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WestJet Airlines complaints 852

6:33 pm EST

WestJet Airlines flight delayed and cancelled

Extreme disappointment and disruptive consequences of poor flight experience and request for a full refund

I booked a return flight on Westjet from Winnipeg Canada to London, England and the flight took off on 5th February without any glitch and I got to London smoothly.

However, the return trip on 13th of February was a beyond disastrous and left such a negative experience I would never wish to go through again in future. Find below the series of events: issues I have with the flight:

1-Despite having already checked in for a 9am flight from Gatwick-Toronto-Winnipeg, on arriving at Gatwick Airport by 7am in the morning, I was intentionally falsely informed by the WestJet staff that the 9am Toronto flight has been cancelled and all passengers are presently being booked on a fresh Gatwick - Calgary- Winnipeg flight. This new flight I was informed was to take off Gatwick by 11am. I have a boarding pass for the Toronto flight as evidence for this before I was given a new boarding pass to the new flight.

2- Imagine my surprise and absolute was in a shock when I heard the final boarding for the Gatwick - Toronto- Winnipeg flight taking off. I went to the official of Westjet to ask why I was taken off this flight despite having a boarding pass, arriving very early to the airport and attempting to board. No explanation could be provided because I obviously caught them in a lie. There was simply no reason for me not to be allowed to board that flight except of course, the flight was overbooked and I was seen as the scapegoat that could be deceived and lied to by westjet.

3. The 11am flight from Gatwick-Calgary- Winnipeg flight was not postponed to 4pm. That means having being at the Gatwick Airport since 7am, I officially had to wait for over 9 hours without any compensation, or any provision made by westjet for me to at least be comfortable or consideration whatsoever. I had to stand for hours and sit on uncomfortable chairs which gave me serious back issues that I am now having to see my gp for.
This deception by westjet and absolute disregard for a paying passenger is totally against every known international practice for being delayed for almost 10 hours.

4- Eventually the Gatwick-Calgary-Winnipeg flight eventually took off by 4.30pm and I went to confirm from the West Jet staff if my luggage was going to be at my destination and I was informed that since the final destination was Winnipeg, I was going to pick my checked in luggage at the Winnipeg Airport. Apparently this was another lie.

5- Imagine my shock on getting to Winnipeg by 11.45pm and waiting for 30 minutes at the Luggage section to be informed by Westjet that my bag was not on the flight and I was told that it would be delivered later the next day another 24 hrs wait! (14th February)

6- The personal consequences of this to my mental health, the physical toll on my body and emotional effect including missing a 15year family tradition of exchanging gifts between my spouse and I on midnight of valentine day. My wife made the sacrifice of coming to pick me up at the airport just so that she could exchange our gifts right there at the airport. Imagine her tears when she learnt that my baggage housing her gift was not brought to Winnipeg by Westjet.

7- It took a lot of planning, sacrifices to make sure that I got to Winnipeg before Valentine day midnight. I had to ensure that the family tradition was not broken and I did everything in my power to ensure that this was the case (a major reason I didn't lose my cool).
However, the actions of Westjet not only ruined this whole experience, I also missed a very important appointment I had scheduled.
Not only did Wesjet and it give me false information about my original flight, there's the incredulous disregard for my wellbeing. Like I didn't matter. Well I do matter. My family tradition matters, and my appointment mattered.
All these matters enough for me to take up this issues with westjet and to make sure nobody else gets treated with the same level of disrespect and disregard that I was treated.

I am therefore requesting for not only a formal apology from westjet, I am also asking a a full refund of this flight. Please note, nothing can make up for what was missed and the emotional turmoil I suffered from Westjet.

I await a response within the next 7 days after which I would decide my next course of action. Below are the details to help you out

Surname: Adekoya
First Name: Olalekan
Flight Confirmation Code: KQSUTY
Booking Number:[protected]
Phone Number:[protected]

Thank you,

Olalekan Adekoya

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3:33 pm EST

WestJet Airlines unethical staff behavior

Incident took place feb15/19. My grand daughter Brooke Herlick {a student} was flying for the second time out of grande prairie to regina with a stop over in calgary. The flight was delayed out of GP, but was told she may make her connecting flight out of calgary and had about 15 min from landing to catch next flight. there was also 2 others to connect same flight to regina. BOTH pilots were aware n waited. when Brooke got to the gate the attendant would NOT let her on and did NOT call the pilot but the other two were already on. This is the SECOND time that she has flown on her own from GP and both times have been a horrible experience.! Not just delays but waiting over. At Xmas she was told she could sleep over in the airport at calgary! But the guy that told her that said "if it was my daughter i wouldnt do it.What in hell is a kid just new to flying have to experience this kind of [censored]?Her parents drive 1.5 hrs to go and pick her up in regina that puts them out having to wait an xtra 4-6 hrs. Brooke also is an insulin dependent DIABETIC. They also lost her luggage on this flight. west jet should compensate this poor kid at least a couple of round trip flights from GP to Regina sask,
plus 500.00 cash for inconvience to her parents as well ! I have flown west jet for years but i seriously am reconsidering flying with them at all. Myrna Stabenow olds ab [protected]

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2:47 pm EST

WestJet Airlines Fiesta americana holguin, cuba

WestJet Vacations:
Feb 4-11/2019 Fiesta Americana Holguin, Cuba
Booking : 2460831
Susan Jackson: West Jet ID :[protected] World Elite Mastercard RBC holder
Carl Jackson: WestJet ID: [protected] World Elite Mastercard RBC Holder
Email: [protected]@hotmail.

To Whom it May concern;
We arrived at Fiesta Americana Holguin, Cuba. No problems with flights, transfers and check in. The complaint is the room and resort. The room has mold Block 1 Room 1122 and needs to be renovated. Musty/moldy smell. No hot water x 3 days. Front desk aware. The showerhead cracked water spilling all over. Blankets from closet debris fell off them, when taken off shelf, smelled replaced by maid. The door card kept demagifiying not working had to go to front desk. Not with any type of device to demagify. No screen on patio door, stray cats roaming around, but go in your room. Room fridge knocking constant noise. A/C not constant.

Not able to book a la cartes. To get in you had to be there before 6 pm and then stood in line 1-1.5 hours each night if you get in.. The buffet, waits for omelettes or eggs 40 minutes each side. Waiting for spagetti in line 1 supper 35 minutes then no sauces available. Alot of food not replaced. No milk, had bread 1 morning. 3 mornings no plates to even get to eat breakfast. Lots of service workers cleaning tables though? Big problem with the food access there. The 24 hour near the beach bar not open all of the time.

Washrooms: No toilet seats had to squat in most washrooms not all and some out of order.

Supplied: water in fridge and beer in room non consistant had to call the desk, water non portable in resort.

Westjet reps: Saw Jorge on bus very pleasant and knowledgeable, saw the 1st morning for session. Never again. Could not even find the westjet manual for departure on desk in lobby or in bookcase. Supposely there 1 hour a day to book excursions. We ended up booking our own.

All in all. We are are part of the westjet family. They are putting westjet in the old non renovated rooms are discusting needs health inspector. I am a nurse.

Summary: Spent most of time in lines, room a disaster. We have used all inclusives + and have booked thru westjet and was happy till this stay. That is why we both have westjet credit cards. Would like some compensation for our stay and since we are westjet family. We have booked 5 flights in the last year alone.

Yours truly,
Carl & Susan Jackson

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9:47 am EST
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WestJet Airlines employee - attitude/behaviours toward guest

Incident date : January 27, 2019
Place : Calgary Airport (bound for Las Vegas, Nevada)
Time: Approx. 1000 hours
Employee involved: Christina

I was bound for Las Vegas on the date mentioned above, from Hamilton airport (J. C. Munro). Our plane landed past 0900 hours and when we were let out by the captain, there was no signs or guide as to where all of us has to go.

Everyone was lost and some passengers, if Westjet will review the camera, were screaming in frustrations asking where we are heading or which directions since everyone has a connecting flight.

After running and walking for a while, I was able to reach gate #70 in Calgary airport to take my connecting flight. I approached this person name CHRISTINA at the counter to check in with my boarding pass. I had the shocked of my life hearing her respond . "You were late and I'll just re-book you to another flight." Then she stated " I don't understand how you will arrive here just now." I told this Christina about the whole situation and how frustrated I was since other guest are just boarding the flight at the time. She replied to me in a very inappropriate ANIMALISTIC behaviour like " How can you be so frustrated when you know the time of your next flight and by the way there are signs everywhere!" No care, no empathy and no considerations. Very rude and very sarcastic making it sounds like it is the traveller's fault.

I have never been degraded and humiliated in front of other people but that time. This Christina person should not be at the front desk with that ANIMAL, RUDE, DISGUSTING and lack of EDUCATION attitude towards client.

When I asked to talk with another person, she tried preventing me without calling someone else but instead told me " I am the Manager! No one else!" She is the manager with these INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOURS? I always believe most managers will usually show compassion and are Caring!

I insisted of talking to someone, yet I was denied by her and she won't call anybody.

When, I went to another gate # 91 and spoke to another person and tried to complain about the problem, another westjet employee told me "Yes, that Christina is always like that, she uses her position to act rudely to people."

I have lodged a complaint to the airport security and they took information from me.

The most DISGUSTING, DISAPPOINTING, FRUSTRATING and MISERABLE flight was choosing Westjet thinking that it is a Canadian entity and that we should be patronizing our own product. Aside from the bad service inside the plane, I had to stay and sat in Calgary airport for another 5 hours that made my whole day wasted.

Too add insult to injury. Same flight that I was supposed to be boarding into, they let 2 passengers boarded by mistake and tried to take them back out while I was standing there. I could have boarded in that flight of mine and not waste my whole day!

Very AGONIZING experience with WESTJET!

I do hope that they will do something about this employee Christina, so that other passengers will not experience same bad experience I had. She has no people's manner and probably has no management training yet very low EDUCATION and HATES her job so bad that she takes it on guests.

Hamilton Health Sciences
Hamilton, Ontario

1293 Upper Sherman Avenue
Hamilton, Ontario L8W 3E7

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9:22 am EST
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WestJet Airlines flight cancellations

We were scheduled on flight no WS1245 leaving Tampa at 1:35 pm
on January 31 2019. When we verified the flight departure it showed a one hour delay (2:35 pm) to Toronto. As we walk into the airport it showed another delay to 3:36pm on the departure board.

We got to the WestJet desk- got our ticket - Westjet 3536 with late departure and ticket for TO to MTL. If cancellation in TO- we will be offered a room in TO and leave in the morning for Montreal. Also got an email from Expedia stating the changes.

While waiting for our flight in Tampa- I noticed an email stating that my flight is changed to Delta WS6811 at 4:10 pm landing in New York ( La Guardia) then leaving at 9:16 pm WS6439 from NY and arriving in MTL at 10:49 pm!
This message was sent in between leaving the car earlier than needed -getting to your desk for tickets and luggage - getting through security and getting to our gate!
I did not accept this NY offer since it was too late to run to Delta! My husband walks with a cane.

Went to the WestJet desk to request the planned flight out from Tampa to Toronto as initially given. So finally got back on W1245 flight and gave us a ticket for the next day (Feb 1 ) TO to MTL no WS3526 at 1:00 pm repeating the option of a room in TO. In my mind, we are all in this situation and we will be guided to a hotel once we are off the plane. It happened once with Air Transat and it is a usual practice when delays occur.

While waiting in line to get on the plane, I asked the agent who served me ( he was helping a mother with two kids in the row- how do we manage the hotel arrangement? He say s « Oh no! you are on your own - we don t pay your hotel ! »

So here we are getting on a plane with no arrangement in TO to stay the night- with only spring jackets! We are also placed in the last row near the toilet to add to the pleasure!

After fetching our suitcases- finally we reached a second cousin in Toronto who graciously picked us up at the airport and offered us room for the night. He also graciously dropped us off at the airport at 10:30 am cutting into his lunch time to do so.

I did check my emails- no email from your company.
We get to the WestJet desk to be told in a casual way that this flight is also cancelled! I could not believe it!  We never got an email to ADVISE us of this delay!
Your agent just casually took our tickets and gave us another ticket for a flight WS3536 the 7:00 pm flight and goodbye! Nothing else! Leave your bag and will get in touch with you if a problem occurs. Just hang around the airport!

We had to stay there for 8 hrs waiting for this flight.

I request a compensation for the aggravation, stress, fatigue caused by your repeated cancellations- waits- multiple security checks - luggage - no planning for hotels- disrupting a family member for lifts, food, and lifts to airport...because of your delays - waiting around at airport after not being advised by email of a 8 hr delay. Constant contacts with kids back home for arrival time.

To add to the situation my husband walks with a cane since pain in his knees... We were offered a wheelchair in TO but also told they had 11 requests before so us we had to wait longer...Just wanted to get out of that plane!

Don t give us the weather situation- you had cancelled staff issues more than weather issues confirmed by my son in law who is also a pilot and has all the tools to check flight departures. Other flights got out! No issues from TO to Montreal...If your airplanes can t handle cold it's your problem. It's a canadian company!

The lack of consideration from your staff for customers is deplorable. Your fees for luggage is also an issue at 30$US. I also noticed that the flying ticket issued kept the initial flight time instead of the delayed time! Found that dishonest as if we can t trace what delays you caused!

Get that settled in writing by email not by phone.

Ginette Boudrias
Orazio Di Francesco

Emails: boudrias.[protected]

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12:47 pm EST
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WestJet Airlines american pricing for a canadian company in mexico

Today, February 2, 2019, I spent one and one half hours waiting to talk to a Westjet agent. When I finally spoke with an agent, he could not give me a satisfactory answer to my concern, so I asked to be transferred to a complaint department (which can only be reached through the regular call centre) where I waited another 15 minutes before the call bumped back to the call centre line. Grrrr!

Here is my question: Why, if I am a Canadian citizen, booking with a Canadian airline, with my Canadian Westjet World Elite MasterCard, in Mexico, am I being charged in American dollars? What does the U.S. have to do with my Canadian business in Mexico? If this is Westjet policy, why is it not made clear at the time of booking? As I don't plan to live in Mexico, my return flight is guaranteed. This appears to be no more than shameless price gouging. I am, for the first time, extremely disappointed with the only airline I ever use.

I would like to pay my return flight in Canadian funds. Please advise.

June de Jon

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Westjet sent and email stating that as of August 18, 2018 that this was their new policy. They were so sorry and said how valuable my business was, and looked forward to serving me again. ☹️

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10:03 am EST

WestJet Airlines a airport attendant

I love Westjet and I use the airline everything I travel to Scotland because it's that amazing! However, I think I should bring it to the companies attention that I had one of the most unfriendly check in experiences here in Palm Springs today by an associate named Heidi. The airport was dead and when I went to the front of the line she didnt even stop her conversation to acknowledge me she kept talk and just signaled that she could assist. Two the the ladies we telling g a younger Westjet gentleman that the did not appreciate his now it all attitude and continued arguing. My luggage was a out 10 pounds over and they made me feel like I had done something wrong and when I said I would just pay the 105 USD she altogether just stopped being friendly. There was no further conversation they tagged my bag and just put my ticket on the counter. No explanation where the gate was or customs. She just made me feel like I was bothering her, I didnt even argue about paying my luggage fee so I dont understand what her issue was.

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3:15 pm EST

WestJet Airlines wjs lack of customer service & integrity + harassing/bullying wj agents

I flew with West Jet in July 2018 to Montreal/YUL for one week from YYC & upon my return home for 530pm boarding time, while waiting for 2 hours from 3-5pm; I was insulted, harassed & verbally threatened by not one but 2 Female WJ YUL Agents! I called HO Corporate Office in Calgary & had a Female YYC WJ Agent on speakerphone listening to the harrassment (which is a Federal criminal offence) and advising me to ignore these 2 threatening Female Agents while she contacted the YUL Customer Management Team. A Female Representative ‘temporarily' resolved the inappropriate situation to ensure I boarded safely & stated that once I arrived home/YYC to continue with the unneccesary upset caused by the 2 YUL Bullies. I did lodge a complaint end of Jul, did not receive a return call from anyone @ WJ for one month & I recalled in August. I was informed I'd receive a monetary flight allowance/bank $, yet have not as yet received a formal apology or a return call/email although I've repeatedly called/emailed to request promised compensation & it has now been 6 months since the daunting unacceptable matter! This is NOT the 1st time WJ Agents have harassed passengers (News Reports/Toronto Lawyer being accosted by WJ spring 2018) & WJ ‘expects' passengers to compensate for his/her behavior (News Reports/intoxicated flyer), YET WJ does NOT do so in kind. Oh No, we @ WJ can say/do whatever whe want to passengers but will not tolerate passengers saying/doing anything to us! Hypocrites! I EXPECT an apology & what was promised by the last WJ I spoke with. At this moment, WJ has lack of integrity & does not oractice what they preach! Shameful!
Jasna Kolosetti, Calgary AB

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10:02 pm EST
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WestJet Airlines I put in a complaint about my trip home in first class

On Dec 3/18 we traveled home from Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo Mexico. We upgraded as the seats were cheaper then normal and I have never sat in first class.
Now I out in a complaint already thru facebook, and they were to get back to me.
I also tried on other social media but they said I started dealing with one on fb to just deal with them. I have heard nothing back. I did call in and got put on hold for 1 hr so hung up.
when we first arrived at the airport ( paul and I) we had one drink at the bar...
A lady I had met on my flight down joined us at the bar (Sonya).
She tried to upgrade at check in but they didnt know how to do it and couldn't figure it out.
She then came through and sat with us at bar. The westjet attendants came and got her and said they figured it out. She ended up sitiing beside us across the isle.
Once the flight got up in the air, they came around for drinks.
Kersten and Scotia were our flight attendants, but mainly Kersten.
First drink Paul and I had was a wine. Kersten came back and I ordered another wine. Paul got up and was talking with pilot at front by the washrooms. He poured Paul a double baileys on the rocks. I got a single baileys...
We got our meals which were cold. We then asked for snacks a little after and Kersten got a little snotty saying "its not snack time yet " but sure I will bring you something . What do you want?
Paul said pringles...
K- pringles are not offered on menu to first class.
P- well i will pay for it then I dont care...
He did manage to get a bag of chips.

They came through and collected the garbage. We had drank the little water bottle that was provided and through in the garbage. Paul asked for another one. Kersten said we only get we got a cup of water.

Sonya across the Isle wears hearing aids and her batteries had died so she was speaking a little loudly...Kersten had a word with her about being so loud.
Sonya tried to explain to her about her hearing aid but Kersten already had a chip on her shoulder. Kersten said keep it down...Sonya said "your priceless"
Kersten knelt down in the isle and asked Sonya what she thought her job was. She stated she wasn't a waitress, this wasn't a restaurant and in a round about way threatened to land the plane. Kersten told Sonya that she was intoxicated when she got on the plane.
We had 3 drinks in 2 hours which the pilot I might add poured Paul a double...she said it was for our safety and cut us off of EVERYTHING
The others were still getting things but mostly after this they stood at the front and did their report and ignored everyone.
We were not intoxicated and far from it. My flight to Mexico the stewardess was serving people and didn't cut any one off. Guess it depends who you get.
Now Paul went up to the front and tried to talk to the girls quietly and Scotia insisted he sit down...then she came out raising her voice so everyone could hear meanwhile she received hearsay from Kersten as she wasn't even around.
Kersten made statement to Sonya that they had other issues with her, the only issue was that they couldn't figure out how to upgrade her.
Sonya asked kersten her name as Kersten took Sonya's boarding pass, and Kersten started making jokes about her name saying she didn't know what it was and asking the other girls her name.
I fly with westjet all the time and this has really made me sour.

I paid $108.90 US finds and want to be fully repaid this amount for the service of Kersten and Scotia. I have always said Westjet was better then AirCanada but after this episode not so sure.

flight number #WS2383
Pauls is ZKGCIS

Sharon Shannon

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4:39 pm EST

WestJet Airlines losing my flights because bringing luggage late

Hello dear officer,

I booked a ticket online with FlightHub to go to Istanbul to see my parents. I paid C$1625 for a three step round trip flight: Vancouver, Toronto, London, and Istanbul. The first two parts were with WestJet and the last part was with BMI, operating by Turkish Airlines. In Gatwick it took a long time for WestJet to bring my luggage and I lost my flight to Istanbul. I didn't have any international phone, I bought a sim card £ 25, but still couldn't call FlightHub and WestJet (1-800 numbers). One gentleman from Gatwick's information, kindly borrowed me his phone. I called FlightHub and WestJet, but they told me I need talk to Turkish Airline and BMI, while Turkish Airlines and BMI told me it's not their problem. I took a £ 249 ticket online with Pegasus.
10th of January 2019 was my fly back from Istanbul to Vancouver. When I got to Ataturk airport I been told my name is not in the flight list. I called FlightHub and WestJet 4 or 5 times, but no result. Each time FlightHub told me call WestJet and WestJet told me call FlightHub, which I did so. Finally, I got no result and had to pay C$ 1140 more to get a one-way ticket back from Istanbul to Vancouver. I asked them at least cancel my flight from London to Vancouver but WestJet told me they cannot do so. .
I was more than 100-hours on the way in airports and air planes, it was like a nightmare to me. I stressed out and suffered a lot. I'm still sick after 5 days and do not feel good (I spent two days in London, Istanbul and Frankfurt in cold weather).
I lost my flight but it was not my fault. WestJet brought my luggage very late and that's not fair with me to pay more than C$ 3400 from my student loan for the tickets and extra related cost while it supposed to be C$ 1625. I do not have enough money for the rest of my study. If you kindly solve my concern, I will appreciate it.

Thank you for your consideration
Sam Soroush
Booking Number: ZTDQZB

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8:02 pm EST
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WestJet Airlines non stop robots call

We received 6 call today
We are on a do not call list
This is very disturbing and is un called for.
We have opted out at least 10 time over the last 6 month.

We will be considering reporting this to the crtc as your calls are regulated by law.

Wake the hell up and honor you remove us from list you claim we could be removed from.

Stop the # spoofing as well
It is hard on the people that you are using the spoof number. They have no rights to privacy and random people calling them.

I thought your company was better than this.

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3:46 pm EST
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WestJet Airlines water leakage on flight

Good afternoon,

Saturday, january 5 2019 - flight # 717 toronto (3:59p est) to vancouver (6:19p pst) seat 12 f

Westjet id [protected]/ reservation code: edqepc

I have recently moved from nova scotia to vancouver, b.C. And asked around to chose the best airline to use to travel from coast to coast. West jet came highly recommended, & as I will be travelling a fair bit back home to visit family and for work as well I signed up for west jets rewards plan.

I flew home for the holidays with west jet, & on my way back to vancouver it was raining quite heavily. To my surprise, when we started making our decent, water started spraying out of the overhead compartment. I guessed it was perhaps coming from the air vent so closed those right away, but this did not stop the water. It was so bad, at one point, the passengers behind me were passing me things to try to stop the leak. Needless to say the entire descent, after a very tiring voyage (as the holidays can be) I sat with my arms raised over my head for approx. 25 min. Try to stop the water. I still ended up with the entire left side of my body soaked, which made for a very uncomfortable voyage home. When we finally landed, I notified the stewardess of what was happening, as she was seated during descent and I don't believe saw what had occurred. She didn't seem phased, which makes me wonder if this was a known problem.

Could this please be looked into? As this was quite a stressful end to an otherwise good flight & I would like to continue flying with west jet in the future.


Krista holdright

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4:46 pm EST

WestJet Airlines service.

On January 1st, 2019 I was informed that my Mom had suffered a massive stroke. I booked a flight on WestJet from Toronto to Calgary and left 7:55 PM. The flight was number 809. When I went to the counter for my boarding pass I asked for a window or aisle seat and explained what was happening. She spoke with another agent and replied bring this stub to the boarding counter and we will do better. She gave me a physical hug and said how sorry she was; unfortunately, I do not have her name. When I got to the counter there was a boarding pass marked seat 1F… I did not know until I boarded where it was located as I was too overwhelmed with other thoughts. When I got on board, I actually asked the Flight Attendant and she said, absolutely, yes. I do not remember her name either but she was so incredibly lovely and funny! She had what I thought was a beautiful "posh" English accent and I complimented her on it and she replied "Oh, I don't think it's posh" and we chuckled. The crew were absolutely fabulous. So fabulous I told my husband I would write a letter to Westjet to compliment their choices of staff.

On January 5th my dear Mom died. I was with her at that time. Although this may seem irrelevant to Westjet I am including this because I think you will see towards the end its relevance. I stayed and washed her face, arms and legs and feet and we dressed her (with the help of her staff at her home) in her favourite outfit. We waited for the funeral home to pick her up for her final earthly journey and watched while they wrapped her in a clean white sheet and transferred her from her bed to a board. She was "locked" in place and then put in a green body bag. My sister and I put one of her comforters over her and she left. I phoned my husband in Toronto and asked him to please look for a return ticket for me sometime that evening. He booked me on the Flight leaving Calgary at 12:05 on the sixth of January. I had absolutely no idea what the cost of the ticket was… it did not matter… I was anxious to get home to my family. My sister and I stayed in my Mom's room and than we decided to go for a glass of wine and a bite to eat. My Mom and sister both live(d) in Okotoks so we had a couple of hours to spare. My sister phoned a taxi service who was to pick me up from the restaurant at 9:30 to take me to Calgary International. My sister and I shared one half litre of wine to toast my Mom's safe journey. The taxi picked me up at exactly 9:30. He asked me if I had been in Okotoks on vacation and I told him of my mom's death. He gave me his sincerest condolences and we chatted all the way to the airport. He is 26 years old and exceeded his kindness to me. He was having trouble with the transmission and kept apologizing to me… I said no need to apologize just get me to the airport on time; which he did… we had wee chuckle over it. I entered the airport and went to the Westjet counter for my boarding pass. I asked the counter clerk for a window or aisle seat and when he said they did not have any available I proceeded to tell him why… that because I was feeling grief I would so much like a seat where I could curl up in a ball and feel some personal space. So, he suggested that I take my boarding pass and as soon as the counter there opened to take it to them and explain my circumstances and to see if they could assist; which I did. She said leave your boarding pass with me and I will see what I can do. I did and she called me up about 10 minutes later and said nothing was available but sometimes people don't make it in time and she would still see if something became available. She told me she could not randomly change seats for me and I said "of course not, I wouldn't expect you to". I was placed in the middle seat in row 14 which was the emergency exit row so boarded at the very beginning. When I got in, I placed my coat and bag (purse) on the middle seat and proceeded to put my carry on in the above bin. I placed it in and put it in horizontally. Dana, the Flight Attendant was beside me and shouted to me "put it in the other way" first words, first meeting. She was rude and brisk and I noticed afterward that she was going around rearranging other top bins, however, she looked nary too pleased with having to do this. I seated myself in my assigned middle seat. About 3 minutes later (approximately) the gentleman in from of me in aisle 13 middle seat was exchanging his seat for a window seat with another passenger and I heard her say, I don't mind sitting in the middle. So… yes, I thought how strange. Dana walked by and I asked her how that happened when I know I was the first one at the boarding gate asking for a change and she raised her voice at me and said "I AM JUST A FLIGHT ATTENDANT AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOUR CONVERSATION WAS WITH THE AGENT". She was loud and obnoxious and if looks could have killed I too would have been dead like my Mom. So, was I getting defensive; yes, I was. I had been treated with compassion, dignity and respect on my trip on Flight 809 so, I guess, in retrospect, I had some expectation that I would be treated with dignity on this flight home. So, I explained, quickly, how I was feeling and she said "well, if you want to go around asking other passengers' to exchange seats, go for it." I would have thought that your customer motto would suggest that this is no way to speak with a passenger, none! Customer service and sales (which I can only assume Westjet would like you to continue using their airline) is paramount and instead of trying to deescalate the discussion she was totally and absolutely, in my opinion purposefully trying to escalate it. She said well at least you have more leg room and I said but that's not what I hoped for. In retrospect, I am certain that there would have been at least 10 people on board who would have traded their window/aisle seat for extended leg room. Previous to this she shouted at me to either put my coat on or put in under the seat. I have flown hundreds of times and used a jacket over me for a chilly plane and never once have I been told or spoken to in that manner. On my flight home on the 6th I saw many, many passengers with their jackets over them… the plane may be new but it was freezing and not one FA said a word. I diverted slightly. At some point Dana with another FA tagging along came over and said and I quote… "I don't like your ATTITUDE AND I WANT YOU OFF THIS PLANE". Honestly, I was SHOCKED and I replied something to the effect of "are you kidding, I'm not getting off, I am quite certain my husband paid good money for this ticket and she replied, "I will bet you are on bereavement fare" … I didn't even answer that. In any event I said "no, I need to get home to my family, my dear Mom died today and no, I'm not leaving." The passenger sitting beside me on the aisle said to me "my condolences" and "this is just beyond extreme". Dana (who did not like being called by her name for some reason said "WHEN YOU ARE ON "MY" PLANE I AM THE BOSS" and I replied I would have thought it was the pilot? And she replied "HE WILL DO WHATEVER I SAY', and she literally STORMED OFF … sort of like a soldier. I was truly shell-shocked by now, her superior (I think) came and said GET OFF THE PLANE OR WE WILL CALL THE POLICE" at which point I replied please call the police and than within 2 seconds I thought and said, "I am not keeping all these passengers seating her waiting to fly on the ground for something like this. I will leave for them". This may be "too much information" but when I got up to leave, I defecated; I was beyond humiliation with such rudeness and just outright bullying. I was afraid. I retrieved my carry-on… no assistance… and left. The superior at the front was stranding there. I don't believe anything was said between us. As I made my way out the airplane a man (Jean-Claude 17276) aggressively approached me and walked with me back to the boarding counter. I than said, now what…. Can I get on the next flight because I was told on my "non-flight" that were two seats left? He said they're sold… that was within two minutes of, I believe Dana, telling me two seats were available on the next flight at 1PM. It may not have been Dana it may have been another FA. So, I asked what was available and he said 1:30 tomorrow p.m. and I was, you're kidding me. I asked if Westjet would compensate me with hotel money and he replied, "we don't do that". He did not suggest a nearby hotel and offered zero assistance. He looked at me at this point, or it could have been earlier when he first escorted me out the "tunnel" "HAVE YOU BEEN DRINKING?" Once again, I was shocked…. Therefore, all of the previous information re my actual day. I was so stunned I answered yes, I've had one glass of wine…. In retrospect totally, none of his business. I assume now this was going to be their "story" as to why I was told to leave plane. No sorry, I was a mess grieving the loss of my Mom, not a drunk. Without prejudice, I know your staff will collude as that is human nature. I was really afraid at this point and I said "I'm going to call the police 911" and 17276 said I will call them. No thanks, I didn't say this to him, however, I am the one feeling in danger, I don't think you are. I phoned 911 and explained to the operator what was happening and she said are you in imminent physical danger and I replied no, and she said she would dispatch the officers to the counter number I gave her along with my description which I gave her. I believe they arrived within approximately 5 - 7 minutes. Within that time, I phoned my husband, in Guelph, Ontario to try to explain what was happening (he was in shock) and asked him to rebook me on another flight, preferably Air Canada. He called back and said he did not want to have to repay and he had checked Westjet schedule and said just rebook it through jean Claude 17276 so no extra monies would be involved. Sadly, I felt this was the best choice to expedite my trip home and so that is what I asked for. Oh, and by the way, before the police arrived, I went to the ladies' room to change my clothing because, in fear and degradation, I had soiled them. When the police officers arrived, they spoke with me and were truly apologetic that this had transpired especially after such an incredibly difficult day. They did also explain that there was nothing legally they could do it was now a civil situation between myself and Westjet. He spoke softly to me and just said "I will take you to where there is a close, close hotel next door and get you out of the boarding area." He twice extended his sympathy to me… when we first met and when we departed. He walked along side of me with his bike and brought me the exit where the hotel is. I asked him if was an OK place and not yucky and he said "I have personally stayed in this hotel and it is very nice" He went above and beyond and was so kind… his name is Sean. I crossed the street and was checked into the Delta by a lovely gentleman who showed me the way to the elevator in person. I had asked him for an early check out call and than when I got to the room (which was indeed as Sean had said quite nice) I decided I needed an hour's extra sleep so I called him back… lovely gentleman. When I was in my room, I called my husband and spoke with him for a short time. I had asked Jean Claude to give me the telephone number for customer service. The police officer also asked him for his number and last name. He declined to give his last name. I asked my husband if he agreed that I should call that number now and he said yes, I know it is such a difficult time but call now while the memories are there and fresh. So, I did. Both on the hotel land line and on my cell phone. No one replied and there was no Westjet message; Jean Claude gave the police officer the wrong number. I have retained the number the police wrote and if you would like this see it I have in on file. So, spoke with my husband again he said just call reservations which is what I did. I spoke on the phone to a lady by the name of Michelle, you could not ask for a customer service agent more suited to her position… she really should be in a more senior position. I asked her if she could assist with my complaint (she had now idea what it was about) assured me she could; and she went on to listen, very graciously, to my experience and extended her sincerest sympathy to me and apologized on behalf of Westjet for an experience that she said should have never happened. She was incredibly sincere and said she would send her notes to the Guest Support Team and would I prefer to hear from them by email or phone. I suggested by phone for the first discussion. She asked me how she wanted this bad experience to be resolved and I just said I haven't given it one thought at this juncture. I asked her to not have them call be tomorrow as I would be flying and she said she would note that. After that, I went to bed. The next day, January 6th I arrived at the check-in desk… I couldn't even be bothered at this point with my seat request…. I knew at this point it was a total and absolute waste of my time and patience. I did, however, say to him that I expected there would be a note on my file. I still kind of expected that after all I had experienced with WESTJET that a preferable seat just might, maybe be given to me. He read, which I know now was the "story" from the "non-flight" crew with their (without prejudice) colluded version and he gave me seat E row 30 very back of the bus. If I was in the mood I could have then, and still now, laughed out loud. Not only was he reading personal and confidential information about me which is clearly illegal and none of his business, I believe, he acted on it. As I write this, I am thinking how you have such class A staff and such class FAIL staff. This must be difficult as a totally customer service and safety related airline organization. In my very humble and personal opinion you will never be number one. I froze the entire way home and asked if they could up the heat… the FA said she has asked several times…. I just wore my winter coat the whole way instead. The service was fine. The flight was delayed though on departure. My husband picked me up at the airport and when we arrived home, he told me he had already spoken with a lady regarding accessing WESTJET's legal team and how to go about that. Her name is Lisa from the Guest Support Team; I did not speak with her personally my husband did. So, wondering if this was the last, I would hear from GST I decided to phone reservations again. Once again, last evening I spoke with a CSR by the name of Amanda who once again exemplified the role of customer service for your company and listened to me with open ears and the greatest of sympathy, compassion and gentleness. She, too, should be in a more senior position. I am still not sure if the phone conversation my husband had with Lisa was meant to be your last personal conversation all I can say is that Amanda noted she would ask for someone to call me within the next 48 hours and in the afternoon. Truly exemplary staff member.
As I close this document my question is, of course, how do you plan to compensate me for the incredibly horrible, terrible, degrading position that you put me in? Your lack of compassion and empathy as a company goes beyond that of anyone I have dealt with in the last week or ever. It saddens me to think that your motto is one of total customer satisfaction both in safety and crew. Clearly your crew on "non-flight" have no idea of their obligation to their paying and loyal customers. Clearly, they do not deserve their positions of providing this type of service. All of this could have easily been resolved by a FA, not Dana, who would have treated me with dignity, respect and kindness which most people try to do on a regular basis with anyone they meet. She is clearly not suited to her position as FA.


Deborah Jones-Fabbri

ADDENDUM: On January 8th, Alias, Senior Specialist, Guest Services called me at approximately 2PM. He extended his sincerest apologies and listened, without interruption to my statement. He again apologized after I had finished reading my statement. I thought he said he would compensate me with the monies paid on Visa for my return flight and also give me 250 Westjet points. I told him Westjet points were unacceptable as I will never fly Westjet again. He asked me what I wanted and I told him I wanted $5, 000.00 in compensation and he said he could not do that. I asked if I "wanted" to proceed with legal action how would I do that? At this point, he said he would not discuss compensation further as I had said "absolutely" I would be taking legal action against Westjet. I said if I could not get some better compensation than points I "may" not I "would" seek legal action. I gave him my permission at this point to speak with my husband and now he was including compensation for my taxi fare from Okotoks (if I had known I would be leaving the next day my sister would have driven me… at the time I left Okotoks at 9:30PM on the 5th the weather and visibility was poor and I did not want my sister making the return trip alone.) He also told my husband Westjet would reimburse me for my hotel room at the Delta but they would NOT reimburse the monies for the return flight and would give me the 250 Westjet points that I had already said I did not want. As we are now uncertain as to the resolution of this conversation, I called him back to confirm what the compensation/resolution extended today would include as we are now uncertain. I left him my phone number again and graciously asked him to return my call for full confirmation. It is currently 5PM and I am waiting for his reply.

Again, respectfully, Deborah Jones-Fabbri

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6:00 pm EST

WestJet Airlines bumped from direct flight december 11 which we booked last march

Last March we booked a direct return flight from Maui to Calgary Dec 11th.
We were bumped off the flight (after being led to believe the flight was cancelled) and re-booked on an overnight flight through Vancouver with a 7 hour layover. After returning home by changing to a direct flight a day early, since that was unacceptable,
we learned that the direct flight did indeed go, and we were bumped. They offered $150.00 flight credits as compensation, so we actually have to fly with them to receive our credit! We lost out on a full day in Maui, as well as a night in the condo which of course was paid for. So much for WestJet customer service.

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8:56 pm EST

WestJet Airlines refusal to supply me with a flight delay report

My flight was delayed and I had to stay overnight. WestJet provided some expenses but not all. My credit card insurance provides for expenses for this kind of delay, subject to the air carrier providing a report.
WestJet is refusing to give me a report and wants me to provide my insurance details so that they can contact and deal with my insurer directly.
We are at a standoff - WestJet is asking for information that is personal to me, and is refusing to give me a flight delay report.
This is not the first time, I've had issues with WJ. Previously they denied me my one free bag which my credit card provided for, as they said I bought a basic ticket which did not allow a free bag. Later the airline apologized for their staff not knowing the policy. This just seems like a another blind dog teaching a blind dog how to do their job.

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, CA
Jan 14, 2019 4:38 pm EST
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WestJet is doing the same thing to me and my husband. Why not submit the flight delayed report and be done with it? My credit card is giving me the insurance and I'm covered …. very bad customer service and I feel I am being punished at Both ends … I am losing faith in these institutions …
Terry from Stoon

3:49 pm EST

WestJet Airlines disability discrimination

On our flight from Winnipeg to Palm Springs on December 13, 2018 on Westjet flight #1344, our son was listening to his iPad without earphones on quiet volume. The flight attendant passed by and told us that he had to put earphones on in order to listen/watch his iPad. We informed her that he has autism and has a sensory issue where he does not like to wear headphones. And that we would monitor the volume to keep it low. She then stated that if he did not wear headphones, he would have to shut it off then.

Thankfully he was ok watching his iPad with no volume for the duration of the flight. Also, there was a dog barking inboard that everyone could hear in the cabin. Our son's iPad volume did not compare to the dog barking. That dog was allowed to bark freely, with no care to how it bothered others, or how it could have provoked allergies for others with dog allergies. We were not informed of an animal being in cabin either, a big oversight in a world where severe allergies are predominant (we do not have anaphylactic reactions to dogs but do have an allergy sensitivity to them). It felt like the dog had more rights than our autistic son.

What the flight attendant showed us is that she has no idea of the sensory issues children with autism face, or the restrictions they have on how they are able to cope and what they need to cope with all the sensory overload that goes into flying. She did not seem to understand, nor did she have compassion on our plight. As autism rates continue on the rise, it would be in your best interest to become educated.

Robert Suderman

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8:22 pm EST

WestJet Airlines poor service, upgrade seats cost and process

Tried to upgrade our seats for flight out of vegas tomorrow dec 28-18. Price in usa dollars is extremely high. Military family. Would like to be contacted to resolve. Tried to call in, asked for supervisor and told no one is there. Unacceptable that there is no supervisor to speak to when you call in to a contact centre. We don't have issue paying but the amount is extreme.

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1:33 pm EST

WestJet Airlines return flight from yyj to mc. october 30th. 2018. returning on november 17th. (departing at 1:05 am)

Hello, I am not one to complain but I really feel that I should tell you about my last travel experience with you. The reason for the delay in writing is because of an illness that hospitalised me in Mexico and has taken me a while to recover. I'm sending this probably because of my situation when returning to Victoria, otherwise I may have been upset with WestJet but may not have lodged this complaint. The story goes like this:-
We had two premium class return tickets YYJ /MC.
Our premium class tickets allowed us a good seat choice, Victoria/Vancouver no upgrades, which we were perfectly aware of having flown many times from YYJ. Our layover in Vancouver was around five hours and we were happy to relax and have a nice meal to pass the evening in the premium lounge. I actually took photos of the stained carpets and upholstery but not sure at this point if I can send them through this website. The food was equal to a low level cafe. I am struggling to find a suitable word without saying slop shop! Needless to say we didnt eat!... Believe it or not this is not the reason I'm spending some of my valuable time typing this. It gets worse. The affiliated airline Aeromexico flight was a red eye and I didn't realise that meant vertually no service.
Our return flight was more comfortable and we slept most of the way back to YVR. We had a few hours before our connecting flight and went to the premium lounge. I was in a wheelchair and dealing with a bit of pain so not very comfortable. We were told that our tickets didn't allow us into the lounge! My husband wheeled me over to the WestJet service counter and we check with the representative there and told the same thing.
We can't find any info. on the WestJet website that says premium ticket benefits don't include YVR. We booked our flights through a WestJet representative over the phone. He was extremely efficient and polite, so we have no personal complaint with him. We do feel though that when paying for seat upgrades that normally include lounge benefits the customer should be told that it's not available at that location.
Because of our premium experience I doubt very much we will upgrade our seats again and I feel you should know about this experience. The wheelchair we were given to use could do with being improved too.
Marion Aberdein ( ID [protected])

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12:37 am EST

WestJet Airlines lost baggage

Traveled with WestJet from Kelowna, to Calgary, to JFK, then with Delta to Cleveland. As we disembarked at JFK we went to the WestJet agent at the arrival gate to inquire about our luggage (2 suitcases) as we had a connecting flight with Delta airlines to Cleveland. We were told by the agent who looked at our baggage bar code tags (unfortunately didn't get her name!) that it was a partner airline and that bags would be automatically forwarded on. Ten minutes later and uneasy we returned to make sure this was the case. She then checked my husbands boarding pass and also got info verified with a coworker telling us again; no problems, all baggage will be forwarded on, proceed to your next gate.
When we arrived in Cleveland NO BAGS. We went directly to the Delta office and spoke with Laura who had nothing on record. She noted it and said they will deliver bags to hotel when they received them. We also got a voice message from WJ agent that bags were left on the carasol and that they took them and had locked in their office. We couldn't call back as the office was now closed (only open 2-6:30 pm) . The following day (Thursday, dec.6) we were told regardless of what the agent(s) told us it was OUR FAULT and also that they couldn't find the bags. We were now in zero degree weather with no winter clothes and had used the entire US cell plan purchased to carry us over our time in the states. Friday, after calling again they still hadn't found the bags. By Saturday after wearing our friends clothing, I opted out of an already booked event and went out shopping for warm and clean set of clothes. Late Saturday afternoon we were told bags had been located and were turned over to Delta. Sat night: NO BAGS nor did Delta have anything on record saying they got bags. Finally Sunday morning Delta advised my husband bags were found and we eventually received at 10:30 pm. One of the suitcases sustained a broken extendable handle on this fiasco. We then flew homeward at 5 am, 6 1/2 hrs later.

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11:11 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

WestJet Airlines baggage drop off, check in lax

We flew in from a flight in Australia at 6am. We have a connecting flight in LAX, but the westjet baggage drop doesn't work at the international terminal. All the ones for other airlines work. We had to claim our bags and come to Terminal 2 to drop them off. Nobody has any idea what time this counter opens. We've been waiting since 7am and it's now 9am. The lineup is building and being rearranged by airport staff, but still no sight of any westjet staff. It's Dec 6, 2018. This is very bad service and very annoying. There should be a sign with opening hours at the very least. The best of course, is to get the baggage check machines working in the international terminal and failing that, staff this counter. Very poor service. I'm tired and very grumpy and this is most unhelpful service, or should I say, non-service. My email is [protected]
Judy Liu

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