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LastMinute.comRefund not processed

Last year my flights were cancelled, leaving me stranded in New Zealand, and necessitating expensive consular flights home. Lastminute initiated a refund, which they requested from Emirates. They have been processing a refund for over nine months, and the airline says they have refunded the ticket in June 2020. There is no way to contact lastminute.com to talk about this, and the refund should have been made to me months ago.

The booking ID [protected]

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    LastMinute.comService levels

    Alan Rae, [protected]@yahoo.com and [protected]
    Original booking ( see below ) and voucher number ( [protected] )
    Have added a sample of what was sent to your customer service team below but in summary I received a voucher from you after a booking was cancelled, used it twice and have an outstanding balance which i have been trying to resolve from 21st Sept.
    I have spoke 4 times to your staff, 3 of which said i had a balance and 1 who said there was a mix-up on voucher amount which was not true and assume he was referring to the details below.
    I have an email trail of 36 and the majority of these are just ignored, two individuals assured me they were taking ownership of this but never heard from them again.
    Ironically in last few weeks when i have been chasing i also had to change another booking due to COVID 19 only to be told it was not allowed. I spoke to the Hotel and they changed for me so informed your team. They then found time to email me 3 times in 2 days to get sight of the confirmation ( it has still not been changed on your system ) and despite asking for update on my voucher balance this was ignored.

    1. The credit note you sent me back was for 903 Euro's
    2. This roughly converts to £822 pounds which was the 1st voucher you sent me on 30th April
    3. You then sent me an amended voucher for £772.86 on the 6th May which I accepted without challenge as was in line with what I had paid originally for booking [protected] which was cancelled.
    4. Then I booked the Tongadale Hotel using the voucher ( cost was around £450 but booking does not give exact details ) with a booking number [protected]
    5. Then I booked the Mercure Washington hotel, again rough value £250 and booking number [protected].
    6. Two months ago I spoke to someone in customer services who "agreed " there was a balance of £66.90.
    7. Then it took 6 weeks for me to get the call back and it was again "agreed " there was a balance and Connor said he was only waiting for his manager to " free up " the voucher to correct the issue.

    As i said this is just a sample but after 4 months i would like this resolved asap

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      Booking ID [protected]
      I booked to go the Vancouver on 27th May 2020 with my daughter Margaret Ann Ryan to visit my son for his 40th Birthday. The tickets were booked and paid for in October 2019.

      Due to Covid19 restrictions we had to cancel our trip. My daughter who was booked from London received her refund, I was booked to travel from Dublin and I am still awaiting my refund. (amount paid €569.82) I have received confirmation of booking cancellation, refund been prepared and will be emailed within few days, this is going on since cancellation.

      Can you please resolve this asap.

      Kathleen Ryan

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        We paid Lastminute . Com the sum of £987.50p.
        This is to cover the cost of Air Travel and Accommodation in Istanbul and Turkey.(16th October till 23rd October 2020.)

        However, following the Government Directives on the 2nd of October, it became impossible to go on the holidays. ( Self isolation Rules)

        Lastminute. Com officials have refused to pick my calls up until early December. They initially agreed to offer a voucher to the tune of £987. They have since withdrawn this offer, and now offered to pay us about £85, which I find derogatory and insulting. I will prefer to have a full refund.

        Yours Faithfully,


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          LastMinute.comCancelled flight - still no refund

          I bought return flights from Gatwick to Malaga with last minute. The flights were cancelled due to pandemic. One journey was with Easy jet - I have had refund for this no problem. The return journey was with BA and still no refund. Last minute ( who are impossible to email/speak to/comment on Twitter)
          on my account say to contact BA and BA funnily enough say last minute need to contact the BA trade support department in order for me to get my refund. Appalling customer service Lastminute. Please sort my refund out ASAP

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            LastMinute.comfull refund request not received

            In 2019 we booked flights with Lastminute to South Africa. We had to cancel these flights due to my wife becoming ill with breast cancer. The only way we could get our money back from Lastminute was to accept a voucher for 80% of the total cost of the tickets, which was valid for 12 months. We accepted this, and so we bought new tickets with some of the voucher money, booking ID [protected] - Ticket Id: [protected]. We were informed by Lastminute that, due to this pandemic, our flights on the 6th November 2020 would be cancelled. We were due to fly in November 2020, and we are still waiting for the refund for the flights that Lastminute cancelled due to the pandemic.
            I have contacted Lastminute several times asking them when my refund will be paid. Every time I get in touch with them they have just emailed me back an automated reply stating that they are dealing with my refund request, but not mentioning anything about refunding it into my account and not as a voucher, and neither do they mention anything about the remaining amount I have left on the original voucher. They have not put me in a position where I have to make a formal complaint against them.
            I had money left on the voucher we were given by Lastminute. From March 2020 onwards we have not been able to travel due to the pandemic and my wife having to isolate due to her illness, and so have asked Lastminute to refund me the amount that we had not spent on the voucher too. The fact that we have not been able to use these vouchers in the alloted time is out of our control, and something nobody could have predicted. It would not be fair if I lose out on hundreds of pounds because of this. I do not want another voucher from Lastminute for this total, because the future is so uncertain, and nobody knows when this pandemic is going to be over, and since our work has been effected, we do not have the money to travel for the foreseeable future. I took the first voucher in good faith, but this time I would like a full refund paid into my account. I am not going to loose out on 2, 695.04 euros! All I did was book flights through Lastminute, and had to cancel them due to my wife becoming ill and not being able to travel.

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              Jan 03, 2021

              LastMinute.com — Refund policy covid flight cancelation

              Hello, I received a confirmation about my flight cancelation in July 2020 (ID Booking : [protected]), due to...

              Dec 30, 2020

              LastMinute.com — Hotel booking with premier inn

              Dear customer services, Re: booking id [protected] - please read the email correspondance from yourselves for...

              Last Minuterefund for 2 packages

              you have issued a refund request for just the hotel and not the flights.
              both these packages were booked as full packagaes and each time I question this, you say ryan air have to issue me the refund. No they do not as I did not book with them. It was an atoll protected holiday.
              booking numbers

              I was issued credit notes but these holidays were weddings and the credit note was not going to be valid for long enough.
              I want the cash refunding

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                Hi, I booked a holiday for March 2020 which was duly cancelled by lastminute.com due to COVID-19, I received a voucher credit note (no. 20NPK-002969) for the holiday which shows that it can be cashed in after September 2020. I would like to cash it in for a full refund on hotel and flights but unable to contact anyone. The phone numbers given [protected] and [protected] just comes up as call failed. My booking ID is [protected]. customer code CW15361837

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                  Dec 10, 2020

                  LastMinute.com — Adding luggage and telephone

                  I have been trying to book bags onto my flight but have not been able to and the answers are most unhelpful...


                  November2019, I booked a flight in march and the return for April through Last Minute, which were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and which I had a right to receive a refund on. However, despite agreeing a refund, it has taken months and months and countless hours of being on hold to make any progress
                  It's been 8 months nw plz do something needfull
                  My booking is were [protected]


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                    Nov 30, 2020

                    LastMinute.com — Refund on my flight tickets

                    This is about the 5th time I try to connect with you - no use on using your lastminute.com web page coz it...

                    LastMinute.comGulf air ticket refund

                    Booking Ref [protected]
                    Refund requested as Gulf Air have cancelled our flight with no explanation.
                    The refund offer has now come through with a offer of £1049.38 which is £400 less than what I paid £1467.90
                    Gulf Air have told me they have refunded you in full so don't understand why you are not passing back to me.
                    I've been asking for a explanation by email as your phone lines are are now down and keep getting a standard automated reply.
                    It's just so frustrating. I won't accept this refund offer without an explanation and will be willing to take my case to the ombudsman.
                    Look forward to hearing from you

                    Kind Regards
                    Noel Walsh

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                      LastMinute.comFlight refund

                      Flights to Bacau from Luton on Blue Air 23/05/2020 for Iain Shaddick and Naomi Shaddick cancelled by Last minute.com
                      Booking [protected]

                      Claim to be processing refund but have never received it.
                      Never answer the phone or respond to emails

                      Flight refund

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                        Nov 26, 2020

                        LastMinute.com — Refund not received

                        In January 2020, I booked a flight in June and the return for July through Last Minute, which were cancelled...


                        Hi we book a hoilday in jan to go away in december

                        not knowing what was happening

                        we going to copenhagen on 29 december to the 3 jan

                        we paid our deposit and rest is due end of november we had email off company saying if we cancel we owe 2800 and we owe 3100 so discount of 300

                        we ask about cancelling about 5 month ago with no reply we try to call them and email them with no reply till the last few week

                        we where wondering if you could let me know what we can do

                        as we even concat the hotel direct and they not intrested in even change the dates

                        as at the time of the booking i did not book the cancel cover

                        the hotel said that there not excepting uk people at moment but that will change and she advised to call back 24 dec as they have there meeting on the every thursday

                        i just need to know my right or any help

                        as am not the cleaves person and reading my right

                        thank you

                        we did have insurance and have just took out insurance with post office

                        or people said try my bank

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                          Oct 19, 2020

                          LastMinute.com — Taking money for flights they know we can never take

                          I booked an outbound and return flight through this company on july 28th for a weekend stay in copenhagen...

                          LastMinute.comHoliday booking

                          I had an email yesterday advising me I would get a refund because an alternative flight could not be found, and someone would email me back. Today another email charging for the privilege thecfee of £619.19 this is absolutely appalling how can I bd charged if you have no flights and are not even flying from there to give me the trip advised initially?? I need some answers and my money refund the while value along with the charge??

                          Holiday booking
                          Holiday booking
                          Holiday booking
                          Holiday booking

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                            LastMinute.comRefund of cancelled weekend break.

                            We purchased a weekend break for 4 people to Prague on 16th December 2019. The total cost inc luggage is £1691.12. Lastminute.com cancelled the trip on 18th March 2020. We received an email on 20th April 2020 promising a full refund within 2 weeks. We received an email from them on Sept 10th for one of the flights in the sum of £182.37 in the form of a voucher for Ryanair. We do not want the voucher for one and when we tried to reject the voucher, the reply said they do not recognize our booking details. We have been supplied 2 booking IDs - [protected] and [protected].
                            Lastminute.com have removed their customer service telephone lines and direct email therefore making it impossible to complain, chase or discuss our case.

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