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Rebooking and wrong information provided

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing to you to raise an issue about: Last Minute

The issue that I have experienced was: Flight restriction from Italy due to coronavirus and Interruption of the trip to Egypt due to Pandemic. Called last minute to ask options 4 days before departure, they told us we could rebook it to another month, and they were going to request the change to airline. they asked me to contact the Hotel in Egypt, I did, I made them in contact with the travel Agency in Egypt to discuss about that, as the Hotel accepted but they needed Last minute to contact the travel agency, I have made a million calls, explained everything, sent emails with communication trail, and at 12 o'clock on Friday 13.03.2020 just 35 minutes before flight departure, I have called them and they hadn't contacted the airline yet, not even an attempt to it. they kept telling me, don't worry, we'll manage your request, it is under control. at 14.40 on Friday 13.03 .2020 they sent me an automatic email saying " dear customer your booking cannot be changed. Excuse me, after so many calls, so many emails, and time spent, I do not accept that last-minute can resolve queries like this, it is illegal. I didn't ask for a refund but only for a rebooking, which the Hotel agreed, but last-minute negligence didn't do anything to help.
I was promised a call back from the management but never happened.
It occurred on 13/03/2020

This meant that lost everything, all my trip, time spent calling them and time spent explaining to Egypt Hotel ad Travel agency. I want them to pay for my trip. I want a rebooking to October as discussed and explained, and they told me, yes, but they didn't do it. they made fun of me. Unacceptable.

I want LastMinute To rebook my trip to October(they have the dates on records) as they know all the details if they listen to the calls. otherwise, they need to give me the money back as they didn't attempt to help and support me

I look forward to your prompt response on this matter. As recommended by Trading Standards, I would like to keep a complete record of my case, so please reply to this email address.

Yours faithfully,

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    I was told that they were going to rebook my flights and Hotel. I have called time thousand of times. I have done step by step what they told me, I have found out they have never attempted to rebook my flights and hotel. Shame on them. Completely fooled me. Plus I wasted my time and my calls talking to them explaining and asking for a call back from Manager, Disgraceful service.

    I will seek justice and They will pay any penny I have spent on my booking and they will listen to my recorded calls until they are going to have nightmares. They provided the wrong information and never attempt to help me. Negligence from their side. I would be ashamed of the service they provide.

full flex voucher can't seem to use on last minute website to use

I chose the fullflex option when booking last june and had to cancel due to my health and mother wasnt well either. I recieved a credit voucher for 654euros and the past couple days have been trying to book similar flight with them to the usa. I cant use this voucher code on their website so tried to phone them.I managed to get through to speak to an agent after repeatidly being cut off...[calls charged @13p minute+network charges!] and they wanted to charge me over £1, 000+ for the flight which was £649!. I refused and thought i was being scammed so hung up not being sure if id given my debit card details...i have Lyme disease so stress really isnt great for me. Ive rung them and spoke to another agent who said they would phone me back. ?They havent. Ive contacted their customer care via email several times and recieved "well deal with this and get back toyou" email...nothing. Ive contacted them through Twitter and recieved DMs to my account saying they will help me..nothing...How do i redeem this voucher??? my voucher lasts until june but i wanted to use it now as havent been travelling due to health.


Dear Sir/Madam

Booking ID [protected]
(I hope there are notes on the system showing everything i have gone through)

I will like to complain about the terrible service I have had from from the booking until we got to dubai.

We had booked a package of flight and Habtoor hotel in dubai for me, Howra Baha AlMousawi and my husband, Ahmed Abbas as a babymoon. I had been told that is expensive to book from but I thought this would be the best as it means the customer service would be great and would be a smooth booking/journey.

However, this was completely different. I would like to begin to express my complaints towards my experience below

Firstly, we booked the flight on the 7th January 2020. I then realised that my husbands name on the passport does not include his middle name so i had to change it. I contacted last and they quotes me 20 pounds for a change name, i guess its a charge from the airline but ive already paid 4 grand to so it would of been nice for to take care of it but no, they charged me.

Fine. I went ahead and paid the charge thinking all will be fine.

But then it takes a turn i didnt expect, i go to check in 4 days before the flight. I checked in myself, Howra Baha AlMousawi then we go to check in Ahmed Abbas but his flight was at a different time. This was obviously a shock to us because we booked for both of us. so we called and I was so angry anxious and nervous they said this is incorrect and because of the name change Emirates may of done a mistake.

The manager called my husband multiple times apoligising and made sure the flight was the same at the end. Although this caused us stress, it ruined the excitement as i wasnt sure if we were really going to fly.

I then wanted to argue with the manager as say atleast get us an upgrade to apologise for such poor service but i went with it because i really just want to get there and thought a complaint will be more understandable and expressive and i can make sure to fight for my right if its getting my money back or a compensation.

Furthermore, this was not the end of our diabolical
We then get into check in at the airport and they say we are on complete separate bookings and my husband is not sitting next to me. Imagine im pregnant and a anxious flyer. This made me fume and all i thought is oh im going to make sure i send an email and if i dont get anything out of it im going to take it further because through every step of this holiday I felt nervous from packing to getting on the plane and wasnt sure how its going to be dealt with.

At the moment i am very unsatified with my journey here and wanted to let you know as soon as possible however there are any issues on my way back on the 15th of February. I will be raising another email complaint. But i dont have patience to wait as I want you to know my experience as soon as


overly delayed refund

I booked a flight from Berlin to London in September 2019, my account was debited two times in a matter of minutes. I called immediately to rectify the situation and was advised the refund will be completed in 2 weeks.

Two weeks later I got an email asking me to choose the refund option I want either another flight same route or money in my account. Since I didn't intend to travel to Berlin again, I choose to have my money back.

5 months down the line and numerous calls to customer service, I have not received the refund on over £1000.00

Would you please contact me and advise when I will get the refund and not the default 2 weeks I always get from the customer service team.

I have reached the end of my patience.

Frustrated customer

the whole experience

I urgently want a call regards the service and mislead experience and I'm taking this to the one show and the ferret Christmas time period must stressful yin's they cancelled my daughters booking leaving us till only a few hours before we were due to fly they had took our money and double booked her flight not helping us at all .. I was left to leave my son 2 and daughter 18 behind while we at to fly dressing 2 data before Christmas they my family wouldn't be with me I at to pay further £2900 to another company to get my children out to me next day
I want answers

bravonext not sending booking confirmation by email

I did not receive booking confirmation for our flights from Lima in Peru to Piura in Peru on 15 Jan and for the return flight to Lima on 18 Jan, both by Viva Air Peru.

Passenger names:
Reinhard Linder
Gloria Isabel Rodriguez Lopez

Invoice number of Bravonext SA (lastminute):

Transaction succesfully made on 20december

Original email address:

But reply preferred to

If posaible please reply in German
Thank you for your rapid help!!!

Br Reinhard Linder

charged for incomplete flight booking

I was booking flights online when my browser expired and the transaction did not complete (I have emails confirming the purchase did not complete and asking me if I wanted to continue which I chose not to) the value has now been deducted from my bank account and I have no flight details or confirmation of purchase. Please issue a full refund as soon as possible. A prompt response to this complaint to [protected] would be much appreciated

customer services and unprofessionalism

Eurostar has contacted me saying they had to cancel my return train from Paris in the 8th Jan. Email received on the 31/12/19 and last-minute contacted same day to notify and request change of train time as advised by Eurostar. Today 5th Jan I still cannot get assurance that if I go to Paris on the 7th I have a train to come back. Everyday I am calling your customer team and all I get is we are sorry but you have to wait . It takes minutes to take our money but to get the right service out you need 7 days... And on top of that your customer services are so unprofessional with the 1st guy on the 31/12 telling me he's not aware of any cancellations and I should call Eurostar myself. When called Eurostar they informed me there are other available Train to come back but last-minute should change as booking was through them. I would like to make a formal complaint with the way my booking has been dealt with and I will also ensure that this is published on all social media platforms to stop people using them again

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    Simonama Mar 13, 2020

    It happened to me now, did you get any justice?

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flight delays

Hello I want to complain about the flight bj510 was delayed by 4 hours and I lost my connection from paris to London so I need to buy new tickets for Paris to London us the bus spending 7 hours on the bus, booking a hotel overnight in Paris and paying extra money for car parking. Still this company ruined my holiday and charged me by the luggage 130£ in the aeroport because they didn't have the connection to my. I will wait for your answer before contact the lower

meal provided

Hi i make a booking with i pay for two persons to have half board meal and when we arrive to hotel the manager said that we pay for bed and breakfast. Its so awful i pay twice for one service . How can i receive money back i have no idea. First team said that i has half board and after that i pay for brunch and now they cal me and said everything is ok and all the time they tel me to wait 24 hours

meal provided
meal provided

thomas cook

Booking ref [protected].
Due to the collapse of Thomas cook airlines I was informed that you yourselves would pursue the refund of these cancelled flights.
This return flight was from Newcastle to Dalaman on the 26/9/19 booked in the name of Yvonne Bryers (my sister) but payment was made from my account.
In a message on your website after the collapse of Thomas cook you advised customers that you would pursue the claim for the full amount albeit it may take up to 60 days.
After waiting 5 weeks I contacted customer services for an update only to be told that I should of contacted and asked for the refund to be put into place which is contradictory to what you have advertised, I'm now told it may take a further 60 days on top of the 5weeks I've already waited.
Can you look into this matter and contact me via email as I don't see why I should have to wait any longer than the time originally stated.
Contact email address
Mobile no. [protected]
Anthony S Williams
I look forward to a speedy reply.

[protected]/customer service

I booked a Hoilday with my friend. The holiday for both of us cost £1, 115. He died unexpectedly on 31 October. I contacted and explained that he was dead and I wanted to see if I could get a refund as I had paid for the holiday out of my own money.
Although they said they would look into it and I would probably be offered the full amount due to the circumstances, I was offered £296 for the holiday which I rejected.
I asked for a refund of my friends flights and holidays as I had originally looked into the same holiday and for myself only it was £600.
I was told I would get 0 refund for my friends holiday.
I was obviously very angry so I phoned jet2 and they said that they would refund the flights of my friend as they are ‘especial' circumstances. customer service was horrible at a very difficult time.

flight booking

I'd like to make a formal complaint with and request a full refund for one set of flights booked of value £479.46 for flight number [protected].

I tried booking around 5 times with the website to book flights from Bali- Cairns. For each flight, the website clearly said that the booking was declined and that I should try again. Each time I tried, it showed up as a pending payment to on my bank statements and therefore I could not distinguish which payments if any had gone through. As it happens, one of the payments did go through even though the website clearly stated that it had been declined.

I then booked another ticket thinking that this had not gone through later that day - booking number [protected] for Bali- cairns which went through.

Only the next day when I could see what payments had gone through properly could I see that 2 payments had gone through my credit card.

I only wanted to book 1 set of flights and would not have booked another if the website hadn't advised that the booking had gone through on the first flight I booked.

This is a lot of money to me and I really need this back as I believe that I am not at fault here and was led to believe that I had only booked one set of flights.

Please can I therefore have a full refund of £479.46 for the first set of flights.

  • Si
    Simonama Mar 13, 2020

    How did you make a formal complaint? did you get any resolution?

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Myself and my young family have travelled from Ebbsfleet International this morning to disney land paris.

We was late leaving Ebbsfleet which was no problem with our connection from Lille to Chessy was still within the time scales with us arriving at Lille.

However, as we arrived into Lille we was informed that our connecting train had been cancelled!!!
We was also told we had to get another train which was nearly full...
We had people arguing and us having to deal with volatile sutuations over seats. We ended up sitting on the stairs on cases with my young family. This was disgusting. We was getting pushed all over the place and my young daughter fell and banged her head on the rail. No duty of care was considered when this decision was made to ram us all onto this already nearly full train.
There was no support and no member so f staff around or visual on the train to even speak to. Appauling customer service and a horrible experience.

booking scam

Dear Representatives,

I am writing you in regards to the booking no [protected] done on my behalf at the Walter Rooms location in Rome:

I am asking a refund and I will explain all the reasons hoping that you will also consider taking measures against this location so other persons would not pass through the same situation like me:

1. I arrived at location 30 min before the check in time (12:00) as to leave my luggage at least and when I asked if I can check-in to the room at 12 they said, it will not be ready, to come later on.
They did not show me my room but by discussing on the accommodation, they told me that I will have a bed in a 4 women dormitory.
I said it cannot be like this as it was mentioned in my reservation that I have 1 twin bed, plus there was no mentioning of the persons sleeping in the room so I supposed is for 2 persons, the other having the second twin bed.
Plus they said i will be a bunk bed and I said that in their pictures on the website there were only pictures with double beds or twin beds united and just 1 picture with 4 beds in a room, no bunk beds.
I said I want my reservation as it was - 1 twin bed and the person said it will talk to his manager and let me know when I return to the location in the evening.

2. I returned to the location - the person said we need to move to another location, my room will not be at the address mentioned on the website. At this 2nd location I was taken over by another person - all the person I spoke to were Indians talking not very well English, locals, not looking so trustful. Plus I came quite late - around 8 to the location - so all if this moving between the locations were happening in the night light.
At the second location (which had another name on the door) it looked awful (none of the pictures on the website show this 2nd location) - it looked like a flat and I was shown the room where I will be staying - it was a 5 bedroom women dormitory, looking dirty and awful - I am sorry I did not make a picture. I refused the accommodation and I wanted to leave fast. There were other 2 indians in the kitchen I don"t know what doing there so again I did not feel safe.

3. I was moved to another location to talk with their boss - called the office. When I arrived there it was no manager, but another Indian which was supposed to take me to another location were I would be given a bunk-bed in a 4 bedroom women dormitory and where actually the boss was so I could speak with him also. I was also mentioned I will need to pay 5 EUR city tax per night - more than 3.5 EUR that it was mentioned in my reservation.

4. The 3rd Indian now invited me to another location and on the way being night and being alone I considered I am taking too much risk and I am anyway being fooled by them so I refused to go while walking there. I mentioned I will ask my money back through the website and I will leave, which I did.

So, based on what I mentioned please agree on refunding me for this reservation so at least I don"t remain with my money taken. I anyway had the worst incident on ever booking online and I felt very unsafe.

Thank you and if you need more info please let me know.


return flight

Booking reference: [protected]
I've booked a all inclusive holiday with
The airline changed my return flight and I've been trying to explain to for the last 2 months that I've don't have time to take my connection flight from Zurich to London City, as I was arriving at Zurich at 7.25pm and the flight to London was at 7.00pm.
All my holiday I was on the phone with and they assure me that this problem will be sort it out. I demanded to speak with the manager and they said that he will phone back which never happened. On my last call they said that I need to sort it out myself with the airline which I believe it's wrong as I paid a lot of money also I paid for them to issue my ticket. Till this moment I don't have my tickets for tomorrow and all of us are insecure about what will happen tomorrow.
I was phoning the airline Swiss and they confirm to me that they don't have any available flight for us tomorrow to London from Zurich and me and my husband will miss work on Monday, that means less money for our salaries, my daughter will miss school and my other daughter will miss Nuresry which I paid for it.
Do you think you can help us in this matter?

Best Regards,
Mirabela Gabriela Maftei

booking scam

I booked and paid online for 4 nights. After traveling to Bucharest and reaching the address as indicated in my booking confirmation, I had to spend hours trying to reach someone from their number to make me check in without success. Although before I arrived I tried to call but nobody took the phone number indicated.

In the end I had to walk with my laguage in a city I don't know to look for another accommodation!

I wonder if in my place there was a person who couldn't afford to pay for another home or an elderly person with health problems, what would happen to him? !

Till today NONE of H Accomodation called to check my arrival / stay or to say welcome to Bucharest. . .

Till today I am requesting Lastminute. com to refaund my money, but every email they send me has always an excuse...

I regreat my 10 years of bookings with, if I only new how bad they treat their loyal custumers when it comes to refaunding their money!

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Booking ref [protected]. I've moved to NZ and a few weeks ago booked for my daughter, Jayne Backhouse and granddaughter Mollie Nicholson to visit me in wellington from Manchester on Feb 12-22nd 2020. Paid 1606.07 from my account. I sent my daughter the screenshot of the dates but when i looked later it said the return date was 20.2.20 instead of 22.2.20. That would be too soon to return on such a long journey. Booking email is in Jayne name backhouse.[protected] so she would have flight details directly. Tried to change dates and eventually decided to cancel and rebook. There were 2 options when cancelling. 1st-wait several weeks as the flight company had to refund you or take your vouchers. I decided to take refund and wait for Ethiad i think it was to refund you. I understood i would lose approx 180 this way but was fine with this. I have just been refunded only 188.86 to my shock. I have been waiting for approx 1426! Can this be looked into as a matter of urgency pls. Wouldn't have taken this option if known you were keeping most of the payment! V annoyed at this.

[Resolved] voucher conversion request to a bank account refund

Acorne Ltd
Stamford House
Boston Drive
Bourne End

Subject: Voucher Refund ([protected])

Hello dear Sir/Madam,

I'm writing you because I'm having some difficulties to have a voucher refunded to my bank account.

I have made the first booking on your website ( with ID [protected] on the 4th August 2019. Unfortunately I've been affected from the Thomas Cook bankruptcy and because of my flight back with them I've had all my package (flight+hotel) cancelled on the 25th September. My departure was the 4th October and this happned at very short distance from the planned departure.
I've been offered the choice to have a refund to my bank account or a voucher I could have used straight away. I've chosen the latter and the same day 4th October, I placed another booking for the same itinerary but this time overpriced by roughly £630 more.
I've been waiting for the booking to be confirmed for many days and I've made numerous calls to the customer service that each time I called and asked about the status of the reservation and I've been told every time (almost 3 times) that they were just looking into my booking and let me know after couple of hours, end of the day, etc. During the last calls made more than operator was blaming British Airlines for this delay because of some sort of problems by their side.
The 28th September I've received another email from the customer service (email address [protected], in a very informal way with just plain text, at first I was thinking to a scam email to be honest) confirming that they've not been able to confirm the booking and that they were giving me a refund to my bank account of £638.41 (the price I paid extra when I used the voucher) with no options if I wanted instead a full refund. I've promptly called customer service to have a refund and been told to allow 72 hours.
Very quickly instead, the same day I received a voucher for the amount of £3, 639.78, again with no other choice but to accept it (this time email address was [protected], same plain text with no header, footer as for the previous one) voucher code: [protected].
Called again the customer service and this time without even asking me for booking ID they already knew who I was. Very unprofessional and unsafe to manage a call with such sensitive data in this way (what could have happened if someone else was making this phone call from my mobile?), the operator was answering my question about the refund request in a rude way and I had to ask her which was the booking ID I was talking about as I was unsure she was handling the right one. She was the one upset when I really should have been fuming after the second cancellation at less than a week from departure now.

For this reason I want a total refund on my original payment method for the voucher you're keeping, as I've had no given choice to have it refunded or converted to a voucher. I feel like held hostage from booking with you again for a third time and I really don't want to as the previous attempts failed miserably with a customer service unable to handle my requests and give me proper answers, with my holidays ruined and with a money loss.

I'm also in touch with British Airways to have confirmation if the problem was really caused by them (as your customer service told me in more than one occasion), doesn't seem fair or professional to blame someone else for no reason. I'm telling you this because I've been able to book the flight with them just yesterday night with absolutely no problem.

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flight changes

Booking ID - [protected]

I specifically purchased insurance so that I could change the return flight dates, should I need to. I now need to change my return flight and you have quoted me £1072.90 over and above the cost I have already paid?
Are you guys for real?
1) You already have my money in full for the flight.
2) I have given more than 10 days notice to the change.
3) I can actuall book a whole new flight online fir less, THROUGH YOUR WEBSITE!!!

Seriously, what on earth is going on here and is this practice in fact legal?

Please advise
Wayne Ovenstone

agentia h accommodation/ scam


Booking at Agentia H Accommodation, Bucharest- Romania

I booked and paid online for 4 nights through . After traveling to Bucharest and reaching the address as indicated in my booking confirmation, I had to spend hours trying to reach someone from their number to make me check in without success. Although before I arrived I tried to call but nobody took the phone number indicated.

In the end I had to walk with my tongue in a city I don't know to look for another accommodation!

I wonder if in my place there was a person who couldn't afford to pay for another home or an elderly person with health problems, what would happen to him/her? !

This happened about a week ago and FYI, until today NONE of H Accomodation called to check my arrival / stay or to say welcome to Bucharest. . .

the whole service

The whole service has been shocking from start to now where the issue is still not resolved. We have tried amending flights to receive a quote on the 18.09.2019 for GBP 300 which we accepted to then realise that the two lots of flights had the same flight numbers which is impossible as the flights were to different airports, 1 in Malaga and 1 in Gibraltar. We were told this was possible and does happen by Harry Sinh who works for the company. When we said no this was not possible Harry continued to tell us it was and if we weren't happy we had to contact the airline direct and he could not arrange this. We were then promised a phone call back from a manager within 2 hours, 18 hours later at 1pm and someone calls us back who is not a Manager and tells us that we were right and the flights quoted were incorrect, so in fact we were trying to be charged GBP 300 to fly to the same airport we were flying to anyway. He managed to amend the flights but magically the amount owed would be GBP 700+. We told him we were unhappy with this as it is there error and reiterated again that we wanted a call back from a manager, which we were promised again within 2 hours. 4pm comes and no phone call so we called again and spoke to Mathali Kochre who yet again could not help us and told us we could not speak to a Manager as they were all in meetings. We informed her we needed the managers name as trading standards had requested this to which at first she told us she could not provide us with, we continued to fight this to be informed she would go and speak to the manager and find out the manager who would contact us... the manager who was supposedly in a meeting and couldn't be spoken to. The whole service has been horrific and to be honest I have never been treated so awfully by any Company before. We are supposedly going to get a back before 7pm tonight but to be honest with how it has gone so far i know this will not happen. I would like to inform you that we have informed trading standards and will also be contacting watchdog and the ombudsman. Now I would really appreciate and urgent phone call from a Manager, if this does not happen I will be seeking legal advice.

  • Si
    Simonama Mar 13, 2020

    We were then promised a phone call back from a manager within 2 hours... I have never got any Manager call back. How did you solve it?

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refund handling fee

REF: Booking ID: [protected]
I was notified by BA that my flight was cancelled due to industrial action and given a choice to either book an alternative date or request a refund. I took the refund option.

I first went to the BA website to action this but as I had booked through LastMinute this was not an option and I was informed the agent must request my refund. I therefore contacted LastMinute and they did this for me. I also contacted BA by phone and they told me they would action my refund immediately and I would get a full refund for my flight after they had calculated the taxes.

After hearing nothing for 2 weeks I contacted BA again who informed me that despite them making two requests to LastMinute that they submit the necessary paperwork required to complete my refund nothing had been forthcoming. BA requested that I wait a further week for the refund but suggested that, in the meantime, I could also email bravofly who deal with the processing of refunds. I subsequently emailed bravofly on two occasions but received no response.

Finally I contacted lastminute and explained what I had been going on and the agent told me he would look into it but it could take a week or so before LastMinute would contact me.

Well surprise, surprise after my call I got an email saying my refund has now been processed with 2 options, 1) a voucher or 2) a refund back to my credit card.
I was shocked to see that for a FULL refund that I was being charged a 30euro handling charge!

This is an utter disgrace as the whole cancellation saga was totally out of my hands. BA cancelled the flight not me and BA advised me that I would receive a FULL refund! Nowhere in the T&C makes mention of a handling fee. What makes it more frustrating is that I had to push LastMinute to do their job; ie return forms to get my refund and now they have the audacity to change me a handling fee. I would happily have dealt with BA direct and not involved LastMinute as my refund would have been dealt with much quicker and I would have received the FULL refund I was entitled to.

This has been a very stressful time as BA cancelled return my flight leaving me effectively stranded, I managed to get that resolved and have now been penalised by LastMinute for my actions!

about service what I didn't get (

Hi all.I always liked your service but when last time i got tickets with lastminute(first and think last time)wasn't happy((When i chose tickets for flight from Dublin to Chishinau i saw in offer luggage for every person.After checked with Flyone company i got answer that no luggage they can provide me...So i emailed many times to maybe 3 weeks and they fed with tomorrow, tom.we help you!!!But no help i got .We had to buy lug.and send our lug.with microbus because we paid a lot of money for tickets and to add lug.was too expencive and not fair(((They ask me provide then proof of my lug.but didn't promice to pay for it or refund money.We are so not happy and don't advice these liers to anybody!!!
Thanks Elena

Lastminute keeps part of the refund money from easyjet’s cancelled flight claiming it is a handling fee

Booking ID [protected] - After having Easyjet cancelling our flight on the 9th August from Luton to Mahon (Menorca), I was told by Easyjet over the phone and via email that I was entitled to a refund of 163.74 GBP. They admitted to have sent the money to and mentioned I had to call them directly to request the refund. On the same day (20th August) I rang where I was told I would get the full refund and that it would take 10-15 days until I received the full amount of 163.74 GBP. Today, 27th August I received an email stating the amount I would receive is of 122.70 GBP. When I rang again I was suddenly told there is a handling fee of 30£ under T&C, which was never mentioned when I first called the agency. This is not acceptable - I had already been confirmed that the full amount would be refunded by both Easyjet and Firstly, is not entitled to any handling fee as it is not a cancellation of a booking, it is a refund as part of a compensation from the airline itself due to cancelling my flight. Secondly, they cannot have customer services confirming something over the phone and then being told something different a week later (conversations are recorded so it is very easy to check this). Lastly, if the handling fee is 30£ this does not even equal 122.70 GBP - this would mean the handling fee is 41.04 GBP which makes me think they have completely invented this whole handling fee to keep some money they are not entitled to.

Lastminute keeps part of the refund money from easyjet’s cancelled flight claiming it is a handling fee
Lastminute keeps part of the refund money from easyjet’s cancelled flight claiming it is a handling fee

booking id [protected]

Dr Neha Dalal booked holiday to Malaga for 2 adults for 3 nights.
We searched for flight from Manchester to Malaga and wanted return flight from Malaga but instead of flight from Malaga our return flight given to us was from Granada which was very inconvenient for us as there was no transport available early morning from Malaga to reach Granada airport so we had to reschedule our holiday and book another hotel at Granada for 26th August which costed us €75 plus €50 taxi transport
We felt that the costumer service was not helpful and were unable to give us return flight from Malaga
I would be grateful if you could look into this and we would like to claim a compensation of extra cost of €125
Many thanks
Anjali Date

Booking of a hotel


My name is Stacey Burton and I booked a holiday with you to Turkey. My booking reference number is [protected]. I am contacting because I would like to let you know how disappointed I am with my accommodation. The hotel is utterly disgusting and not pleasing at all.

Firstly, the night I got here, I didn't stay in what I paid for. I paid for a family room and I was told they have not checked out so I have to sleep in two standard rooms. This meant my children would have to sleep in a room by themselves and I'd have to sleep in a room by myself. I am not that type of mother to make my children sleep in one room and I sleep in the other. Especially because it was our first time in the country, I believed the responsible thing to do was to have me and my children under one roof. I refused the two standard rooms and we slept uncomfortably in one standard room on one bed. Please have in mind it was 4 of us and we had to sleep vertically which was very uncomfortable. I didn't get the room I paid for and that upset me very bad. I had to wait until 3PM to check into the family room.

When I saw the state of the family room, I thought to myself it would've made sense if me and my children were squashed on the bed in the standard room because the family room was horrendous. There is no air containing, the TV does not work and the water was cold at one point. I called someone to fix the air conditioning, TV and the water. Luckily, the water was fixed and the air conditioning but the TV has still not been fixed. This is not what I dreamed of when I booked my holiday to Turkey. When I booked this holiday the main reason was because I wanted my children to have a good time. The fact that my children are complaining about the smell of the room and how uncomfortable they are makes me so sad as a mother as I wish I had found something better and I wish I didn't go through with an agency. I regret paying for all inclusive because the food is ridiculous. My children hate it and so do I. For this reason we have to buy food outside which cost me more money. I am very unsatisfied.

For these reasons I want a full refund on the hotel and on the all inclusive.

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Booking of a hotel
Booking of a hotel
Booking of a hotel
Booking of a hotel
Booking of a hotel
Booking of a hotel
Booking of a hotel
Booking of a hotel
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Booking of a hotel

viva air flight tickets

Good Afternoon,

I bought return flight tickets from Lima to Cusco (in Peru) through your website. However, when I got to the airport and tried to check in, the Viva Air employees said that I had to check in online and print the boarding passes myself before coming to the airport, and since I did not do this, I would need to pay 44 Peruvian Soles per customer. The tickets were for me and my girlfriend and so we had to pay 88 Peruvian Soles. I told the employees that we were never told that we had to do this and it was unfair they were forcing us to pay this now. They said that it was ''s fault as they should have told you all this.

Looking back at all the emails, we were never told that we had to check in online and print the boarding passes before coming to the airport. There is a section that says "to check in online, go to the Viva Air website', but all flights give you this option - you failed to mention that we had to check in online and print the boarding passes, otherwise there would be a charge. I also do not remember being told this when purchasing the tickets. Therefore I think it is completely reasonable to have at least a refund of this additional cost that we had to pay through no fault of our own. Surely it is good measure to also give us an extra refund for the stress and delay all this caused at the airport.

The booking number is [protected], and the flight this relates to is VV758. I look forward to your response. My email is [protected]


Andrew Narouz

package holiday to italy

What an awful experience this summer when we arrived at the airport to find our flight had been cancelled with no more flights for at least two days. No prior notification at all. Even though ATOL protected package and protected under the Package Holiday Regulations 2018, having to really fight for my refund. I have written confirmation that Easyjet transferred funds to their account belonging to me over two weeks ago. They are illegally holding my funds on trust without my permission and gaining interest. I should not now have to be putting together a small claim in my precious time, especially when I have just spent my morning registering a complaint with ABTA! Be careful with this company. Something is very wrong!
I will add that multiple emails have been ignored including an urgent request 7 days ago for a copy of the company complaints procedure. My subject access request has also been ignored.

can garden hotel turkey

I arrived at this hotel early morning at 3am due to easy jet flight delay of 3 hours. The receptionist was rude and aloof because I asked him for something to eat for the children. There's a horrible smell in the corridors. The walls are all dirty. Your website states this is a 5 star hotel, definitely not, I'd give it 2_3 stars. There's a mosque right opposite our room which wole us up at 5am. The manager is not interested. We've been given twin room and it's our 25th wedding anniversary. The drinks are all watered down and cocktails are extra. Wifi is also extra. I've paid alot of money for this holiday and really am not happy after saving for past 2 years. I stayed at a 5 star hotel in belek last time paid less and it was amazing. The staff here are rude and not bothered. We were at lunch i asked for water 3 times but the staff are too busy serving the German guests. Your website has given us the wrong information, I am also going to email the CEO of

online fraud by

False advertising, price advertised & agreed, no issue with my payment card Dodgy company claimed technical fault at their end, promised to hold agreed advertised price & a callback when it's technical issues were resolved but no call. So we call, get passed about & last operator just pretended they couldn't hear us. Legal point of sale, false advertising & no responsibility taken by company that would be quick to take customer money when it suited them. Shambolic, consumer rights evidently don't matter. Won't even look at this site again as they cannot honour last minute prices even though that's supposedly their USP

booking id: [protected]

as a part of our above travel arrangement a tranfer from Gatwick-London-Gatwick has been booked:
Buchungsnummer: LM-O93841ABA
Supplier Referenz: LM-[protected]
Buchungsdatum: 30.06.19
Because of traffic problems the driver has not arrived and service has not been provided.
Based on information from the service provider UK- City Transfers UK
the due payment was not received and we were advised to request reimbursement by you:
Hi Peter,
First and foremost, please accept my profuse apologies for any inconvenience caused. I am afraid we cannot issue you a direct refund as we have not collected any payment from you. We are a third party supplier - we are the providers for the service you booked through Holiday Taxis, who sold you a voucher.
Please contact them directly for a refund.
I will liaise with them directly on our end also so that they can provide you with a prompt resolution.
Kind regards, Jessica City Transfers UK
27 Elkstone Road London, W10 5NT

Please reimburse kindly the prepaid above transfer to our account.
Thank you.
Dr. Peter Lanzer

cancellation within policy but no refund

I made a booking in January for 2 hotel rooms that I then unfortunately had to cancel . I had checked before booking that I could cancel up to the day before.
I did so via the phone and received an email advising the hotel had confirmed my cancellation and the refund would be in my bank in the next few days .

I am now on day 17 and no refund. I have been told different stories by different agents, yesterdays agent told me it was processed and would definitely be in my account today . Guess what, no refund.

Today's agent has tole me it will be 8 weeks once they receive it - from who?

I said I would contact the hotel only to be told no point as they wont know anything about it????????
I asked who had got my money only to be told they are not allowed to tell me ?
Seriously, who has got my money ??

I will be expecting interest on for every day its held as I would be getting interest from my saving account of the money was in there
How do I get my money back and why are the agents allowed to tell you anything they want ?

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    eastking Aug 10, 2019

    I booked my flight tickets in February 2019 but in earlier June, I got email to tell me that one of my flights had been cancelled by airline and ridiculously asked me to contact airline by myself, and the worst was they gave me a invalid contact numbers. So I called and emailed lastminute. com customer service many times, to cancel my flight ticket and get refund at their options, but they are so inefficient and unprofessional, only waste my time and they don't communicate properly between each other, different agents said different stories. They promised to get me refund in 7days, 8 weeks or whatever the customer service answer you perfunctorily. Until now I finished my holiday I still didn't get my refund as they promised, and I lost almost 600 euros for nothing. It's been my worst ever experience for buying flight tickets online, believe me, do NOT buy anything from lastminute. com, its absolutely nightmare.

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paying for last to manage my flight check-in and boarding pass.

9662 Booking ID: [protected] I was contacted by last and it was suggested that it would be more efficient if I were to allow the person to ensure that I was checked-in...

hotel booking

I was looking for a 2 bedroom apartment in Gran Canaria. I found one on and rang the help desk to check that there was a 2 bedroom available. The agent put me on hold while she contacted the hotel and then came back to me saying that there was a 2 bedroom apartment available and would I like to go ahead with the booking. On the understanding that I would be given a 2 bedroom apartment I proceeded with the booking, even though she pushed the price up at the end saying that the flight I wanted had just gone up in price! Nevertheless, wanting a 2 bedroom apartment I agreed. When details of the booking were sent to me it was for a 1 bedroom apartment. I contacted the help line again and explained. The man said he would review the conversation and I would hear back in 72 hours. The email I have now received says that after reviewing the case, they were correct in booking me a 1 bedroom apartment. If they had listened to the conversation they would know that I specifically asked for a 2 bedroom and this was what I was offered. If I had wanted a 1 bedroom apartment there were any number of cheaper options available. I only agreed to the booking because I was told it was a 2 bedroom apartment. I WANT a 2 bedroom apartment as agreed. I travel on 8th July so this needs to be resolved quickly.

full flex not flex

I am a loyal customer with Lastminute for more than 10 years now. Recently, I purchased a flight ticket via Lastminute and I paid extra charge for the FULL FLEX option to be able to change my inbound date when I get confirmation from my work. When I tried to change the flight inbound flight, you replied back that FULL FLEX is to cancel the flight only and it is upon the carrier airline decision, my request has not been approved. My question is:
Whilst charging customers for the FULL FELX, why do not you clearly clarify that the decision making in changing flight dates is the carrier airlines not your end?
This ambiguity lead to work problems fro me, as being unable to stay in place to do my work, as other alternatives have been proposed to me by your team cost me about £300 extra.

Thanks for your cooperation and I hope that you improve your services to sustain your customers' loyalty

online flight booking and amendment

TODAY'S DATE IS FRIDAY 14th JUNE 2019: I booked return flights from Gatwick to Bordeaux online with over a week ago, scheduled to depart from Gatwick today. I had to change my flight so I went onto the website and made a request in the booking yesterday morning to change my flight. I received no call or email from Lastminute so I called their customer service this morning (at a charge of 13p a minute for a 12 minute call that I then got cut off from without resolution). I pointed out the flight was at 1.25pm today and I hadn't heard from Lastminute; the chap I spoke to said a team member tried calling me yesterday but got my voicemail. I have no log of a call from Lastminute on my phone, and have received no messages. I rang Easyjet who assum I am still flying today. I have now resorted to making a separate new booking direct with Easyjet departing next week, at additional expense and a greater price than my original flights. A short while I received a call but heard no voice on the other end of the phone, no message was left. I called it back and an automated message indicated it was Lastminute, but I didn't want to get charged for another lengthy call so hung up. My complaint is this:

1. I attempted to change my flight more than 24 hours before departure to limit any additional costs and avoiding losing the original fare payable
2. I have received no emails, texts or voicemail from Lastminute to suggest they were dealing with my query
3. As well as the original flight booked, I have now had to pay considerably more for a revised flight which I have had to sort out myself
4. There is nowhere on Lastminute's website that directs us to customer complaints!

Please could this matter be looked into and adequate compensation be returned to myself.
Thank you
Kim De Luce
T: [protected]
E: [protected]


They sell bookings that could be cancelled and when you have to cancel, it is a nightmare to get hold of them. Eventually phoned them, agent said it was cancelled but no...


I booked a room at the royal hotel in purfleet, i then realised that i had booked the hotel in the wrong area, I emailed them directly and said I wouldn't be attending as it wa...

booking cancelled but money not refunded

On 3rd of March 2019, I booked two airline tickets from Dubrovnik to London.
The booking ID is [protected].
On 4th of March 2019, I received an email from Lastminute .com that the booking could not be confirmed and I was advised to check my bank account for the refund of £128.59. To date (23/04/19) I have not received the refund.

Don Chandresinghe