card for $20.66 for priority express shipping from the post office. I okayed it per email and it was allegedly mailed out on the 29th of august 2016. I never received it so i called her and asked for the tracking number. She gave me the following tracking number#9470120999939420012172 and told me that since it was being mailed to an apo address it would take longer. I told her since i paid the $20.66 for the idp to be rushed to me, i should've received it by now. Another day, i called and told her after a month or so later that i never received it and requested another one to be mailed to me. She refused stating that she mailed it out and that if i wanted another one mailed out, i would have to pay the fees again for the idp and the shipping. I told her that i shouldn't have to pay for that. At any rate, the envelope with my idp was mailed to the wrong address in frankfurt germany instead of my apo address. The post office refuses to give me the shipping costs back and tripple a denied my claim for a refund. I believe that your employee nikita ambersley may have attempted to rip me off by charging me a high price on shipping because i never received a purchase receipt for the priority express shipping label. I also believe she may have purposely put the wrong address on their despite my clearly stating that it was to be mailed to an apo address so that i would never receive it and that i would have to pay the same fees twice. This is fraud and abuse due to the fact that she misrepresented the address so i wouldnt receive what i paid for and told me i would have to pay again for shipping and an application fee. So the total i've paid is $40.66 and i still don't have my international drivers license and i was refused a refund! This is absolute garbage and there's no way i am paying that again! I would like tripple a to give me my money back because what happened here was obviously fraudulent. I also want someone to investigate this questionable business practice. I am a disabled combat veteran who lives overseas and i don't appreciate being ripped off and taken advantage of. Please remedy this immediately as this is unacceptable. Thank you

  • Ri
    ritterrd77 Nov 07, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Rip off and fraudulent practices!!

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  • Pa
    Patrick Kelly Nov 03, 2017

    @ritterrd77 I was surprised to come across this complaint against AAA and especially Nikita. I have been working overseas for more than 5 years now and have to renew my IDP every year. I have had nothing but stellar service from AAA. The one time I did not send my application in time and needed it expedited, I spoke to Nikita and she saved the day. She was able to pull my application, process it and ship it the same day. I did pay extra to have it express shipped to me via FedEx and I received it about 4 days later.

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adding my son

I added son yesterday as an associate. The woman was so rude. Is your son broken down -- he doesn't get the service for 5 days. I said no he isn't. She didn't go oh sorry. Just continued to be rude. Really??? I have always liked aaa until yesterday. Don't be rude. Just state the policy. She was horrible. No my son was not broken down if he was i would have just driven there. You need better service people. Until yesterday i thought you were great! Not so much anymore. Now i think you all are just jerks. And there was no reason for it.

interstate towing was in an accident with our vehicle on the flatbed truck.

On 10/18/16 I called aaa from the location of our disabled honda crv.
Somers pharmacy parking lot rt. 190 somers, ct.
Interstate towing was notified by aaa on oct. 18, 2016 and was sent to somers, ct. To pick up our broken down honda crv and bring it to the auto repair shop. (Colonial auto in somersville, ct. )
The interstate flatbed truck was involved in an accident during transportation to the repair shop while our vehicle was on the flatbed truck, damaging our vehicle.
At the accident scene a conn. State trooper, an interstate rep. And myself agreed with the interstate rep. That the insurance companies do not have to get involved because interstate towing is a large reputable company and interstate will incur all costs of the repair and any other costs related to the accident. I trusted interstate towing.
That all changed when I called interstate for instructions on how they want to handle the repairs.
At first they were going to handle the repairs, then they had me handle the repairs.
I notified olender's auto body in vernon, ct. We took the vehicle to olender's. That is where the vehicle has been since we brought it in.
Olender's was working on an estimate for the repairs and notified interstate towing.
Interstate then told olender's that they will not pay for the repair and they are involving their insurance company.
I have emailed and called interstate numerous times. They deny agreeing to the terms we talked about at the scene of the accident. They have not responded since.
There are other details that are not on this complaint page.
I had put in a verbal complaint to aaa last week and they were going to contact me!
I did not get a response from aaa.
I just called aaa again today, oct. 31, 2016 and the rep. Said they had computer issues and she is not sure they have the original verbal complaint. My phone call is in the aaa records.
I gave another verbal description of the incident to the aaa representative.
My complaint isn't with aaa, it is about interstate towing not being honest, professional and not living up to our agreement about this incident.
Interstate is a aaa contractor.
The accident was not our fault.
All I want is for our vehicle to be repaired properly and all other fees related to the incident taken care of as we agreed with interstate towing.
We have had a rental vehicle since we we brought it to olender's. The honda is undrivable.
I am very concerned about this matter.
We have been a aaa member since 1999.
I have photos.
Please respond.

Thanks you,
Ron oswell
State of connecticut accident report #[protected]

aaa roadside assistance

At 3 p. M. We called aaa when a tire blew on my father's 22 foot hurricane deck boat trailer/boat. We called aaa to send a tow. At 4 p. M. I called for an update and was told armory shell autobody in virginia mn was supposed to pick us up. When armory shell called (I assumed with and eta) they said... "no, we are not coming. You are too far away from us. " I later learned that this tow company frequently bails on the aaa calls they are assigned leaving motorists stranded and in danger. Aaa said they would send someone else and they would be there by 5:30. We waited. And waited. At 5:30. No one came. I asked aaa for the number of the wrecker service that was supposed to come. I called them directly. I soon learned that aaa reps told them the wrong location and the wrong size boat we were hauling. I begged this wrecker service to please please keep coming and not turn around. By this time the sun was setting and we were in grave danger sitting on the side of the road with an extremely large boat. He agreed to keep coming and finally at 7:30 pm he arrived and by 8:30 pm we had delivered the boat to a place that could help us get the trailer fixed. A five hour ordeal with extremely poor customer service and communication by the aaa reps. I want aaa to be more responsive to customer needs. Do a better job vetting the vendors they use to help their customers and do a much better job communicating with people when they are in distress. The second vendor service was highly professional. The first was not.


So i am very dissatisfied with the service of aaa i called to have my car towed an i was told that if i'm going to sell the car then there is nothing they can do i am a platinum member an i can't get my car towed what am i paying you people for if you can give me a simple tow i am taking this up as high as i can until i get the results of my payments that i as a platinum member deserve

  • Ke
    Kenneth Earle Zeilmann Oct 13, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I find it highly absurd that people can call and lie to the AAA service people an get their services an I just want my car towed so it would be safe from impound bc it runs a little bad and needs to be fixed an I plan on getting rid of the vehicle eventually after repairs are made an car is in good shape they wont tow my car bc i plan on selling it what a load of crap how are you gonna tell me the customer that I pay for service but not if you plan on selling the car why not try to be honest an I get screwed an then they couldn't even tell me how much the tow would cost but I had to pay bc my policy won't cover then why do I pay for crap service I'm done with AAA bc of their bullcrap policies and flawed system I could've lied an said I'm going to fix it and not sell it but I'm honest person so sorry but now I wish I had done it bc the system is flawed learn how to run a customer friendly company an maybe more people would join

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auto and home insurance

I switched over thinking that it would be a better insurance but it ended being the worst. Michael Erickson from the Riverside branch in California was so helpful at first. However, once he lied to me and convinced me he was never available after that to answer any of my calls. He said everything was good and a month later a got a letter from the home insurance saying that it would be cancelled because there was something wrong with the bathrooms according to them. He also never told me that I would be charged $15 every month for not paying the full premium and doing monthly payments. I also received another letter for my Auto insurance saying that my husband would be removed from the policy because he has not had his licence for more than 2 years. He has had his license since 2007. They are very disorganized and very unprofessional. Michael was also suppose to contact my mortgage company about the insurance change because they are the ones that pay the insurance. I find out today that the old insurance never got cancelled in the AAA insurance never went into effect. Now I'm glad it never got cancelled because I am cancelling all my services with AAA.


My husband called AAA to inquire why our auto insurance policy went up to $219 a month. He got the bill down to an appropriate amount by providing the necessary information and asked for another bill. It is September 25th and we have yet to see a revised bill for the beginning of our policy year. The bill comes out on around the 3rd of every month. We have had this issue several times over the years with them sending the appropriate requested paperwork.