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Complaints & Reviews

Paranaque Hub

Their Paranaque hub is terrible! Very slow in sorting items and no update whatsoever. Shopee customer service is useless.

Never again will I use Shopee Express for delivering my orders. Grab express is more reliable.

Delivery service

Delivery guy make a bad delivery..he just throw away my stuff..he didnt call first or ring the bell

Delivery service

Dishonest and untrustworthy, supplier ex8 future gave false info to customer

Supplier ex8future has given false info before I place order on 23/3/2020 for forehead thermometer. In the product advertisement in shopee shows READY STOCK TO SHIP 24 HOURS & product detail stated ship from Klang, Selangor. When I asked supplier on 23/3/2020 before place order through chat & was told stock is available & can deliver tomorrow (24/3/2020). After got the info, I placed order. But after 2 days on 25/3/2020, I checked with supplier on the shipment, there is no response. I asked again on 26/3/2020, finally on 27/3/2020 supplier reply asked me to be patient & wait for the shipment. I keep on asking for confirm ship date but can't get the answer. Since can't get confirm ship date, on 28/3/2020 I have decided to cancel the order & ask supplier to approve the cancellation. But on 30/3/2020, my order cancellation was rejected & there is courier service consignment note no. given. I checked with courier service on line, there is no tracking data available. This supplier has been given false info all this while & I was cheated from the beginning to place order.
I trusted shopee but the supplier in there is not honest & reliable. Hope I can cancel my order & get refund. Please advise.

Dishonest and untrustworthy, supplier ex8 future gave false info to customer
Dishonest and untrustworthy, supplier ex8 future gave false info to customer
Dishonest and untrustworthy, supplier ex8 future gave false info to customer
Dishonest and untrustworthy, supplier ex8 future gave false info to customer
Dishonest and untrustworthy, supplier ex8 future gave false info to customer


I have ordered contact lenses from penang merchant
on 15 march 2020 and supposedly item to be delivered on 19 march 2020 as in courier schedule.

I didn't receive any delivery or phone notification from courier service. I responded to shopee but the only replies is
"Regards to the issue, we have checked with the courier and they confirmed that your parcel has been delivered accordingly."

It's a total disappointment and I hope the public will be aware that shopee isn't assuring the consumers' right .

poor service

I ordered a phone case and a notification popped up on my phone saying that my order has been picked up by...

Shopee Express (Mr Chu Wise)

I ordered from last February 25, 2020. I received my order today March 8, 2020.

I ordered
1 Solar System Planetarium Model Astronomy Science DIY Gift
2pcs of 2Pairs Women Girls Silicone Antiskid Lace Boat Socks

Unfortunately I only received the solar system model but not the antiskid lace boat socks. I only want to receive the product I already paid for. (Mr Chu Wise) (Mr Chu Wise) (Mr Chu Wise)

duit masih tak terima balik dari 17/2/20 hingga ke hari ini 24/2

marimutthu a/l ponneu no.352-A, lorong Kedah, taman melawati urban 1, 53100 kl. [protected] pesanan di...

I cannot change my shopeepay pin and agents are rude

I cannot change my ShopeePay PIN. I sent email, I chatted with RUDE agents but nobody gave me an answer and I have to wait more for my own money to get it back. I waited for month for my ordered items the Shopee lost and now they are going to make me wait again just to get my money back. Rude agents told me repeatedly the same question and uniformed message no one really addresses my problem. They are not helping. It seems they are scamming me. Why don't they give me the answer right away? I just need to change my PIN that's all. But it already took me weeks to wait for their answer. Please help me on this.

I cannot change my shopeepay pin and agents are rude


Hi I ordered a mask and it got stolen highly likely by one of the delivery guys and I roughly know when it was stolen it was between 3-6pm what do I do? I am furious with the theft of the masks especially at a time during the wuhan virus. It goes to show how unscrupulous people can be. Will I be able to get back a refund or do I submit a police report and will lodging a police report even help me get my item back?

jt express courier issue


Courier JTExpress delivery personnel contacted me once at around 1:45PM (2/7/2020) to receive my order however my shift would start 4PM onwards. Thus we had a negotiation that it will be delivered on Monday (2/10/2020) since I'm off during weekends. But when I check my order this morning (2/10/2020), I was surprised that the status becomes "Returned to Seller". Please investigate and take immediate action. Note the performance of your courier (Poor customer service) may greatly affect your business.

order tracking number: ph203088382443k

This is by far the most inconvenient and frustrating order I made from shopee. The seller was okay but the courier tagged my order as completed and delivered when I fact no one in our building recieved any orders. They even tagged it as recieved by me! When I wasn't even contacted in the first place! No notifications or texts or whatsoever! Now I would request for a refund from the seller if 3 days from now my package has not yet arrived but I doubt that refund will be issued by the seller because they did their freaking job right! I cannot express disappointed I am right now

order tracking number: ph203088382443k

shopee's return policies

Shopee has very poor refund/return policies. NO customer protection at all. I ordered an item and paid with cash plus a P100 cash voucher. Seller delivered the wrong item. The seller refunded the cash amount but Shopee does not want to reactivate the cash voucher I used. (The cash voucher is from a valid credit card transaction under Metrobank's My Swipe, My Treat promo. It has a P100 cash value).

This is Shopee's incredibly stupid reply as to why they will not reactivate the voucher:

In short, Shopee just pocketed my P100 voucher. The voucher was not even credited to the seller who was very willing to refund me the P100 cash as well.

shopee express

Shopee express has a very bad service. As per shopee customer service they said the courier attempted to deliver my parcel 3 times. I am expecting my parcel to be delivered today but the tracker said i rescheduled the delivery date when in fact no one contacted me about the delivery. I don't have a problem about the seller because the seller did his/her job. We tried to go to their office but the guards refused to help us and give information about the parcel. Please do something about this.

cod mens/unisex jogger pants 3 lines makapal tela crvn

I've ordered this pants with an XL size and when it arrived, January 13, it happened to be XL but physically sized as medium. It didn't fit.

I accidentally clicked the order received which removes the return option.

I immediately reached out to the customer support of shoppe and I was advised to wait for 24 hours and the return button will show up. I've waited for 24 hours and it's still the same.

I've reached out again and the next representative told me that my concern was been escalated to their team and wait for 48 hours and they will follow up.

48 hours passed, there was no follow up. I reached out again and I was advised that they will make a follow up and wait for another 24-48 hours.

Someone emailed me and asking if I reached out to the seller. I was not advised to reached out to the seller so I didn't do that.

I reached out again and Shopee kept telling me the same thing all over again, that they're going to consult the case! Until I asked for supervisor.

I was transferred to Liezel who took over and literally disconnect the chat.

This is the worst customer experience that I've ever experienced!

Overall Shopee lies to their customers and they shown no accountability and responsibility for their customers!

return/refund policy

Please refer to my email thread below for your reference which points to the fact that the refund policy of...

nautical lifebuoy

Shopee express delivery is unreliable and a pain in the ass.. First, they said they failed to deliver because of a disaster. The following day they said they are already in the area and will deliver the item. After a few hours they sent a message again saying they are unable to deliver because buyer is not around when in fact its been 2 days that I didnt leave the house because I was expecting the item to be delivered! Shopee your company and delivery system is very unreliable! This also happened to my partner. Will be deleting your app and will never ever order from u again! Very disappointing service!!!
Its been a long time I was need the item for my baby 1st birthday but they didnt delivered my order!

nautical lifebuoy

app is not working to accept arrange shipment

Dear Sir/Madame;

I am one of the shopee sellers, and one of my customers had a purchase. I have been trying to arrange shipment since Sunday (Jan 12, 2019) but to no avail. The app always says system error or app error. I have tried using both the phone and my laptop but i keep on having the same problems. I am afraid that the client will be disspointed and that my seller rating will be affected if the app still doesnt work today. I may be forced to cancel the transaction.

I hope you can look at this.

Lizette Inigo

app is not working to accept arrange shipment

missing payment

Placed order Dec 27, 2019
Payment made Dec 29, 2019 via Online bank transfer to Shopee METROBANK account
Follow up made January 02, 2020
Chat support said 3 working days will start January 2nd. I asked what will happen if payment is not posted after 3 working days. What are my options are? Carlo said it will be tag as "verified and paid"
Follow up made January 6th and they responded via email January 7th that they were working on it
January 8th - they said that Dragon Pay did not verified the payment and I was asked to contact Dragon pay directly to validate my payment

January 10th - Dragon Pay responded that payment was transferred to Shopee METROBANK account which they had nothing to do with

January 11th - Shopee assigned team as me to re-upload proof of payment in Shopee App to validate my payment again for nth time.

Just wondering how they came up with that solution. While your payment is being verified you touch the payment method option.

I've been contacting Chat support with an excuse that it was assigned to different team and they can't do anything but to file a report again and again.


I placed an order on dec 16 from overseas and per app status the item arrived in the Local sorting facility in the Phils on dec 23. Courier only took it on Jan 6 for delivery but a minute after, it indicated that delivery attempt failed. We were at the house the whole day so it was not possible that no one was hope to receive it. Customer service said it will be redelivered in 2-3 days. It's Jan 10 now and I still have not received the item. I stressed to the agents that it is critical that I get it today as I will be leaving for abroad in the evening. They kept on promising that it will be delivered the next day since Jan 7 but as I said, item is still not delivered. Very frustrating.

sunbeams lifestyle

My order id#19121212407q1a2- i ordered the items last dec. 12, 2019 . I waited for the delivery. X-mas and new passed, no deliveries from shopee. I called shopee and complaint and inform them that i am waiting for the delivery of the cookwares. They told me they will make a report and i need to call after 3 days. And i did. I like the cook ware and i left the money so that whenever the delivery come it will be ready for payment. I checked the shopee purchased box and so upset they cancelled my order. I called again and told me it was automatically canceeled by the system. I need the items.
Please help