WestJetpayment not received

R Jan 14, 2020

Westjet WS 706 Reservation code: ZBMWDH

To whom this matter should concern:
My husband and I purchased airfares to fly with Westjet from Vancouver to Ottawa, with a layover in Toronto. We paid for the ‘Family EconoFlex' fare, so that we were able to pre-select seats on the Westjet flight WS 706 from YVR to YYZ on December 18. We selected seats 11C & 11D. Unfortunately, when we printed boarding passes the evening before, we discovered that we no longer going to be seated as preselected, and had been arbitrarily given seats: 23A & 23B (an aisle seat & a window seat!).
After discussion with a westjest ground crew employee at Toronto airport (YYZ), we were advised that we would be entitled to a refund. This would be transferred to our (Westjet) account in seven days. It is now mid-January and this has yet to happen. The remainder of our journey was essentially problem free.

Rita Jane

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