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I had a return flight to Cuba in November (booking n° [protected]) and the flights got cancelled in September. The cancellation has been notified via email and the refund was due to arrive in up to 2 months. After 3 month and multiple emails with no answer I am still waiting for my refund. I spent almost 1000euros on this booking. This is absurd. Please someone contact me asap.

Desired outcome: Refund - Flight change failures

I have been trying to move a flight earlier due to new UK COVID isolation restrictions. My request to change on the website got stuck for days. I contacted the call centre, who telephonically submitted the request. That also went no-where. I tried again on the web when the site was unlocked and again I go stuck for days.

I had to thus book new flights from another source. Today (03/12/2021), however, I contacted the call centre and asked them to change my flight dates to next year April to which they responded that the airline (RyanAir) had no availability. I only have 3 days before the flight is supposed to take place (6 Dec 2021) and I would like confirmation of new dates anytime in April or may (flying out on a Monday from Malaga Airport to any London airport and returning on a Friday of the same week. PLEASE can you help to get this change made. - changing a booking

I made a bDear Mrs Cooke,
Thank you for your email.

I can confirm we are happy for you to amend your booking through the relevant third party.

Please let me know if I can provide anything further.

Kind regards,
Ollie Ralphs
Customer Services Advisor
I am your unique email ID : ref:_00D0NibZj._5004G2LpNPy:ref, please do not remove me when replying to this email.
booking via your website and realised id booked the wrong date so i contacted your customer service number and was asked to send email prove from Travelodge to Prove they are happy to change the date, below is the the email from travelodge.
after numerous phone calls to your customer service team i received the email below earlier today
Dear Jayne,

We are contacting you in regards to your request to make a change to Booking ID [protected].

We have been unable to confirm the change you requested as changes to your hotel booking are not permitted according to the policy of your chosen hotel. Your booking therefore remains unchanged.

If you are unable to travel and would like to check the possibility of getting a refund, please log into your customer account area, My, on our site or app to submit a cancellation request.

Kind regards,

Customer Care Team

Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored; any emails sent here will not be read or responded to.
If you have any questions about your trip, you can visit our Need Help area on our site. To view your trip details, request assistance or make changes to your booking, please log into your customer account area, My, on our site or app.

Travelodge Kendal
A591 Prizet Kendal (UK) United Kingdom
Confirmation code:
Check-in Check-out
Fri 17 December Sat 18 December
1 x family room
2 Adults 1 night, No meals
Booked under the name Jayne Cooke
Hotel provider WebBedsFZ LLC t/a Sunhotels
Supplied by Sunhotels T: [protected] ([protected]
You can find all the information about the hotel in your account area.

I contacted the travel lodge where i booked they have 29 rooms available for Friday 10th December and are more then happy to change the booking
so why is your company being awkward.
could you please look into this as we are planning on travelling in a weeks time,
Jayne Cooke - Changing a booking

I was due to go to Berlin Wed 1st December for the Christmas markets. Two days before on the Monday the covid rules changed meaning we would have to do a PCR test and isolate until we received the...

Read full review - Part refund paid, when the airlines had made full refund due to flight cancellation

Dear Sir / Madam, I am writing to you to raise an issue about: Travel agents Last booking ID : [protected] Emirates Booking Reference N6WERF / GSAIPA The issue that I have...

Read full review - ref - [protected]

The above reference is for a flight Aalborg, Denmark to Manchester, UK.-
Mon 22 Nov 2021
Flight SAS SK1920 PNR NQ6EXQ/BPTSXL - Aalborg to Olso - this flight was scheduled and arrived in Oslo. (transfer flight to Manchester, UK)

Flight SAS SK4610 PNR NQ6EXQ/BPTSXL - Oslo to Manchester - this flight was cancelled on the 21 Nov 2021 = rebook flights were made.

REBOOKED FLIGHTS - LH0867 - Oslo to Frankfurt, Germany - transfer -
LH0948 - Frankfurt to Manchester, Uk

The extra transfers caused me much stress and anxiety. I have limited mobility and found the transfer times very distressing.

Today, 30/11/21, I have recd a refund voucher for the sum of £25.65 to be used on further bookings. This sum is totally unacceptable for the extra travelling, stress and anxiety caused. I have tried to contact Last Minute Customer Services but the number given, [protected], obtained from their help page, is NOT recognised.

I have placed a complaint with SAS airlines and cannot find out if this refund is inconjunction this this complaint.

I have since found an alternative telephone number, charged at £6 + service charges. Again, I find this totally unacceptable.

Susan RAISTRICK [protected]

Desired outcome: I want a monatry refund, not a voucher. £25.65 is for three passenger all of which were put under too much stress. - Booking ref [protected]

As a matter of urgency I am lodging a complaint to request a full refund to my above holiday We booked with you as you were abta and itol protected On 19 november was advised that there wa...

Read full review - Refund for a holiday cancelled

Hi After arriving at the hotel - I called last minute .. com to enquire if i could cancel. They advised me that yes i could but would have to pay £85 cancellation fee and obviously the first night but i would be able to get a refund for the rest. I duly checked out and am still awaiting a refund.

I have called them 12 times and have emailed. Still have not had my refund

Booking details :
14Sept - 21 Sept : Booking Ref [protected]
ol Marbella Estepona Atalaya Park

Paula Casserley

All their calls have been recorded so they can verify they told me that i was eligible for a refund. I paid 687.50 Euros

Please help !
Kind regards

Desired outcome: My refund less one night and the cancelation fee ... - Wrong names on boarding passes and allocated seats not as paid for.

Booking ref.[protected]-Last minute flight from London Stanstead to Lisbon Flight FR1882.
Boarding passes which I've paid to be issued by them, came with the wrong names on it.
Also, I've paid extra for get all four travelling to go together and one of them was given a seat to far away from the others. called the services and they denied I did pay extra for it. the mom of two young kids had to travel to far away from her children.

Desired outcome: Waiting for an explanation - Package holiday hotel & flight

Dear Sirs
I have tried contacting by phone for 5 days calling on average 6 times per day .Always engaged or put on hold.
I have asked to change dates for my trip Malaga to Amsterdam on 24th Nov to27th Nov 2021.
The reason being Amsterdam has gone into Covid lock down.
They have replied and said the dates can not be changed as the hotel does not allow it .
This is rubbish. as I spoke to the hotel and they have alrjeady changed the date they only need lastminute .com to confirm the change.
The hotel has also confirned that Lastminute .com do not pay the hotel until we arrive.
So as we are not prepared to travel on original date LAST MINUTE.COM is keeping our money ..
Lorna Marshall - Refund for cancelled hotel without any notince

booking reference [protected] made 27.7.21 for 17/18th Sept at Crowne Plaza Liverpool. £148.00

Arrived to find booking had been cancelled by the hotel and recieved no email from you to inform me or refund. We had my elderly parents with us at this point and had to find alternative accomodation at a cost of £358.00.

Also recieved a parkiing fine of £100 for 11 minutes at Crowne Plaza whilst being infomred we had no booking.

I contacted yourselves upon return and sent all the information as requested immediately to which you have. I have repeatedly been contacting you for over 2 months now to no avail.

I feel that this is totally unacceptable and i have requested to speak to a manager on numerous occassions and been told this is not available. I want a total refund for both hotels and the parking fine for inconvenience and disruption to what should have been a celebration weekend away was completed ruined by the lack of communication form yourselves in this manner.

Desired outcome: i want a full refund for both hotels and the parking fine and any amount deemed suitable to compensate for the inconvenience occured to both myself and my parents. - Changing flight

Dear Team, I have requested to change flight date and time several times and been told no flights i called the airline to be told there are flights and why are they lying to you there are flights available, they don't understand why people are still using they are ridiculous and advised me to complain ASAP
Dyane Kesto
I need this escalated to someone that can help as i need to get to a funeral my my daughters passport may not arrive and i want to be safe and not miss my flight

Desired outcome: I would like to change my flight so i can attend the funeral of my loved one - Package holiday

I booked a short break for 4 people to benidorm for september 2021, however the flights were changed by and we were unable to take them. We tried to cancel as we were told we would then receive an email with our options - we wanted to change the dates . The email never came and when we finally go through to someone we were told they would look to change the holiday - waiting for a call back some weeks later an email cam eot say it was now to late and we had to pay? I have sent a letter of compliant and had no response.

Desired outcome: A refund - Not able to make our flight connections not enough time!!!

last minute .com aren't able to speak to any staff as they do not answer there phones it costing us a fortune . Leaving jersey sun 12th December for 3 nights C.I. flying to London Heathrow picking up luggage then in 3 hours get to London city the cost of £120 pounds get through security to board a flight to Prague this holiday is impossible and is making myself and husband ill Hope you can help us
Kind Regards
Look Forward to Hearing from you
Viv &Mark Powell

Desired outcome: Able to change flight and leave from Heathrow - Service

Booked a trip hotel and flight to amsterdam. tried to cancel within 20 mins of booking. I have been told i am not enitiled to a refund although the airline in question have a free cancellation within 24 hours policy. I have called Last minute 6 times and every time they put the telephone down mid conversation. Shocking customer service.
I have researched my rights and and also plan to complain to CMA & ABTA. they have stolen and mis sold a package to me as i was not informed of thecancellation policy and still can not find it on their website.

Desired outcome: Full refund - Poor hotel

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Bristol centre on Oct 24-25. The mirror smashed all over gthe room cutting my hand late at night; coffee cups unwashed; lights not working despite complaints. The manager said we should receive a 40% discount but we would need to go through Last Minute. Com
Jeff Hart


Desired outcome: 40% discount back - Theatre tickets

Hi my husband booked tickets this morning
With e mail [protected]
This is a invalid email and we have not received conformation, we have tried calling but to no joy we have tried last 5 hours so many different ways of contacting you,
Please send confirmation to above e mail

Booking ref
TTG47859368 - Flights

I booked a flight to italy and I cancelled them four days before the departure date through my account on, once I cancelled them it made me aware I would receive an email soon regarding a refund. instead, I received numerous emails about my flight confirmation and I went to cancel them again however, it's now asking me to call, which I cannot do as I work full time and I have to look after family when i'm not working. this is really inconvenient and I would like a refund. i'm really not happy with this service at all.

Desired outcome: Full refund please - Flights

I had flights booked to Mexico back in April which I had re-scheduled to November due to the current pandemic. I recently logged onto my account to find that the flights had not been re-scheduled at all and no longer exist. I have spoken to British Airways and they have been most helpful and have told me they are able to get me on the flight in November but have been extremely unhelpful, I have sent several emails and tried endlessly to speak to them on the phone but they keep cutting me off.

I paid for flights which have never taken place and now no longer exist, the customer service is appalling, this has caused me a huge amount of stress.

I either want my flights re-scheduled or a refund.

Desired outcome: Flights re-scheduled / Refund - Partial refund not honoured

On 24 May this year I booked three rooms for six men in Dublin for February 2022 for a total cost of £1616. When the booking was confirmed, it automatically transferred all six people into one room with three double beds. Within 15 minutes I was on the phone to resolve this and actually spoke to an advisor who said they would get this resolved. Six calls, twice as many emails and two months later, I decided to cancel the hotel room for free as per the terms of the contract. They then offered a partial refund of £964 but did not state what it was for. I asked them to clarify as my whole holiday including the six flights was no longer available in my account.

In September, I raised an issue with Paypal for the lack of service provision. However, they found in favour of Lastminute on the basis that my flights were still available with them. Since then, I have written to them seven times and they just keep telling me to wait. The flights are not in my account, they won't answer the phone and they are no longer responding to emails. They clearly did not inform Paypal that they were (are) still witholding my flights and the £600+ I paid for them. They did provide the partial refund of £964 for the room(s)

I would like to take action against them. Appreciate your guidance. Regards (I can provide dozens of emails/screenshots provided originally to Pay)

Desired outcome: My flights honoured (preferably) or my outstanding money refunded

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