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Complaints & Reviews

Global Call Center — Global Call Center not working for a week due to "unexpected" situation

I have been trying to call Malaysian Airline Call Center for the pass 1 week and the call center is uncontactable. Computer voice message ask one to log on the website but the website refers you back to call center.
I have booked an international flight which was cancelled and rescheduled. I tried to cancel the flight via online "managed booking" but surprised to see no refund for cancellation!

  • Me
    meenachiibnbnbn Mar 22, 2020

    @hpbeh, most of MAS staff are on leave without pay. I guess the call centre is the first to go. Count yourself lucky to still have a job. What do you expect with the Movement Constraint Order running at its peak now? Business as usual?

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complaint about mas ground assistance at check in counter @ kl sentral

I was due to fly back to Kota Kinabalu on 8/3/2020 on MH2640; 1600. I missed the check in deadline and had to purchase another passage via Malindo (cheapest compared to MAS & AirAsia) at RM460 before including admin charges.

My filing a complaint is by no way, to blame anyone for my failing to check in on time. I should have planned better but due to timing of my travelling to KL Sentral to check in from there, I was challenged to do it on time.

However, had I been advised properly, I would not have missed the check in deadline. Please find the following chronology of event:

2.13pm - Bought a KL Express ticket to KLIA and proceeded to MAS check in counter thinking that I was in time to check in my luggage. There was no queue at all and I approached the MAS Business Class Counter to ask whether I could check in. The ground staff at the counter told me that I missed the luggage check in deadline of 2hours before the flight. Hence she told me to proceed to check in at the MAS counter at KLIA.

2.40pm - The KL Express left the KL Sentral Station after I waited for 15minutes for its arrival. By this time and if 28minutes later, I knew I would miss the check in & luggage check in deadline of 3pm. I quickly tried to check in online (deciding that I would skip checking in my luggage since I would not make it for the counter check in) and found that I was too late to check in online even before 3pm.

3.10pm - KL Express reached KLIA and I quickly headed to the check in counter, I hope with a 45min window I would still be able to check in.

3.15pm - KLIA MAS ground staff told me that I was not in time to check in at all although she did help me check.

My reason for not checking in earlier in the day or even before the day was that since I had the intention to check in my luggage, I would still need to make sure I check in early via the counter for my luggage too.

My frustration is that, the MAS ground staff would know all these facts and able to advise me the best way possible so that I don't miss the check in deadline. Giving me alternatives and helping me with making my decision (maybe advising me against checking in my luggage and just check in at the counter right at KL Sentral) so that I wouldn't have to miss my flight and purchase another ticket back to KK. If this is the best service that could be given at the Business Class Counter, I wonder how it is like to be if it was at the Economy Class counter. I find more frustrating that there were no passengers checking in at all during the time I was there. So what was the rush not to take a bit more time to help me think through my journey and managing the check in? Totally unprofessional, not to mention my disappointment that MAS having prided and recognized for its great service, its reputation could be tainted by this one simple lack of care and attention. I expected better of MAS! Kindly explain why I have to endure this and I expect to be reimbursed for additional cost that I have to bear because of this lack of professionalism. Please buck up MAS!

complaint about mas ground assistance at check in counter @ kl sentral
complaint about mas ground assistance at check in counter @ kl sentral
complaint about mas ground assistance at check in counter @ kl sentral

lost baggage

I boarded a flight from shanghai pudong to KLIA on 11th Feb 2020. Flight number MH387.
The following is my info:
Name: Mr. Tan/Teck Kooi.
Passport number: A50541619
Flight date: 11th Feb 2020
Flight number MH387
Time of flight : 0215hrs.
E- ticket no: 232-[protected]
Airline booking reference: RRT76G.

Upon my arrival at 805am, I only retrieved 1 luggage. My other small luggage, a small duffle black Mercedes brand with fragile stickers was not found. Inside the bag is an electric boiling pot.
I hope you can track and return my bag.

Thank you

TK Tan

refund and additional service

Referring to booking number #KUN5AC under Winnie Choo mobile [protected] from Kuala Lumpur to Xiamen. Ticket purchased on 31 Jan.. I called the service center today 11 Feb around 4.30pm for refund or change. Spoken with Shaun, unfortunately this is non refundable because the ticket purchased after 28 Jan. No one expect the outbreak growing so fast and getting worst, if I knew I won't fly with MAS airlines. Do the airlines consider this as force majeure? and revise the waiver policy? I requested to speak with a management could help me on this but the answer is no because he is the only person in charge. Is this a service center? but I dont get a solution or answer or help? Shaun told me to wait, may be the new annoucement will be out by next few days of the revise waiver policy.

tickets refund

I missed my flight Kuala Lumpur to Sydney along with my mother and sister on the 5th of February 2020 due to the Airline neglegence, I didn't receive a notification for check in or boarding for my flight and I had just gotten back to Kuala Lumpur from Dubai and was jetlagged, my mother and sister were not well, and when I realised I had missed my flight and called Malaysia Air I was forced to pay an extra $1350 AUD to be put on the same flight the next day although I begged to have the fees waived, and to my knowledge if someone misses their flight and aren't very late they are entitled to be put on the next flight.
I paid a total of approximately $4000AUD for 3 tickets initially and I believe it was their neglegence which caused my missing the flight, Emirates Air for example always ensures notification on the email and app for their passengers, whereas in my case I didn't get any, although I have the app on my phone and had a strong Wi-Fi connection the whole day. I also would like to point out that I contacted the airline before the plane take off and they rejected my idea of coming to the airport to be put on the next flight.
I would like a refund on the additional fees and believe I paid enough originally for me to pay extra due to my being unwell and not informed about the flight taking off.
Even their email confirmation of my ticket is laid out in a way that the passenger overlooks the flight taking off on the 5th and focuses on the 6th which is the day of supposed arrival to Sydney but is easily mistaken as the departure date which is another reason why I became confused.

dreadful customer service

Subject: Re: GTS02010-11/2019/NN [ ref:_00D90i2ac._5000o2kqypc:ref ]

Please see email trail below. Siti in customer Services has Not responded to my last two emails asking for some form of compensation which I believe I thoroughly deserve. I'd like to fly with you again & will be looking to fly more frequently to Perth via K.L. if possible. If you can't refund part of the fare or offer a money off voucher I'd be happy for you to add a reasonable amount of Enrich points to my account.

I look forward to hear from you asap.

Michael Mortimore

Hi Siti

Many thanks for your prompt response.

However, I strongly feel that my treatment from your Customer Support agents was truly dreadful.

I was quoted a ridiculous rate over over £1, 000 to start with then down to £561.90 & suggested that I may be able to rebook myself online cheaper.

I was told that the rate quoted was good for me to come back & book & on record.

I went online on my small mobile phone & saw the best rate was £545.03 so I went back to customer services & another agent who quoted the £1, 00 + rate again.

She said the rate had gone up since my last conversation 20 minutes earlier so I asked her to request that the potential agent Dee rang me back which she did & I then rebooked at the £561.90 rate.

My treatment by both agents was overall dreadful & particularly the second agent who didn't believe my story & I had to plead with her to ask Dee to call me back.

Yes, missing the flight was my genuine fault but MAS Customer Care was truly dreadful.

I would ask you to escalate my case to a more senior member of staff to evaluate.

I work in Online Media & engage in a lot of Social Media including: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram & will be quite happy to share my dreadful experience with your airline if I don't receive some sort of genuine apology & compensation ( maybe a free one way flight or a discount off a package ). I'm only fighting for what I believe is fair.

I look forward to receiving your reply.


Mike Mortimore

On Tue, 19 Nov 2019 at 06:35, CUSTOMER wrote:

Note : "Please do not make changes to the subject line to ensure that all correspondence on this subject can be easily traced. Thank you."

19 November 2019

Michael Mortimore
Email: mike.[protected]

Dear Mr. Mortimore,

Greetings from Malaysia Airlines. Thank you for your feedback which we received at Customer Care. Following your feedback, we would like to clarify on the issue raised and hope will offer clarity on your concerns.

First and foremost, our apologies for any unpleasant experience faced. We note from your booking - reference number WT3BB4, you had inadvertently missed your inbound flight MH126 on 13 November 2019 connecting with MH004 on the next day due to the confusion of MH126 flight timing. Unfortunately, the ticket has now been remarked as No Show by the system.

With regards to your feedback regarding the cancellation of your return flight, please be guided that when the traveler does not perform the first leg of their travel did not reissue the ticket to use only the return portion of their ticket, the indication of ‘No Show‘ on the flight would result in the automatic cancellation of the booking.

Depending on the ticket terms and conditions, ticket can be reissued into a new travelling date. We note that you have been quoted a new fee to use the ticket which is inclusive of a no show fee, change fee and fare difference. However, you have purchased a new one-way ticket under booking reference R5TWO6 instead as the fare is cheaper. Regrettably, we are unable to accede to your request to refund the difference between the new ticket and the fare quoted to make the changes.

On the matter of staff efficiency, we take note of your concern and following your feedback, kindly be informed that a copy of your feedback has since been forwarded to the department concerned for their appropriate action in highlighting more training to ensure passenger is assisted accordingly.

Once again we deeply regret any unpleasant experience caused as a result of this. We assure you that we will continue in our earnest endeavour to improve in order to provide our passengers the service they expect and deserve. We appreciate the opportunity to address the concerns for you and look forward to for many more opportunities to serve you better in the future.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely
For Malaysia Airlines,

Siti Nur Anis
Customer Relations


Malaysia Airlines Berhad Disclaimer: "The message and any files attached is intended solely for the use of the person to whom it is addressed and may contain information that is confidential and privileged under applicable laws. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any use, review, disclosure, copying, printing, distribution or dissemination of this message is prohibited. We take no responsibility of any reliance that you may place on this message and we further take no responsibility for any viruses or other damaging elements that may be contained in this email together with any of its attachments. If you have received this message in error, please notify us by return email and arrangements will be made to retrieve the same from you."

Malaysia Airlines Berhad Disclaimer: "The message and any files attached is intended solely for the use of the person to whom it is addressed and may contain information that is confidential and privileged under applicable laws. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any use, review, disclosure, copying, printing, distribution or dissemination of this message is prohibited. We take no responsibility of any reliance that you may place on this message and we further take no responsibility for any viruses or other damaging elements that may be contained in this email together with any of its attachments. If you have received this message in error, please notify us by return email and arrangements will be made to retrieve the same from you."

flight delay

I Mrs Diane Blair and Mrs Shirley Mitchell were booked on flight MH774 on the 29th November 2019 from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok. This flight was delay by apx 4 hours which caused us to miss our pick up at Bangkok. This very much disrupted our time in Bangkok. I understand that we are legally entitled to compensation for the flight delay. I do not have the booking details but I have both seat numbers on this flight. They are [protected] and [protected]. I look forward to a prompt reply and compensation for this inconvenience. My e mail address is [protected]

RegardsDiane Blair

[Resolved] complaints misunderstanding & services of open ticket

Hi My name is Ang Choon Boon, i have booked a ticket early of this year. Due to emergency, i have to cancel the ticket & rescheduled my flight.
During my call to few operators let me misunderstand, last minute at 11.45pm 19 Dec, i finally make it clear & decide reschedules my flight from JB to Bangkok as last time, operator told me alrdy expired because take some times to confirm the ticket.
This make me very disappointed, because for this ticket i have call many times in this year, by today i have talked with 3-4 operators, everyone told me is before 12 midnight have to book the ticket.

my hp is [protected]
ticket no
[protected] JB to bangkok

Thanks for your time

  • Malaysia Airlines's response · Dec 22, 2019

    Dear Customer,

    Kindly send your feedback to email address [email protected]

    We will assist you accordingly.

    Thank you.

    Customer Care Team

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

[Resolved] lost baggage

Hi my family and I flew from brisbane to KL and thereafter to New Delhi. To begin with the first flight was delayed from 9:55 a.m. to 12:40 p.m. causing us a lot of stress and a lengthy wait at the airport. We were caused undue stress regarding our connect to New Delhi due to the delay and none of the Malaysia airlines staff could give us any idea if we would get our connect or not. On arriving in KL we were rushed to our connection however our bags never made.

Kindly note as informed to your staff on multiple occasions my father's heart and uric acid medication is in those bags. His dosage for the journey was supposed to last him till the 13th which it did but since then he is off his meds due to your negligence. Furthermore emails (to Mr. Prakash Pandey) and phone calls go unanswered. At the airport we were assured the bags would reach us by the 13th. However calls made on the 13th to the number provided was left unanswered only to get a call back stating it would be 5 to 6 working days.

You all are putting my family members life at risk due to your negligence and I am in a good mind to take strict legal action against you all.

Nancy Pereira

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

claim - mr kenneth sowter deceased

My parents were travelling from London Heathrow to Adelaide via Kuala Lumpur on MH0001 departing on 5th December. Unfortunately whilst in the air, my father suffered a massive stroke and upon landing in Malaysia was immediately transported to Putrajaya Hospital with my mother. Unfortunately Dad has since passed away and Dad's body was repatriated back to the UK last night. Once the plane landed, Mum advised that all passengers left the air craft and then the ambulance staff came in to move Dad from his seat into the ambulance. Mum was aware that there was a male who may have been ground staff and a female crew member of staff taking pictures/video of my father. This is totally unacceptable and was very disturbing for Mum. I dread to think where those pictures/videos will end up but in essence they recorded a male dying. As this was a major medical incident upon board your aircraft, you will have notice as to what staff attended the incident and should be able to track down those individuals and reprimand.

We have since rescheduled Mum's flights and my husband is travelling from Australia to meet Mum in Kuala Lumper and then flying back to the UK with her whilst I will return to Australia. At no point have Malaysia Airlines showed any compassion in this and we have just had to pay out hundreds of pounds to make the changes/buy flights etc in what is a very upsetting incident.

As you may appreciated, this is a very upsetting and distressing time for Mum. I have travelled from Australia to support Mum as she is elderly and hard of hearing. Mum's booking reference is UPAUSA and my husband's Mark is PU5VUT. They are now departingn on Tuesday 17th Dec on MH0002 Kuala Lumper to London Heathrow. If you can please find it in your heart to show compassion it would be extremely appreciated. If at all any complimentary upgrade would be appreiated. I have also reqeusted additional luggage allowance to allow Mum to get Dad's possessions home but they want to charge around 1400 MR which is a disgrace.

Any support you can provide would be appreciated but I look forward to receiving feedback as to why/who staff felt it appropriate to take pictures/video of my father dying in the aircraft.

Tania Sowter

Kind regards

poor customer service of ground check-in crew @ london heathrow

Poor customer service of ground check-in crew @ london Heathrow.
Customer: Ling yee Lee
Flight details: MH0001
LHR to KUL .
Seat: 28G
Departure 2125
Date: 5th Dec 2019.

I would like to complain about poor customer service at London Heathrow.

I brought 3 luggages, weigh them at home, below 25kg, however, when i weight in the airport:
1 big bag, prepared to check in, weighed at 28kg.
1 small bag 16kg, i am prepared to ask my friend to send back to home in london.
1 small back pack with pc bag in there - they wont allow me to check in, despite the weigh is less than 7kg and the it's not bulky and can fit in the cabin allowance.

The cabin crew were rude and unfriendly, they didn't represent the MAlaysia airlines that are warm and smiley. They sounded as if we are criminals for carrying extra luggage.
The extra charge, i ask how much, that crew have no idea. She only asked me to repack. After repacking, the big bag is 28kg, i requested to check in and to be given the boarding pass. However, the manager (Sophie) & the crew (With her braces on) insisted of weighing my check in luggage, and at barely 8kg they refuse to pass me the boarding pass, despite me assuring that i will reduce the weight and sort out the other extra baggage( either sending it back home in London or via freight).

I have abide to below 30k, and I have the3 right to get my boarding pass, but they withhold it against the policy.
After i sorted out everything and rushed back to check in counter, it was almost closed . Despite me arriving 2.5hrs before flight time, the whole ordeal took a long 1 hr, and almost make me miss my flight.
I saw some of the customers boarding the same flight, carrying 3 full luggages, and i really wonder if they are not more than 7kg.

I would like to complain about the poor, unfriendly ground crew that really poorly represent the image of MAS that i once proud of. I would like to complain about the unfairness of your staff treatment.

I would like to ask for full refund of the fare that i paid for that trip. Or to investigate the whole ordeal .

  • Ga
    gardyine973498573958 Dec 12, 2019

    If your luggage is overweight, it is either you pay for the extra weight or reduce the weight. It is as SIMPLE as that. Anything other than that the airline has all the right to deny the passenger.

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the agent of mas is lazy and doesn't want to get things done

my OSPREY KYTE 46 red backpack is spoiled and CLK vision handle the case. they got the backpack on 10th November 2019.

what i am angry is because. just now (7th December 2019, 10.39am) a lady from OSPREY official dealer in Malaysia called me and complained to me, saying that: she had waited 2 times at the shop for CLK to send over the backpack...but CLK did not send th backpack

from what i see, CLK is super lazy and irresponsible in this case. I feel that CLK is just putting my backpack behind their store and let it rot. although it is not directly MAS issue, it is still very disappointing to deal with MAS's agent

the agent of mas is lazy and doesn't want to get things done

crew of mas wing - elvira

Dear PIC,
During my flight MH3655 Miri -sibu today, I experienced unhappy moments.
Elvira, commanded me to switch off my phone while I was on my seat, I did it immediately.
After I did so, to my surprise, gentlemen around me were playing their phone. Especially the one seated behind he was talking all the way on the phone. She didn't ask them to switch off their phones.
Anyway I was kind so I kept quiet. Didn't protest even though I felt like this is double standard.
What make me really write in to complain is what happened when she distributed peanut. I was closing my eyes to rest. I was shocked and immediately opened my eyes when I heard the sound of peanut packet being threw to the empty seat beside me.
Elvira was already pushing her tray and distributing peanut to the gentleman behind me.
I went and ask her colleague what is Elvira's name as I didn't manage to c her name tag at the beginning. She was so kind and try to ask me not to write in, she apologized on behalf.
What made me angry was when Elvira came and explained to me, she said she put the peanut nicely beside me, then where did the sound of peanut packet falling cake from? And how come when I immediately opened my eyes she was already serving the gentleman behind me? This is unacceptable attitude. She only apologize when I didn't accept her illogical explanation.
This is first time I experienced such thing from a crew of Mas Wing. Please look into this seriously. Thank you.

Liu Ching Ling

request for wheel chair

My mother-in-law and father-in-law 's flight on 9th November, 2019 from Malaysia to Bangladesh. Booking reservation number WVBJAT. Passenger name Rahimun Nessa and Quazi Alauddin.
I made a request for wheel chair calling [protected] on 27th October, 2019. That time from the service center (operator) said that she can not made the request now, I need to request within 48 hours of travel. According to that call I made another call on 7th November around 10 pm. This time I was talking to Miss. Julie. Now she said that she cannot confirm the request as this must be made before 48 hours. I informed her that I already requested before. Miss. Julie said that they do not have any note regarding this matter. I requested her again and again but she said that she can not help in this matter .I mention that both of them can not travel with out wheelchair service and this is not our mistake, but she refused to confirm the service.

flight suspension and no compensation and reasonable arrangement

Book a family trip to china nanjing on dec 19. the flight was suspended and mas never send notification via call/sms/email. I only get to know the flight was cancelled when login to manage booking. all hotels and annual leaves application are planned and booked

Contact to mas customer services. was told no compensation given. and the options mas given is you can choose other airports with mas airline route to your destination.

The six airports location's options are (pvg/bjs/can/xmn/hkg/tpe). among 6 airports, bjs, can and xmn all flights to kl also suspended (the reply from mas email looks like just copy and paste). and if I choose pvg or tpe, I have to pay from my own pocket for 8 family members to get there. what is the logic and standard of services? it just likes your desire destination is kl but mas ask you landing at singapore and arrange your own transport own cost from singapore to kl...

Email from mas replied as below:

Nanjing flight suspension
Flight details: 0533/nanjing-kuala lumpur/ 08 december 2019

Warmest greetings from malaysia airlines and thank you for your email.

We regret that the rationalization of our network has resulted in the suspension of our flights to and from nanjing.

While we understand and deeply regret that the flight's suspension disrupted passengers travel plans and impacted their travel itinerary, we would need to clarify that that the aircraft scheduled for all journeys on malaysia airlines, is however subject to change due to various operational reasons and constraints. customers are notified in advanced of flight changes to enable them to make adjustments to their travel arrangements.

Pertaining to nanjing flight suspension, passenger can reach out to the airline booking office/travel agent to request the ticket be reissued for another malaysia airlines operated route within the china region (pvg/bjs/can/xmn/hkg/tpe) at no extra charge. changes will be subject to availability of fare class of the original ticketed fare.

Passenger may reach our call centre by calling below number:-

Malaysia airlines contact details
24-hour call center (ticketing, bookings, refund, flight cancellations, general inquiries)
• for call from within malaysia [protected]
•for call from outside malaysia +[protected] (long distance call charges apply)

While we understand your expectations on this matter, we regret to inform you that the airline does not compensate for any indirect or consequential loss due to flight suspension. hence, we regret to inform that we unable to accede to your request for compensations.

We thank you for taking time to write to us your concerns. we hope we have other opportunities to serve you better on your future flights with us.

Thank you & best regards

Yours sincerely
For malaysia airlines berhad,

Customer relations,
Marketing & customer experience

-this email is sent without prejudice-

baggage handling at klia

I am extremely unhappy with the handling of my bags during my recent flight from Bangalore to Kuala Lumpur on 29.10.19.

My father who is 84 years old and I were travelling on MH 193. Details as follows:

Booking reference: R25489
Premitha Damodaran
Dato Dr Anavangot Damodaran
We arrived around 7.30 am on 29.10.2019

Our flight was smooth and the flight crew excellent.

Upon passing through immigration we went to carousel J where our bags were supposed to come out. After waiting for 20 minutes, all bags had been dispersed and the carousel stopped moving. Our three bags had NOT arrived.

I asked the ground personnel who put me through to a very nice officer who came to help us. We showed him our baggage tags (enclosed) and he then tried to get the baggage handling section on the walkie talkie. There was no answer and no one was replying.

The carousel was not moving at all.

The officer in charge remained on the phone trying to get the baggage handlers. 15 minutes passed. No response. Suddenly the carousel started working and one bag pops up. The carousel stops again for another 5 minutes. Then it starts again and the other 2 bags pop up.

The officer in charge is puzzled as to why this delay and non response from the baggage handlers. And I as a MH customer is left wondering what went on with my bags. How ironical that all my 3 bags went missing at the same time.

I really want an explanation to the above and hope you would assist me receiving it.

Thank you.

Dr. Premitha Damodaran
Tel: [protected]

baggage handling at klia

[Resolved] online check in scam, irresponsible cabin crew and the whole booking staff, unethical behaviour of kl airport staff

My in-laws travelled in July and we had booked wheel chair assistance. My father in law is a diabetic patient and has to use the restroom quite often. He requested the wheel chair assistance person if he can use the restroom, he was declined and was advised to wait until he boards the flight which was 30 minutes later.

My parents travelled from Bangalore to Melbourne again yesterday(23 Oct 2019). On the flight from KL to Melbourne they were seated at seat 22A and 22C and they were given 1meal, when I had specifically contacted the call centre on 22 Oct and confirmed that they will be given 2 hindu veg meal. When my father questioned the cabin crew they had the audacity to say that we have only booked for 1 meal. How is the even possible only a dumb person would book 1 meal for 2 people when they pay more than $2000 AUD for the tickets. They do not have to book for meal it is by default they should be getting.

Also when I was trying to do the online check in for my parents, on the flight from KL to Melbourne they were given seats one beside the other, my mother was given 22c and my father 23C when I try to change the seat it said 22A is a seat which will incur extra cost. I wanted to check the price and changed it, however I did not confirm the seat. As soon as I changed my father's seat from 23C to 22A, 23C became a cost incurring seat. This is nothing but a dodgy way of making extra money.

My mother travelled from Mebourne to Bangalore in Sep 2016 and on the flight from Melbourne to KL, she was not given a meal and the reason they did not have any vegeterian meal. I did send an email to the complaints department and it took them more than 1 year to reply back with an apology.

Malaysia airlines is by far the worst airlines to travel. I would not advise any one to travel. They have the worst cabin crew and other customer service.

Malaysia airlines should declare themselves as a budget airline because they take money but won't give meals to customer.

  • Malaysia Airlines's response · Oct 31, 2019

    Dear Customer,

    You may send your complaint direct to [email protected] for our further assistance.

    Best Regards,
    Customer Care
    Malaysia Airlines Berhad

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

flight from KL to Perth

To whom it may concern,
I am writing to lodge a complaint regarding flights that we took from KL to Perth on the 8th October 2019, Flight MH-127 at 19.40. The three passengers were;
Wesley Richardson
Gabrielle Schumacher
Austin Richardson (Infant).
We had flown from LHR flight MH001 on the 7th October at 21.35. On this flight, as had been booked by our Flight Centre representative in the UK Rob.[protected], we had a bassinet available for us as we were travelling with our 8 month old.
Unfortunately on the next flight we took from KL to Perth, there was an error and we were not issued a bassinet seat, we were seated behind the row which had 4 seats and 2 bassinets available. The people travelling in this row were a family of 4 with 2 children (about 8 and 10 years of age) which didn't need the bassinet.
We wanted to lodge a complaint as when we booked the flight we were advised that a bassinet was pre-booked for us.
As a result, the flight from KL to Perth was uncomfortable with an 8 month old on our laps for the full 5.5 hour flight, and no space to allow him to be on the floor at all. This in addition to the fact we had just travelled from London with an 8 month old immediately before this flight, put us in a less than desirable position.
We just wanted to lodge a complaint about this. We are unsure of an appropriate form of compensation, but will leave this to Malaysian Airlines discretion.
My email address is and phone number is [protected]

staff behaviour

I m flying from Dhaka to Sydney. When attended counter for check in at Dhaka airport. A staff member at...

my less than human experience flying malaysian airlines.

Horrendous, inhumane terrorism, unfeeling, uncaring, robot-sticking to the rules! I have been totally...

[Resolved] overcharging me and rude staff

I recently travelled from malaysian airlines and I also tried to call the customer support in India, but it does not connect.
I was allowed 7kgs of cabin baggage and 25kgs of check-in baggage. I carry the same cabin baggage and also travelled with the same bag with Malaysian Airlines previously. They never had an issue before, but this time they rejected the bag saying that it was too big to be a cabin bag. How is that even possible when I carry the same bag frequently? On top of that, when I went back to the check-in counter, the Malaysian Airlines staff was very rude and charged me with $403 for that bag. I was politely trying to explain my situation to her, but her sentence was ' I am giving you 4 mins to decide if you want to board the flight or you want to pay $403 and send it in as a check-in baggage'. This behavior is totally inappropriate and you cannot overcharge me for your fault. I really want to talk to a complaint handling staff of Malaysian Airlines. I have been trying to contact them for the past 3 days but the number provided online does not connect.

  • Malaysia Airlines's response · Oct 21, 2019

    Dear Tanya07,

    Greeting from Malaysia Airlines and thank you for your feedback.
    Appreciate your cooperation to fill up our online Customer Feedback for our further action.

    Thank you
    Customer Relations
    Malaysia Airlines Berhad

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

mishandling of the baggage


I raised a complaint earlier and its reference GTS00794-10/2019. Also I had replied to the email seeking for clarification and mishandling of my baggage, where the trolly was no accessible nor nor working after the delivery of the baggage. I have wrote couple of emails but no response.

I seek your response on mishandling of my baggage which leads to breakage of the trolly handle and it can't be used anymore.



mishandling of the baggage

delayed checked in baggage

I was travelling on MH from CGK -KL- MAA. MH 0726 and MH182 on 5th OCT. I didn't received my baggage and raised a complaint to the ground staff at MAA airport. Also filled the Property irregularity report.

The staff gave a duty number to contact on the status of the baggage, while I was trying to reach the number for more than 3 times and it was unanswered. Duty number - [protected]
Not sure what is the purpose of having a duty number. Nevertheless would like to know when I will get my delayed baggage.

delayed checked in baggage

food voucher claim

hi good morning,

according to the subject, i want to express my feelings of disappointed with the malaysia airline service.

i am travelling from MIRI to KUL on 3rd oct (6.00am). for your information my friends and i were booking for a business class tic and we suppost to get our meal on plane. But, were informed that the meal on the plan insufficient so that we got a notes for our voucher claim,

the problem came during the claim, were waiting for the officer to give us our voucher almost 1hour since we didnt get any meal on plane. i am so disappointed with malaysia airlines management. this issue was so simple but cannot be managed well.

i rate this time 2 out of 10 for malaysia airlines services. we pay for a business class but were been treated as homeless who asking for food. Im not satisfied with the service and the payment we need to paid.

thank you

food voucher claim

[Resolved] flight change

My flight on 14/10 has been changed from MH2585 to MH2593.
1. No reason is given. This is not very satisfactory.
2. The new flight is somehow (a bit) cheaper. No mention of this.
3. I lost my reserved seat and got another seat.
4. I now have to spent 3 more hours waiting. Very inconvenient

Maybe this is not a major complaint, but it is not the first time either.
I am not requesting to resolve this particular flight change. But I would like to see more respect for the customer.

From Enrich member [protected]

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

[Resolved] flight service

To whom it may concern,
I flew on flight MH0131 from Kuala Lumpur to Auckland Friday 27th September. I paid 2451$ for this flight. Seat 50H was assigned to me: when I boarded the flight I noticed the huge difference in key room between what I had and what the middle aisle passengers had. I am 5 foot 5 and struggled to sit comfortably. The lady next to me on the middle aisle had no issues with meg room what so ever and when we had a conversation she had actually paid less for her flight. Please see photos attached.
Also this was a 9 hour 30 minute and my media was not working. I asked the staff 3 times to try get it to work and none of them did anything about it. After 2 hours into the flight I stood up and went to ask them again and they just responded with ‘it's not working and we need an engineer to fix it'. Offered no solution. As you could imagine I was very unhappy not to have a media service for such a long flight.
This is completely unacceptable for the amount of money I paid. I do wish you will take this matter seriously and come to some sort of a solution or compensation.
I am a frequent flyer between New Zealand and Europe and this has been the most unsatisfactory flight to date.
Maria Gleeson

flight service
flight service

  • Malaysia Airlines's response · Oct 02, 2019

    Dear Customer,

    You may send your complaint direct to our mailbox at [email protected] for our further assistance.

    Thank you

    Customer Care Malaysia Airlines

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.


I am writing to complain about the fact of not being compensated for my onward travel that had to be re booked due to a 5 hour flight delay with Malaysian airlines.
I was booked onto MH002 on 11/03/13 from KL to London Heathrow.
The plane was delayed for 5 hours due to one of the engines blowing up and needing to be fixed.
Whilst spending 5 hours in the airport from 00:00- 05:00 with lack of food and most shops closed, I approached a member of staff at the Malaysian airlines information desk to let her know that I would now be having to buy another onward travel train ticket and taxi fare as I would now miss the original one id paid for due to the plane being delayed.
I was assured by the member of staff that I would be reimbursed for this on my return to the UK once I contacted Malaysian airlines.
However to this day I have not received a penny, just a letter saying thank you for sending evidence and that someone would get back to me shortly but that Malaysian airlines were experiencing a high volume of requests at the moment.
I find this completely unsatisfactory.
Please advise what to do next
I look forward to hearing from you
Many thanks
Stefanie Wiseman


  • Aryan Russ Sep 27, 2019

    It is useless to submit the complaint more than 2 times to the same entity /official.
    The solutions is the UK court only, where you need to have the evidences of vilations of your rights in regard with the exact flight.
    You can hire a UK lawyer for 120GBP per 1 hour or you can find the legal professional, who can assst you fora smaller fees, for example to create he complaint and to submit the complaint, but you will apper before the judge, whom you can give the detais, by yourself.

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I am complaining about the cost of extra baggage

I am writing to complain about the cost of the extra baggage that we had paid. Nobody helped us before to the check-off. We wanted to call you but you don't have any phone in Europe, so we couldn't. And when we were at the airport we didn't have any option, so we should to paid.

You paid 684€ just for an extra baggage 18kg!!!

Date of the incident: 11/09/2019
ID Booking: [protected]
Booking Reference: QT9Z4G / TGUTNR

Flight number: BA0477 From: Barcelona El Prat To: LONDON HEATHROW

Taking everything into consideration, we must insist on an immediate refund.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully,

  • Aryan Russ Sep 27, 2019

    This is not the site of the Malaysia Airlines.
    There are no PNR/eticket/EMD attached, which prove your expences and paid amount.

    In general, you can claim the overpaid amount, if you have sufficient knowledge, based on the ICAO conditions of the ticket, against the entitity whom you had paid to or in which favour such paymend had been done.

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  • Em
    emccready Oct 26, 2019

    to Aryan Russ: The Airlines have records for every person they process and they should be able to find the information regarding the amount over paid... they are just lazy and will try to force the person to produce the receipts etc.which I assume they can. According to this site, they send the complaints to the company involved. In any case, they should also complain when they submit the request for review that Malaysian sends...

    You must either enjoying playing devil's advocate or maybe you work for them yourself?

    I agree with this person, the overweight amounts per pound/kg are totally out of control and are meant to just generate more and more profits for these companies which are less and less customer oriented. It all started in the USA which probably is even more egregious in this regard. They even charge for carryon and you don't even get a meal.

    Time for airlines to start treating their loyal customers like human beings.

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flights and customer service/care

Dear Sir/Madam,

I wish to complain about Malaysian airlines and the customer service which we received, which was appalling and totally non supportive.

We were due to fly with Malaysian airlines on 01/08/2019 from Bali/ Denpasar to Medan at 0:01:10 on flight MH860. Unfortunately we woke up on the morning of 01/08/2019 to discover that we had missed our flight, a text message had however been sent late to my mobile phone at 01:10 saying the flight was ready for boarding, when in fact it had already left. We however went to the Denpasar airport and went to the Malaysian airlines office to seek help and advice and they were most unhelpful and just said to contact Malaysian airlines directly over the phone. We ended up having to buy 4 new tickets to fly from Bali to Medan on the 4th August at 01:10 on the MH860 flight at a total cost of £450.93.

On our return journey we arrived at Medan airport on 25th August at 1:45pm. Prior to this I had been sent 4 emails so that we could check in online, which I tried to do but the online check in failed to work and the message I received was to check in upon arrival at the airport. However when we tried to check in at the airport, the customer adviser said that there was no reference to our booking and that we would have to contact Malaysian airlines over the phone, as they could not do this. I spoke with two different customer advisers for about an hour on the phone to try and resolve the problem, they finally said that because we had missed our original outward bound flight on 01/08/2019, it made the return journey null and void and cancelled. Low and be hold when I returned to the check in desk the adviser was speaking to the Malaysian airlines on the phone, when he had told me that he couldn't do this, when in fact he could. We were not allowed onto the flight, and ended up again having to buy 4 new tickets again this time with Lion air at a cost of 2, 312600 Indonesian rupiers per person, together with an excess baggage allowance charge of 3, 705000 Indonesian rupiers.

I am extremely annoyed and angry by the lack of customer care and service we have received from Malaysian airlines and the very poor communication, which was totally lacking. Malaysian airlines should of notified us firstly by text or email a few hours before to alert us to the fact that we needed to check in on the flight. Also you should of emailed me to explain that are return ticket had in fact been cancelled, rather than sending me online checking in emails and having gone to the airport and having to deal with most unhelpful and non supportive customer adviser staff whose names are Siska and Rahul ROy.

I demand that we receive compensation and Malaysian airlines should refund us in full for both of the new tickets that we had to buy because of the very poor communication and total lack of customer care that we received.

I look forward to hearing from you very shortly regarding all of the above.

Yours faithfully,
Kirsteen Siallagan

flight mh0126 perth to kuala lumpur 14 august 2019

On 14 August my parterner and myself flew from Perth to Kuala Lumpur.
Fight No MH0126 on our way to London.
I have flew with Malaysia airlines many a time and have always been very happy with the service.
But this flight I feel it is very important you get feed back to avoid this experence happening again.
We booked our seats online and were checking in .When the staff member at the check in counter told us our seats need extra payment .But she could put us in other seats which also had good leg room and didnt have to charge us.
We excepted but did not realize it was next to the toilets.This is a area on planes i try to avoid normally. As you can get unwanted odours coming out from time to time.
The flight took of and every thing was okay.Then passengers started using the toilet and i noticed the toilet door was not closing .Which was a little disgusting .Then as expected the odours started get very unpleasant. I spoke to the flight attendant about the door not closing and was told they new it was broken but did not have time to fix it.At one point the door came of its runners and A flight attendant had to put the door back on its runners.
At this point the toilet should have been closed and not used again till it was fixed.
So for the next 6 hours my partener and myself plus the people behind our seats .Constantly got up and tried to keep the door closed One because of the light in our face.But the main reason was the smell was disgusting.
We are flying back to Perth on the 12th September and was hoping not to be near the tiolet again.
I feel this situation needs to be compensated with something. To help us forget this nightmare experience.
If you dont feel this situation was a big deal.
Please take a chair and sit outside a toilet cubicle for 6 hours and then let me know what you think.
I look forward to hearing back from Malaysia airlines in regards to this situation
Kind regards
Philip Snow

  • Updated by Ella Davies · Sep 18, 2019

    Dear customer service officer.
    We submited a complaint on the 9 September 2019 in regards to our flight No: MH0126 on 14 August 2019, and we did not hear back from you. When can you respond to this complaint ?

    Kind regars
    Ella Davies and Philip Snow

additional baggage

Malaysian Airlines
Dear Sir/Madam
Graeme Symonds
Booking agent:
Booking number [protected]
Airline Booking reference R5M7A7
On the 29th August I flew Malaysian airlines from Adelaide to Manilla via Kuala Lumpur) . The flight from K L to Manilla was a shared flight with Philippine airlines. The check in Baggage allowance was $25 Klg. I tried several times, including the day prior to departure to purchase additional baggage but to no avail. I was able to access seat allocation on the section Adelaide to KL. But could not get access to baggage on either the Adelaide to KL leg or the KL to Manila leg. The site told me that I needed to purchase additional luggage at the check in counter.
At the Adelaide Airport check in counter I was told that I should have purchased my additional baggage allowance online, as it was very expensive to purchase the additional baggage at the airport. I told them that I had tried to purchase the additional baggage online and it was not possible, that online told me I had to purchase the additional baggage at check in.
My excess baggage was 10klg. 10klg that cost me $415.00.
This is unfair and outrages especially considering I was unable to purchase additional baggage prior to coming to the airport. I had also read somewhere that my additional baggage would be charged at $8.00 per klg. A rate that I was prepared to pay.I was charged $41.50 per klg.
I hereby request your kind consideration to charging me a reasonable amount for excess baggage and to provide me with a refund.
Thank you
Graeme Symonds

additional baggage

item lost - ipad (black casing)

I unintentionally left my iPad on the pax waiting seat area near Gate 16 boarding counter prior to boarding...

counter check in toooooo slow

Train the staff and ask them to be more efficiency.

I arrived in the airport three and a half hour before the flight departed. I arrived even earlier than I usually did becoz I was planning to spend some time in the tax free shop. It took me more than two hours waiting for bag drop. There were only two counters for people who have done the checked in online beforehand. And the staff progressed way slower than anyone expected. It doesn't make sense and even unfair for those who finish check in beforehand. This is totally wasting customers time!

flight refund request


My name is Michael Olabode
I called the airline up to request a special meal because I only eat lacto vegetarian foodstuffs. the airline failed to provide me with any food on the way to London AND on the way back from London, even though it was confirmed by them both over phone and at the service desk during stopover.

I would like to be refunded my flight as this was absolutely unnecessary and unacceptable especially with the fact that I had such a long haul flight. And on top of that I was expected to eat bacon?

Thank you

flight refund request

  • Malaysia Airlines's response · Sep 09, 2019

    Dear Michael Olabode,

    We acknowledge your feedback.

    Appreciate if you could write in the email direct to our mailbox at [email protected] for our further action related on your issue.

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Malaysia Airlines Customer Care

  • Updated by MikeyMike111 · Sep 09, 2019

    Your email comes up as [protected] - that's an invalid email

    and I went through your website, it sent me to here

defective product doclab hydro renewal ampoule

Booking Ref SRLN3H

I would like to seek refund for my recent inflight purchase of DocLab hydro renewal ampoules on board flight MH140, from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur, on 29th of August.
Upon reaching destination, after opening the box I found there were 2 ampules missing.

I was very disappointed that I cannot use the product without the full set.

I am taking the return flight back to Sydney on 6th of September on flight MH123 and would appreciate to have this matter resolved. Look forward to your response. Regards Juanita Margaret Uzaraga

defective product doclab hydro renewal ampoule

  • Updated by Juanita Margaret Uzaraga · Sep 08, 2019

    To date I still have not received any response to resolve the complaint which is really appalling!

redirected flight, misplaced baggage poor customer service aug 25, 26 2019

1. My wife (Nambrath Rajkumari Wesley) and I (Dennis Vishwapremi Wesley) were booked on MH 105 from Bangalore to Kuala Lumpur on Aug 25, 2019. We took the flight and landed safely at Kuala Lumpur, per schedule.
2. Our onward journey was booked on MH 78, from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong, on the same day, Aug 25, 2019. The flight left Kuala Lumpur and was expected to arrive at Hong Kong (HKG) on the same day 11:50PM. Our plan was to hire a taxi from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, spend the night in a Hotel in Shenzhen and arrive at the Shenzhen airport to catch our onward flight to the US on Aug 26, 2019 at 4PM. We had a booking on Air China Flight 1314 from Shenzhen to Beijing (PEK); and thereafter, take a connecting Air China flight 989 from Beijing to New York (JFK) at 10:35pm on Aug 26, 2019.
3. Unfortunately, minutes before MH 78 was expected to land in Hong Kong, the flight was diverted to Taipei due to inclement weather at Hong Kong. We landed at Taipei during the early hours of Aug 26, 2019.
4. We expressed our concerns to the MH 78 flight attendants. They assured us that all concerns will be addressed by the staff attending to the passengers in Taipei Airport.
5. It came to us as a rude shock when the staff attending to us at Taipei informed to us that they were from China Airlines, not Malaysian Airlines: Malaysian had no presence in Taipei, and if we had any concerns we should take it up with Malaysian Airlines. They were incapable of doing anything more. We told China Airlines staff about our connecting flights on Air China from Shenzhen, China and that we needed to be put on a flight immediately to catch our scheduled flights. That did not elicit any response. They just mentioned that our flight from Taipei will be at 11AM that morning. Finally, we were put on the same aircraft (MH 78) which left Taipei around 12:45 PM, on 26th August.
6. The MH 78 aircraft landed in Hong Kong around 3 PM - there was no way we could reach Shenzhen Airport from Hong Kong to catch the 4pm Air China flight 1314. There was another shock awaiting us after we cleared arrival formalities and proceeded to baggage claim. Here we realized that one of our suitcases was left behind in Kuala Lumpur. This caused needless tension as we reported the loss to the MH baggage handling staff. All that took time as we had to wait in queue. They promised to send the lost suitcase to a destination we choose. We submitted our application.
7. Our next attempt was to find a Malaysian Airlines counter in Hong Kong (as suggested by China Air staff in Taipei) to find out how they would help us in reaching our US destination - having missed our Air China flight - at least they could help us reach Beijing in time for the connecting flight from there . Alas, we came to realize that there was no Malaysian Airlines staff available to help us. There was an ‘outside agent' to only address minor issues. He immediately told us that he was helpless.
8. We went to Air China counter to plead our case. They quickly told us that Air China was not responsible for our predicament, and we had to take it up with Malaysian Airways. As mentioned earlier, the Malaysian Airlines representatives were nowhere to be found! This contradicted the assurances given by the MH 78 flight attendants when we landed at Taipei.
9. As the situation was getting hopeless, My wife and I quickly booked a room at the Regal Hotel at the Hong Kong Airport. This costed us approximately US $150.
10. We went online to find United Airlines flight 180 leaving Hong Kong to Newark (EWR) on Aug 27, 2019 at 10:25 am. We had to return home as my wife and I were exhausted and unwell - needed to see our doctor. We had to incur a needless additional expenditure of US $2087.04 for the United Airlines tickets. The flight disruption and our lost baggage had deprived us of our timely medication. I sent an email to the SATSHK_LL_CONTROL (the agency handling the lost baggage) informing about our availability at the Regal Hotel till we catch the flight on Aug 27 morning. Thankfully, they were able to trace the suitcase and handed it over at our hotel.
11. My wife and I are still recouping from the exhaustion of the entire experience. Malaysian Airlines left us in the lurch to fend for ourselves, with no support whatsoever to put us back on our long journey. We are both 65 years of age and the experience was traumatic as we developed health issues.
12. At this point the only fair thing you can do is, to reimburse us unnecessary expenditure we have incurred. We are of retirement age and your reimbursing this amount is very important to us.
a. United Airlines ticket cost to fly from Hong Kong to New York having missed the Air China flight: US $ 2087.04
b. The Regal hotel room expense at Hong Kong: US$ 150.
Total amount being claimed: US $ 2237.04. I will be attaching the receipts as your web site reports "Photo format is not recognized. Allowed formats: JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, MP4, FLV, AVI, MOV, 3GP, MKV, MPEG, WMV, SWFWe ".

We badly need this refund. For this act of yours, we will reciprocate by forgiving the inconvenience, stress and trauma you caused us due to your very unprofessional way of handling the situation. We are still recovering from the ill health the stress has caused.

Our Address: 7 Enclosure Drive Morganville NJ 07751 USA
email address: [protected]
Phone: [protected] (USA)

  • Jo
    jonggggggggggg Sep 02, 2019

    Your flight arrangements are so complicated and very risky for missing connecting flights.

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seating and refund

We had 4 flights MH0140, MH2710, MH2613 and MH0123 from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur to Sandakan, Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Lumpur to Sydney. I pre booked and paid for extra leg room on all flights. The only extra leg room on the Kuala Lumpur to Sandakan and Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur were the exit seats which I booked.
On the Kuala Lumpur to Sandakan flight, MH2710, an attendant said that we could not sit there. One male crew member came up and said that my partner was in a wheelchair, which was definitely not the case. He had carried a walking stick onto the flight which he was going to use for hiking in Borneo, which we proceeded to do. The attendant refused to listen to us and insisted we move. We asked if it would be possible to sit in business class as we had paid for the seats, however, this request was also refused even though there were numerous unoccupied seats there. We were extremely embarrassed by it all so in the end we moved to another seat with no extra leg room and were told we could request a refund.
On the way from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur on flight MH2631 8 days later, we sat in exit seats and had no problem whatsoever at being permitted to sit there. I believe this proves that we were both considered fit enough to travel in these seats. I requested a refund on the 7th August. On the 8th August I received an email saying that my request had been received.
On the 21st August, I received an email saying that my request had been rejected. I emailed again to say that I didn't agree with this as we were able to sit in the exit row 8 days later without any problem. I have not received a reply since.
I paid a lot of money to have seats with extra leg room on all flights and am very upset that we will not be reimbursed for seats we paid for but were not permitted to sit in through no fault of our own. I request that I be given a refund for the seats we were not permitted to sit in on the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Sandakan.
Yours sincerely
Linda Widauer

Ground staff accusation and handling of a delay

Daniel van Heerden MH [protected] I write to you to express my sincere disappointment with the way we were...

delay and the services provided

To whom it may concern,

We would like to make a complaint regarding our flight MH 867 from Kuala Lumpur to Denpasar.

We were traveling four people all together to have a family gathering upon arrival. Due to the delay we missed a day and a half of our family gathering agenda and our previously booked hotels were not rescheduled.

Those precious moments would never come back. We expect Malaysia Airlines will correct the problems and we hoped this will be our last problematic flight with Malaysia Airlines for our family used to fly with Malaysia Airlines for long distance flights because we had high expectations on Malaysia Airlines.

If this happened again, sorry to say we have to consider other airlines for our trips in the future.

We thank you very much for your kind attention.

P.S : Even though you put us in a Marriott hotel, which is quite famous around the world, it was too far from the airport which caused us couldn't have a good rest and there were cockcroaches in the bathroom. My sister was too afraid to be in the room after that happened.

Best Regards,

Regina Priscillia

retiming of flight

Dear Malyasian customer care,

I book a flight from KUC to KUL on the 28 August booking OK8ZNJ for my 2 children and my wife.
At 23.23, I receive a message that the flight MH2543 will be delay for 1 hour 40 minutes.
Since they have to be in Kuala Lumpur before the new arrival time, I needed to change the flight urgently.
As mentioned in the notification, I can call to change the booking or any inquiries. Unfortunately, I have called more than 20 times in the laps of 2 hours and I only receive the answer: ‘'The number can be reach now call again later'
How can you write that you can call and nobody is here to pick up the phone. That is not what I was expecting from Malaysian Airlines. I fly MH since 1997 and don't want to fly other airlines because I love the service and punctuality but this event make me mad.
I didn't have any choices then to book from other airline to reach on time KL.
I trust that something can be done for a refund of money, postpone the ticket to another date, or a voucher.
But the principal aspect of all of this is that you didn't assume and respect the customer simple right to be able to rebook or change a flight at any time because nobody answer the phone.
Best regards.
Laurent Conus