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Resolved shipping & customer service

When ordering new or used books, CD's, DVD's from one of's small vendors, a customer is offered 3 shipping options: Standard Shipping, Expedited U.S. and International.

In the USPS handbook of regulations, Standard Shipping is flatly defined as Parcel Post rate, nothing else.

Media Mail service is not offered by Amazon, but Media Mail is the service most Amazon small vendors are giving Amazon customers in order to maintain their profit margin. Media Mail service costs less that Parcel Post or 1st Class rate, and takes far longer for the shipment to deliver to its destination than either Parcel Post or 1st Class mail.

For example, a single book sent Parcel Post or 1st Class from NYC to Honolulu will typically reach its destination in 7-10 days, whereas a book sent Media Mail rate will typically take 29 days or more-- a difference of weeks. And shipping Media Mail, the longer transit time (up to 6 weeks, cross country) means greater risk of damage to the shipment with repeated handling and processing, and the routine open inspection of Media Mail, to which Parcel Post and 1st Class are not subject.

The customer pays for Standard Shipping, defined by USPS regulations as Parcel Post service, but the customer gets Media Mail Service.

I phoned Amazon Customer Service, and was told that for a vendor to arbitrarily decide to ship by Media Mail when the customer has paid for Standard Shipping, is flatly against Amazon policy. But every Amazon small vendor I've written to or talked with, says that Amazon actually suggests that sellers ship via Media Mail. They also complain that Amazon has been eating into more and more of the small vendor's profit margin with the fees and commission it extracts, and that it's useless complaining about it to Amazon. So Amazon cheats its small vendors, and these small vendors cheat the customers in turn.

A customer can argue with these small vendors about this issue until they're blue in the face, but most often, you get nowhere. And likewise, you get no help from Amazon, other than a referral to their A-Z Guarantee, which does not cover this issue. Making out an Amazon complaint form is not only time consuming and pointless, as no response or action from Amazon follows it, but Amazon limits customers to submitting 5 complaint forms in their lifetime business relationship with Amazon!!!

The fact remains, that in most media transactions, even though the Amazon customer pays for Standard Shipping (Parcel Post service), they still don't get their merchandise for weeks, because they're getting cheated with Media Mail Service by the small vendors.

I've found it helpful to instead order the media directly through a small vendor Amazon has listed as having the item, without going through Amazon at all, or to contact the small vendor ahead of making the purchase on Amazon and getting a pledge from them to ship 1st Class or Parcel Post for the Standard Shipping fee paid to Amazon, which many have been willing to do.

  • Ta
    taco12 Jun 02, 2010

    Per the marketplace shipping policy on the help page:
    Standard U.S.: 4 to 14 business days after shipping (may take up to 21 business days)
    This is clearly posted in several locations.

    The seller can ship with whatever method they prefer, as long as it does not arrive more than 21 days after the item ships.

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Resolved fraudulent charges

Well, this is short and sweet! My husband ordered a book from and then a few weeks later, a $79 charge appeared on our account. This is such a deceptive business practice. Reason being is that people ordering a book from them are not knowingly signing up for this 'Prime Membership' that is billed annually. I did a google search and discovered that there are HUNDREDS of complaints! Listen up Amazon, if that many customers out there are pissed off and not knowingly signing up for this membership, perhaps you should figure out another way to gain business for that product!!! Granted 'its in the small, fine print' Hence, the asterick strikes again! will apparently refund back your money, just call [protected]. Or logon to your account to manage your 'Prime Membership' But nevertheless, they need to figure out a better method than automatically signing people up. We will NEVER order from again!! Never. Period.

  • Kl
    K L Oct 05, 2009

    For Stupid. "Unknowingly" You are wrong. In order to signup for Free trial Prime membership you have to Fill out a form that advises you to avoid charges in the future to cancel after first time. You agreed to run the trial you are at fault for getting the charges. Its all the hundreds of people like you who are to lazy to read and click the little button to remove the charges on your account. LAZY You people always want something for nothing. Amazon did nothing wrong.

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  • Vl
    vladimir Tolkachev Jul 18, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Complaint spravedliva.Lyudyam time to read and took advantage on Amazon com

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Resolved the cleaned up my entire debit card

I am a regular buyer from amazon. yesterday i bought 2 items from A corsair memory kit and a gigabyte motherboard. as the usual process was they charged my debit card for it and my bank sent me an sms stating the amount. after sometime i received another sms from my bank of the same amount of the corsair being transferred to amazon. i called them up and spoke to them about this. the moment i kept the phone my debit card was again charged for the corsair memory kit. this was really getting ugly because even in my orders it showed i had just bought 1pc of both the items. i called them up again and spoke to them about it. and as luck would have it i kept the phone and within 10minutes i was charged again for the gigabyte motherboard and i couldn't do anything about it. in all i have been charged thrice for the corsair memory kit and twice for the gigabyte motherboard. I called up amazon again to know what the hell was going on and how could they just keep charging me. all they had to say was it will take 24hrs to find out whats happening.

I don't know what to do now. anyone had any similar incident. I cant even call my bank and ask them to block the money as it is already transferred to amazon from my debit card.

I am a student with not much money in my account and they swiped out all from it. i would appreciate if someone could guide me in the right direction about this.


  • Pi
    Pissed off in Kansas Jul 10, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Placed an order through Amazon .com and was offered free shipping for signing up for free trial of free shipping. I rarely order anything from Amazon so I cancelled free trial within 2 weeks. So today I look at my online statement and see they have deducted 106.00 from my bank account. After extensive search online found a 1800 number. A foreign operator states he will cancel membership but it will take 3 business days. Thieves they are !!!

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  • Ab
    abhilesh Oct 15, 2014

    sir amazon sell some leggings of hindu god picture. this is not possibal becous god is our spirit. plese block he is not a company this is a devil.

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Resolved packing of shipments

I have filed two separate complaints (within last 9 months)with Amazon regarding poor packing practices when shipping electronics and other sensitive or breakable items.
The first complaint was done through the standard customer service line while the last was done with a direct phone call and email to Amazon corporate offices.

I began 7 years ago using Amazon consistently for on-line ordering and was very pleased with expediency of order fulfillment, customer service with a misinformation of a product through one of the store fronts and concern regarding gear that came in in a damage box. Overall packaging quality at that time was good and with ordering photography equipment packing was, in my opinion, a natural concern.

Beginning at the end of 2007 when ordering Christmas gifts, I noticed a significant deterioration with packaging and initially allowed benefit of the doubt due to Christmas season. However my next order and subsequent orders came in with minimal to no packing and damaged cartons.

When calling customer service and also corresponding with corporate office, I was advised in each situation issues would be passed to fulfillment. My call to corporate headquarters spurred by my having started a company, placed and order and the box arriving damaged. I refused the package, called customer service and had issues there in having the order replaced. I than contacted Amazon corporate headquarters offering a dollar volume of business I had done, explaining the nature of my business and addressing concerns regarding packaging.

Ultimately, it was inferred I should not refuse orders (anyone using Amazon is most likely familiar with their process of take in a package and than call customer service with issues) and the packing concerns I had would be passed to fulfillment.

Today there is a discussion with the photography/canon (Amazon tags) that has been addressing this issue ongoing. Personally, I have closed my corporate account and have scoured the web searching for other on-line services from which to make purchase while using Amazon as a price comparison base, individual reviews of various items and looking at photographs for specific lenses I am considering buying.

Overall, I would like to continue purchasing from Amazon but can not given the apparent lack of response to mine and other complaints that while possibly passed to fulfillment, have not been responded to in noticeable manner, meaning better quality packing.

  • Tl
    Tlpham Mar 25, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered the Nutiva coconut oil, 54oz. container (pack of 2) -it arrived today in a large box with another order of 2 Nutiva coconut oil 15oz. (pack of 2) . The (2) 15oz. was in perfect condition (its own box) . The 54oz. leaked all over its own box and I checked the lid it was sealed BUT a white film was all over the foil cover it. Very, Very dissapointed because I ordered from Vita Cost last month (the 54oz.) and it arrived perfect .

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Resolved unauthorized charges

I made an order trough (a book) when I realized that I wasn't buying from Amazon books. I wa...

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Resolved violation of published rules

A buyer, using someone else's account, purchased a Battery Grip for a Canon EOS 30D that I had for sale. Despite paying standard shipping, I sent it Priority.

The buyer, whose name I STILL do not know, apparently allowed the item to sit at the address of record for 3 weeks before opening the box. She CLAIMS that I sent the wrong item, so she wrote me asking for a refund. I pointed out that Amazon rules required her to contact me within 14 days of receipt of the item (and I have USPS delivery confirmation of when it was delivered).

Despite this rule violation, I offered her a FULL refund, except that she had to pay for the return S/H, which is another Amazon rule. She flipped out and demanded that I pay for everything! So, she refused the refund and filed a complaint with Amazon.

I find this to be an violation of the Terms of Use by The buyer has allowed the item to sit somewhere for 3 weeks before looking at it; that's HER fault, not mine. Because she failed to contact me within 14 days of delivery, and refused to accept a refund, I don't see how they allowed her to file a claim! It's clear she has not abided by the Terms of Use, and thus the claim should not have been allowed.

Finally, the claim is still pending, despite the fact that more than 30 days have passed since delivery. ANOTHER rule requires the return of the item within 30 days to get a refund. This has not been done by the Buyer, her THIRD rule violation.

Given the large number of rules violations, I will not refund this woman's money, regardless of what decides in their Claim hearing.

Because of the Claim, has FROZEN my Payments Account, and may keep it frozen for up to 45 days!! I thought PayPal was the only company to perform such reprehensible acts, but it now appears we have another!

I have warned that if a Refund is awarded, I will bring legal action against them and the Buyer for the repeated violations of Amazon's rules by the Buyer, and the FAILURE of the Claims department to refuse this claim due to those rules violations.

  • Ra
    rakee Feb 04, 2009

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    and make their complain, they will get ur money back surely because they are information technology internet cyber crime.
    Just go their and post your complain, then see how best they are in getting ur money and keeping u always safe from frauds,
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    And as well as the best job in a genuine company... so follow my advice u can get the gr8 profit...
    bcoz im getting im a live example.

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Resolved amazon closed account

we have had our amazon seller account closed permanently, after complaints from sellers, but we refunded all unhappy customers and we can not control customers who lie and find items cheaper else where, purposely damage items then ask for a refund as they are low on funds. we run 2 stores and they problems exist in the real world, and they do happen with online sales.
We contacted amazon many times explaing we refunded or replaced all un happy customers, and would like to work more closely with amazon to keep things within their rules and guidlines, we even asked if we could trade on a 6 months trail period.
Amazon were not help what so ever, no converstaions or discussions, perviosuly they were happy to take their cut of the 5k we sold each month on their site. we feel very let down and the lack of communication and flexibility of amazon is disgusting.

  • Tw
    twicebooks Dec 16, 2009

    i was a amazon seller 4 year and they closed my account because of 1bad feed back.
    1 had a 95 rating with about 400 feedbacks
    i told the guy to learn how to read english, he was refunded the full amount and gave me a 1 rating and said i was scaming people and a cheat

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  • Vi
    Vidivo Dec 26, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Visit for a complete guide on how to get back on Amazon after getting suspended. Guaranteed new account with their eBook!

    - Also there is more things that Amazon tracks besides cookies on your computer.

    Find out more by reading the Amazon Stealth eBook! Plus you can even get it for free on their site!

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Resolved natural progesterone

I purchased natural progesteron cream from this company on October 17, 2008, they withdrew the money 2 days later. The only way of contacting them is by email because the toll free number is for orders only, and when I send an email requesting the status of the order they tell me it is back ordered and that it will be shipped out in 5-7 business days. To date, still have not received the goods.
Now they won't address my emails and I have requested that they send my money back and they don't respond to the email. I have purchased and paid for this purchase an amount of $107.73 US Funds and have not received anything.

  • Bo
    bobbi Oct 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ordered two months ago, money paid, product has never been sent, company making excuses for not shipping product, now not answering e-mails

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  • Cl
    claire Feb 27, 2009

    It took almost 2 months for me to receive my order. I emailed several times and got very unhelpful replies. I won't buy from them again.

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Resolved bait and switch

Shopped around for a panasonic bmp-bd55 blu-ray dvd player. I found one at for 399.00 which is the manufactured suggested retail price. I assumed Amazon had a good rep, so I agreed even though it wasn't a great deal, I had a 25.00 gift certificate and it said free shipping. Also, I was getting a little tired of shopping only to maybe save a few bucks if any, so I went ahead with the deal. According to they had the item in stock.

I agreed to pay Amazon $374.00 (399 less my 25.00 discount) for the dvd player that they said was being shipped by (a retail company). My card was promptly charged by amazon, and then three days later I got an email from the retail company that said they were out of them. They did promise (the retail company) they would sell me a replacement for the same price, however it wasn't what I wanted and those items are inferior to the item I ordered, so I declined, and asked for the refund.

I immediately went back to the amazon website. SURPRISE! They now have 3 in stock for $499.00. What's the deal? The under-the-table goings on over there don't matter to me as a buyer. I got baited into purchasing the 399.00 item, only to be told it's out of stock, and switched over to another retail seller at $100.00 more than what was agreed to.

This is nothing more than a BAIT and SWITCH Scheme! I called amazon, and talked to a robot. I couldn't get anywhere with him, and refused to get me to a supervisor. Rightfully, since Amazon advertised the deal at 399.00, and I agreed to pay 399.00, then the deal was made and they owe me that dvd player for the price we agreed on!

So beware. Although I guess there's little I can do about this, they get enough business off their bait and switch tactics, and their "free shipping" scams that I've heard about and the transactions are too small to pay lawyers to help you. It will never be fixed. I guess that's one reason why the american economy is in the toilet. People just want to keep ripping other people off. is no exception!

  • Kr
    krazydog Mar 28, 2010

    I've recently had a couple of problems with One time, I found a dog toy at a great discount price of $5.00 and ordered 4 of them (my dog readily destroys toys). When I checked out, it charged me $9.00 each!! I got that resolved and though, ok, maybe it was just an error.

    So today I searched for and selected an item to view on Amazon, decided to buy it at $29.99, added it to my cart. When I went to check out, it showed as $34.99 in my cart!

    Is this kind of bait-and-switch legal?!? It's certainly not ethical. I'm disgusted with

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  • Sy
    Synther Oct 29, 2010

    I’m hoping that someone may be able to assist me or at least look into this situation. I’m dealing with a bait and switch situation with and at this point I’m getting absolutely zero assistance from their own customer service.

    On October 5th I purchased an expansion pack for the Lord of the Rings Online game from Amazon, called The Mines of Moria Collectors Edition. It was available from Amazon, not their “sellers, ” and they advertised it for $9.99 plus shipping. I figured this was a really good deal and I placed my order. The total coming to $14.97.

    As of October 25th, my order had still not even been shipped. I contacted Amazon customer service, via e-mail, and was told that the product is not available through Amazon and that I would need to cancel my order and purchase it from one of the “Sellers” on the Amazon product page. I was told to purchase it with Next Day Shipping. Not only does the Next Day Shipping option cost more, but the seller is selling the product for $29.95...that’s $20 more than was advertised as the original order I had made way back on October 5th!!

    I then contact Amazon, via telephone, and was told by a supervisor that they were still waiting for stock to come in and that purchasing it from the “Seller” was only a suggestion. I pointed out that the e-mail I received did not say it was a suggestion, it said the product was not available from Amazon (which, on the 5th, it was perfectly available when I placed my order). The supervisor told me that the order would be shipped on the 27th when the stock arrived. I asked her who I should contact should the order NOT be filled. She said, “you won’t need to contact anyone. The order will be shipped on the 27th, I guarantee it.” As you may have guessed, the order was not shipped. I received an e-mail from Amazon telling me to contact them if I did not get confirmation that the order had been shipped by the 28th. Today is the 28th, it’s 3:29pm and the order has still not yet been shipped.

    I know that to be on the “Seller” list for Amazon you have to pay a fee to Amazon. So, in any case, Amazon is conducting a bait and switch. They advertised that they had the product for $9.99 and are now attempting to force me to purchase the product from one of their sellers for $29.95. This isn’t right! It may not sound like a big deal to most people, but I want my product from them at the advertised price!

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  • Ka
    kayoung Apr 07, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just had a similar experience. I purchased an item which was a set for $199.00 and AFTER the funds were taken from my card, the order canceled and no one knew why when I called. So I re-purchased the order on a different credit card thinking my new card was the problem (since no one could tell me), only to have them cancel that order as well AFTER the funds were taken. Apparently the item was out of stock, but after I did a search for this product I found it for sale for $200 more than what I had ordered it for. So now I'm out of $400 until my money gets refunded and I have no product!!! And no one seems to think this is a big deal because my money will eventually be refunded, umm I do though. I don't have $400 to just lose for the hell of it, even if it will be refunded in 10 days. I am so mad and I'm looking to hire a lawyer. This is ridiculous and I'm pretty sure it is illegal. Certainly no way to run a business.

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  • Ju
    Juli M Jan 04, 2013

    I heard a radio piece talking about how Amazon is using information about specific customers, i.e. how much they will and are able to pay and is adjusting their prices accordingly. I have had similar experience to those above and wondered if this was an issue. Particularly with toys at Christmas, when a lot of us are willing to pay more to get the requested toy..
    Most recently shoes were advertised as leather, until I saw them in my review list after purchase, where they were listed as 'faux leather'. This is from an outside vendor via Amazon. So sad to be having to reassess my relationship with Amazon, which for years has been a good one.

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Resolved tvshowmonster

Guess you never know who you can count on - we thought we were dealing with and not being farmed out to a company that sent us a centennial 12 - set dvd from china. Like the complaints i have read, my credit card was charged but when we received the dvd there was no packing slip or any paperwork indicating their refund / exchange policy like a reputable company would include with merchandise ordered. So, there was no order number or phone number for contact. There is no phone number listed anywhere on their website or the e - mail submission page. I've sent several e - mails indicating the dvd was defective and we'd like a refund but as you'd expect - they do not respond! Guess there's no way to get our money back? I was directed to this complaint website from, so i feel sure they are aware that us citizens are having problems.

  • Ta
    taco12 Jun 02, 2010

    Amazon does not "farm out" orders. It is clearly listed in several locations who the seller of the item is. If the item says "Ships and sold by" then it is from Amazon. If it says "Ships and sold by TVSHOWMONSTER" then it is shipped and sold by a third party on All sellers on Amazon can be contacted via the Contact Seller link on both the seller's profile and your order history. They also have the A to Z guarantee, so you can be reimbursed if you do receive something that is defective or otherwise not as described.

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Resolved false advertising

Let me say that I was an avid Amazon supporter, but not anymore. On January 9, 2009, I was finally able to order an item that Amazon had shown as Out of Stock for several weeks. When I placed my order, the item showed in stock with next day delivery available. To save money, I chose their Free Super Saver Shipping. The item should have been shipped within 5 business days. After completing my order, I checked the status and everything seemed OK. I checked a few days later, and Amazon showed the item with an estimated delivery of February 20th - March 13. I immediately went to their site and saw that the same item had increased in price, but still had a 1 day delivery option. I spent another 2 days with their useless customer service department trying to make them understand that I shouldn't have to wait 2 months for an item that they show available with 1 day shipping. One of the reps explained that I could cancel my order and pay the new price to be sure I got the item quicker. That just blew me away and so, needless to say, I'm done with Amazon!

  • Ma
    Mayahp May 03, 2013

    I too had the same problem with Amazon. I joined Prime because it said I would get the product in 2 days and after I checked out it says the products would not be received till 3 weeks later. This is truly false advertising from Amazon. This is how they get you to be a Prime member.

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  • Ia
    iamkido Jul 11, 2016

    I received an item that was FALSELY ADVERTISED - a printer cartridge that does not fit in my printer. The vendor is dishonest. Amazon made me pay for the return shipping charges. Amazon cares more about vendors than customers. My trust in Amazon has been destroyed. NO new Amazon vendors for me and believe me, that will limit my purchases.

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  • On
    OnlineDiels May 01, 2018

    Needless to say. Some items will show a lower price but the moment I click by or on the size the price jumped to an unbelievably high price. This scam and false advertisement. There is 1 thing I can not stand is false ads.

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Resolved buyer beware

Beware of! What you think you are buying from them may will be brokered to other outside internet companies. When this happens all does is immediately bill your credit card and hands over the new vendor’s contact information to you. You are left holding the bag on whether you will get the product you ordered and/or on time from this unsolicited vendor.
Recently I purchase a Wii game from Amazon. Prior to committing to the order I was told this item would be shipped to me within two days. Once the order was placed and my credit card charged I was told that a new company go4green now had the order and if I had any question to contact them. had taken the money and washed it hands of any responsibility of providing delivery of this product.
Two weeks later, after not receiving the order, Amazon offered this same product at half the cost and again with a delivery promise of two days. When I contact Amazon’s customer service I was told “too bad” this order is out of our hands and to contact the new vendor. The new vendor was now Apparently go4green had sold my order to
In the end I have spent twice the amount of money if I had just gone and bought the product at a local electronics store and the Christmas present will not be delivered until next year.
The bottom line is that you are probably better off going directly to the end supplier versus using as a middle man with no function other than to take your money.

  • Valerie Aug 05, 2008

    On April 27, 2008, I purchased the Motorola

    HomeSight security system from Once the order was placed I

    was told that I would be receiving the security system from Axsecure.

    I really didn't think that much of the notice because I believe I have

    received other items from other sellers on Amazon's site anyway and so

    far I had no complaints.

    Doing business with Axsecure was a HUGE

    mistake. I received the security system 3 days later and was shocked.

    I thought this was great. WRONG! I opened the box to find NO receipt

    for the security system and ONE confusing page on how to install the

    software and what to do if the installation failed. In the meantime, I

    am looking at the system and I find one piece that I am unable to

    figure out what it is for. There was nothing to tell me what each

    piece was, how to use them, or which plug went to which item. This is

    the first time I have dealt with anything like this.

    I have to

    say at this point, I am wondering if I paid for a refurbished security

    system and not a brand new one, which is what I paid for.


    decided I wanted to return the system, so I tried to get information on

    Axsecure. The only information was an email address. I sent an email,

    but there was no telling how long it would take to reply and I wanted

    to get the system in the mail ASAP. I called to ask how to

    return the system. I figured that since I placed my order at, they had some responsibility in helping me get a refund.


    seems hires people all over the world to be customer service

    representatives. I went threw language barrier after language

    barrier. I had to repeat myself so many times that in the end I hung

    up on the first 2 representatives. I kept asking for a supervisor, but

    all the representatives would do was ignore my request for a

    supervisor. I finally called a third time and told the representative

    that I was not going to give her my information and that I wanted a

    supervisor. At first I was told there were NO supervisors. When I

    told her that not 5 minutes before, I was told there were supervisors

    there, she then told me they were ALL busy. I told her I would wait.


    2 minutes the representative came back on the phone line and told me

    the supervisors were still busy. I said, I'd wait. Around 5 minutes

    went by and the representative came back on the phone line and said

    that the supervisors were still busy. I told her that, I was still

    going to wait if it took all night because I had nothing to do anyway.

    In less then 1 minute I had a supervisor. What a waste of time. He

    cared nothing about my problem. He kept saying it was not Amazon's

    responsibility and that I needed to contact Axsecure. I ended the phone

    call letting the supervisor know that I was filing a complaint with my

    State Attorney General's office.

    I immediately went online and

    filed my complaint with the Attorney General's office. While finishing

    up with my complaint, I got an email from Axsecure. I received this

    reply in bold, black letters:

    sorry no returns on open items they have a tech support # its a great system

    Had I been informed that there would be NO returning this item when I was ordering it, I WOULD NOT HAVE PLACED THE ORDER.


    called back and I was now more than furious. I finally got

    someone that understood English. I told her that it was against the

    law to sell something WITHOUT informing the customer of a NO RETURN

    POLICY. I told her I got an email from Axsecure stating they do not

    have a return policy. She told me I was correct. Suddenly, I was

    receiving customer service. She was extremely nice. At this point I

    didn't trust her either. This representative asked me to hold while

    she did some research. Amazon has a guaranty for satisfaction. She

    was going to file a claim and issue me a refund.

    I asked what to

    do with the security system and I was told that I could either keep it

    or send it back but was never given an address to send it to.

    I placed a call to Motorola Homesmart and told the representative that the Homesmart system was a piece of junk. To my surprise he agreed. On top of that he told me that the system I purchased was OBSOLETE! Not only is it obsolete but if someone has purchased this item and needs a new CD, they are NO LONGER available and the consumer is out of money. Now I know why Amazon told me I could keep it if I wanted to.


    the past I have rarely had problems with, but this time was

    a real learning experience. You have to beware of ordering things that

    are being sold by other companies. Before you place an order, call

    them or email them and find out what the RETURN POLICY is. You also have to worry about whether or not you are getting an obsolete item. If Amazon doesn't know or

    can't tell you how to find it on their web site (I was given

    misinformation), DON'T place the order.


    received a couple of emails from telling me how to check the

    sellers return policy, but guess what? The information I received was

    worth nothing because what I was told to do, couldn't be done.

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  • Ac
    a_consumer May 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It's true.

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Resolved this company treats employees like crap

This company treats their employees like crap, I do not work at Amazon, but more and more companies are...

Resolved fraudulent activity

I have had an Amazon account for two years. I make appr. $2500 a month, that's what I live on. Last night as I am entering some new inventory into the I am told I cannot my account has been suspended. I have emailed several times, I cannot get a respondence as to why. My overall performance rating is 94%... it went down this month to 90% because of some unjust negative feedbacks. There was a sale that could not even be completed because the hour prior I sold the book on Amazon but their database still showed I had it, a customer tried buying it & I refunded money as I could not complete sale & much to my surprise two weeks later I get a negative feedback from him. I make them a lot of money per month in commission (since they are the highest of all the venues I sell through) plus $40.00 subscription fee for the privilege of paying these crazy fees, unfortunately it is the best venue to sell to the masses & 75% of my sales are done through Amazon. I now have all my money in their account being held for 90 days in case there is a dispute, & I still have not received a respondence as to why. I have two children, & this is how I support them... I am frightened as I really don't know what to do!!!

Resolved privacy violated

Some users on the site violated my privacy by somehow finding my full real name (I think via a lot of google research) and posting libelous comments about me in a comment thread under this book, disclosing my full name. My full name is NOT publicly available information on my amazon account, and I have REPEATEDLY flagged the comment as abusive (which it very clearly is). has never done anything about this.

seller account suspended

i was a seller on amazon. i went to check my orders, when i had a email saying my account was suspended. they...

restocking fee

I ordered a book which was not what I expected. I contacted amazon & rranged to return the book immediately. It was a brand new book that I bought directly from amazon.

Imagine my shock when I received the total of my refund amount. On a book that cost over $16 I am getting back $4.

Besides high shipping ($3.99 media mail) they charged me over $8.50 restocking. This is a new fee which is not mentioned anywhere in their refunds policy.

Receiving $4 bck on over $16 means it cost me $12 + to make a mistake, which I will not be making gain with this formerly honest company

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    Michael Nov 28, 2008

    Simple if you purchase an item make sure that you want. There should be no reason to put an unnecessary inconvenience on the seller when in fact he/she (i hate PC) delivered your product. So serves you right that you had to pay a high price to return the item now if the item was defective or damaged then i will think differently on the situation.

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    JohnMikeyGee Mar 24, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Buying things online is very slippery. Most consumers buy online for the convenience and the supposed ease of the transaction, free shipping, easy return policy, etc. I recently ordered from Amazon for what I thought was a complete drum set. What I received was totally useless and very costly to me. The reason I say slippery is that this is never advantageous to the customer but the company. Since I was a newby at purchasing things online I got took. This could have been avoided had I simply taken the time to review the contents of the box prior to committing. The thing for me is this, I got too excited about getting this and actually having the money to get it. I thought I was being smart. I did reviews of different kits in my price range, what they came with and how to custom fit one for my needs. I finally decide on one. My problem was that I looked at the picture and not what it actually came with. I should have known something was up when I got 1 box. Im like how does all the stuff that I seen in that picture fit into 1 box? It didnt. I realize Im being long winded but bear with me, its a process. Anyway, I contact Amazon and tell them I dont want what I recieved because its not what I thought I paid for so they told me to contact the dealer that it shipped from concerning return policy. He ended up emailing me cause Amazon alerted him. In his email he stated that he was sorry about the misunderstanding and that I could return it at my expense. I will get to that in a minute. He also stated that he tried to tell Amazon that the picture they posted would confuse someone (me) but due to red tape and because the company is so large that they would not listen. Now to the return fee. When I ordered this thing I was like, man I want it now! So I pay for expedited shipping, $62.00. The thing is I was supposed to get this within 2 days, in reality it took a week. Free shipping would have been a better choice, huh? So all in all shipping wise I paid $124.00, that went bye bye. After all this I get an email that states I will probably incur a 20% resocking fee. I was livid! I send them an email that says that they are certifiable and Im not paying for the shrink. But guess what, another $163.80 got took without even a courtesy reach around. This fine lady, her name? Restocking fee. So a total of $287.80 was gone. I went through BBB and they responded with the usual robotic speak, bit with a twist of the ol sarcasm. "If we are selling car mats and use a car to highlight the product, u certainly dont get the car." Really?! Maybe thats why I got a nasty look from the model at the last car show I went to. Oh, and guess what? Remember that problem the dealer had with the picture and the red tape? Done. According to Amazon's BBB response they removed the photo at the customers request. Thanks, though I never requested it. See right after I emailed the dealer about my problem I went back on Amazon and searched for my drums and the whole kit was gone. Now what was replaced when u typed in the searchwords was what I received, half a drum set. Thanks Amazon! Do yourself a favor at the very least dot your tees and cross your iiiyyyeees! Do you know that the same set that I wanted I could have got complete at the same price on other sites? Dont worry I slapped myself in the head.

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Resolved won't honor payment method

I placed an order with for the tv and selected the electronic check method of payment on August 27, 2008. Amazon received an authorization from Telecheck, but cancelled the transaction. After contacting customer service I replaced the order on the 28th and the same thing happened again. Their reason was that my bank would not validate my billing address. I contacted my bank (small local bank) and they had received no inquiry from Amazon. I went on working with customer service at Amazon until yesterday- we added notes that provided the proper phone number for my banks, the manager's names, and after almost 3 weeks of cancelled orders Amazon finally told me they weren't actually doing anything because they were a global company and didn't have time to mess with these things. I feel that if they aren't going to honor a payment method for purchases of a certain amount, then don't offer it or at least be honest with the consumer and tell them to take their business elsewhere.

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    WORRIED CUSTOMER Jun 19, 2009

    Very worrisome and the once the customer is hooked there is no way out. The company shrugs its shoulders if it is a third party seller and there is nothing the customer can do. The seller is the king here.

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    WORRIED CUSTOMER Jun 19, 2009

    They then play merry go round and the customer is humiliated by showing your cart. It is my wish to browse items and whether they are Heidegger or what ever. I am entitled to see the website. If they do not deliver, getting a refund is a problem. They cannot walk away just because the item was sold by a third party seller who can make the customer look like an idiot. What can poor agents do? They answer telephone calls and cannot act on the company's behalf!

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  • Ab
    AbsolutelyWoman Aug 27, 2009

    If you live in canada or any place other then the U.S. they wont honor your order. Just like I am going through a problem with them paying me money they owe me for work I did for them. I'm american living in Canada and they wont make payment to my bank. Just because it isnt a American bank account. they also have been telling me that I have to have an American drivers lisense. or I can get one of their gift cards i cant use on one of their international sites. LOL! I gave them thirty days to send me a check. Now for me to wait. If i don't get my pay I will be turning them in. really the people at Amazon seem prejudice to me. Look up what they have done to others in the past. btw, Anyone that has proof and wants a word in on things that Amazon has done. Send me your information. [email protected] I might make this very well known what Amazon is doing. really truely Amazon is doing wrong to others.

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duplicate orders-beware!!!

I placed an order on Sept. 24, 2008 for 2 DVDs and 2 books. I received a confirmation for 4 orders but I didn't check the body of each e-mail, only the subject line. Today I received in the mail 2 of the same DVDs from the same company. In speaking with an representative, they said I clicked the "One click" order button twice. Now, I kow it might be possible to do it once, but not twice! And it would have been by accident, anyway. So, I have 2 sets of DVDs ordered - one already here and one enroute. I may be able to cancel one if it hasn't been sent yet but the one I received, I have to absorb the shipping/handling fee if I return it.

My advice for anyone using the "One Click" order button, check the status of the order within 90 minutes and make sure there isn't a duplicate - if there is, you can cancel it. Also, check the body of your e-mail for confirmation of each order and specific titles. Especially when you are ordering more than one.

  • Ro
    Ron M Oct 14, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I ordered one DVD on Sat night. Since then, the same order has been placed on Sunday, and again on Monday. How can you check within 90 minutes if you're not even on the computer?!?
    They told me to turn one click off. I've used one click for several years with no problem.

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unshipped & undelivered paid for item

On November 16, 2007, I sent a $99.92 cheque to as a payment for two books I ordered. After about 7 weeks, I received only one book. Since then I've sent e-mails, letters, and even a registered letter personally addressed to CEO.
However, all my messages have been totally ignored. No reply explaining the cause of this unfortunate error for which is the sole responsible has been issued up-to-now. I said 'unfortunate' because I urgently needed the book to hand over a research proposal.
I've all the neccessary evidence and I 'm fully responsible for what I'm declaring.

my order reference number: [protected]

  • Hu
    huspania Apr 07, 2011

    i agree with you pal, as is now problematic and now solving issues relating to underliverd items. i was also delivered a fake item by third party seller at but uptil now have't got my money back. i am stuck in between now.

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