Woodsprings Suitesan infestation of bed bugs in the room.

I filed BBB complaint# [protected] for this location and also uploaded photos of the infestation. No one has responded to the complaint or reached out to me to discuss this issue. My complaint submitted to the BBB is below:

There was an infestation of bed bugs on the mattress of the bed and the sleeper sofa mattress. The manager tried to say that they travel with luggage.
My son and I checked in to the Woodspring Suites on 3/14/2019 - we checked out 9/4/2019. I was paying $418.12 weekly to live here. The very first week that we were there, my son stated that he was seeing baby roaches (or so we thought). We had never seen bed bugs before so I purchased something for roaches. We continued to see what we thought were baby roaches.

I always carry my own blankets so we never actually slept between the sheets of the bed but we did sleep on the pillows. I always washed the pillow cases because my son felt like something was biting him. I saw what appeared to be blood spots on pillow cases but I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. I noticed small bugs on the pillows, so I threw out the pillows on the bed and purchased new ones from Walmart. Soon, the small bugs would reappear. I had no clue of where they were coming from.

My son stopped sleeping on the sleeper sofa and started sleeping in the bed with me because he kept seeing the small bugs. A week ago, I got sick and was hospitalized for a week. My mom and sisters came from out of town to check on me and stay at the room with my minor son. My mom and sisters mentioned to me that they were seeing bed bugs on the coach when my sister let it out to sleep on it. The decided to strip the sleeper sofa and bed and found the infestation of bed bugs on both mattresses. When I got out the hospital, I took pictures of the infestation and showed them to the manager, Nikki. She tried to say that the bugs usually travel with luggage and explained how to get rid of them (which I thought was funny).

I tried explaining to her that this infestation did not travel with us, this was already there because my son and I was seeing the them the first week that we were there but we didn't know what they were - we thought they were baby roaches. She dismissed that and called the Orkin guy stating that she had a confirmed infestation of BBs. My mom and I advised her that the furniture was old and needed to be stripped and Google confirms that this is where bed bugs come from. The mattress in the sleeper sofa was very old and looked filthy! There was some kind of mattress cover on the bed that we had unzip to get to the infestation. The manager even tried to say that they do a full inspection before guests move in - that is such a lie because when we moved in, the girl at the front desk thought there was 2 beds in the room and it was only one and a sleeper sofa! It was even a handicap room but she wasn't aware of that either and then stated that was all they had available.

The pipe under the sink burst about 2 months ago and water was coming from underneath the sink - I reported it and he maintenance guy advised me that management was taking their time ordering the part, so it never got fixed. I paid over $8700 to live in this filth and the manager did not offer me any of my money back or an apology! A few weeks ago, she had even started charging my card without my consent for the weekly rate. I even went to the front office about that and they claim she was doing it as a courtesy for all the guests that had been there for awhile. I had my bank cancel my card and send me a new one to stop the unauthorized transaction because I always paid on a Saturday when the room fee was due.

Woodsprings Suites
Woodsprings Suites

Oct 04, 2019

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