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Due to pandemic, told I could reschedule- then told no and lose $1500

It is under terrible circumstances that I have to write this review regarding ICE Rewards Travel Agency. I purchased a honeymoon package for Mazatlan for nearly $1500 in 2018. We planned to go in 2019 however I became pregnant and Zika was a huge concern. Knowing we had 2 years to use it we decided to book it in 2019 for this upcoming April- nearly 2 weeks away. However, the entire country, world is experiencing the pandemic of Covid-19. While Mexico is not a tier 3 country at this time, employers and the government is advising against all foreign travel, which is completely understandable!
Due to the immediate and unforeseen shutdown of schools, and other such businesses we decided we should look into changing our trip. I called on 3/15 at 11:22 am and spoke with a representative who stated that I could cancel and reschedule within the same phone call due to circumstances. Great! That's all I want to do! However, I was told we would need to wait until the next day (3/16). After discussing with my husband we agreed this is the safest thing for us and our 4 month old. So, sure enough I call back on 3/16 at 4:30 pm and after being on hold for nearly half hour I was told "we cannot cancel and reschedule. However we could transfer the package to someone else or lose our money. But refunds and reschedules were not an option". Yet the day prior I was told it was! These calls are recorded and they are not honoring their word. I am not asking for a refund, just to reschedule! I'm not trying to take business elsewhere just to reschedule to keep my family safe. I understand there are policies, I did pay for cancellation insurance and yet they are not honoring anything, not even their recorded phone call the day prior. ! What's the point of insurance if you expect me to call prior to 30 days?! At this point they are being greedy thieves during a terrible time in our nation!! I will never do business with this company nor will I ever recommend any of my traveling friends to them. Every travel group I am in will hear of this experience and the disappointment and hypocritical business received from Ice Rewards.

Timeshare Scam

Visited krystal-cancun-b121187">Krystal Cancun Nov. 2018 through BookVIP.com and ended up signing up for timeshare after 5 grueling hours of sales presentation. Ended up paying annual (Over $2, 000) membership to join ICE Rewards and Krystal Resorts and none of the benefits has been true. including the 4 free cruise certificates. In addition, the ICE Rewards website keeps changing and my user information does not work anymore.

lifetime membership in ice

I have been an ICE member from back in the 90's. Bought a lifetime membership around 2005/6 of $1, 000. Then...

ice - rewards

We have a 14 year membership that we never used. Brandon called us a year ago and offered us $1000.00us a year, sounded good but he forgot to tell us that that money could only be used as a percentage off some merchandise, hardly worth the savings, since we live in Canada and can get some of these items cheaper on Amazon. Also, we can get any vacation cheaper by using the internet than what these people can offer. Buyer be aware, if you aren't part of this organization stay clear don"t do it.


We paid for a lifetime membership several years ago. For the last year or more, the website does not acknowledge my email address and therefore will not allow me to reset the password. Worse yet, the phone number on their website is not available from B.C. Canada so I have no way of contacting them or getting access to our account! They used to call me regularly, but when I refused to upgrade, the phone calls ended and there is no longer any contact. We booked cruises through them, the last one two years ago. Since then, it's money down the drain because there is no service.

  • Ma
    MarilynO Mar 01, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi. I may have the solution for you. I hope.
    I have been a member with ICE for about 6 years or so and rarely used them because I didn't think using the points to only get $50 discount off a resort or cruise was really worth it, since their prices really are the same as if we booked these vacations directly through the resorts or cruise lines. By the way, I had about 100, 000 points which at the time sounded great, but if I had to spend hundreds or thousands of points just to get $50 discount, it just wasn't worth it.

    But then approximately 7 months ago, they called me (again) to ask if I wanted to upgrade. I usually say no. But then the ICE rep convinced me that this upgrade would be worth it and convinced me to stay on the phone to listen.

    I did upgrade because now my points are worth it now (also they doubled my points). and I used them twice already (35, 000 for a cruise I'm going on next month and another 35, 000 for a one week all-inclusive to cancun. So now, it's so much better than it was before.

    Anyway, once I upgraded, I could not log into my account either. But I finally figured it out that I have to log in to a different web site now. So maybe that's the same issue with you? Maybe try "icerewardslifestyle.com" now. For me it used to be myplatinumrewards.com. That one doesn't work for me anymore since I upgraded. ICE should be telling us this info!

    Good luck! Hope it works for you!

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ice rewards

I have been a member for at least 7 or 8 years and have never been impressed with Ice Rewards. I haven't used them much at all except for the "free" vacations they had originally offered. I can say a lot but I will keep it short. First, I have 115, 000 points (which they really brag up) but that I have never really used because they only allow you to use a limited number of points for their chosen cruises or resorts, etc. When I compare ICE's prices directly to the cruise lines or resorts' prices, there are no savings. It's better to book directly with the cruise line, etc. Then I received an email reminding me that my annual subscription of $29 u.s. was due recently, so I tried to pay for it on-line but it wouldn't allow me. So I called their number to let them know I was calling to pay my annual renewal. The rep that I got on the phone said his name was Eric Carbajel (not sure if I got the surname spelling correct). Told me he was going to put me on hold to check if there my account first to see if it was flagged. He came back on and informed me that my account was in fact "flagged". I asked him why. He said my profile needed to be updated. Then he proceeded to tell me that he would be my travel rep for the next 5 years and gave me his extension number 69310 to call whenever I needed help. Then I told him I didn't have much time (less than 5 minutes and I had to leave - my realtor was picking me up), and I asked him at least a couple times why my profile had to be updated and he kept talking over me. I then told him I would have to leave in about 4 minutes and he developed an attitude and said, "if you don't want help, then we'll just leave your account flagged!". He then hung up on me! This is the kind of customer service ICE provides then I want nothing to do with them. And ll I wanted was to pay them my annual dues which didn't happen!

obscure policies which lead to your booking being cancelled

Tried to use my ICE Rewards benefits to book a resort vacation, but the dates I could go didn't work with the various options available on their website. Talked to an ICE Rewards rep, which sent a booking request to the resort where I wanted to go - and it worked, she managed to get me the dates I wanted, for a great price (thanks to the benefits I have in my account, which I paid dearly for...) ! I then went ahead and booked my (non-refundable) airfare, only to be told a few days after that my resort booking had been cancelled / had not gone through (I was told both versions) due to some obscure policy that I had never been made aware of. I had received a booking confirmation email by then. As a result of this obscure policy, no go for me for that resort, the booking was non longer in existence and was not going to happen ! So I was then stuck with 2 non-refundable flight tickets, with nowhere to go with those unless I paid an extra $1, 000 to find somewhere to stay at my desired destination. Not impressed with ICE Rewards at all... If I had been told upfront about the various policies I would not have tried to book and would not have spent a good chunk of money on airfare, to then have to pay even more to go somewhere I was not going to be able to afford - which I then had to spend extra $$$ in order to salvage something. BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE !!!

vacation club

I bought a time share. I got home from buying that time share and had ice call me. They sold me a life time membership. Its 100% paid for. A few weeks back Brandon called me gave me this sales pitch and I told him my husband was not around andni needed to talk to him. He said it's a free trial I can go look at it and we can talk about it get back with him. So I paid 399.00 us dollars and we logged in and the cash he said that would be in there a 1000 dollars could be used for flights or anything I wanted. Also would have over 90, 000 points because I already had some in there. Only had 80 000 no 1000 dollar credit so I called and called this guy sent him email to his person email. Never heard back from him so I spent sat on hold with 3 phones to cancel this upgrade. I finally got ahold of a lady and she said it was taken care of, low and behold it was not I had to stop payment on my credit card to get them to cancel it. In between this time I called booked some flights to Aruba and Denver and rented a car. Well things come up so I had to call and cancel the car and I did and I played 200 dollars to change a flight because we had a death in the family and they still charged me the full price of the car even know I canceled it. The company for the insurance managed to get that canceled so also out 90 dollars for a car I never used that I did cancel. Now i have to say when you want to spend money these people are top notch all over that. But yo reach them for issues good luck with that. A Andreq called me Friday and said he would call me back. Maybe he did and I missed it and he just didn't want to leave a voice mail? Not professional! So tonight I go in to rent a car for my son that is in the military and will be landing in less then 24 hours. I log on and my accounts red flagged. Are you kidding me sonit was another 30 min wait on the phone some lady answers and I ask where is my account everything's deleted my savings credits my certificates and I cant even book anything. She tells me it's because I canceled the upgrade. Ok that's all fine but the up grade is on top of my membership of life time ice! So my savings credits, certificates and lifetime I already paid in full should be there. Yep nope it's not. And they couldn't give me a logical reason why it was not just that it happens when its canceled. Oh my God I didn't cancel something I already own. So she wanted to put me on hold again to get me to booking so I can book something and not get points or anything for it ? Hello NO I own this for life already over 4000 dollars not to mention I have spent 1000s on flights every year. You people need to get it together this is ridiculous. Budget rent a car was happy to help. I will be going to better business and Yelp and Google and trip advisor to write complaints if this issue is not resolved in 72 hours. I'm not being put on hold one more time. I should be paid for the time that's been waisted on hold over this deal. Please please please think twice before doing business with these people they dont care about you unless you are buying something. It's very sad that half the program is awesome but if you need help or have an issue your screwed

creditos de aniversario

He realizado multiples llamadas para que se me acrediten los creditos por aniversario, los cuales deberian...

changing email address

Cannot change my email address. Only using [protected]@gmail.com
I no longer get you emails,
Tried changing email address in my profile but it did not work,
Member ID: ADHQ05484
• Robert Young
• Address:90 RIVERSIDE DR APT 8F
• State:New York
• Zip:10024

Change email address to [protected]@gmail.com

Old email address is [protected]@rcn.com

$2900 travel club in purchased.

My husband and I attended a sale presentation at the krystal-cancun-b121187">Krystal Cancun resort this Spring 2018. We purchased a $2900.00 package we were excited about. We felt we asked very specific questions to the particulars we were wanting in a travel club. The problem I see is this. They explained the program, we asked the questions we were concerned about and they tell you what you want to hear. It is a play on words or should I just say they flat out lied to us.
Bottom line: what we purchased is not what we thought we were buying. The $299 a week special was explained far differently than what it actually is. This was the part of the program that interested me the most. Beware this program is a fraud and you can get prices online the same or cheaper than buying into their club. We are so disappointed and feel like they take advantage of good people.

  • Ey
    Eye will expose Dec 15, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You may have some recourse against them. Read my post about ice enterprise

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[Resolved] lifetime platinum membership

I was talked in by the company agent to buy "lifetime platinum membership" for $2500 in 2015 with promises of concierge/personal services. Every time I called/emailed my "personal agent" for a vacation/cruises, no response ever! I looked on website and what my benefits would not qualify for anything I wanted. Whatever available to my "points" was a joke. I get much better deals than through ice rewards programs. Last year, solicited phone calls offered to upgrade to elite status as a new program because "platinum" is out of phase; meaning whatever I bought was done. Expired. Gone. New elite program would present me endless savings, free 1 week cruise, points for car rental, airfare... For another $2500. Really? I feel cheated financially, robbed mentally, and raped emotionally. How many more way you can create to scam hardworking people like me? This company must be investigated and shut down. My complaint is definitely not the 1st and won't be the last as long as this company is still in business of scamming.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Updated by Social Customer Service · May 16, 2018

    Hello bx np, I sent you a private message so that we may assist with your membership concerns. Please reply so we may help. Thank you.

false advertisement

I recently purchased this membership while on vacation in Cancun. It was a package deal with a timeshare at...

cruise gift certificates

I got 2 cruise certificates as a gift for my membership, after talking several times with the Customer Service/Booking people it was a joke how much I have to pay for both of us. It is far more cheaper to do it via any website that via ICE office. I feel cheated, what a joke 2 people with the "Great and unique GIFT Certificate" cost 1, 600 u$s in any website exactly the same cruise (name, trip, dates, etc.) cost u$s 1, 450. I wish I could recuperate the money I paid for "My exclusive Membership"...

  • Fe
    Feelingcheated2 Aug 02, 2019

    What a fucking joke! There is NO savings! Paid this extra money and really you get nothing! Would love to go chew some ass but I guess this will do!

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renewal of 'my platinum rewards' membership

A couple of days ago I was looking for a cruise and when I tried to access ‘my platinum rewards’ I realised that my membership must have expired. I contacted your office with the aim of renewing the expired membership for another 5 years. Shane Coakley called me and tried persuading me in a lifetime membership without allowing me to get the terms and conditions of the contract as he said you were going green - I wanted an electronic version of it not printed! He said that I had to put a deposit first and then I get the contract and if I do not like the terms I can then cancel within the 10 days of cooling off. 

We were not at all convinced of the lifetime membership due to the secrecy so we opted for a two-year renewal as he said the 5 year was no longer available. Prior to accepting to renew I asked him to quote for me a particular cruise that I was interested in. He said it will cost me $890 per person, I thought this price was favourable as I had a quote which said $1118, so I accepted to get the renewal done. The guy who verified my details and passed the transection told me that I will be receiving an email with the details of my renewal and access to the members’ sight but thus far no email was received.

Right after giving him my credit card details Shane passed me over to reservations to book the cruise. I spoke to a Maria and she told me that the cruise was going to cost me $1718.50 + taxes/p which is twice as much as Shane quoted just minutes before. I told her so and she asked me to hold and she kept me on hold like forever and finally she told me she was going to transfer me back to Shane. I could feel that something was not right - and I was right? I got an answering machine instead of Shane’s voice at the other end. I had no option but to hang up.

Following this incident I sent Shane about 4 emails asking him to contact me but he replied back to none. I called each number I found on your websites and I got tossed from one place to another and it got me nowhere.  I sent an email to all the email addresses found on your site's but no one got back to me.  I chatted with someone on your site and asked her to get someone to call me but again no one did.  I later on received a survey asking me about my experience with Shane and I replied accordingly.
I am really disappointed in all this.  I've been a member for over 10 years and I always valued using ICE, if you look at my records you will find that I booked several cruises.  Unless I get the cruise at the price Shane originally quoted (that of $890/p) I am no longer interested in this membership and I want to exercise my right to cancel. Please take this compalaint as a request for cancellation. I paid $399 and the transection went to ‘our vacation centre’. I do not have details of my new membership etc… as I never got them. Please credit my account accordingly.

  • We
    West Vancouver Feb 21, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a similar experience Valletta, with this club. There is no one to talk, nobody knows anything, constantly switching to another department, just waste of the time. They are just waiting for a credit card # without of any responsibilities which I experienced many times. I am really disappointed in all service, wrong information, lying rules. It's hard to believe that something like that still exists in the present world.
    magda from Vancouver, Canada

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  • Ey
    Eye will expose Dec 03, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @West Vancouver They violate the FTC consumer protection act daily by not disclosing to members that they represent a multitude of brands under the same roof but pitch them as competing or alternate services. Many, if not most, members have been lured into purchasing more than 1 of these brands. It's "against company policy" to cross-brand, so sales agents are trained to pitch you on ANY upgradable accounts. And the reality is that they are all essentially the same thing.
    If you have enrolled in more than one membership, odds are, they're connected. If this is the case, then you NEED to contact the Arizona Attorney General's office and file a formal complaint AND DO NOT WITHDRAW IT!

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hampton inn and suites stay 8/3-8/5/17

Good Morning, I had made reservations and received a confirmation email for the Hampton Inn and Suites in...

reimbursement not received for program cancellation

Upgraded my program membership. Cancelled my subscription upgrade within the timeline specified in the "terms and conditions." Have been waiting 6 weeks for reimbursement. Have spoken to the account representative on several occasions, as well as communicated via email. Also spoke to a representative from the accounting department who assured me that my account had been processed form reimbursement more than 3 weeks ago. Inquired today about the repayment and continue to receive one excuse after another.

  • Va
    Valc Aug 23, 2017

    I was also lied to by my ice account manager. They will not give a copy of our recorded conversation to my lawyer and they insist that what they told me was correct information. It was not. I don't know what to do to get my $4, 000+ money back for "lifetime membership". Can someone advise me?PLEASE!

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  • Cl
    clrexer55 Mar 05, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Had the same issue with them less than a week ago, I called my credit card company and had the charges stopped right away, again I had no responce from them for 4 days, sent 3 emails, Once they make the same it's all down hill. They use your phone number so when you call them they know your calling, waited on hold for over 45 min on Saturday and had 2 phones going Monday both on hold for over 30 min before getting a rep, he said he canceled it but like I said I called my credit card company and disputed charges and forwarded emails to credit card company

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upgrade to elite status

DON'T DO IT! It is not a good deal. Some guy called me last week and talked me into upgrading to "Elite Status" He said I can use my points to stay for free, only cost points. What he didn't say is that the points are in fact worth less than the program I was in. Example;
Just to prove
The elite program;
At Morits Tortuga Club Grand Cayman
Check-in Check-out Length
of Stay Size / Kitchen Guests Retail Rate Savings Your Rate

25 Aug 01 Sep 7 nights 1 Bdrm / Full 4 $1, 487.51* $1, 487.51
..with 100, 000 points $0.00*

Which means 100000 is worth 0.01487 dollars per point

$1487.51/100000 points = $0.01487 per point

Last year I booked this exact property.

I paid $387 cash + 10000 points


$1100.51/10000 points=$0.110051 per point

Do the math first!

unauthorized credit card charges

Ice rewards unauthorized credit card charges and unethical behavior
Client/subscription id:irsc1006755
Resolution required: full refund - all charges to my credit card of usd399.00 and usd200.00 to be reversed.

On the 27th dec 2016 i was approached via telephone by icerewards rep cristina garcia after all the talk i was interested in the pkg and signed up. I was informed that i had 10 days to consider the offer and that no charges will be applied to my credit card.
3days later on the 30 dec 2016 i telephoned my account representative ms christina garcia at [protected] ext4098) informing her that my husband was involved in a vehicular accident. I also stated that as a result of this i was unable to go through with the purchase of the package at this time and needed to cancel the package.
Ms. Garcia assured me that cancellation was not a problem as i was within the 10day window and the initial charge to my credit card of usd $399.00 would be reversed. She also stated that the cancellation process would take ten days.
To date the charge has not been reversed and the package has not been cancelled.
Note: 1.  at no time was i informed that the cancellation/rescission was to be in writing.   2. I was not provided with a fax number or email address to send any written correspondence.
On the 10th january i received a statement in the mail from icerewards with details of my membership. (See attached)
I have left telephone messages for ms. Garcia without much success. To date there has been no responses to any of my calls or messages.
Icerewards went ahead an applied a further charge of usd200.00 to my card on jan21, 2017 even though i expressly stated that i wanted the package cancelled.
This behavior is totally unethical and dishonest.

  • Updated by RuthSPhilli · Jan 29, 2017

    Still waiting on a resolution.

whole business

Over 10 months ago I worked there as a sales person. I was hired under a specific role and it turned out it was completely different. We were forced to sell worthless upgrades to time share owners. The whole process is a scheme to fraud members with false advertisement and promises.
I had countless calls where members felt they were fouled and there was nothing I could have done for them other than say sorry. The whole practice should be illegal.
The biggest producers are point blank liars and go to the extend of threatening people in order to make more money.
It is a disgusting place to work. If you have ethics then either forget about them or don't even go for an interview.
Some government entity should look into it. It is a disgrace.
The owners and upper management should go to jail.

  • Ey
    Eye will expose Dec 06, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi Sandra. I was just fired for "cross-branding". Non-disclosure of information to a member, especially in phone sales, is a violation of the FTC consumer protection act. I am going to the AZAG with this information. I may need additional people to verify that they don't allow cross-branding. If you would be willing to back me up please let me know. Thanks.

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