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Shopee reviews & complaints

Shopee complaints 787

Jan 20, 2022

Shopee - I'm a shopee seller and I still got around 100k on my previous shipment on shopee and it will be credited to my shopee seller account

I got banned in shopee even though my shop have a lot of pending shipment and i couldn't withdraw my seller balance. There still a huge amount of money in my shopee shop. I asked for reactivation my account and send an appealed but they didn't give my account yet. I still have morethan 50k on my shopee shop sales. What I'm gonna do to get my money back.I'm really stressed

Shopee - Shopee account got suspended and I still have money from earnings in my Shopee wallet

My shopee account got suspended without reasonable grounds, My main issue about it is that I still have money from selling in the app and I have no idea how to get it because Shopee suspended my account completely, without any warnings whatsover, I have seen a lot of complaints about shopee accounts getting suspended recently and it is absurd that most of them still have money in their respective accounts! shopee fails to address this, how are your CUSTOMERS getting their money back?

Desired outcome: provide solutions ASAP, if they refuse to retrieve the accounts at least give the money back.


Shopee - Delivery Product And Service

Hi to whom may concern,

I am a highly fully surporter for Shoppee to obtain product as require. I have a very bad experience not once but numbers as items delivered with bad wrapping. Upon unwrapped found with damaged items like bent and cracked.

My recent order with a huge mirror was delivered found the wrapping was simple without protection. Upon asking the logistic guy, "Do you know what is inside?" His replyed as don't know to my surprise as I predicticted something gonna happen. When unwrapping, found the entire mirror was fully cracked.

When I chat over Shoppee helpline, the reply always the said words, my apologies or sad to hear from you. What next, the arrangement with email sent with set date and time for collection but was not turn up. Upon reaching Shoppee chat again with a new arrangement of collection and rules set as I have to label and wrap up hand over logictic guy. I find it rediculious.

Questions. I am a victim now. I have being awaiting the stock for almost a month to receive. Received items with damaged and I require to wrap back inorder for the logistic to collect back.

I would like to know, is that what so called Shoppee Service?

Kindly correspond or my next of action will be announce to social media as result.


Desired outcome: Correspondence


Shopee - Shopee coins

I have notice that my shoppee coins does not incease but rather decreases. Today Jan 19 2022 @7:00am my shopee coins is 7:25am when i was about to play shoppee farm it was decreased to 63.29 with even using it...i have already unisntalled the apps and then installed it again but the results is the same...appreciate very much for your reply on this matter


Shopee - Shopee is not rerurning my refund for spaylater

I received a defective cellphone.. I requested for a return/ refund cause the phone that I received have lines on the screen. I paid it through spaylater. My deadline to return the item was on Jan 8. I returned the parcel thru LBC on Jan 7, I paid for the return shipment since J&t is closed due to the typhoon (it was supposed to be for free if J&t is open) . My City was severely hit by typhoon Odette so we had no connection for a month now. I was not able to post my proof on time but I returned the parcel on time. I reported the incident on Jan 8 since they cancelled my return request on Jan 8 at midnight ( it's not even the end of the day yet) I reported to them my problem almost everyday but I never heard anything from the customer service team. It has been 10 days and they are not doing anything about it. They just kept on telling me to wait for 24 hours and obviously it's more than 24hrs now. I am already so pissed and frustrated cause their customer service is not doing anything to help me. I have been a good and loyal customer. I am a gold member and I am paying my spaylater bills religiously and on time yet this is how they treat their customers.. I used their chat support, email and called them twice hanged up twice by their reps as well, but they have never solved my problem not even an update on my concern. I am never using their service ever again! Shopee is a scam

Desired outcome: I want them to refund the spaylater including the shipping fee when I returned the parcel because I am not going to pay for something that is defective.

Jan 17, 2022

Shopee - Service - account suspension due to "voucher abuse"

Hello. On December 2021, Shopee Philippines has suspended my gold member account since 2017 due to "voucher abuse". Their customer service is terrible and the issue is still unresolved. I followed...

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Shopee - Washing machine

9-01-22. I, m looking Shopee platform to buy washing machine deliver time to my house is 13-01-22. When I waiting until 3. PM just contact seller what time can send parcel to my house, they said logistics tracking problem need some time. Today morning I try message to seller WHAT TIME CAN DELIVER MY PARCEL and my receipt automatic change parcel is delivered. I need your help chase the parcel send my house if cannot pls return money to my account thank you. have a nice day.

Shopee - My account was banned for no reason

Im from philippines and my account was banned, i NEVER SELL OUTSIDE SHOPEE, my money was there, theres a big possiblity that after purchasing from SHOPEE SUPERMARKET AND ASK FOR A REFUND FOR A BROKEN BOTTLE OF MEDICINES, they refund my money but after that my account was banned, why the staff of shopee philippines was so immature to handle this? Thats their fault its not my fault and actually i need those medicines badly, hope u can change the software whereas they cant banned easily us sellers, im selling for 4 years and i have documents to show up all.items are legit and i have receipts too, most of them.they do.playtime if they dont like u they will banned ur account and its not good in ur business


Shopee - Complaint regarding refund

I had ordered perfume bottles. It was showing on the shopee app that 3 bottles of perfumes are of 305 rupees. So I ordered that on 31 dec 2021. But when it was delivered to me, there were only two bottles. So I returned that. I bought it by Cash on delivery. I had returned it on 2nd jan 2022. 8 days have already passed out. But i have not received my balance yet. The sender has also approved the return product. Then also I have not received my refund. How long I need to wait more ? This is really poor service. I have also provided my UPI id on the app but the also i have not got my refund. When i try to update my bank account details, it do not allow me to select my city of bank account. What to do now? I am attaching the important photos regarding it. Please look into the matter and reply asap. I hope you will understand my problem.
Thanking you
Anshika Sharma


Shopee - Shopee Fraud Seller Case no. [protected]/[protected]- Order ID 211211T8KD4149

The seller has listed so many items on the Shopee and misused them for fraud. I have received the item (wrong item though) but he never updated the delivery status so that I can't claim a refund or leave feedback. I'm sure he must have duped so many more people by now.

I have called so many times, send multiple emails to shoppee (Case no. [protected]/[protected]- Order ID 211211T8KD4149) but Shoppee never tried to help.

I need Shopee to cover my loss and refund the money asap. I'm going to post everything on every media platform now if I do not get my money back.

Ahmar Hussain

Shopee - I'm complaining about the shoppe customer service, dispute team and investigation team.

I have ordered a dress on 11/12/21 and estimated delivery date was 24/12/21. And to avoid any delay I have been following up even before the expected delivery date. And on 27/12/2021 I have informed customer service shopee that I won't be there in the stated address to collect the parcel after 28/12/21. But the parcel is been only delivered on 30th December. Which I already informed customer service shopee and the seller. I have requested for refund according to the seller advice on 28/12/21 after 6pm. But still the parcel is been delivered and when I raised enquiry on this no one responsible for any answer. Every single time, I have to reexplain to the person who is replying me. Now it's very simple. I have raised a refund and I want it. Beside that the service is extremely poor..

Jan 08, 2022

Shopee - Shopee Express and Shopee email and chat customer service

dec 20 paid for a purchase abroad coming from china
dec 29 arrived in PH with soc3 location
dec 30 no movement
dec 31, jan 1 no movement
jan 2 3 4 5 6 7 no movement from soc3

finally said, they wont be able to deliver for no reason as delivery date lapsed

the chat support is full of BS, 200 queue with 1 hr waiting time telling you false promises. email support also BS with copy paste replies

Shopee - Refund of order id. 211229d4ufyuju and order id. 211229d4ufyuju

Before I paid the two generator using debit card, I contact the supplier and verify if they have delivery to Bohol, she told me that if a place to cart and paid without any issues, then they have a...

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Shopee - Can't tranfer money to out of the country's Shopee

I tried to transfer my ShopeePay money to a friend in the Philippines, and she received a message with a link to claim the money but when she click on it, it opened Google Play and says the app doesn't is not supported by your country. What's the point of having ShopeePay with a link that you're supposed to click to claim, but you can't claim at the end? I hope Shopee developer can add this to their feature because it doesn't make any sense.

Desired outcome: Can transfer and receive money from ShopeePay from other countries.

Shopee - Delayed shipping, refund not received

- my order was shipped 9 days after I placed my order. the promised shipping after placing the order was 2-3 days only. - I did not receive one item from the many items I ordered. - my mistake, I...

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Shopee - Shipping and Delivery

The rider did not deliver my Parcel. It said, "Parcel Out for Delivery" for two consecutive days pero nothing. And then when I checked, it was deemed delivery unsuccessful. I tried to call the rider for countless times pero he kept denying the calls. I waited from 31 in the morning until 2 of January. Pero nothing. This is the second time this has happened. I even cancelled my La Union trip with the Family bc I didn't want my parcel be returned to the seller. Php3, 611.00 is not a joke.

I would really not want to go barging in J&T La Trinidad. I've been keeping my cool ever since he kept declining my calls. I tried Numerous times. I waited. It wasn't my fault. WHY RETURN SOMETHING I'VE BEEN CHASING FROM THE RIDER. He gave me no assurance, no replies, no return calls. I NEEDED THAT FOR MY OPENING. 2 weeks of waiting is too much! I never left home. All I did was wait and wait and wait and for what? NOTHING!

Please let it be redelivered. I will not go to work today. Magfile ako ng LOF sa office for that. I will wait.

Desired outcome: Redelivered today, ASAP.

Shopee - No update for shipping/deliveries

I have ordered this item last 4th December 2021 and this should be delivered by 18th December 2021. Unfortunately, we have been hit by Typhoon Rai on 17th December 2021. Before this happens, my parcel was stacked on their station for more than 5 days with no updates. So I need to personally reach out to them asking for an update with 5 days on their station. It seems that I have reached out to their support 7 times but still keep on promising that they will expedite my parcel. Guess what it's now 3rd January 2022 and they tagged my item as MISSING? Really, seeing that this has been paid by Shopee Pay?.

Sending me an email that I need to accept the refund as this was missing. I've been waiting for this item for almost a month? excluding the time you wasted for reaching your useless supports!

Desired outcome: You should deliver my parcel ASAP!

Dec 31, 2021

Shopee - Shopee express too slow, better competitor

Tomorrow, 1/1/22 is day's 5th at Shopee Express. I pay that delivery, it is not free shipping. Before this, their competitor with initial name j&t got delivered at day's 3rd. Hopefully, next let me choose my Courier if I pay my shipping.

Tracking number: SPXMY01252878409C
Order ID: 21122537R18C2T

Shopee - Account Ban

Hello, I would like to say how i hate the fact that half of us shopee users got our account banned for no absolute reason.I got mine permanently banned for no absolute reason, I didn't even do anything but the staff said the account had reached limit usage of some kind, like WHAT, that's so unnecessary.I paid cash for my shopee wallet, money doesn't grow on trees, some of us especially sellers worked hard to sell their stuff and then some of them got banned for absolutely no reason?shopee please fix your system.

Shopee - Shopee Xpress

They take too much time to sort out my parcel. I think all the workers are sleeping through out the day. Postcode already been stated, but still need a week to sort out. High level delivery? Come on, they only take shopee parcels only. Not like other courier services. Hope they removed this shopee courier services in shopee. We need to shop at ease!

Desired outcome: Removal of the courier team

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