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Parkdean Resorts (formerly Park Resorts) Complaints & Reviews

Parkdean Resorts (formerly Park Resorts) / false advertising about a holiday I booked

Aug 19, 2019

Parkdean Resorts (formerly Park Resorts)Booked a week's holiday to cayton bay with park dean resorts back in February 2019 for July the 22nd 2019 .we paid £900 pounds for what we thought was a luxury caravan for seven people, we were told that we were staying in the Harrogate caravan the pictures & the description of the caravan...

Parkdean Resorts (formerly Park Resorts) / state of caravan

Aug 14, 2019

Parkdean Resorts (formerly Park Resorts)Currently staying at Highfield Grange Clacton on Sea Reported on first day that window locks were broken and that the living room window had been attempted to been forced open from the outside!!! On further inspection outside light and kitchen light found to be not working and secondly...

Parkdean Resorts (formerly Park Resorts) / holiday let

Jul 22, 2019

We stayed at the Parkdean holiday resort in Crantock bay from 13/72/2019 until20/7/2019 on arrival we found the shower blocked and it remained so for 3 days our booking stated entertainment included there was none restaurant was never open for breakfast and as there wee myself my wife...

Parkdean Resorts (formerly Park Resorts) / holiday not what we paid for.

Jul 16, 2019

Well what can I say about Thorness bay apart from this STAY WELL CLEAR OF THIS HOLIDAY PARK AND COMPANY. We stayed in Caravan 43 in solent Village. They stayed this was a GOLD Caravan. We the outside and I side doesn't show it to be GOLD. (Judge for yourself). I wouldn't recommend eating in...

Parkdean Resorts (formerly Park Resorts) / sandylands saltcoats

May 13, 2019

Myself and family recently stayed at this park, this was a treat for my mother in laws eighth birthday, so we had a few minor issues but our main complaint is the problem with the electric on site and the rude attitude of most staff, so on Friday the third of May (our first night ) at ten...

Parkdean Resorts (formerly Park Resorts) / unethical behavior

Apr 08, 2019

Contracts altered by employees after signing by both parties. Dates altered etc. Original contract said Site fees to be invoiced in October 2018 but was invoiced 5 months later. Chris Forster the in house solicitor has been very frustrating and refused to return calls to my solicitor.He only...

Park Resorts / park resorts disgraceful business practices

Oct 11, 2018

My father owned a Caravan on a Park Resorts site. Neither my sister or I wished to keep the caravan so we attempted to settle any outstanding fees and sell the caravan. For a year and after several repeated attempts to get a settlement fee in writing Park Resorts would not agree in writing...

Park Resorts / rented caravan holiday

Sep 21, 2018

Park ResortsBooking reference Im contacting you to see if you can help with my complaint about my holiday at crimdon dene on 14th september 2018. We booked one of your quite expensive caravans with ensuite bedroom and a varanda. On arival we put our belongings into the caravan and went to get sone...

Park Resorts / water and bin collection

Jan 02, 2018

We have been on Todber Valley Gisburn site for nearly 4 years now and enjoyed our time here. Unfortunately this month has been horrendous. We were without water for nine days !!! from 10.12.2017 to 19.12.2017. No bottled water was provided and no standpipe. We could not shower, use the...

Parkdean resorts / caravan fees rip off...

Nov 26, 2017

Bought a caravan at Southview leisure Park in Skegness, previously operated by Park Resorts. Now Parkdean resorts. The fees have gone up over £1000 in the 3 years I have owned the caravan, now asking £508 a month. I can rent a house for that. Was not told about these huge unjustified fee rise...

Park Resorts / mis sold caravan

Jun 17, 2017

i bought my caravan in 2015 from cresswell towers (park resorts) snice then i have complained about my van being uneven only to be ignored since then my freind looked underneath to find chassis is bent and twisted.on pointing this out and demanding a independent report witch the report...

Park Resorts / 2 static caravans

Feb 14, 2017

We purchased 2 static caravans from Park resorts at Southview in April 2014 for approx. £19500 from inheritance from parents. The idea was too use the caravans to rent out to holiday makers to provide income throughout the year. The first and second years were fairly ok and a small profit wa...

Park Resorts / Removing my caravan

Jan 12, 2017

Last year in january I had an accident and was unable to work due to this. As a result I informed park resorts of this due to not being able to pay my pitch fees. They informed me that I could pay half and then pay the rest monthly. I then managed to get the money to do this but was then...

Park Resorts / Ground Rent for ownership

Jul 11, 2016

we have recently brought a caravan for 11, 000 and the ground rent is about 4, 500 which we can afford however the money we get to pay the rent comes from a tenant living in our property because of this when she is late with rent we are we have explained the situation to the manager and he...

Park Resorts / £19995 caravan now worth £1500 ONE YEAR LATER

Mar 28, 2016

Holidayed at Eyemouth park resort and loved the area so after a sales pitch decided to buy. A year later we're unable to travel due to ill health we approached site office to talk about selling and we're stunned to hear our caravan was only worth £1500. I've heard of depreciation but £17500...

Park Resorts / Dubious trading practices

Mar 22, 2016

In September 2015 my Aunt (75 years old) bought a holiday home at Sandy Bay site on the Northumberland coast near Newbiggin -by- sea at a cost of £10, 000. Unfortunatelf due to a sudden downturn in her health she now finds she can no longer use the caravan. So on 22/03/2016 I approached Park...

Park Resorts / How the company operates

Feb 19, 2016

EASYLET GUARANTEED INCOME SCHEME Park resorts the whole 2015 season also including the Christmas period. I signed up for the whole of the above, they let my caravan on four occasions from 02/10/2015 to 16/10/2015 the revenue generated was £318.93 but after deductions of linen charges @ £10 X 2...

Park Resorts / Selling Caravan Back To Site

Sep 15, 2015

We bought an ten year old caravan three years ago at one of Park Resorts holiday parks. The van cost us just around £12, 000 Due to change of circumstances, we can no longer afford the high rent, and need to sell. I contacted the park at the beginning of May to inquire about selling the...

Park Resorts / Customer service

Aug 19, 2015

After what I can only describe as the holiday from hell ie wrong accommodation, dirty, plastic in clubhouse food.ive followed the correct complaints procedure to me offered the disgusting sum of £43 in compensation of a £1159 holiday and want to know what to do now as I'm not willing to let such a cowboy company to get away with this.

Park Resorts / bullying owners children

Apr 13, 2015

Park Resorts allowing bulllying by owners children to a child with a disability. We are having to leave Cresswell Towers due to our daughter being bullied by 2 owners children. She is terriefied of going back there...No help at all from Park Resorts. We are removing our holiday home from Park...

Park Resorts / broken promises

Feb 02, 2015

Park Resorts manager at Cresswell towers Northumberland had meeting with all owners and promised new car parking areas and the old areas done up...Guess what this has never happened...Why does this company promise the world and then do naff all ...I know ...This is because this company i...

Park Resorts / Park resorts

Dec 01, 2014

I had a last minute booking from a young lady and her children on Friday 4th of July but on Saturday the 5th I received a call from the caravan site at approximately 5pm (No other calls before) to say there had been an issue with the lady and her friend staying in my caravan, causing...

Park Resorts / rip off fees

Oct 11, 2014

WORSE THAN WONGA - SHARK RESORTS - This is a plea from one owner to another of a static caravan on any park resort site it appears we all have the same problems - lobby the head off and tell them we are not going to keep paying their rip of prices and putting up with their rip off antics -...

Park Resorts / Scandalous!

Aug 09, 2014

I concur with all of the comments about this company - I don't know how they are legally allowed to trade. They are a disgrace. A relative hadn't been in the caravan a year and had to sell for personal reasons. Firstly offered £500, raised to £1, 000 and she ended up...

Park Resorts / Shocking accommodation

Jun 08, 2014

I booked a sun holiday to park resorts bideford bay. It is our only holiday of the year and so was very much looking forward to it. Upon arrival the site is dirty and aged. We checked in ok and went to our "silver" "chalet" well it looked more like an airraid shelter you wouldn't let...

Park Resorts / Owner

May 21, 2014

Bad company, promised the earth and lots of help and letting of the caravans we bought, we bought 2 vans and moved another oto site and got offered free rental for 2 yrs and steps and gas, plus free letting service then at 8% after that for all vans. well after spending over 30000 on...

Park Resorts / After Sales Care

Mar 11, 2014

Park Resorts - Stay far away from Park Resorts [Comment in Complaint] Agree totally with comments, bought a mobile home at Southview Leisure Park in Skegness, not for subletting but to live here for 10 months of the year. The after sales attention is appalling, am trying to find out who to...

Park Resorts / Static caravan rip-off

May 28, 2013

We purchased our static caravan from Park Resorts a few years ago and soon found that some of the residents were complaining of being driven off site by the bullying tactics of the general management and to be honest we didn't really pay much attention at first and thought that being...

Park Resorts Ltd. / Caravan sales beware of verbal promises

Aug 29, 2011

Visiting a Park Resorts Ltd holiday park for a holiday puts you in a good frame of mind. Beware of the VERBAL promises by Park Resorts Salesmen of how you can buy a caravan with a small deposit and the finance supplied by them will pay for itself each month with very very PROMISED...

Park Resorts / Stolen caravan

Aug 22, 2011

I owned a caravan which was financed and was sited on Valley farm caravan park. I had some financial problems and approached the company (Park Resorts) for help or advice. I was told they were not interested and I had to pay my outstanding site fees or they would sell my caravan. I...

Park Resorts / Stay far away from Park Resorts


Park Resorts Ltd operate caravan park across the UK and have sold many caravans which attract high yearly fees which increase alot after the second year which is often when the free of charge period ends and it becomes clear that the high promised rental income has not transpired but any...

Park Resorts / immorale trading


Park ResortsPark Resorts the UK caravan site operator is quickly becoming known as shark resorts. Mr Right has been looking into complaints about the company for past 2 years and has now set the ball rolling with a new re-vamped website and fofum wihcih can be found at Since speaking...

Park Resorts Ltd. / personal


i have worked for this company since june this year and my husband has been working for them since march, and i have never worked for such a bad company and people who just swindle custmors out of cash and then abuse them and also abuse there staff leading people down the road of ruien and...