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Riviera Beach Resort fraud in the sales department — Diamond refuses to honor the contract we signed.

We have met with them two times in 2020 at the resort and both times they admit that they did not do what they promised when they took our money on the last up sell. They said...

services and missing money

I over paid because of missing 5k+ they lost
Everything shows i took over 11k out my banks for air and transportation
And $9500 cash that she took and counted and put the rest on credit card and gave everyone there keys. At blue-waters in jamaica but why 2 days later $4400 was missing from her drop
But because it was our wedding we did not want a hiccup so we paid it till the investigation was over its been over 9 months . But in all the rooms the kids room i was told by expedia that it was canceled and white sands was holding 3100. So im not understanding what went down and if i need to send this to more people i sent my documents to gm at resort and some other manger that replied on tripadvisor.

presentation at mystic dunes fl

I went on a diamond resort presentation. They try to bully you.. A 90 minute presentation takes 3 hrs. I got up to walk out and the presenter threatened to not give me my 100$ for...

they lied to us about being able to sell back our membership

We are survivors of the camp fire. we went to Vegas to get away from all the devastation of the fire . We were approached with the offer of the free show etc.. if we go to the presentation at the resort . We made the purchase and had a great time on our vacation within three months we were contacted again by diamond for another vacation. So we went to Sedona Arizona for a vacation were again we went to a presentation and were talked into another purchase always with the promise that we could sell it back at any time. Mind you, we lost everything we owned in the fire with no insurance and told them that at both presentations. Also told them we were still in a daze and hadn't processed everything we had went through. Also explained to them we weren't sure we would financially be able to make the payment's. Again we were reassured that we could sell it back to them at any time. Also told the agent we didn't make enough money to qualifiy for the loan. He said for us to just say we made $2500 a month and it would be fine. Again i said we had just been through a devistating fire and we haven't even had time to process, i didn't think we would be able to make that kind of payment. he introduced us to other people and they convinced us to sign. While all the time i explained we had just been through a desaster! I didn't think we were going to be able to commit to a purchase so soon. We still hadn't had time to proccess our losses. again with them reasssuring us we could sell it back at any time. My Family makes less then $3000 a month for the 3 of us on a fixed income. We do not have enough money to pay a over $400 dollor a month mortgage payment plus another $3000 a yr membership fee/dues . For a timeshare when we don't even have a place to live. We lost our home with no insurance along with everything else we owned. My tools for my trade both our vehicles. we were living in a 1988 winnabago at the time of our purchase. And i told the salesmen that. It has been over a year since the fire we struggle to eat and keep enough firewood to heat our rental which is another $400 a month. plus utilities car insurance, propane, and wood, heat the average temp were we live for this month is 36 deg F. 3 of us live in a 1 bdr literally 3 room cabin type home at 5100 ' elevation it snows average 10' yr. it has already snowed 7' and we aren't in the snowy months yet. The only money we received from FEMA to get a place to live Diamond sales reps talked us into giving them. which at the time I told them all we weren't in our right mind. we hadn't even processed what we had just went through and i didn't think we could afford a purchase of this size. always with their reassurance we could sell it back to them at any time. Now we know we can't afford this we contacted them and they refuse to give us our money back and will not release us from our contract. We realize now that we shouldn't have listened to them when we signed those agreements. We shouldn't have allowed them to convince us to sign those papers. At the time we were and still are trying to process all that we went through and lost on the day of the fire. My 14yr old son still has horrible PTSD from driving through the fire and loosing all our animals except the 4 chickens we were able to take with us and everything else we owned. Along with every thing else we knew to be our lives. we Not only lost our belongings we lost our town, every house we had ever lived in all our friends' house's and the shop were i worked. On top of loosing my father earlier that same yr, dealing with his probate, etc. My woman can't go back to the town were she lived her entire life. because of the pain and the horrible feelings she gets even talking about going. Remembering what she went through the first time they went back with me. She can't take those feeling of death and devastation and neither can my son. I had to go back before them and bury our rabbits that had died in their cages & pens And prepare our destroyed home before i would allow them to come. Even then it was very hard on them and it makes me cry now as i type this thinking of them, how brave my 13yr old was looking at our property consoling his mother while fighting back his own tears. Seeing their reactions from looking at our whole lives destroyed, in front of them. We don't deserve to be taken advantage of after what we have been through! We need to be released from this contract. So we can try to put our lives back together. without this ruining our credit so we aren't able to buy a home. We don't make enough to purchase a home with this as well. If there is a way please contact us. I'm attaching pic's so you may see a piece of our reality. 1. arial veiw of our world gone! 2. the motorhome we lived in and my son uses as a room still. 3. My better half and i rising above the ashes of our destroyed lives. The 3 room cabin we rent now.

they lied to us about being able to sell back our membership
they lied to us about being able to sell back our membership
they lied to us about being able to sell back our membership
they lied to us about being able to sell back our membership


This is to inform you of the disappointment that comes from your Orlando Call Center. It's disheartening at what goes on, what you allow for certain people and not others. Kiara Beal should be investigated for attendance and production. She's constantly late, she calls out and her supervisor puts in time she doesn't have or changes her time clock to show she's on time. Kiara brags on the floor about it. She calls out the day before or after a holiday and is still paid, gets time off she doesn't have, lies about death in her family just to get paid and get the time off all with her supervisor knowing. How do you call yourself a reputable company and allow such favoritism. She has been there over a year and has only hit commission once back in March 2018 and you still allow her to keep her job, but others are termed. Due to this favoritism, I have left this company but feel for the ones who are still being let go who actually produce but yet you keep Kiara because she's cool with Chris Owens. Get it together and treat everyone the same

cancelling contract

I have been calling and trying to reach someone that can help me out of this contract, i signed up in may 2019 and have not been able to get the person that sold it to me, cant get dates and or any help, i never used it and now being unemployed i told them i have a hardship and they told me i am not eligible for the hardship program, what do you need more than to be unemployed, they told me i still do not qualify for the program. I really cant afford this anymore, i have made payments every month this far. Please help me break this contract. Doreen [protected]

timeshare presentation theft

I wrote this on the Better Business Bureau website (9/17/19), and it lead to nothing. I'm posting this here so that others see this and realize that Diamond Resorts is a glorified...

my stay at the historic powhata resort

I have stayed at this location over ten times I have reccomended coleages, family and friends as well over the last eight years.
My experience has always been wonderful except for today I reserved a stay here for two night for a business meeting on monday I reserved my roon throught as per usual. I arrived at 5:00pm and poceeded to check in a gentelman named KYLE persisted to tell me that I dont have a resevation and i must have booked it for another day after giving him my conformation number he still suggested that I must have made a mistake. I then contacted with the agent on the phone and Kyle suggested that I wait iutside because he has other guest to check in . I ask to speak to a manager on duty and he stated their was no manager avalible . I then went to the VIP check_ in Guest entry and the representative said that there was no manager avalible. After TWO HOURS I contacted hotels .com to cancil the reservation and to be issued a refund then Kyle finally comes out from the back and gives me my keys for entry. I have never had this terrible experience in the past 8 years of comming here and he was apologenic nor did a manager ever come to assist me with his unprofessional and lack of understanding for knowledge of third party payments at the stay. I will not be visiting The Historic Powhatan in the future as well as I will inform that everyone I know abob the horible expierience and reconsider inviting my employees for the stay that for febuary 2020
Medenia Bush

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    I have stayed at this location over ten times I have recommended colleagues, family and friends as well over the last eight years.

    My experience has always been wonderful except for today I reserved a stay here for two night for a business meeting on monday I reserved my roon throught as per usual. I arrived at 5:00pm and poceeded to check in a gentelman named KYLE persisted to tell me that I dont have a resevation and i must have booked it for another day after giving him my conformation number he still suggested that I must have made a mistake. I then contacted with the agent on the phone and Kyle suggested that I wait iutside because he has other guest to check in . I ask to speak to a manager on duty and he stated their was no manager avalible . I then went to the VIP check_ in Guest entry and the representative said that there was no manager avalible. After TWO HOURS I contacted hotels .com to cancil the reservation and to be issued a refund then Kyle finally comes out from the back and gives me my keys for entry. I have never had this terrible experience in the past 8 years of comming here and he was apologenic nor did a manager ever come to assist me with his unprofessional and lack of understanding for knowledge of third party payments at the stay. I will not be visiting The Historic Powhatan in the future as well as I will inform that everyone I know abob the horible expierience and reconsider inviting my employees for the stay that for febuary 2020


Unfortunately I was caught in the major hurricane and was unable to connect with Diamond to stop my account from going into foreclosure. Upon my return I contacted Diamond and wa...

pressured to keep a contract

September 20, 2019 Ref Diamond Resorts Contract number [protected] We have been waiting for about three months for a formal response on our contract cancelation request. Initially...

customer service/check-in experience

96834 It took us a hour to check in simply because the girl working at the front desk had no clue what she was doing. She told us that we had to get our money refunded and use a...

lakes bistro.

Whilst waiting and being next at the bar I was ignored by a manager who simply turned her head and stormed off. She came back shortly after thinking someone else must have served...

Diamond Resorts Internationalsampler package

On the first day that my husband and I had been on a vacation in over 10yrs, we were asked to go to a timeshare seminar and for our 2 hrs worth of time we could choose an option of complimentary tickets, but we had to put a deposit down. Right there, we should have walked out. We were finally brought into a room where there were several tables and "agents" meeting with couples. The music was so loud that I could barely hear what the "agent" was saying. They wanted to put me into debt for the rest of my life and children's. They then bring out the sampler. It has now been 4 hours of our vacation that they have taken away from us and holding us hostage because we just wanted the $50 deposit back. We just wanted to leave and felt if we agreed to the sampler we could get on with our vacation. I finally had a chance to look at the locations and noticed SO MANY extra fees and no close resorts that it really is a scam when I was told there are hundreds of resorts around the country. I had to search for the number to cancel and of course they don't make it easy. I unfortunately contacted them 1 day too late to cancel.

Diamond Resorts InternationalMislead and Scammed

on 8/12/19, my husband and I attended a timeshare presentation through Diamond Resort in Cabo, San Lucas, as part of our ownership program. We were asked to attend for the purpose of reviewing our current membership. We had no intention of making any purchases as this seems to be one of their tactics (sell, sell, sell). Our salesperson was Michael Rosenthal, Vietnam War Veteran (very impressive right?) We explained to Michael that we were not in a position to make any additional purchases through Diamond Resort. I had just buried my brother in November and was helping my mother pay for the funeral cost. All this went into deaf ears. 
Michael proceeded to review our current contract and said he could save us money on our maintenance fees. As a matter of fact he could put $2, 000 dollars a year, back in our pocket. 
All we had to do was purchase their maintenance plan for $3995. Instead of paying $199.00 a month in maintenance fees, we would only pay $173.00 for the life of our membership (which is currently 10 years). Michael said he would call the corporate office and have them waive or defer our current maintenance plan fees, if we purchase the one he was offering. We would be fools not to buy they plan (he said). " Why wouldn't you want to put that money back in your pocket?" I asked how all this was possible, how was he able to offer a lifetime price lock. He said, since the purchase was being made in Mexico, we would get more for our American dollars. Michael then called over his sidekick, Carson (I don't have a last name) together they painted a beautiful picture and continued with the pressure. My husband and I finally gave into their pressure, after all we were going to actually save money (so they said). I told Michael, I did not have the down payment of $349 and would need a minute to transfer that from my saving to my checking. Once the transaction was completed, I gave them my debit card. They ran the card and brought back the slip for my signature. Michael was in the middle of telling us his war stories and how his buddy was blown up in front of his eyes. Of course, I am signing the debit slip and not looking at the amount charged because I am paying attention to the old "Red, White and Blue" con man in front of me. Needless to say, my card was charged the entire amount of $3995 and not the agreed upon down payment of $349, for the "Maintenance Plan Package" immediately I received an alert on my telephone from the bank regarding a purchase in the amount of $3995. Before my eyes, my checking and savings account had a zero balance and my credit card that is attached to my checking (for overdraft protection) was used to cover the difference. Unbeknown to me, I have now made a cash advance on my credit card to cover the difference. I then started receiving alerts about overdraft fees, over the limit fees, etc. I was so upset and frazzled. Michael and his boy blunder Carson, apologized and said they would correct it immediately. They said I would have the money back in my account within the next 3-4 minutes. Shortly after, they produced what we thought was our "new maintenance plan contract." Again, shame on me for trusting and allowing this con artist to distract us. A Lot of blah, blah, "I have 18 boats, I fish, I caught a dorado, blah, blah" We signed the contract without reading it, as we listened to all his malarky about his fishing adventures, and his bad knees from the war. After we were done signing and listening to his tall tales, Michael says, "Tell you what I'm going to do for you, I am going to throw in 20, 000 points for you to vacation and I am going to give you a room credit." He calls Carson over and asked how much credit can he apply to our room for our inconvenience with our debit card. Good old Carson laughs and says "give them a $1000 dollars" then he says "$50.00 dollars". We thought, oh chucks, what a nice pair guys (NOT), giving us a whole $50.00 dollars after taking almost $4, 000 from our accounts. Our inconvenience was worth more than $50.00 dollars! We returned to our hotel room and I immediately called our bank to follow up on the transactions and ensure the money was truly returned. The bank did not see a return from the resort in the amount of $3995. I had to open a fraud claim. The final two days of our vacation, we were broke, our bank account was at zero. Michael assured us they had reversed the charges (they gave us a copy). Today is August 16th and the bank has not returned the $3995. I spent the entire time worrying about the money that was taken out of the account. I never gave a second look to the contract we had signed. Once we returned home on August 15th, I looked over the contract only to find we were sold a 20, 000 POINTS RESORT SAMPLER and not the Maintenance Plan they offered us. We were mislead, tricked and conned into making a purchase we clearly told them we did not want. In April 2019, we were pressured into purchasing a sampler while attending another godforsaken presentation. We immediately cancel it the following day, due to financial hardship. Michael knew this! he had copy of our file in front of him and knew we canceled a sampler in April. To add salt to injury, while talking us into the Maintenance plan, Michael said he would throw in an additional 20, 000 points which will bring us to a "Gold Status" for 2 years. Michael was not giving us a thing! he was selling us a $20, 000 point SAMPLER PACKAGE. Michael, basically urinated on our face and called it rain! I have called a few people from Diamond Resort, sent emails begging them to please cancel this bogus contract and issue a refund. Unfortunately, we are already Diamond Resort owners for the next 10 years. We do not need to purchase a Sampler Package. With our currently ownership, we get 7500 points per year. Everyone from Diamond Resort that has returned my call, has basically told me the same thing. "You signed a contract" "We can't do anything" They didn't care how the contract was obtain and the deceit that was used. They were not listening. Heck, we have signed our soul over to the devil. We are now locked with these shady crooks for the next 10 years and now I get to pay them an extra $3995 dollars on top of what I currently owe them. It's really sad, I should have done my homework. In searching the internet and reading other reviews on Diamond Resort, I have found a few people with my similar complaint. They too purchased a Sampler thinking they were purchasing a maintenance plan. I have also filed a complaint with the BBB. I know that I am pretty much doomed and in financial debt with these thieves. I would like to shed light on their shady practices, people need to know what they are in for if they get caught up with this organization. It's really sad, we saw a few elderly couples at our presentation and they too looked confused. I am sure they were scammed too! Shame on you Diamond Resort! What lies in the dark, eventually comes to light. I will never stop writing my reviews about your organization. I hope that my message will save a few poor souls from your filthy grips.

Diamond Resorts Internationaldiamond resorts timeshare total scam

So, this isnt the 1st time we've had this problem. We looked at booking a room over a specific week. Didn't book it right away. We logged in less than 24hrs later and imagine that, they have no 2BR condos left for that week. Every booking site has 2BR condos available, Diamond resorts even has them available for cash purchases. However if you are a diamond resorts member and timeshare owner that wants to use your points, too bad!! SOLD OUT!! I do have to chuckle as to how the specific room and date we search just happens to always disappear the next day and they are ALWAYS "the last of that room we had available"

Diamond Resorts International — bed bugs

I planned a girl's trip to Las Vegas July 12, 2019 - July 15, 2019 for 9 ladies and opted to stay at the Cancun Resort and rent 2, 2-bedrooms units and a penthouse unit as opposed...

Diamond Resorts Internationalvacations

I booked a vacation with my family to Mexico 8 month ahead of the time .i was never advise that this was a all inclusive and that we will have to pay $170 a day per person on top of the point we us . I contacta diamond and first talk to Stacy that she was very nice in the phone and told me she was willing to return my point back to my account ( I do have all that in writing from her ) but she will call me back in 48 hours .
Not only she did not contact me to try to resolve the problem, bit whe my husband call her back she was very rude and did not have any intention of resolving this problem .
I did got a contact for her supervised María Kabel phone number [protected] .I can understand how your company have that kind of person representing the company . Not only she insult me since she start talking to me, she did not want to solve my problem .I do not think that I ever talk to someone as rude as this person, she not only was rude, but she talk to me with no respect, I never try to take advantage of diamond that is not my intension, I will never be, we are not that kind of person .But I guess Maria could not understand that because clearly is not her way .
I only want from her to give me a reasonable answer about my upcoming vacation that is was less than 24 hours away . Take in consideration that I call 3 day before to resolve this and nobody did Anything about it.
Diamond is giving the client misleading information about the services that they provide .And not only that but the wayMaria Kalber,
Operation Vice President, Customer Service treat me I consider dicreminatory .
The missleading information and the discrimination in this case are both against the law .
Is this the Way Diamond resort will like to be represent . As a company that not only discriminate against in my case Latinos, but also lie to them in the information provided ?

  • Sh
    Sharon Wilma Oct 21, 2019

    This just happened to us!!! We received an email to let us know we had to pay an extra $2600 for our vacation. We used 6000 points to pay for the vacation not noticing it was an all inclusive resort and we never received a bill for the extra charge until 3 weeks before our vacation. Now keep in mind that if we chose to go to this resort without using our Diamond points and making the reservation on the internet, it would cost us $2800. So our 6000 points had a $200 value. I called and cancelled the reservation. Because we cancelled within the 30 window we have lost our points!! They are a bunch of sneaky buggers!!! FRAUDSTERS!!!

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Diamond Resorts Internationallogin access, and rectify my email

hello, contract number: 17962461S
I have a contract under my and my husband name, I registered for a new login access but i didn't receive the confirmation email, then it went for my husband email and got block he used wrong login not the one i chose.
pls arrange to unblock the Account and rectify my email, [protected]

fayzah alnuaimi

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    awaiting reply !!!

Diamond Resorts Internationalfalse info and misrepresentation during sale of timeshare

around Oct 1 2018
I hold my timeshare with the Hawaiian property but was informed that only the US property allows its timeshare holders to sell their timeshare in a market place created by DRI and in order to access the forum to sell my shares i have to buy some points with the US property.
I asked to be shown the forum and was told it was at its infancy stage. I bought 3000 more points that i don't need and later found this to be untrue when speaking to another sales person in April 2019

Around April 29 2019
In an update meeting i complaint about my maintenance fees and was told that the US property has a lower fee and I should move my points from Hawaii to US but to do that i have to buy more points.
I didn't want to sign the contract until they can promise me a lower fee as i already have too much points. We put a call to their Finance Dept. who say they can confirm in 30 to 45 days The estimate was lower in the contract and i signed it after much discussion and verification by the sales person.
I checked my account and the fees came in after the 30 days grace period and it came up to be higher. Since its after 30 days i cannot rescind my contract and i was told by the Finance Dept that i should have read my contract and the figure is an estimate.
Great way to scam someone trying to reduce their annual fees.

and because of this additional amount due, i am unable to book any vacation until i pay the increase in fees.
I want to get out of this purchase which was meant to help me reduce my fees and not increase it.

Diamond Resorts Internationalquality of facility and issues during week 20 stay in obc, virginia beach

Fredericksburg, VA 22407

Dear Diamond Resort Management,

My wife and I purchased week 20 at Ocean Beach Club in Virginia Beach, VA on June 10th, 2010 with contract # [protected] and we checked out of our 2 bedroom (including lockout) ocean front rooms this past Sunday 5/26/19. With the last few years of usage we have noted a lot of negative changes in the quality of the services and condition of the floating ocean front rooms we stayed at and the facility as a whole.

With this year's reservation we requested (in writing on-line and at the front desk with check in) a newly renovated room as we were disappointed as Diamond owners in the previous years. So we provided plenty opportunity for Diamond management to ensure a more satisfying experience this year. But again we were disappointed which has prompted my low survey rating and my personal crusade to do more to notify Diamond Resorts management of the conditions to hopefully make improvements BEFORE we arrive next year.

Here is a list of what we experienced and witnessed this year (room 606 AB) and I'm sure most of it still in despair today if you want your quality control representative to verify 1st hand.
1- Room was not clean
A- Coffee grounds still in coffee pot
B- Spots in carpet, red blood spots on shear curtains in livings room, white spots on couch
C- Bedroom curtains damaged and hanging down on left side
D- Rips in sheets and pillow cases
E- Missing tall lamp in living room (no light near window for reading)
2- Kitchen and appliances not up to pare
A- Missing large glass in kitchen cabinet
B- Cabinet door glass held in with clear tape (afraid it would fall out and break)
C- Microwave oven turntable not operational, Filter missing
D- No dish detergent (could not wash coffee pot, # 1A above)
E- Sink garbage disposal not functional with food particles left and slow water drainage
F- No ice trays in fridge for our beach cooler
3- Bathroom issues
A- The Hot Tub "On Switch" broken (afraid to use in fear of electrical shock)
B- No complementary midweek towel exchange offered (4 wash clothes for the week will not work)
C- Pocket door "Lock" between kitchen and bathroom would not work (not good with grand-kids)
4- OBC facility as a whole
A- Showing signs of wear and tear
1) Indoor pool continuous water fall supply pipes rusty, broken, held with wire clamps, etc
2) Oceanaire 10th floor chair and lounge cushions has rips and wear indications
3) Similar cushion wear in lobby and other places throughout facility
B- Housekeeping
1) No soap in Men's bathroom near restaurant on main floor (where do your employees go ?)
C- We saw TWO separate cases of small dogs physically on the property (in the hallways and
we did not see SERVICE on one of them).
D- Since we own a double unit (lockout) we should receive TWO parking passes (we had to pay
$10/day for the 2nd parking pass. We would like to be reimbursed for that)
E- Due to the large crowd Labor Day weekend we were 6 minutes late to drive out of Parking
Garage and they wanted to charge us $40 per car to leave at 2:06pm !!! Owners should
not have to deal with that up charge for being 6 minutes late !!!

In Summary our family was very disappointed in Diamond management for we continue to pay more in maintenance fees each year but the quality declines. I returned calls and stopped at the front desk to chat with Mr. Victor McElroy (OBC manager) but we did not connect. Continued the efforts this week with Mr. Luis (Diamond rep) and I finally decided to follow up with this letter to Mr. McElroy and others as I continue my efforts to HELP Diamond correct these issues.

Please help,

A concerned Diamond Owner
Charles at [protected]

Diamond Resorts Internationalmembership transfer to daughter

Membership # [protected]
Got transfer papers from Diamond, signed and submitted $250 fee (yearly membership already paid) and waited. My daughter received no paperwork, did go to a Diamond "meeting" where the "Associates" told her that she had to spend $47000 more to have any rights to use the transfered membership. This was an outright lie since I had previously discussed my transfer with Diamond personnel and gone over all the issues that might arise. Effectively, Diamond is freezing out/stealing my original timeshare investment plus stealing a $250 transfer fee in what is an outright scam. It is unbelieveable to me that the people who took over Diamond after forcing out their previous leaders are outright con men who are allowed to steal, lie and cheat with without and recourse to the agrieved.

Diamond Resorts Internationalrefund from a booked vacation.

I have been waiting over 11 months, will be a year in June, 2019 for $3400 in a refund when I booked a vacation to Maui on June 4th, 2018 last year for March of this year. I have been given the run around, talked to every department they have that they let you talk to. Last one was told they had sent a Email and were looking into it. Diamond have been looking into it for a year not. They will not let you talk to anyone above the supervisors of said departments. Seems the Accounts Department is where it is stuck. I sent the paperwork in showing they owed me a refund of $3400 after taking my points out of my account. I am going to close out my timeshares and take a big loss for me, not them. They even want me to pay the closing costs of closing out of my timeshares. I have nothing good to say about this company.

Diamond Resorts Internationalgolden nugget, las vegas - agent jonathan villatoro

My husband and I went to the Golden Nugget in July of 2018 for an Army reunion. While we were walking into the Golden Nugget we were approached inside the hotel by a gentleman who noticed the men wearing their Army Ranger hats. Mr. Villatoro stated thank you for your service and we would like to treat you to 4 days & 3 nights for your service. There were 3 couples who Mr. Villatoro offered us this package and when us women stated "the fine print states we have to go and sit through a sales presentation for approximately 90 - 120 minutes" Mr. Villatoro told us to ignore that verbiage and the Golden Nugget wanted us to come back to Vegas and especially since the men were veterans. I have spoken with a gentleman by the name of Mark @ [protected] and he is a manager for Diamond Resorts. Mark stated that we are all out of luck and will refund our $149 that we paid. The problem is that we have already purchased our airline tickets and could only afford to pay for the airline tickets and not airline tickets AND a hotel room. We are very disappointed that Diamond Resorts would take advantage of veterans. The people we were with were planning on coming to the East Coast this year for a reunion since we went to Vegas last year... We only decided to go back to Vegas because of the offer from Diamond Resorts. We are only staying for a weekend and have no interest in a sales pitch; I would hope that you would look into this deceptive practice. The deceptive practice was issued by: Jonathan Villatoro, Issued on: 20-Jul-18 09:51am, Printed by: Jonathan Villatoro on 20-Jul-2018 11:21am. We are hoping you will honor Mr. Villatoro's deceptive offer to us, which is 4 days and 3 nights at the Golden Nugget. Thank you for your time and I truly hope I hear back from someone. My name is Susan Duffy @ [protected].

Diamond Resorts International — timeshare

My wife and I inherited a timeshare by taking over the annual fees back in 2016. Upon our first visit Diamond informed us they were buying the resort and making it part of their...

Diamond Resorts Internationalcancellation: have yet to hear from anyone!!!

I have yet to hear anything from your company in regards to my cancellation and any return of my deposit. I would hope the company is in good standing and will honor the cancellation policy. I have followed every instruction pertaining to what must be done in the cancellation prepossess per your instructions. I have waited ten business days with no response via post, text or email. Please respond.
Contract number # [protected]

Diamond Resorts International — sales presentation misrepresentation

We recently visted Williamsburg, VA and were mislead into accepting "a little thing we do for Diamond Members" which was a free dinner to meet other owners. I specifically asked...

Diamond Resorts InternationalProblem sending my annual fee

I'm Shareefa Yasmeen, a new owner with Diamond Resorts, Escrow # [protected], have a problem sending my annual fee due to some lack of system of the banking system in Bangladesh. I e-mailed to [protected] on 5 March 2019, and the automated service said someone would contact me in 48 hours, but I haven't received any e-mail or phone call until now.
I also sent two e-mails to [protected], both the times received a reply saying it's a sensitive issue so I was given some phone numbers to contact. The senders of the e-mails are Elkame Francois (27 February, 2019) and Katherine Torres (8 March 2019). I called the Maintenance Fee Department and some other numbers, but could not reach someone who could help.
I have mailed a letter to the Maintenance Fee Department explaining my delay asking for an alternative service.
I'm attaching a copy of my e-mail and letter with this complaint and also asking for a solution to my problem:


I'm Shareefa Yasmeen, a new owner with The Diamond Resorts, ( Account # [protected]), recently received two mails from The Maintenance Fee Department and the Reservation Department asking to send my annual fee.

But because there's no online services in the Banks in my country (Bangladesh), electronic fund transfer is not possible for me. The Banks here don't issue vouchers in USD (or any foreign currency) or Credit Cards.

The only option for me is that, if The Maintenance Fee Department gives me their Bank Account, with Account #, Physical Address, ROUT and SWIFT CODE, I can wire transfer my fee into their account.

I made a bank transfer when I bought my unit with TimeShare, and I can continue being an owner only if can make a bank transfer of my fee.

Please respond to this e-mail as early as possible. I'm already burdened with late fees.

Thank You.

Shareefa Yasmeen

385, Uttar Bagbari
Sylhet 3100

Diamond Resorts Internationalfinancial services

Date of Incidences:
January 30, 2019
February 1, 2019
February 27, 2019
March 7, 2019

Client Number: 77-[protected]

Financial Services: I have attempted in each of my calls to Financial Services to ascertain why my monthly bill on the DRI MasterCard, which is intended to cover next years maintenance fees (estimated), went down between December 0f 2018 and January of 2019. A simple question, I surmised... however, to my dismay, at each call, I was assured by the financial service representative, that an answer would be forthcoming from someone in "billing." And in the case of Eric, on February 27, 2019, he indicated that he was assured by "billing" that they would call me back the following day. (which by the way, did not occur)

I patiently waited a few more days and called again on March 7, 2019. After Jeff took all of my information, he asked me to hold and he would try to find out the answer to my question. After a lengthy delay, Jeff returned to the line and indicated that the reason that the amount being charged to the credit card decreased was because "not all of my contracts" were covered by the "surepay" (Automatic Payment Authorization for Maintenance Fees and Club Dues) form...

When I inquired how that was possible since my last contract (#[protected]) was incorporated into the "surepay" system on March 7, 2018, the date on the revised surepay form submitted to DRI. Jeff was apologetic, however, not able to satisfy my question with a reasonable answer other than that provided by billing.

I asked to speak to his supervisor, and I gentlemen named Omar UMA (?) finally came on the line and basically indicated the same answer. He indicated that he would send me another form on which I could indicate what amount I wanted charged to the credit card monthly to cover the maintenance fees.

So after 52 minutes on the phone, I still do not have a satisfactory answer to my inquiry... so I asked Omar for the name of the head of Customer Services, and he directed me to email my complaint to DRI.

My complaint is not that I did not get an adequate answer to my inquiry, but that your systems seem very flawed and antiquated for your own people to get real information and answers for your owners. For my billing to drop over a hundred dollars, someone in billing had to make that decision and have a reasonable explanation... and shouldn't the impact party, the owner, be contacted in some fashion or at least, contacted to see if I agree.

DRI's sales people "sold" me on the credit card idea to make advance payments for the maintenance fees. I agree that it was a good idea and eliminated the propect of a large nut (lump sum) payment at the end of the year!!! As a retiree, I really appreciate the opportunity to pay as I go and not have that type of payment at the end of the year!!!

This process has not only been frustrating, but in my view, total unnecessary. Someone should evaluate this complaint against your current systems... they are not customer service oriented. If you look at the my account, you will see similar issues discussed last year about this time as to why the amount charged were not large enough to cover 1/12 of my maintenance fees (after including my upgrade to platinum). The answer was to add my newest contract to the surepay authorization which I did and the amount charged monthly was increased to approximately 1/12 of my current maintenance fees. I did not specify an amount at that time, however, did discuss the approximate amount with the representative. That upgrade to the monthly charge did not change until July of last year... I thought the issue was resolved... then the change in January and no explanation why...

I appreciate the opportunity to make this complaint... we enjoy our DRI membership and use it regularly... someone in management should research this and determine if it meets acceptable standards for customer service. Obviously, I think not!!!


Robert L. Fisher

Diamond Resorts Internationaltimeshare presentations

We have just returned from a delightful Diamond Dream Holiday on Maui. Hotel staff were friendly and helpful, and the atmosphere was enjoyable. However, I would like to address some very significant concerns with you that left an extremely negative impression on us.

Shortly before our trip, we were contacted by a Diamond Resort International representative from the Ka'anapali Beach Club with an offer for a luau experience at a discounted rate in exchange for "about an hour" of our time to review our membership on the following day (2/11/19). While we appreciated the package deal, we did not appreciate the proposed hour becoming an over two- and one-half-hour sales presentation. As is the norm in our encounters with DRI, associates are neither cognizant nor respectful of timelines for members/potential members or of their own proposed time limitations. We have only been members since September 2018, but have already been taken advantage of in this respect on several occasions.

The agent that we initially met with, Julie, was pleasant and provided some insights into using our membership that had not previously been adequately explained. Unfortunately, the "review" transformed into an attempt to sell more membership points. At one point, an additional agent, Nathan, arrived with paperwork that indicated "errors" in our previous contract that would grant us the potential of purchasing at an advantage to us. In retrospect, this whole scenario was likely just another scam. We declined to make an additional purchase, and were delivered to an individual who was to conduct a "brief survey" with us.

The situation rapidly deteriorated when Diana "DiDi" arrived on the scene. She referred to herself as "corporate" and "administrative, " and was quite possibly the single most unprofessional individual that we have ever contended with. I find it ironic that participants are required to be alcohol-free for these events, but it would come as quite a shock if Ms. S was not very inebriated at the time. In conversation, she dropped the f-bomb and used the word "s---" multiple times, implied "f---" several more times, and in a juvenile turn, referred to toilet paper as "[censored]." She then became visibly agitated when we declined another sales offer. Needless to say, this experience was incomprehensible and inexcusable.

I have been a professional in the field of education for over thirty years, meeting daily with educators and professionals from other disciplines, as well as with parents; and such behavior would never (and should never) be tolerated in a business setting. It is unfathomable that this individual is allowed to represent your company, your image, and your product to customers and potential customers, and it is a blatant insult to your clientele.

No, this is not the first complaint that I have made to DRI. Since joining just five months ago, we have experienced an inordinate number of accounting and technological issues too numerous to detail, as well as receiving inconsistent and possibly purposefully misleading information. However, we are not difficult customers, to which our history of zero complaints in 18 years of Disney Vacation Club membership should testify.

A response to acknowledge our concerns would be appreciated and is expected, as is an apology for the abuse by your agent that we endured on our vacation. Please begin to live up to your "Stay Vacationed" slogan. Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Diamond Resorts International — diamond resort deposited an invalid ck and has still not refunded my money back causing me to be overdrawn going on 23 days

on January 1st my cking account was over drawn by 10, 000 because diamond resort deposited my maintance fee ck that I sent them and with drew almost 10, 000$ more then is should...

Diamond Resorts International — sampler membership scam

Purchased this $4, 000 sampler points package. Was told that we had a month to check out and if we didn't use it, there would be no cost. Well, they have you sign up for a...

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In Jan 2018 my husband and I went to Sunrise Ridge Resort in Pigeoon Forge, TN. I have been told they have been bought out by Diamond Resorts and they are the highest fees in the...

Diamond Resorts Internationallies at a sales presentation

I attended a sales so-called "clarity" presentation at the diamond property riviera beach in san juan capistrano on november 29, 2018. The person I met with - damon - never got a last name lied to me about upgrading to platinum ownership (I was currently a platinum owner with 31, 000 points already paid for and a rci property which I turn over to diamond every year to obtain more diamond points and which qualified me as platinum). Damon claimed throughout the meeting that as a platinum "owner" I could monetize my platinum points at 30 cents per point and get either a debit card or a check from diamond for that transfer of points to 30 cents per point. He went on and on about the maintenance fees increasing and that I could use my points to monetize them and pay for my maintenance or anything else that I wanted to spend the money on. He said there was no limit on how many points I could "monetize". He told me there was another way to monetize my platinum points by getting reimbursed for "qualified travel expenses" again at 30 cents per point. There is a $5000 maximum for this type of monetizing my points. I asked how this was done and he said not to worry that diamond knows and sees my "reservations" and reimburses me. Throughout the meeting he kept telling me that richard brocksmith (the real crook) would call me later and explain everything. Of course richard did not call for three weeks and at that point it was too late for me to cancel this transaction which resulted in my adding $60, 000+ in debt. When I did speak to richard he told me the only way to monetize my platinum points is to buy wine, shop or pay for a cruise through diamond resorts - all of which cost me more money. And then only 30% of the points that I use to help buy these three items can be monetized at 30 cents per point and there is no other way to monetize my points. I asked richard about the so-called debit card that damon showed me and also about the spreadsheet he pulled up on his computer to show that he was using the diamond debit card that he got from monetizing his points. He could use the debit card for gasoline, grocery, at target - wherever he wanted to use the money on the debit card. He claimed that he had a 100, 000 point membership and monetized his points to have over $14, 000 on his debit card. Richard tried to claim that damon must be using his diamond credit card through barclay bank to make these purchases. I told him no - this was a debit card (per the lie damon told me) and he got it from monetizing his platinum points and had $14, 000 available on it. Throughout my conversation with richard he kept telling me that I was somehow "wrong" in what damon told me and at no time did he seem concerned that I had been lied to in order to agree to this added huge debt. During the meeting, I thought, okay, I can take all 50, 000 points that I will have next year (2019) and pay down the $60, 000 debt by $15, 000 and could possibly do it in 2021 in order to pay down the debt that I could not afford. I never would have agreed to any of this without the "so-called knowledge" that I could monetize points, get a check and pay down the debt. All lies. I wrote a detailed letter to the ceo of diamond, michael flaskey, which he received last monday but after looking at the complaints on this site I know that nothing will be done and this is what diamond international does to people who they con into buying into their company. Before this happened I was a happy diamond owner and used my points every year to travel - now I am not only mad but terribly disappointed in the diamond international company. You have to wonder how people can live with themselves when they lie like this and put people into awful debt that will change their lives for years to come. How can you enjoy a vacation that costs you thousands of dollars more than what you could pay for the same vacation directly. Diamond resorts is evidently a scam and filled with crooks who only want to take your money and feed you lies in order to make it happen.

  • Ed
    Ed_O Feb 07, 2019

    I bought more points based on using points to travel and hotel. Now they say the programs does not exist. We need to find more people who was sold on this and bring legal suit against them

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Diamond Resorts International — timeshare

We signed up with Diamond Resorts on 17/2/18, we were promised a free cruise offer with the sign up, we were also given 7500 extra points, making 15000 pts to use, but i said due...

Diamond Resorts Internationalunethical behaviour/fraud

We were required to attend a presentation to review our file, so as to help us better use our points and other features provided by DRI. We had purchased a "Sampler" about a year ago and all the promises made at that time were incorrect(lies). We have gone to at least 3 other presentations between that time and this last one. At this last one at Riviera Beach and Spa Resort we were met by Bruce Collins(real name?) told him that we were not interested in upgrading our points and again complained of our displeasure with the "Sampler" we had purchased. He said let me have you talk to Jaime(Madden?). Jaime took us to her office, we told her our story, she said we should never been sold that Sampler and that she had the authority as a salaried manager to make right. She told us she could not refund the purchase price but could convert the Sampler points to regular annual points at the price reserved at the time of original sale. This was fine with us and she went on to explain that it was mostly paper work and couldn't understand why no one had done this before. She went on to explain further that this transaction would need to go through Escrow and because of that there needs to an exchange of funds. If we would again pay the $3995.00 with our credit card it would be refunded after escrow was completed. The sale will look like a new contract and any additional funds over the $3995.00 would be paid with the equity we have in our current portfolio. In addition to that our "Maintenance Fees" would actually go down, from about $2800 to $2600.00. Jaime told us when we went to sign the new loan document papers not to say anything to the processor as it will only confuse them and complicate the transaction.
Needless to say, the whole transaction was a fraud and we ended up not getting our $3995.00 refunded and signed a real contract for and additional $17, 719.00. When we questioned Riviera Beach and Spa Resort we were informed that they have never had a Bruce work for them and that Jaime was no longer with them. Quality Assurance Officer, Krista Brown, said she would review the file and get back to us that day or the next. That did not happen. When contacted again she said she was waiting for Manager Richard Brocksmith to return from vacation. Approximately a week later Mr. Brocksmith returned our call. His response is that we are just suffering from "Buyers Remorse" and that he is looking at a signed contract.
Bruce and Jaime walked us through this whole scenario and lied at every point. We walked in there only looking to fulfill our obligation to attend a presentation and were defrauded into a upgrade contract we don't want under the guise of helping us with a small problem we were willing to live with.

Diamond Resorts Internationalhotel / white sands beach club menorca

I am submitting my complaint to advise you about our holiday from hell at one of your hotels in Menorca called White Sands Beach Club. My family and I booked our holiday to enjoy a half term break with our two young boys. Little did we know that the holiday would be our worst holiday ever. We arrived there on Saturday 27th October to be told that we couldn't check into our apartments until 4.30pm which was just ridiculous as we had been travelling since 3.30am in the morning and all we wanted to do is check in and relax. It started to rain very heavily so I went to see a lady called Isabel at reception and asked if there was anyway we could check in earlier as we were getting wet and our boys were tired. It took almost 2 hours for her to finally agree to find another apartment for us to check into. The following day we experienced severe weather and even had a mini tornado and was left with no power and electricity. The staff im the hotel did not update us to let us know what is happening. My husband and I had to go over to find out information. We were left with no water or electricity. I had to go over to reception to ask for a bottle of water and a torch as my boys are afraid of the dark. For almost 3 nights we were left with no power. The reception staff were not very accommodating and did not know offer to bring in any food or offer water etc. We were left with no food as all the restaurants and shops were closed in the area. My poor children were left to eat crisps and stale bread. Not once did anyone apologise about the lack of service we received. The staff were rude and abrupt at times when we asked why there wasn't a generator here to get some power just like another hotel nearby. I feel we wasted almost £2, 000 on this nightmare holiday. The staff couldn't made things easier, I appreciate natural disaster's are beyond anyone's control but having a back up plan would've been far more effective. They had no measures in place for this as this had never happened before . The reception staff didn't seem to care that my children had no food or drink. Can you please look into this and offer us some sort of refund on our holiday? It is just not acceptable to be treated this way.

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    Please respond back ASAP

Diamond Resorts International — time share

Diamond resorts has got to be the worst company I have ever dealt with. They sale a product that is unusable. They do nothing but lie to their customer and will not offer any help...

Diamond Resorts International — time share misrepresentation and sales tactics

The Diamond Resorts International sales people are liars and will mislead you into buying or upgrading your time share. We have been to two "member update meetings". They have...

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Diamond Resorts International timeshare points is totally a scam! Our decision to buy it from what the salesman told us and how it was represented. But all of their misleading...