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vacations cancelled my trip and won't refund my money

Westjet is being very underhanded during this covid-19 crisis. They have cancelled all outgoing international...

COVID 19 precautions — Flight 2311 from Cancun to Calgary, March 13

I felt quite confident boarding my return flight from Cancun to Calgary on March 13 in light of the email message I received from the airline's president assuring that extra cleaning and sanitation measure had been put in place. On the trip to Cancun I had used disinfectant wipes on surfaces touched by previous travelers. I did the same on my return flight, however when I put our tray tables down to disinfect them, my tray had dried coffee on it and my husbands had some sticky food residue. It was evident these had not been cleaned let alone disinfected. I was upset finding this as I took the president's words in good faith. We have been self isolating since our return, the right thing to do. Today, I see in the press the list of flights with infected passengers. Flight 2311 on March 12 Cancun to Calgary, rows 32 to 38 had infected passengers. March 13 we were on Flight 2311 sitting in row 32, with dirty tray tables. Doesn't leave much confidence in WestJet.

All inclusive vacation

I booked a 10 day vacation with WestJet Vacations at Nature's Park Beach &Spa Resort in Dominican Republic. I arrived on the 19th of February 2020. I was mortified to find the resort that had paid over 4000 dollars for without hinges on the doors, the door was broken and would not lock so I had to spend 29USD to get a lock for the door. The patio door would not lock too. There were moulds in the room. The toilets wouldn't flush and I spent three days with no air conditioning. The ceiling was falling apart and I was really worried for my safety. The room was smelling so bad. The t.v was not working, it only had sound but no pictures. There were random people loitering around the resort offering to sell drugs. I honestly felt unsafe and ripped off because these services were nothing short of sub standard. I was supposed to fly out on the night of the 27th of February but then I was taken to another resort where I had to walk about a kilometre with my bags to get to the resort. The morning of the 28th, I flew out to Toronto where I found out that my flight to Edmonton had been delayed to the next day which was the 29th. I was going to fly out to Edmonton on the 29th at around 4pm. I did not get any help with a hotel to spend the night and my meals were not taken care of. I got my own transportation from the hotel, paid over $179 for a room, had to buy my own food and get transportation back to the hotel on the next day.I was supposed to be back to work in Grande Prairie on the 28th of February which did obviously did not happen because I was stuck in Toronto. I am deeply concerned that WestJet would sell such services to people and not even care enough to take care of their clients in the event of a delay.

All inclusive vacation
All inclusive vacation
All inclusive vacation
All inclusive vacation
All inclusive vacation
All inclusive vacation
All inclusive vacation
All inclusive vacation

Flight delay

My wife and I along with another couple had purchased an all inclusive holiday to Cancun from Prince George departing on January 13, 2020, at 6:00 am. Reservation code # DDHMEJ. We were at the airport early. While sitting on the plane we watched an adjacent plane get de-iced and leave to taxi to the runway. At that time we were informed that the de-icing machine had broken down. How odd. It was right alongside us and apparently working fine. It was some time later that, while still sitting on the tarmac, we were informed that mechanics were working on the de-icing machine. Some time later we were informed the de-icer was working again but it was too cold to de-ice at that time. Then, about half an hour later the de-icer came and de-iced the plane and we departed to Vancouver. During the flight we were told that our connecting flight to Cancun was being held for us and for the other passengers to remain seated so we could get to our connecting flight. Upon arrival in Vancouver we raced to our departing gate as it was as far away as possible from our arrival gate and it took us several minutes to hike across the airport to get to that gate. When we got there our connecting aircraft was still at the gate with ramp still attached to the plane. Despite that, we were told we could not board the plane as the pilots were timing out as per the gate attendant at the gate who said that decision came from Calgary. So all 14 paid passengers were told they could not board and upon consulting and after consulting with the agents at the gate we were told that there would be no compensation. Our group then spent a couple hours trying to find our luggage before we eventually went and booked a hotel. We left Vancouver the following morning after being delayed by more than 24 hours. We feel this was unacceptable as there has to be a backup de-icer available at an airport that has to frequently de-ice planes during the winter. This would have prevented the delay. Also it was unacceptable that our connecting plane was still there connected to the gate when we arrived in Vancouver but we still were not allowed to board. A very frustrating and costly delay was incurred by all 14 passengers that should have been avoided . I would like compensation for vacation time lost and for hotel and food expenses for the full day we had to spend in Vancouver. Thank you, Alexander Faulkner

delayed baggage

Dear WestJet,
I am writing this letter to inform you of my dissatisfaction at the inconvenience suffered on a recent trip with your airline.
On February 15 2020, I purchased a round trip to Barbados (booking reference # UYKSRO)due to my mother's sudden illness. Because the trip was of the upmost importance, I purchased the ticket for $1697.65, a much higher price than I would have normally.
The duration of my trip abroad was February 17 to February 26, 2020. On February 18 my mother passed away suddenly. It was very devastating to my family and I. My mother was laid to rest on February 23, 2020.
On the return leg, I booked in very early at Barbados. In Canada, I waited at the baggage carousel for 30 mins before hearing my name announced. I proceeded to the counter where I was told that my luggage was left in Barbados and was given a form to fill out with my information.
I felt so distraught, angry and dissatisfied. Packed in my luggage was irreplaceable memorabilia; items of deep personal significance to my mother and myself, the location of which was now uncertain. Additionally, February 26 was my daughter's thirteenth birthday and I had purchased some items I knew she liked and was unable to give them to her on her birthday. Finally, I also packed perishable food items which cannot be purchased in Canada, valued at $80 CAD which are almost certainly spoiled and inedible.
I am a loyal customer of your airline travelling exclusively on your flights. I am dissatisfied because the premium I payed for the flight translated to less than premium service, loss of goods and unnecessary worry and inconvenience at a time of grieving.
I am requesting a compensation for the $80 CAD in spoilt goods and a percentage refund on the ticket price on top of the bereavement fare you offered.
I was told at the airport my luggage will take 24 -48 hours and I received my bag on March 2, 2020.
Yours truly
Linda Phillips

very rude unprofessional clerk

My husband and I were checking in at the airport in montego bay.. Sangsters... On sunday february 16th at...

awaiting to receive refund for accrued expenses and compensation from west jet

This letter has been forwarded by our travel agent back on December 15th... still waiting to hear from west jet to get our refund for expenses. Also looking for compensation for a days vacation missed due to lack of knowledge and care from west jet agent.

Please see below...

West jet - Formal letter of complaint

We arrived at the airport at approximately 815am.
We waited in the lineup to weigh our bags. it seemed very short staffed and the line was not moving. after waiting about 10 minutes I though I would double checked with a West jet agent to see if we needed to be in the lineup since we already checked in the night before.

I approached a lady behind the counter that was not assisting anyone at that moment, and explaind to her that we checked in online the night before and I asked if we needed to be in that line. She asked where we were traveling so I told her Punta Cana. she pointed to the kiosks and said "go there and print your tags and boarding pass then come back in this line" (the one we had been already waiting in)

She wasn't very kind, She barely gave me any eye contact and was a little bit dismissive I feel like they might have been having a shortage in staff. The atmosphere and vibe was not pleasant.

After printing our items like we had been advised, went back in line waiting for over 50 minutes since the arrival at the terminal. Everyone waiting had seem to be getting anxious as nothing was happening. Only one couple in front of us had been served this whole time. Finally another agent Sal Balooch (23500) came to sign into his counter. He was taking his time cleaning the station with Lysol wipes. A lady who also works with WestJet approached him and said "hopefully today is a better day than yesterday". As soon as we came up to him and gave him our passports and boarding passes, he looked at them and he asked why we were waiting in the lineup still.

I explained to him that the lady Nicola across the way had informed us that we needed to wait in the lineup to have our bags Weighed.

He said let me make a call bc it's close to deadline for bag check..  so he called and waited another 15min before getting a hold of someone, after he got off the phone he had a terrible look on his face and he said we had missed our bag check by five minutes... and He was sorry to say that we won't be making our flight.

We told him that this was not our fault and that we were misinformed, we asked him what other options we had or how we could escalate this issue so our bags could be properly checked and we can make it to the gate.

All of our group approx 70 people had already been checked in and had not boarded the plane yet this was approximately closer to 9:30Am.

He said he felt bad and he was trying his best to help us but he said based on the rules or law you have to fly with your bags and once bag cut off is past there is no exceptions to get your bags checked after that point.

So my husband looked it up and there were two additional flights going to Punta Cana.

He made some calls and after being on the phone for a half an hour & "trying to go up the ladder" to help us he let us know that there was absolutely no more flights flying out to Punta Cana on this day not through WestJet or any other airline.

By 10:00am our whole group had just started boarding the plane as there was a 30 minute delay and they had been texting my husband saying that they are looking at them load the bags on the plane as they are boarding. With this being said and having only a five minute delay for getting our bags checked I really don't understand how we were not able to get our bags there.

We informed Sal of this and he said there was nothing he could do he felt terrible but he said there was no way we were making it to Punta Cana that day.
My husband and I had been very patient and kind to Sal as we understood he was trying his best to help us but I also got very upset because we were part of a wedding party and it was our only time that we had been able to Get off for this important occasion.
We had never had this happen in all of the times we had ever travelled.

Sal said, The best they could do was send us to Chicago on a flight that was leaving shortly and get us on a early flight out of Chicago to Punta Cana that was our quickest choice. He also said that we had to decide right then and there so the lady on the phone was waiting and could get us on the American Airlines flight before it was too late.
With all of our emotions and time wasted then all of a sudden being rushed to make a decision we ended up just saying yes to that option as we were advised that was the quickest way to get to Punta Cana.

I was very stressed out, upset and scared because we had been by ourselves going to an airport in a city we had never been to before. we had no winter jackets or shoes as we had planned to leave Pearson airport and land in Punta Cana later that day

We had to rush to make the flight somehow they managed to check our bags in less time than it took to get on our original flight. Once we got to Chicago we had to figure out where we were going and where we were staying and how we were going to get there.

It was the most terrible experience I had ever encountered while travelling.

We had missed the excitement of meeting everyone at the airport travelling to an exciting event in a beautiful country together.
We missed over 24 hours of travel and time that we will not get back.

We had to expense nearly $700 of our money out of pocket upfront that we are told we are getting compensated for and to keep all of our receipts because from that moment we missed our flight at Pearson we were to keep all of our receipts for any food or travel expenses until we land in punta Cana and we would get reimbursed from WestJet.

To make this experience even worse, out of our group of 70 people attending this wedding there was another couple who we learned later on from, that they had arrived at the airport late due to being stuck in traffic. they missed the flight and were also advised that there was no other flights leaving to Punta Cana that day from Pearson. As we had been as well.
However they managed to see that there was in fact a flight leaving out of Toronto to Punta Cana that day flying with Sunwing.

They ended up making it to Punta Cana that night only a few hours after we were supposed to arrive. Why we were told we could not make it to Punta Cana that day from WestJet or any other flight baffles my mind and it's completely unacceptable.

So up until this point we had been misinformed two times by multiple people. Making my confidence in west jets service and knowledge far below satisfactory.

My husband and I are very kind and patient people. I have worked in the customer service industry for more than 18 years. My husband is a full time firefighter and has his own successful contracting business as well. We have two small children and our time is limited. We had planned this trip out over half a year in advance. Being proactive and making things as smooth as possible, we also checked in the night before.

The fact that we missed out on a whole days vacation and the beginning of a wedding celebration is not acceptable, considering it was all because of multiple representatives From your airline who did not care to listen or acknowledge my very simple question. Nor have the knowledge to check accurately for other possible flights.

This experience has left us feeling upset & frustrated.
We have travelled many times with west jet and have had nothing but great experiences in the past. We are very sad that we ended up in this situation.

My husband and I would like to push this forward and be compensated with a refund for a whole day missed. We also feel that for the time and stress from missing out on our first day with our group and being in the wedding party that it was also a bad experience for the bride and groom.
We are hoping that we will be given something extra from west jest for the poor service that was provided.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and I hope to hear back from someone.

Elizabeth and Lanny Detoro
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
I am eagerly looking for a reply. Otherwise I will be looking at next steps for escalation.

Thank you
Elizabeth Detoro

awaiting to receive refund for accrued expenses and compensation from west jet
awaiting to receive refund for accrued expenses and compensation from west jet

unethical issue/scam

Hello I present myself, my name is Lenda Hamdu-Seku Diarra my flighthub booking number is [protected] and Westjet confirmation number WZGSKD. I am filling this complaint to inform you that I have accidently purchase a non-refundable ticket on saturday night February 8th . While filling the information my computer started having technical diffuculties and eventually turned off by itself, which assume led to the purchase of the ticket. Around 24 hours later I notice that I received a purchase emaiI. I called both Flighthub and Westjet and I was consistently told to call the other company. As a result, I was advise to right this complaint as a last resource to this issue, I am optimistic that you will be able to help me. I would like to receive a full refund because purchasing it was an error. In addition, Being a full time university student does not allow me to waste my money. I know that you guys care and hope that you guys will be able to provide me with a refund. I consider this issue to be unethical because I did not receive the appropriate help while calling the company and a scam because I mentionned several time on the phone that I didn't agree to buy that ticket. I am a loyal customer this both this airline and ticket provider and hope that you guys really care about your customers and fix my situation.
Sincerely, Lenda Hamadu-Seku Diarra.

unethical issue/scam
unethical issue/scam

payment not received

Westjet WS 706 Reservation code: ZBMWDH

To whom this matter should concern:
My husband and I purchased airfares to fly with Westjet from Vancouver to Ottawa, with a layover in Toronto. We paid for the ‘Family EconoFlex' fare, so that we were able to pre-select seats on the Westjet flight WS 706 from YVR to YYZ on December 18. We selected seats 11C & 11D. Unfortunately, when we printed boarding passes the evening before, we discovered that we no longer going to be seated as preselected, and had been arbitrarily given seats: 23A & 23B (an aisle seat & a window seat!).
After discussion with a westjest ground crew employee at Toronto airport (YYZ), we were advised that we would be entitled to a refund. This would be transferred to our (Westjet) account in seven days. It is now mid-January and this has yet to happen. The remainder of our journey was essentially problem free.

Rita Jane


Hello there, let me start out by saying that WestJet is one of the best Airlines I flown with. However on January 8th 2020 my flight was delayed from Calgary to Toronto which left me stranded in Toronto. Your staff was quite friendly and helpful in arranging a later connecting flight to Moncton.
During my six hour wait at the airport I had a meal which cost me $32.39.
Unfortunately my prearranged ride from Moncton to my home could no longer accommodate me so I had to book a hotel for the night. The hotel room cost me $149.79 plus the cab ride from the airport was another $50.
I have spent three months in Yellowknife taking care of my ill mother. So my finances are running thin and I would appreciate it if you could give me help with some of these experiences .
I look forward to hearing from you. Sandra Green Butler flight GRACXI . January 8, 2020

live animal cargo

My son had a 2 pound puppy shipped "temperature controled" through west jet cargo on Jan 9th. He was sent from Edmonton to Regina. He landed at 6:30 pm and my son was not contacted even though it clearly states on the paperwork to "contact the client immediatly upon arrival". We waited in his vehicle at the cargo building until 8:15 until the puppy was finally sent over, not in a warm temperature controled vehicle but on a wide open luggage rack, even though when I spoke to the staff in the cargo area about the wait i was reassured not to worry about the -35 weather as he would not be in the cold! This was my sons first puppy, and what was supposed to be a wonderful experience turned out to be awful, his 2 pound puppy was freezing cold and terrified after his long ride outside in -35 degree weather. The kennel was so cold that he could not pick up the kennel with bare hands. I look forward to speaking to someone regarding my experience as soon as possible, you can reach me at 693-9390 and you may ask for Paulette.
I would expect to be refunded for this breech of contract regarding temperature control.

racist and unethical behaviour

In November 2019, I had a round trip reservation from SIN - YWG. My booking number is [protected] for myself, passenger Ms. Nelvinder Kaur D/O Tarlok Singh. My flight from SIN to YWG was great however I am writing today about my return flight from YWG to SIN. In summary, a WestJet staff member refused to check me in, and therefore I was unable to board and missed my flight because of the unfair and racist treatment. The staff of concern is Ms. Ngoc, carrying employee ID 24280. I am hoping that WestJet will fairly compensate me. Attached detailed complaint and clinical discharge for proof of my admission

cancelled and delayed flights. an injury while going to his seat

My father travelled on Dec 26th after being delayed and delayed and cancelled He missed Xmas with his family. He had to get himself back and forth to the airport plus no food offered. On Dec 26th he was a wheelchair passenger. He was put in the last row He fell getting into his seat as he was not boarded as a preboard wheelchair. No one assisted him. Not ever. Not once. I will attach photos and you tell us how this could have happened. You're customer service is desperate. You're contacts for customer service is the worse. You're email does not work. Before I take this public I would like to hear what you are planning to do as far as compensation for flights that had no crew. The injury is another issue. He is 82 and hearing impaired. Thankfully a passenger took care of him. Sandra Skeffington for Douglas Skeffington [protected]

cancelled and delayed flights. an injury while going to his seat
cancelled and delayed flights. an injury while going to his seat

unorganized & rude agents

We left for Jamaica December 17, 2019, the flight from Mtl - Tor which wasn't bad. When we arrived in Toronto to connect to Jamaica that is when everything went down hill. The staff were snapping their fingers to get everybody on board on time, allowing passengers to board with 3-4 carry -ons. When we asked about it the Agent said "Right now we just need to get everybody on board so we do not leave late". So once we boarded there was no more room to store our carry-ons. The couple we travelled with did find a bin at the back of the plane, meanwhile my husband was asked to travel with his carry-on under his legs to Jamaica, which was not comfortable at all. Once we landed in Jamaica the confusion was unbelievable. We tried very hard to find a WestJet Rep/Agent to ask what was going on, but there was none to be found. We waited almost 3 hours for our luggage, 2 hour bus ride. We did not arrive to our hotel until 6:30 p.m.
The next day I asked Guest Services where I could find a WestJet rep, they told us that they do not come to the hotel. I called Customer Service & was told the Destination Rep would contact me. He did meet us Thursday,
Dec. 19. He took down our complaints & said he would get back to us. He than texted me to offer an upgrade & priority boarding. So the 4 of us agreed.
When we arrived at the airport in Jamaica there was no priority boarding & the seat upgrade was one row up from where we sat when we left. I feel the Rep said this just to appease us, well it did not work.
Upon arriving in Toronto, my luggage was broken, we told the Agent who then scanned my ticket, told me to let them know when I arrive at my final destination. I asked a WestJet agent if I could open my Duty Free bag to get cigarettes, she said "Sure as long as you have passed thru Customs". Well when I arrived thru security I was told I was mis-informed & would now have to put the bag in my carry on & have it checked & then pass thru security again. All this took an hour which stressed me out because I had a
connecting flight to Mtl.
Once we arrived in Montreal my suitcase was not there. I then had to go make a report with the Agent, again. My baggage is still missing with my medications/supplements and my personal belongings.
I reached out to Kevon Street/Destination Rep, asked what happen with our upgrade & preboard. Told me it had been confirmed by his office in Calgary. So somewhere along the way another Agent dropped the ball.
This was our 1st time flying with WestJet & I hate to tell you it was a terrible experience all around. Agents with wrong information, promises unkept. Would I fly with WestJet again, not so sure.
Once we arrived in Mtl, my baggage was lost

  • Updated by Lynn Collette · Dec 29, 2019

    So we left Mtl on Dec. 17, 2019 for Jamaica, from Mtl to Toronto was not to bad. From Toronto to Jamaica was a complete nightmare. The staff standing at the boarding gate snapping their fingers for us to hurry up so the plane could leave on time. Telling people who don't have their boarding pass or passport ready to get out of line until their ready. "Hurry up people we need to get going" People were boarding with 3 - 4 carry on's. When we got on plane there was no more room to store our carry-on, finally found 1 spot at other end of plane. My husband was asked to store his carry on between his legs for the trip, 5 hours. Very uncomfortable. Once we arrived in Montego Bay, there was nothing but more confusion. We waited 2 1/2 hours for our luggage. Could not find a representative/agent to let us know what was going on & why. So from landing to our hotel it took 5 hours. The next day I asked for a West Jet rep/agent & was told that they do not come to the hotel. I called to complain, the next day a Rep came to speak to us. He took notes about our complaint, sent me a text saying he would upgrade us & we would have pre--board attached to our booking, well what a joke that was. We flew to Jamaica row 10, flew back row 9, what kind of upgrade was that? There was no pre-board attached. I showed the texts to the WestJet boarding agent, was told that nothing had changed on our tickets. So he said that just to appease us. NOT HAPPY.
    Our flight from Montego Bay was not so bad until we got to Toronto. My suitcase was damaged, showed agent in Toronto, he scanned the back of my ticket, was told to mention it in Montreal when we landed. Once we went thru customs I had asked the Rep if I could open my Duty Free bag to get my cigarettes was told "No problem" so I did, well what a mistake that was. While going thru security, agent saw my open bag & I had to now put it in my carry on & have it checked in, so another hour taking care of this because of misinformation. Once in Montreal we notice my luggage is missing, so back in line to speak to an agent AGAIN. Made a report about damage/lost luggage. As of this morning still have not located my luggage. I had to replace my medication, do not have the means to replace my toiletries, flat iron, blow dry brushes, souvenirs, etc...
    We travel once or twice a year, this is our 1st time with WestJet. I have never seen so much confusion, misinformation, unkept promises.
    I finally had a break down in airport when I had finally arrived to our gate to Montreal, not knowing my nightmare was not over. We did not arrive home until 1:00 - !:30 am, after having to wait in another line to make a report.
    This behavior from WestJet is unacceptable. Day 2 without my luggage & I still have to wait to replace my things. All I can say is UNBELEIVABEL, UNPROFESSIONAL, MISINFORMED & lack of COMPASSION

  • Updated by Lynn Collette · Dec 29, 2019

    I want somebody from WestJet to take accountability. This cannot keep happening. I would be skeptical to travel WestJet again as would the other couple we travelled with

meals and service in premium class

On November 16 My husband, son, daughter-in-law and myself travelled from Winnipeg to Puerta Vallarta in row 3 premium seats which were purchased at the same time as we originally booked. On our flight to Puerta Vallarta the meal choice was not given to us as all choices were made by the first two rows. On our return flight the airline had inadvertently been given breakfast meals for the premium seats instead of dinner meals. Once again by the time row 3 was to be given the meal choice ...gone. Now note that we paid the same price (I actually paid for 4 upgrades) and we were not given "any choices" on either flight and totally the wrong meal on the return flight. Customers pay quite a difference to have these extras and look forward to "what they paid for". I feel that some compensation should be made by the airline to me.

lost bag customer service

So on the 22 of November I flew form YYZ to pos I had a carry and a 4 suite cases I was informed I cant take the 4 suite cases only 2 so I was told to make 4 suite cases into 2 mind you I'm traveling with a baby under 2 for Christmas so I made the bags into 2 eveb thou I said I was willing to pay for the 2 extra bags I found the manager to be very rude and unfriendly so now I get to the plan the over free bag check I take the chane to get it so my carry on bag was lost and my main bag was broken the wheel broken right off this service is just ridiculous the lady wants to settle for 800 when there was way more in my suite case every time I call no one gets back to me

I'm very unhappy with you service and customer service

furniture not ship on time

Dear Sirs,

I would like to the information that, I had a major problem with my freight
( Tracking Number [protected]) .

I was freighting from Iran(Tehran), of date 23/11/2019 to Montreal (Quebec), but it is not here ever.

in my planning was specify before the 5th december 2019, and always I was in contact with Westjet, and the personel assure me that my freight arrived Tomorrow. unfortunatly this TOMORROW never came

I must inform you also, i am living in a empty appartment whitout my furniture and i hva nothing and my first thing for living and my base personel is in my freight bagage . I sleeping on the floor and in quebec at this time its so cold and now i have a back pain and in my legs in suffrence .

i have payed large amount of money for this transfert by plane to arrive faster and maximum in 2 weeks in montreal, but just now i undrestand there are so delays and all of my freight arrive by truck because I was told you don't have bigger plane to fit in the plan comming to montreal .

I would like you consider that this is not my error, and this mistake and delay produced from you and your company.

if I had transfer my freight by boat, it would have arrive the same time, but the cost was much lower and not as expensive.

I hope you restore my loss and damage, and redress my situation.

best regards.
Sholeh Farahani


Tel : [protected]
612, Rue Taillion
J2C 7M1
QC, Canada

fraudulent online bookings - money stolen!

Hoping this doesn't happen to anyone else...

I booked a trip on same website I always go to for fares, flight bookings etc. Without even booking a trip, 4 separate, consecutive charges of $1227-$1500 show up on my credit card bill! Charges showed up on my Visa as coming from Westjet, but when I contacted Westjet to report the fraudulent charges, they would not resolve my issue! Westjet wore me out. I contacted them at least 10 times to resolve the issue, being stuck in random places, having my card decline when there was ample credit available, having to pay roaming fees because I'm constantly calling my bank and Visa to help resolve my issue, etc. They didn't even offer to discount my flight! It's a pity Canada has very few options for air travel. I'd rather walk than pay Westjet.

For 3 months I was unable to use my credit card without paying up to $1000, sometimes more than 1 payment per day, just to get $5 to take the subway. I frequently use my credit card for transportation so imagine the headache when I try to buy a train ticket, pay for a car rental, buy groceries, live my life and a fraudulent Westjet booking keeps using up my funds so each day I am stranded!

It has been close to 6 months and Westjet still owes me $1200+ and long distance/roaming fees paid. I have not and will not ever fly with them again and I strongly advocate my friends to boycot Westjet as well.

cancellation of book flight

Good Afternoon,

On November 26th, Reservation Code KHJQKI - I made a reservation on behalf of my mother Sharon Patrick for a flight from Comox, BC to Edmonton, AB. 30 minutes after booking the flight I discovered I booked it for the wrong date. The reason that date took as I was used to book 3 flights previously.

30 minutes after booking the flight I clicked on the cancel flight on the email I received after booking the flight. Subsequently I rebooked the flight for the day I actually needed for February 4th - Reservation Code - RZCGFS.

I was not aware the flight had not been cancelled until 2 days later when I received via email a flight confirmation. I was also tracking reimbursement of the flight on my credit card that had not occurred as well. I was told on the phone yesterday, that I should have received an email confirming the flight was was I to know an email would be sent. I assumed based on utilizing the link in your email that by pressing the cancelled flight it actually would cancel the flight.

I have spoke to 2 of your representatives who refuse to refund the money based on your policy for basic fares with cancellation has to be within 24 hours. Your link not working should not result in penalizing your clients, especially since to my knowledge I cancelled the flight 30 minutes after booking it.

I respectfully ask that your refund the money for this flight based on the clear intent of your client in cancelling the flight.

I look forward to hearing from you in a timely manner.

Thank you,

Linda Borg

ws 2153 on november 26 from puerto vallarta to yvr. (1620 hours)

1. Checked bag cost $30 US to return to YVR. Why US funds?
2. Asked for a can of Canada Dry. I was told NO! Not enough for two servings on this flight. We only got one serving!!
3.Cabin temperature was very cold. Flight attendent told me to check with one of the Pilots. He said he didn't know. I told him it was too cold.

4. My daughter did not return to Vancouver with us. I asked the agent for a refund of her ticket price. He said that he would put this request in the notes and that I should contact Westjet.
5. The agent then called a Stand-by passenger to the counter. We should get a refund for the ticket price on this trip because otherwise the seat was sold twice by Westjet!!!

G. D. Powlik [protected] [protected]

credit not given

Took a flight with westjet 2 years ago from Dublin to Vancouver. WestJet lost my wife's luggage as well as my own. As a gesture of goodwill we were given a 250 dollar credit for westjet flights. Unbeknownst to me, the credit expires after a year and we were not told this was the case. I tried to use the credit towards a flight for my wife back to dublin but was told we were not allowed to use the credit for her because it was under my name. So we left it there until I was able to plan another vacation which would have been this year. I have been bounced around from customer support agent to customer support agent and I have been treated quite rudely. From this day forward I am promising to NEVER use WestJet services ever again. They have terrible customer service, and I was given the credit because of WestJets terrible service in the first place.

purchasing ticket

my name is Jamal Alobeidi
i bought a ticket to travel from london to vancouver via westjet airline and when i wento to travel in the same date the airline didnot allow me to travel and they informed me that i need USA visa to allow me to travel across USA and Canada and nothing in the ticket show that there is any transit to USA you will find below about the itinerary and receipt as i bought the ticket and i need to get the money refunded back to the account
i tried many times to contact the westjet and no one help me so i am complaining about that and i lost the payment
please i need to refund this money as i didnot use this ticket at all and the airline didnot allow me to travel

Your itinerary and receipt
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Reservation code LCDAJA

WESTJET Flight Number WS 4
CONFIRMED Monday, 21 January


Please verify flight times prior to departure

Meal: Food for Purchase
Aircraft: BOEING 767-300 WINGLETS
Duration: 8hour(s) and 29minute(s)
Distance (in Miles): 3576

Mr​ Jamal Al​obaidi
Seat(s): 17K / - / Confirmed

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WESTJET Flight Number WS 717
CONFIRMED Monday, 21 January


Please verify flight times prior to departure

Meal: Food for Purchase
Aircraft: BOEING 737-700 JET
Duration: 5hour(s) and 20minute(s)
Distance (in Miles): 2085

Mr​ Jamal Al​obaidi
Seat(s): 04F / - / Confirmed

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Payment details
Your eTicket receipt can be found here:
Mr Jamal Alobaidi: [protected]
We recommend making note of this information for your records as WestJet is only able to access itinerary and purchase details for seven days following the completion of your last flight. If you add this eTicket to your TripCase profile, your reservation and payment detail for this itinerary will be accessible for 13 months after the last flight has been flown.

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flight delays causing unexpected cost with hotel

Me and my family booked flights from Winnipeg to Orlando for our vacation. One of the reasons that we've...

WestJet Airlines

boarding services at yvr

my family got unprofessional services at the ticking boarding when we headed to cancun from YVR in the morning on the day of Aug31.
we were late to gate and we showed all sorry. hen I was saying " I am so sorry" she the lady at the gate replied very bluntly and humiliated our family. it was so horrible to face to the type of customer services. I admitted we were late and thank for waiting us. But her attitude was so horrible like unprofessional teacher scold young children. I dont know how our late showing impacted her duty but I think it should be addressed and they should be educated about basic customer services. the moment was in mind for more than a month and I think you should know about the poor services happening at the boarding gate for customer who are going to go their vacations and it messed up. Thank you.

luggage inappropriately checked through

I am a Gold member. I flew to Calgary today from Victoria on WS 220. Tomorrow I fly to Atlanta.

The WJ agent in Victoria Insisted after I asked 3 times that she was tagging the bag for Atlanta but no problem picking it up at Calgary today

I asked 3 times as it did not make sense to me Two agents assured me (Janelle? And??) I would get my bag. I made an issue of it

Guess what. Bag got checked through to USA for loading tomorrow. I am not happy. In 40 years of flying I knew not to believe her.

I thank the baggage desk in Calgary for finding my bag. I was delayed 1 hour at airport and missed a meeting.

I want the agent in Victoria spoken to and reprimanded and trained. Other passengers should not go through this

Ronald. Howard McIntyre

your customer service

On Sept. 22nd., while visiting my Grandson in Calgary. I received a call saying my Brother in Law passed away in Nebraska. My Grandson called to ask if my flight could be changed as I was due to fly to Ontario on Tuesday the 24th. He was told that nothing could be done. However his niece had a similar problem a few weeks before. Her Grandmother passed away in Montreal. They call Air Canada and the flight was changed, no charge and she was also given a glass of wine when she boarded.

I ended up flying from Calgary to Omaha on Delta then back to St. John's on West Jet from Ontario.

Just wondering why policies are so different from one Airline to another.

Eileen Brien

stranded and overcharged.

We arrived at 8:30am for our 10:30am flight out of the YYC airport. We realized the security line was out to...

WestJet Airlines

flight change

We received an email 2 days before our flight to Europe saying it had been changed a day and a half later. West Jet claims they sent me 2 emails in July and August informing us of the changes. My business is on my phone, I check my emails constantly, and did not receive these 2 they claim. There should be a recommended reply with such a significant change to ensure customers receive such important information. Now we are out a day and a half on our trip, we lose one night's accommodation, which is paid for already and a day trip and event, paid for. We were also to be in Paris to celebrate a special birthday and will now miss that and be flying instead. West Jet needs to compensate more for this type of situation. They're communication with customers should be top priority when dealing with people's time and money. Period!

they did not allow me to get in my flight

I had my flifht last oct 7, 2019. I got in the airport 615 the agent told me that oh the door will gonna close in 20 mins so im happy i will make but then she ask did you check in online i said no bec as far im concern cheking in online is only a option and tbere no check in online before so i dont know what is the problem why they cant print my boarding fast it will not even take them 5 mins to print it... The agent told me oh sorry i cant let you in coz you did not check in online. So itold her why dont you print it now then i will run and get my plane... The olane is there tje dooe is still open so what is the problem... The agent want me to buy new ticket that cost 480 for 1 fligt... I was begging and crying i was late in flight due to bad weather... Its windy and pouring and i literally almost got into accident i have to pray 100x to make sure i will able to reach the airport safe that time my car was literally moving because of wind i was so scared driving that time but there are so rediculous no consideration and wants only money from was supposed to be a happy birtjday trip for my self.

cancelled flights

On the 26th of September the flight I was booked on WS24 from Halifax to London Gatwick. Was cancelled. At 1.30 am I was put on flight WS 4200 on 27th because of this I had to rebook my train ticket to get from Gatwick to my home in Plymouth. At a cost of £121.00. I have seen online that passengers that have this type of delay can have up to £600 euros. In compensation but for some reason this does not apply in my case. I fail to see that just because I am English and was returning home. Should exclude me from compensation. And I was told at Halifax that I would be able to claim. So basically I was lied to by your staff. I have used WestJet severel times and hope to do so again. Regards Eileen King ( NWPCKA BOOKING REFERENCE)

latest check-in times not made clear and denied boarding on connecting flight

For my 2 kids and myself, I had bought 3 Westjet tickets to fly from Ottawa to Calgary on August 27, 2019. The trip is comprised of 2 Westjet flights. One is from Ottawa to Toronto (Westjet 3469) departing from Ottawa at 12:45 pm. The other is from Toronto to Calgary (Westjet 665) departing from Toronto at 3:00 pm. The cost of these flights for the 3 of us are $1, 064.88.

We arrived at the Ottawa airport at 11:50 am and lined up for the self check-in. When we got to the machine, the self check-in failed. We then lined up at the counter and by the time we talked to a Westjet agent, it was 12:15 and were told we were too late to check-in because there was a 45 minute cut-off and that we also lost the chance to get onto the connecting flight (from Toronto to Calgary) even if we get a flight into Toronto from another airline.

The tickets were purchased through Expedia. No where on the confirmation email sent with the e-tickets does it state there is a 45 minute cut-off for check-ins prior to departure. The restrictions that are explicitly stated are that cancellations not allowed, changes not allowed, upgrades not allowed, non-refundable, non-transferable. So by denying us boarding due to the cut-off, we had no way of going without buying new tickets at the counter.

If only I had known about this strict cut-off, I would have skipped the self check-in given the line up and gone straight to the counter. I would also have sorted out a different car arrangement to get there earlier.

Furthermore, I should not have lost out on the connecting flight if there was a way for me to get us to the Toronto airport in time for the Toronto to Calgary flight.

The end result is that I had to pay for new tickets at a cost of $2, 271.72 to get us to Calgary that day. I bought these new tickets from Air Canada as I no longer wanted to deal with Westjet.

I examined the confirmation email and did find a link to "complete penalty rules for changes and cancellations" which opened an Expedia page for Fare Rules and Restrictions. Half way down this page, there is a Penalties paragraph which states


The wording "ROUTES YOW/YMQ/YT AND YTO/YMQ.YOW-NYC" is confusing as routes have an origination and a destination and only the second part refers to NYC as a destination. It also assumes all travelers know the code of the airports. As YOW is for Ottawa, I assume all Westjet passengers must be at the Ottawa airport 2 hours before departure time. In my travels (including with Westjet in the past), I am at the airport an hour before departure and have boarded. I have observed many other passengers coming at about this same time prior to departure. This is also inconsistent with what I was told at the counter about the 45 minute cut-off for check-in.

This very important cut-off needs to be stated explicitly and clearly in the same way as the other restrictions and limitations. It should not only be in a link which turns out not to be accurate. So basically, the 45 minute cut-off is no where in the confirmation email or in the links to Penalties. What is in the Penalties about being at the airport 2 hours ahead of the departure time and it is not enforced.

flight delay

my husband (Ping Seto) and I (Yan Ning Seto) booked Westjet WS 1775 (Booking ref KZUOYF) from SFO to YVR on Sept 19, 2019 . The flight was scheduled to depart at SFO at 3:50 pm. At noon, I received email notification about the delay of our flight to 7:30 pm. We had to change our mode of transportation to take a train to SFO airport. When arrived at airport at 5:00 pm, we found that
(1) Westjet was not listed on the airport airline service counter listing.
(2) Our flight was not listed on the airport departure screen. As it should be listed original departure time and changed departure time
(3) SFO airport customer service could not tell us where the customer service counters of Westjet located.
(4) We phoned the customer service of Westjet listed and got message to call back again, again
(5) We could check into kiosk to print our boarding passes as it stated it could not read our travel document (passport). Only after 7 times, we were able to get our boarding passes printed.
(6) It was 6:00 pm then, our boarding pass stated departure at 3:50 pm and there were still no listing of our flight on departure screen.
We are seniors (76 & 77 years) and are not technically connected. The experience we had is totally unacceptable. Recently Government of Canada introduced passenger right registration and aimed to improve communication with passenger. The least of which Westjet could do is to keep airport information updated. And yet, I received more than 3 dozen of the same email about our flight delay during the time span with the exact the same message without THE EXPLANATION OF THE REASONS OF OUR FLIGHT delay.
My husband swore that he would not fly Westjet again!!!

delayed flight ws2 - london gatwick to edmonton via calgary -28 aug 2019-ref: loamxb

Dear Sir/Madam, West Jet Flight No; WS002 - Date 28th August 2019 Booking Ref: 1443879 Airline Ref...

WestJet Airlines

unethical behavior and inhumane customer service

I'm a Canadian citizen, accompanied with my mother and our pet, a well-trained beautiful 2 lbs Yorkie dog( emotional support dog) coming back home to Vancouver, B.C. Canada on Aug 27th 2019. This trip was supposed to be a gift vacation to my mom. We had a transit stop in LAX airport going from LA to Vancouver, Canada via the West Jet Airline on Aug 27th, 2019 at 07:55pm. It is worth noting that these past several weeks, at least 3 times I have contacted the West Jet Airline to make sure of their rules and requirements and if I need to fill out and/or send out a form to them. In every call, their personnel confirmed that they are aware we have a pet with us as an emotional support pet and all they need is to present to them my mother's doctor letter to support that.

At the last minute (before they charge my credit card since they denied the emotional support pet and required to charge for inside cabin pet), as I was helping my mother with her disability as a result of Parkinson disease, the personnel had a call from their supervisor who apparently was busy with the boarding. The supervisor on phone stated " that the passengers meaning us, we have to leave the dog behind and the dog cannot fly with us." It was shocking, I could not believe what I was hearing, the female personnel who delivered the news, could not look into my eyes. The other male personnel who processed our boarding pass, was in shock, and verbalized " what does that mean?".

My mother and I were in the state of shock and disbelief, we were crying, pleading, demanding some logical explanation, and a reasonable realistic demand. It was horrible. My mother was shaking and crying none-stop, my dog was so disoriented in his small crate, with his small body all curved. We were 2 hours away from home and they were denying our flight which was the last flight of the night. We were terrified, in shock, crying, begging them to let us get home, exhausted, emotionally stressed out, physically in pain, my mom's tremors were worsening as minutes passing by, she fell on the floor and yet the personnel of the West Jet Airline were looking at us with flat affects, and yet quite uncomfortable with this unreasonable demand by their supervisor and this heartbreaking scene.

The LAX police officer showed up to the scene. I explained the situation to him, then he talked to the West Jet Airline personnel. The officer was in shock and disbelief, he literally mentioned " I have never heard or seen anything like this situation with this type of request". He talked to the personnel to mediate again, but the West Jet Airline personnel raised their shoulders and took off from the scene.The LAX police officer kindly got us some cold bottle of water, I tried to help my mom and our dog to eat or drink something, but all of us were just about to faint from all this stress and heartless action by West Jet Airline. The police officer kindly requested to get an assisted wheelchair for my mom, he stayed with us all that time.

We got home on Aug 28th, the day after our actual arrival date and time. It was an absolutely horrible unnecessary experience. A gift vacation for my mom, turned into night mare, a horrible experience on animal cruelty and disabled elderly, a human being. For the next several days, both my mom and I have had no real sleep, she kept having nightmares about being lost and being left behind somewhere. Who is going to answer and pay for all these post trauma emotional, mental distress that we have been through? Not to mention my family's distress and emotional trauma in Vancouver, Canada, who were worried sick for us?????

horrible company with racism flight attendant and ride for crying kids.

My family had a terrible experience while taking Westjet for Canada travel. They were taking WestJet 1508 in Sep-08-019 from Calgary return back to San Francisco. Prior to boarding, this flight was delayed by 3 hours and because of this, my family had to wait in the airport for 5 hours. Thus my son, which is only 2 years old, was very exhausted and really sleepy. Imagine that even for an adult, 5 hours of waiting in airport is quite stressful. While starting from their boarding, the flight attendant never showed any warm welcome to these exhausted passengers. Instead, she was very hostile to my family, whispering to another attendant that they should closely watch my family. Due to the stress, my son was very tired and could not easily get calmed down while seated. My wife and my mother-in-law were trying their best to calm down him and let him well sit and tied with the seatbelt. However, only after about 3 minutes, this attendant rudely came and yelled at my family. She demanded my family to leave the aircraft immediately. The total time from my family boarding to get kicked off from the airplane was only around 5 minutes, my wife even didn't have time to get the phone out from her purse to entertain my son. My family, including 2 year old child and two seniors (both >60 years old), had to pull their heavy luggage and leave the aircraft. The rude attendant even didn't tell them what to do next. My family had to walk a long way holding the 2 year baby to outside of the airport and re-checked in to purchase the next available flight tickets. To me, this cruel treatment from WestJet to the passenger is not about uncourteous, it is more about inhumanity. I cannot image this could happen in a civilized community. My wife later on told me that this attendant was very clearly racially discriminating against them from the beginning since my son was crying during boarding (we are Asian Americans, my parents don't know how to speak English). I called WestJet customer service immediately after receiving the call from my wife and also got very rude response (they are clearly protecting each other). I am very disappointed and frustrated with WestJet.

  • SubSquirrel Sep 13, 2019

    They chose to pick on your family because you’re Asian. While I don’t doubt that there is discrimination against Asians, an airline deals with all people and maybe you just got a prejudiced worker.

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  • Su
    SubmissiveTreeRodent Sep 13, 2019

    @SubSquirrel Oh boy, heeeeere we go! Sub squirrel decides to poop on someone with a legit concern. She's gotta butt into everyone else crap because she thinks people actually like hearing what she says. Lol!

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  • SubSquirrel Sep 13, 2019

    @SubmissiveTreeRodent If anyone posts on a public website forum that encourages debate, then they can expect comments. You’re just being a child because I didn’t sympathize with your pathetic complaints about taken chicken.

    I didn’t poop on the complaint but rather explained why it might have happened.

    But keep posting after my comments, especially since you posted that we sit here all day and comment. You still follow me and post yet make fun of people who post here, like yourself.

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horrible service (flight cancelation) and no compensation

My husband and I were to fly from BDA to YYZ on Sept 5 at 6:30. We sat on the tarmac in the plane for an hour waiting with no air conditioning to find out that the air conditioner didn't work on their last flight and they took off to come to Bermuda anyways. They turned around and finally let us off the plane. We got off and it took another 1 1/2 hrs find out the flight was cancelled.

No one knew what was going on and we were given 15 dollars USD a person to spend on dinner. This affords NOTHING in bermuda! So obviously we had to come out of pocket for our dinners. We finally all got back to checkin to find out what was going on. It took over 4 hours to reticket, get hotel vouchers and taxi vouchers. You guys were terribly understaffed and so uninformed. They did 1 announcement to tell us they didn't know anything. We asked what to do with our duty free, it took 4+ hours to get an answer on that.

After finally getting our tickets and vouchers we went to get a taxi to find out over 75% of them on the island will not use vouchers and now i had to pay out of pocket which i will be submitting the receipts for. We get to the hotel and were asked for credit cards to put down for a hold for incidentals on the room. This is the worst service considering this needs to be on WestJet as a company, not the individuals dealing with pure incompetence. Our flight was suppose to take off at 6:30pm, we got to the hotel at 11:30ish. That is 5 hours of sitting around waiting.

I have 2 dogs in a kennel, my husband missed a day of work and I will also be missing a day of work. None of these things I have been compensated on. This has been the worst experience I have had with WestJet by far.

I would like someone to contact me ASAP as I would like to be compensated by this inconvenience.

Thank you,

Deanna Rota

Missed flight due not understanding the 24hr. Clock used by the airlines

i recently traveled from Calgary to Toronto and I missed my flight due to the fact airlines run on 24hr. clock how was i to know that ( I went to my suns wedding) I contacted Westjet customer service and they said i am out of luck the return flight cost me over $800.00. I am a pensioner and can not afford this. Is there any help you can give me
Robert Staples
250 Scarlett Rd. 202

Missed flight due not understanding the 24hr. Clock used by the airlines

westjet flight from pdx to london

We planned a sabbatical for a year and was looking forward to using WestJEt for our 1st leg of journey from PDX to London. We have US, UK and Schengen Visa's. We were not told about needing a transit visa with Indian passport. We went to airport and was told we cannot travel. We must have received some email as a part of not a reminder 2 days before. It takes 2-3 weeks to get Transit visa. We were not refunded our money in cash instead insisted we take travel credit. Again we were not given enough notice and had to book s ticket for 6000$ Which is atrocious. Please refund our full ticket price in cash for the hassle we went through and be sure to inform others so that no one else face this situation. I will never ever fly westjet and will definitely mention this all my friends, family and colleagues for sure. I am disappointed. Please do help refund our ticket fair in cash. I don't want to get Canada visa to use ur travel credit and I don't want to fly westjet ever again.

inflight service and lack of comfort

I recently returned from a flight to Scotland. I have not used Westjet for years because other airlines had better flight deals. As the connecting flights continued I was disappointed by the cramped seating. But moreso by the lack of basic refreshments available for the flight from Calgary to Halifax and Halifax to Glasgow. On each flight two snacks were offered...under 100 calories each. Warm plastic cups of water were offered providing the minimum of hydration for a long flight. I paid over 2000 for this flight and felt like it was a super economy flight. To compare services...i took a local bus for 6 hours in Scotland and was served tea and snacks more often than this 2000 dollar plan trip. I was completely disappointed and will not be traveling by Westjet again.

flight missed

I am complaining about my missed flight. Me and my friend had flight at 6.00 am morning our boarding time was 5.45. But due to security check we just arrived at 6.50 and it was written on board that finall call is at 6.00. But their was nobody to show up. When they came it was 5.53 and they said you missed the flight I mean really the finall call is still yet to due but they don't allowed us to go. We just just wasted [censored]in 700 dollars. Is that the customer service you provide to people? We are students here it's really worth it really feel bad because it takes two week to have this amount of money to us. But again we talked to customer service she was like she can't do anything you have to buy another ticket even she said your ticket of arriving back is also cancell. Ohh god atleast have humanity what is the reason of cancelling the other flight. It was so urgent that day I could not explain that I had to buy another ticket worth $1100. Really the management is so poor they just don't care of their customers. I would never recommend anyone to get this flight. I really feel sorry for people who just don't worry about their customer. Just to remind again their was still time to finall call and they didn't allowed ya to go.