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Complaints & Reviews

mistreatment of me at terminal gate in paris

On 14 Dec 2019 I was waiting to board flight AF 688 to Atlanta, Georgia. My wife was ahead of me in line and I tried to catch up to her and one of your agents grabbed me by the arm and said I couldn' do that. I told I was just trying to be with my wife and asked to see my passport after I had already been verified by another agent but he insisted. He took my passport went to the desk and after a while he came back and said I need to go to the desk and then I was subjected to a search of me and my carry on. My complaint is your agent has no right to grab my arm and man handle me. I told this agent not to ever touch me again. Then when I was put through a search this was just a form of harassment by this agent! I'm considering getting an attorney on this matter against air france. The treatment of Americans by your air line is rude and uncalled for and I have spoken to others who feel the same about your air line!! I qould like something done about this matter. The agent was an oriental man at the boarding gate!!

diverted flight af499 - 16th november 2019

We were flying from St.Maaten to Manchetser, we boraded on time and then sat on the tarmac for about 15 mins, we were then told that the plane was too heavy and we were been diverted to Guadalope for refulling which would take one hour, we landed at Guadalope and sat on the tarmac for one hour to be told we would have to go to a different gate to start refulling which would take another hour, we finally set off back towards Paris, becasue of the divert we missed our flight connection and so were diverted to Amsterdam and then Manchetser, the flight attendants on Air France were rude, very unhelpful and basically didnt care, they refused to speak english to us, we booked extra leg room seat and there was no difference what so ever.
On returning to UK i placed a complaint and an application for compensation, we were then blamianity lied to saying it was an advise weather condition, on checking the weather for the whole of the day and night in the North Atlantic ocean there was no diverse weather at all, Air France are lieing so they dont have to pay out

online booking process

I was booking a flight for a family trip online.
The flight was for 6 of us from Paris to Berlin.
I got all the way through putting in all the passenger details and excess baggage to the point of making payment and the online tool glitches on me and locked me out.
When it refreshes it sent me to the start again where in the space of seconds the price had increased from $195 to $230 a ticket (before adding additional baggage).
I can't understand where the honesty lies with this booking process. This is very deceptive and the fact that the system shut me out just as I was about to make the payment is something I should not be penalised for now with higher prices. When I asked your online team via messenger they could only say that it is dependant on flight availability. To that I say the flight was available and had progressed me through to payment. However as I was not quick enough to take note of / or a screen shot of the booking reference they can't help me.
Very unhappy and I will be placing my thoughts of this on trip advisor and other review forums as this is not customer service.

luggage claim

Simon Semaan & Serena Valcepina
Flight from Paris to Beirut 08 April 2019 AF566
Returned with destroyed luggage & immediately made a claim
File Reference BEYAF17759/08APR19/125GMT
2 phone numbers / repair / replacement shops were given
We traveled to both shops at great cost of time & money
None of the repair / replacement shops had good quality selections or were even willing to repair / replace - these shops are very unprofessional for the name of Air France & carry ancient luggage that does not match for a modern professional & the time to deal with them takes too long

32" Grey hardside, silver upright, 6lbs lightweight, built-in TSA locks, spinner from Italy MANCINI EST. At claim is USD300

May we simply purchase & be refunded

luggage claim
luggage claim
luggage claim
luggage claim

customer service / reservation

Even though I am an Air France frequent flyer, I have been contacting Air France CS / Reservation for 15 days via Messenger and Twitter to reserve my return flight without getting a reply.
No email service found.

If an supposedly International Airline behaves this way, no wonder its experiencing low customer satisfaction, desertion and financial difficulties.

flight attendant

Date: November 15, 2018
Flight Number: DL8672
Seat: 28E

On the above mentioned date/flight, I was sitting next to a young white female who was assigned seat 28F. This female continuously poked my right arm hard to awake me to use the restroom and I let her out. The second time, she grab my arm to awake me while I was sleeping and I asked her not to touch me, instead touch me softly. She began shouting, asking if I had ever been on a plane before and I should not had gotten an aisle seat. She told me not to move and proceeded to jump over me and called me a [censored] and went to the restroom.

I went to the back of the plane and informed the male flight attendant of the incident. He accompanied me to my seat and asked me to identify the passenger who had returned to the seat. He asked her if she called me a name and she stated irately (waking passengers who were asleep) she uttered some words under her breath and that she denied continuously poking/grabbing my arm. The flight attendant left and returned and asked if I wanted to move to a middle seat up front and I replied no, I will remain where I was.

I was very dismayed with the flight attendants resolution, as if I was the aggressor and he did not believe anything I said. Passengers should never touch another passenger regardless as they never know if there are medical issues, etc... In addition, it is my opinion the aggressor should have been removed from the plane or reseated.

on board service

Very very rude flight attendant - didn't have space for our luggage in our row, no one to help and kept interrupting me while I was asking if I can put it two rows in front -
And said the stupidest things I ever heard: because of plan balance, you SHOULD put it in the back! What an idiot!

Sitting in row 15, space in row 10, but luggage in row 24 now - will never try Air France ever again

lost bag

My sister-in-law came to Toronto on May 27th, 2018 flying from Moscow to Toronto via Paris. Her bag was lost and it's July 11, 2018 today and we still have no information on our bag.

First of all, the customer service of Air France is the worst of any other company I've used before. I spoke to 5 different agents on the phone and everyone gave me different information. The first person told me to wait for a few days and that we would receive a call/email from AF about our bag. The second person told me to wait 21 days to get an email/call with the search results from AF. The third person told me to wait 60 days to receive an email/call. The fourth person told me that the case had been sent to a Russian office and that they would contact us soon. After waiting for 2 more weeks I called again and the fifth person told me that the previous info about Russian office he doesn't know if it is true or not and that we now have to wait for 90 days.

AF - is this even REAL????????? How do you train your staff????? Why no one can tell me an honest answer on the whole procedure regarding the lost bag??? Do you even value your customers or you just don't care?

My sister-in-law is 15 and it was her first trip to Canada. She is still upset about the lost items and we have to spend so much money out of our pocket to buy her new clothes. We also had so many gifts from our parents and relatives that we haven't seen for 5 years and everything is lost!!!

I am so disappointed with this miscommunication that I wrote a complaint on an official AF website. You know what - no one responded back to me!!!

By the way, we are still waiting for the first cheque for the NECESSITY PURCHASES - it's almost 2 months and it's somewhere we don't know where.

Our family was a regular AF customer for the last 8 years - you've lost our trust in a day.

delayed baggage on flight af 452, paris, charles de gaulel to amman, jordan, may 30th 2018

On May 30th 2018 my wife traveled from Paris CDG to Amman Queen Alia. Her baggage did not arrive on same flight. since then and until today they have been promising ( IT IS FOR...

I had 2 strollers lost

Our flight was on 15 September. From beirut to bordeau at 7:55 am and the connection was at Charles de Gaulle airport . When we reach bordeau city or luggage did not arrived so we waited 5 hrs to receive them ( they came with the next flight) but unfortunately we had 2 stroller that we didn't received yet . I am back to beirut now and nothing received till now.

uncomfortable premium economy seat

Re: Reservation # N9OZWK Jason Scott Marquess My client, flew from DXB to YVR via CDG on AF Sept 10. He usually flies EK economy but I suggested he try AF in premium economy a...

flight overbooked

Flight Air France 567 Cairo-Paris CDG -Montreal - Ottawa
Itinerary # [protected]
Expedia booking ref. S3BRD7 12:40am on 4/9/2017
Ahmed.Eliwa arrived Cairo airport to checkin to be informed plane overbooked !!!
Ticket was changed to: Cairo-Amman-Chicago-Montreal - Ottawa
Instead of reaching Ottawa 4/9/2017 6:00PM
He reached Ottawa 5/9/2017 6:00PM
Slept in a hotel in Cairo till the plane to Amman 6:45AM
Plane from Amman was late 1hr 33min to reach Chicago late loosing the plane to Montreal to sleep in a hotel in Chicago to take the plane the following day to Montreal although there was a direct plane to Ottawa
5/9 was the first day of his new job that he did not attend
This was a disastrous trip with a very bad experience with Air France
He was badly affected psychologically & physically .
Kindly need your feedback & how will you compensate him.

Thank you.

double charge on baggage and need to get the refund.

On the flight number AF1023 from MUC (Munich) to CDG (France) on August 07 2017. I did a on line check in and purchased one baggage fee under the name of Thuan Thi Tran Dang.
When arrived at the Munich Airport and check in the baggage, I mistakenly checked in my baggage under the name of Loc Vo, instead of Thuan Thi Tran Dang and was charged an additional 35.0 Euro; Passenger Receipt 07AUG17 - 2340092.
I would like to get a refund of 35 Euro.

double charge on baggage and need to get the refund.

Bad customer service

I had a reservation for months to go on a Best of Europe Tour from New York.The tour was paid for. I got vaccinations and visas and other necessary things. I had never been to...

Claims for Air France Flight Delay

I have been an Air France customer since 2004, and my husband, since 2009. I have been flying to Paris once or twice a year and I have never experienced
a flight delay with Air France before.

On 30 Jan 2015, the daily Air France flight from Singapore to Paris was due to take-off at 1.05am and was delayed due to
the fact that Air France had not got clearance from air traffic control to fly over Afghanistan or Algeria.

Because of that, all passengers who were on board the flight had to wait in their seats at Singapore Changi Airport for over an
hour before the plane could take-off.

Our flight AF259 was due to arrive in Paris Charles De Gaulle airport at 8.05am on the 30 Jan 2015. However, the flight arrived in Paris at 9.30am.
As a result of Air France's flight delay and with the luggage only being released at 9.45am, by the time we rushed to the connecting terminal, the plane had already departed.
Because of our previous flight delay by Air France, we had missed not one but two connecting flights for Edinburgh via London at 10.40am.

We had to purchase a new set of tickets immediately in order to reach our destination.

Upon arriving back in Singapore, we wrote in to the customer service just as we were told at the Air France office in Paris. Two weeks passed with no response
from Air France so we called up the customer service hotline.

We were shocked to be told that no one was assigned to handled our case ever since we lodged our complaint two weeks ago.

The next day, Air France e-mailed us and said that they are unable to accept any liability for any loss due to the "unexpected nature" of this incident.

There is nothing "unexpected" if this is a daily routine for a daily flight from Singapore to Paris.

Due to the fact that Air France has one of the shoddiest customer service (The customer service department is only opened weekdays from 9.30am to 11am and 1pm to 2.30pm) and prefers to avoid all blame than admit that they made a mistake, fess up and reimburse
their clients for any loss incurred due to the irresponsibility of Air France staff and/or management, we are sad to conclude that this airline does not value loyalty or customers.

Therefore, we are unable to fly with such an airline. neither would paris be the anchor destination in any of our future vacation/ plans.

Goodbye after 11 years.

Boarding Passes

My wife and I recently traveled to Beirut, Lebanon from Poltava, Ukraine. We booked our travel on Air France/KLM that routed us from Boryspil Airport to Paris and then to Beirut...

Baggage damage and customer care

4183 Recently flew from Johannesburg (South Africa) and had a connecting flight in Paris then to London. Once in London I found my check in bag severely damaged. The wheels, casing and...

Klm Airlines + Air France AirlinesRefund

I contacted KLM website since I wanted of getting a refund and not using a returning flight. I CLEARED state that on one of my emails to KLM customer service. In any of the messages sent by KLM I was informed of the regulations above prior to requesting my refund. KLM customer service replied to me saying that I was able to request a refund.

On my first email I was cleared stating that I DID USE one leg of the flight and I needed a refund for the second one. I received a reply telling me to follow the procedure online to apply for a refund and it will cost me USD 200.

KLM employees can see each individual situation and they should be able to inform their customers what they are going to receive or not.
Not informing and clarifying the amount prior to finish the refund process is really bad and it looks to me a little bit tricky.

I wasn't expecting to receive a full amount over a refund. I thought I would receive the fair amount for the second leg. Every time we purchase any AIR FARE ticket online it shows how much we are paying for each leg and other airline companies often offer a refund or an option of holding the ticket for UP TO AN YEAR to use it. I purchased the most expensive ticket that allowed me to get a refund.

I paid a total of BRL 3, 221.54 and got an email showing that I was going to be refunded of BRL 160.87 This is simply OUTRAGEOUS!

It feels like KLM did want to mislead me for an error like not letting me know the regulations prior of requesting a refund so I would loose money.

I contacted KLM several times and asked them to stop the refunding process because I didn't agree with the amount they were going to pay for the ticket but their customer service refused to do. I requested the right to pay the fine of USD 200 and be able to use the ticket in a near future but they also refused to stop the refunding process and let me use the ticket.

I am still trying to reverse their decision via legal option.

  • Al
    alain61 Aug 04, 2014

    Similar experience for me and my family. AF/KLM are clearly in red ink and it seems their strategy for getting more money is to abuse their customers. My recommendation: avoid at all costs.

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Damage to my goods.

Flight - AF1905/[protected]/Rome – Paris/Economy/
13 September 2013.
Dion mohan +27 [protected]

Durban KZN 4000
South Africa

On this flight [Rome flight AF1905 to Paris -Johannesburg final destination]; I was not allowed to carry my irreplaceable religious statue of The Virgin Mary which I had purchased from Medugorje. This statue was my hand luggage as it weighted 6.5kg. I was told by the Supervisor of security that I would be able to carry my statue on board if I had taken out of the box. And then another gentleman then instructs I had to pay for it as additional luggage. It was a situation of two opposing decisions from your assistants; rude and abrupt service and unfriendly attitude. Not a single promise was displayed or the values displayed by any of your staff. I questioned the safety of my fragile statue. I was assured that the statue will be safe and due to it being FRAGILE it will be well taken care of and will not be damaged in any way. With the airlines assurance and to my resistance I eventually had paid the 100 euros and booked the statue in. The Italian Airport terminal did not even have FRAGILE stickers available. These are your staff members representing your brand; I am the customer keeping your airline in the sky...surely their experience and training could have assisted me better and represented your promises better?  Surely they could have advised or assisted me better? 

On arrival to Johannesburg air-port I picked up my statue and the box was damaged and smashed. Clearly it had been thrown in and out the plane; other boxes packed on it and definitely no care taken of it at all. I opened the box and discovered the statue completely shattered. I then go to your claims counter and I think you should rename it the" I DON'T KNOW" counter rather than CLAIMS because all the assistant could tell me was I DON'T all my questions. The one time she was almost helpful was when she suggested that I should have went to Pick and Pay in Rome (there is no Pick and Pay in Rome) and bought a large plastic crate. I was speechless with that comment. Air France should be worried as this is the level of service from your highly trained staff. I am not an expert but I can suggest you spend less money on advertising and more on training your staff on your promises for a good start.

Air France has failed on all your promises...Air France doesn't know what should and shouldn't be hand luggage allowed on a plane...Air France doesn't  know what FRAGILE handling is or how to handle FRAGILE valuable items...Air France is rude; unfriendly and  poorly trained in Customer Service and in dealing with Customers valuables. Air France is more interested in me paying 100euros and leaving their sight. I am the customer that keeps Air France flying.

My statue is badly damaged shattered and irreplaceable. To assist me in the slightest Air France can refund me my 100euros I paid for Air France to shatter my statue and the cost of 80euros for the statue. And I promise to grate out of my mind the awful Air France experience.

  • Ma
    mandy78 Jun 26, 2014

    they caused us to miss our conecting flights over there pilots not having there luggage made us sit for hours im casablaca overnight in paris got home day later

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Delayed/Lost Luggage

Air France has totally screwed my daughter's trip to Europe!! This trip was supposed to be a spectacular, memorable college graduation present, but it has turned into a nightmare, thanks to Air France (Air [censored], I'd say ...). Air France lost my daughter's luggage, going from London to Paris. She has now been without luggage for 9 days, half of her entire trip. Every time we (my daughter, assistant tour director, etc.) inquire about the luggage with Air France, there's always a different answer: It'll be there tomorrow, it'll be there within 48 hrs., it'll be there by 10PM tonight, etc, etc. Total BS!!! My daughter even gave Air France the hotel of her next destination 2 days in advance and have the person on the phone reiterate the address of the hotel. They ensured her the luggage will be there by the time she arrived at the hotel. You know what!? No luggage!! She's tried to shake this incident off and tried to have a good time with her traveling group as much as she could, but that has proven difficult from time to time. I am soooo pissed off at Air France for ruining my daughter's trip. I will never fly Air France and make sure to post this complaint everywhere online so that everyone will know what kind of piece of [censored] Air France is.

Non Veg Meal served

To Whom So ever it may concern.

It is really unfortunate for me to have been writing a complaint here, but in 3 seperate instances with Air France within a span of less than one month, it has left me with no choice. And moreover, inspite of writing a numerous time directly to Air France it has led me to no further choice.
1. First instance(10/6/2012) : On my return from SFO to DEL, on flight no. AF226 i was served and forced to eat non veg food, when it was very distinguishly mentioned on my ticket " veg Hindu Meal"
2. Second instance(5/7/2012) : The same bag which i have always carried into the cabin was asked to check in. Inspite of asking for help to take me through, the ground staff was only rude enough to not assist. To my astonishment, at the time of boarding the flight, when enquired with the ground staff if the bag has been boarded or not, he was rude enough to repl;y, " i dont know"
3. Third Instance(5/7/2012) : on arrival to Delhi, i discovered that the baggage has not been loaded into the flight and will not be available till 2 days.
All the 3 instances has left me very surprised with the services of the airline of this stature. In the first instance, it is hampering and violation of religious beliefs, in the second instance, it is rudeness and non helping nature of the ground staff and in the third instance, it is loss of business due to negligence of Air France. If the ground staff was a little norre proactive and considerate towards the passenger and informed me, i would have pulled out all my relevant papers for the meeting.

i am sure, this complaint would not bring me any good but i would like to appeal the compensation of Euro 20000 for air France towards personal and business loss.

Look forward to hear soon.

Best Reagrds,

rubbish service

4183 I am complaining about Air France. We have just had our first family holiday which if you get treat like we did may be our last NOT a good experience. The way to disneyland and...

Klm Air FranceMembership level flying blue

This was promised by the KLM:
“If you were an Elite member of Malev’s frequent traveller programme, you can now join Flying Blue at the equivalent membership level”.
My membership level at Malev was Gold.
The KLM gave me silver because I didn’t receive my gold card yet by mail.
I have 4 boarding passes with the gold membership.
But it’s not enough, KLM wants a confirmation from MALEV but they are bankrupt.
Because of this I have to get eight times in the security queue’s again at monday morning at 05:00 AM at Budapest Airport from the end of april.
Not very service oriented towards a frequent flyer who lives in Budapest works in Amsterdam and has already bought KLM tickets until the end of february 2013

  • Le
    letemknow Apr 27, 2012

    I'm surprised to see complaints about Air France. I flew from Canada to Paris and return last year, and everthing went very well. I booked online and had no problems.

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I am writing to comlpain about the attitude of the ground hostess and her supervisor on the flight AZ317 from Paris to Athens via Rome departing on 01 September 2011 at 07:00 from terminal 2F (seat 11F). On arrival to checkin around 05:30-05:45 in the morning with 3 kids, age 3.5yrs - 2.5yrs and 13months old, including a push-chair, 3 suitcases and the relevant bags to feed and take care of all of them we were informed by the lady on the desk that the push-chair cannot pass at all and it has to be handed in.
On request of my husband why we were not informed about this in advance since never before we had encountered an issue like this at any airport including Orly, Fiumincino, Venizelos and other smaller airports the hostess replied that it was 'OUR OBLIGATION' to check this up on the AirFrance website something that it is totally not right since as far as I know there was no problem for going all the way to the plane with a push-chair so WHY LOOK IT UP???? It made no sense.
On that answer my husband said that the ground-hostess was wrong and that we should have been informed either on booking the flight or by the company since they could see that we had 3 kids regarding those exceptional to us regulations. The hostess insisted that it was our fault and then things fired up and both started raising their voices until the ground hostess said to my husband ' je ne veut pas me prendre la tete avec vous' go and see my colleague (2 desks further) that she deals with the families.
I was extremely agitated with a furious husband, a baby and two children crying because of lack of sleep and all the yelling and the ground-hostess could not understand that the prolem could have been settled if she had only said 'yes I am sorry you are right you should have been informed some how, is there anything we can do to help?
I had packed in such a way in order to be able to have the baby in the push chair - their bags of food/milk and nappies hanging at the push chair. With no push chair we needed to take baby, bags and laptops in our arms and also control our other two girls. If I had known I would have packed otherwise, I would have made other arrangements. They did not even offer any kind of help, NO CARING AT ALL from their part.
Once we were passed over to her colleague dealing with the families (a very nice lady indeed, very polite) my husband went over to the previous one demanding her name and took a photo in order to place a complaint against her, which he immediately erased from his mobile. How is it possible that they can have our names (boarding passes) and we cannot know theirs?
Anyway at that point her supervisor came at our registration desk and asked the lady 'OUR FILE' so we couldn't check in. At that point I had enough I told everyone to calm down and please let us proceed because I was in no mood at all to lose our connection flight to Rome and then to Athens.
Nevertheless that does not mean that my complaint does not go towards the responsible that showed up and 'THREATENED' us that we were not leaving the airport and not boarding the plane.Who the hell does he thing he was, the fact that I did not say anything was because of my kids that were already in a bad state not because I feared the so called gentleman. On top he told us that it was our responsibility on how we deal with our kids when my husband asked him how we should do without the push-chair?? WHAT AN ARROGANCE!!! Ofcourse it is our responsibility on how we deal with our children as it is HIS RESPONSIBILITY TO HELP, ASSIST AND AID the passengers.
They should offer to families some means of help since this regulation exists that no-one seems to know, it was not only us with kids and push-chairs there.
I am disgusted from all the uncomfort they made us go though, obviously they do not have kids or they just do not care...their attitude and above all the supervisor's attitude was inexplicable. The ground hostess i might even understand, bad morning, bad day but he is responsible for them all, he should listen to both sides and be client-friendly not threatening families that they won't board. We never menaced the ground-hostess we were just asking for an apology and accept the fact that there was noway we could have known about that regulation.
Thanks for the great trip...

Air France Scam — Air France scams

Air France has turned into a terrorist organization. I bought 2, 000 extra miles to have enough for a on-segment washington to paris towards a round trip ticket. I asked for a...

Lost Baggage

Me and my husband travelled from Bangkok to Warsaw with AirFrance on 22/23rd Dec 2010, changing plaine in CDG Paris airport . Needless to say, our flight was first cancelled, redirected, then delayed and finally we ended up stranded in the airport up to 2:00 am until finally somebody organised a bus transport to the hotel. We spent a few hours waiting in the corridor (wearing only thin sweatshirts with -3 degrees outside) and being exposed to rude and stressed out airport staff. Not to mention that the only bus from the hotel was schedulled at 6:00 am... We ended up walking 20 min to the train station (freezing to death in our light clothes!).

It's been 18 days (!) now since our baggage was claimed at the Baggage Services at CDG airport...Oh sorry, one of the bags finally arrived after 7 days. As all of you, we've experienced the "don't know" and "so what?" attitude of the staff. It seems nobody really wants to help us. With the availability of contemporary technology it just seems impossible that they are unable to track over 10 000 bags...


I was flying out of Kiev, Ukraine with Air France. When I arrived at the airport, the woman who was checking me in, an Air France representative, told me that colored negros like me shouldn't be in her country and that I don't deserve to board the flight. I honestly was just shocked and started to cry and refused to miss my flight. After literally begging to get on the flight, I was checked in. However, my luggage arrived at my final destination in the United States half empty and about a month late. I don't know if the two are related.
When I arrived back into the United States, I contacted Air France through email to explain my situation. I never received a response.

Scam Ticket Change Fees

I recently purchased two full fare premium economy tickets on Air France leaving Seattle to Paris with a 3 day layover then on to Italy via Air France. Given the general strike in Paris and our expected arrival on October 21st (the day Parliament votes on the pension change), I called Air France to request moving out departure flight from Paris to Italy to the same day as our arrival in Paris, October 21st. Thus avoiding strikers and fuel lines in Paris.

The ticket agent stated this change was in excess of $4, 000 for only changing the Paris/Italy segment departure date. I travel extensively internationaly and when paying full fare, ticket schedules are routinely changeable. Obviously Air France does not care about repeat business, rather totally into screwing their customers for all they can get with no concern for repeat business.

Hate Air France

It was most frustrated experience with Air France. Because we change the date of return over the phone with Air France. Before the departure we did call Orbitz to conform who to call in case we need to change.The Orbitz rep told us it would be Air France and even gave us the Air France number to call. Because the Air France rep who changed the return date with told us that we can pay the changing fee before the flight we did not pay the fee at the time we changed it. After wards, I spoke to five different Air France reps. Every one of Air France reps, told us that different way to pay the changing fee. We couldn't get tickets issued until we pay the fee!!! BUT none of Air France reps were helping us. instead, we had to hold on the phone almost one hour each of THREE TIMES calls with Air France. One of Air France rep told us that we had to go to the local air port or the local Air France office to pay the fee because we had to pay the fee before the original return date. At the local Air France office, a very cold woman told us that we had to pay the fee to Orbitz because Orbitz was the who we booked the flights originally. It was a MESS!!! We call Orbitz and ask to deal with Air France take the fee so we can GO HOME!!! which they did. This is how we had to spend the end of our vacation. I don't even want to imagine that what if we didn't book it with Orbizs and we had to deal with Air France alone!!! HATE Air France!!!

Worst of worst service

We were a group of three from India travelled to Phoenix USA for a technical conference through Paris CDG. we took a Air France flight from Bangalore to Paris on May 7th and had our connecting flight to Salt lake city at 11 AM. But there were some oil leakage found in the engine lead to the delay of 3 hrs boarded on the flight. They finally cancelled the flight and diverted us to Air France desk promising to accomodate other flights or next day flights with hotel accomodation. The line was very long queue of 150 odd passengers moving at a crawling pace. We stood in the line at 2 PM, by 4 PM we barely covered few feet, we saw AF officials start calling thier day and leave one after another from 8 to barely 2 or 3 left attending the rest of passengers. They were not adding officials to replace those left and had no intention to fasten the pace.

We finally had our turn around 6:30 PM, where the Air France official (Female) told us, it is just late to put us on to any US flights the same day as the last one starting in few mins to New york. She casually told us, she can't help it and putting us on next day flight 2PM to Detriot. She told us that she'll initiate a transit visa request to police and if rejected we'll have to stay in the airport. She said the visa process may take time and we'll have to wait until her collegue carrying the request to police return. we then waited for another 4 hours while we saw many of them granted visa (I'm sorry but I must note my observation that all of them are either US citizens or whites). Finally, we three along with few chinese and two arab left and they announced at 10:30 PM that all our visas were rejected and had to stay in the airport. I'm fine and must accept that any country reserve its right to grant visa with whatever policy they have, although we wish them treat everyone with equality.

Well, the wait is not yet over, as they took another hour to get our passport and take us to the terminal 2E gate 13. They provided us one buisness sleeping pack, one sandwitch and soft drink coupen where we actually need three course of meal till our next flight. They simply denied and said they could only offer this. They were so irresponsible for thier own flight problem which landed to this situation and didn't care to take care of thier passengers with even proper food/facilities. As it was already close to 12AM, most of the shops in that airport terminal were closed and we had to sleep starved. But no one seems to care or bother listening to our concerns. A simple answer we get was, we can't help it and this is what we can provide. Long live Air France! we were pleased with your service!

One another humiliation before we left the living hell in the world, when we tried the sandwitch coupen in one of the food outlet in 2E. A lady in that shop looked down at the coupen and instructed at us pointed to few selected sandwitch option are available to this coupen and asked us to look at other shops if we don't want these. They barely had the vegeterian option anyway. so we managed our rest of our stay with muffins and soft drink. Comes on next, another delay announced to our Detriot flight by 30 mins (reasons unknown) and it finally took off 1 hour late. It reached Detriot 2 hrs late (reasoned that they had to take longer route to avoid volcano ashes). so we missed our next connecting flight to Phoenix too! This time around, we were told at Delta counter that they have put us to next day flight 9AM and it has been directed by Air France not to provide any hotel accomodation to its connecting passengers (Delta claim to have providing accomodation to its own passengers) and asked us to approach the Air france desk in the airport. when we approached them, as usual to us by now they denied accomodation stating they can't provide accomodation because it was due to volcano. We tried our best to explain them that it was just not valcano, but the flight departed 1 hr late due to some issue. But they doesn't seem to listen or agree to take responsibility. we gave up and thanked them for their great service!

Atleast, this we were in US. we went out and took accomodation on our own. we finally reached our destination two days late with bundle of humiliating experience and fatigue. The only mistake we made on ourself was selecting the Air France and chose to flew through Paris.

I was actually planning for a vacation to Paris this december with my family. I cancelled it at once and atleast feel fortuante that my family is saved from such humiliations.

Air France Klm Lottery 2010Scam!

Air France KLM Lottery 2010,
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Congratulations once again from our members of staff and keep flying Air France KLM,
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Air France Online Bonanza

  • Hu
    HUGO ERAZO Mar 26, 2010

    Por favor enviar cualquier novedad sobre el SR.Mr. Charlex Mustafa,
    Director Exchange Control and International
    Remittance, Hsbc Bank TX U.S.a
    Agradesco su confianza

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Consumer Fraud-Pay Business Class Get Coach Seat

This dispute has been ongoing with Air France and AMEX Business Travel Customer Service (or lack thereof) since July 2008!
My wife and I researched long and hard for flights suitable to pair with our cruise from Istanbul, Turkey to Athens, Greece. We settled on the Air France flights not on price, as there were less expensive options, but on times, convenience, and CLASS OF SERVICE.
Before I proceed further, let me qualify myself by stating that I have been a professional airline pilot for the last 29 years, and am currently a 25 year Captain with American Airlines, currently flying the Airbus A-300. Suffice it to say, I do know a few things about airplanes and the airline business.
This is not a letter from a passenger with a customer service complaint. This is solely and specifically about not receiving something that was paid for.
The second leg of our itinerary was on 7/3 from Paris to Istanbul, a 3 ½ hour flight on a Air France Airbus A-320 for which we purchased business class seats and had boarding passes for the second row. This is the entire contentious issue. These seats were not even close to being business class. These were coach seats with not so much as a pillow or blanket offered. As stated previously, I know airplanes and know a coach seat when I see one, or worse, when I sit in one for 3 ½ hours with no legroom, no pillow, no blanket, and we were quite frankly furious. As I made clear, this is not about a disgruntled passenger complaining about poor service. I clearly paid for something I did not get. Air France plain and simply does not have a business class on its Airbus A-320 no matter what they want to call it. Here’s what you need to do; Go on the Air France website and look at what they call their business class with the description of services; L’Espace Affairs Business Class has photos of reclining seats with fluffy pillows, blankets, chocolates on the pillows, comfort, class, etc, ., etc. THAT is what they are advertising and selling. When you get on the A320 you are getting a coach seat with NOTHING, no reclining, no pillow, no blanket, no service, no NOTHING. It’s a COACH seat at business class prices. OK, fine, they don’t put anyone in the middle seat but it’s likely that you could buy an extra coach seat in the middle at less than what business class costs. Look, I can rent a BMW and you give me a Hyundai and try to tell me it’s a BMW but it’s not.
Air France is guilty of misleading advertising at a bare minimum, and blatant consumer fraud, not to mention awful and unresponsive customer service. Book elsewhere, there are plenty of airlines to choose from.

  • Ji
    Jimmy1 Jan 11, 2010

    I find it hard to believe that someone with as much experience and knowledge as you claim to have would be equating long-haul business class on A330, A340 and B777 aircraft with intra-European business class on an Airbus A320. Did you really expect to find the same seats and level of service on the 2nd leg of your journey as the first? How could you, as a veteran pilot, possibly believe that any of the sections of that Air France video for "Classe d'Affaires" applied to an A320? You tell people to "book elsewhere", but there is one small problem - all of the other European majors have the same thing for business class within Europe.

    If you had really researched "long and hard" for this trip, would you not at least have come across a seat map at some point? One of the first things I found out when booking a 2005 trip business class trip on Air Canada from Toronto to Geneva via Frankfurt was that business class on the Lufthansa flight between Frankfurt and Geneva was the regular cabin with nobody in the middle seat.

    You point out rather smugly that your 25 years of experience as a pilot and current status as captain means that you must know a thing or two about aircraft and the airline business. I did not get that impression from reading your complaint. This complaint might be understandable from an unsophisticated traveler, but I cannot believe it is being made by a veteran widebody pilot with a major airline.

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Awful airlines

My cousin, and her two young sons booked a return flight from Port-harcourt in Nigera to London. through an IATA travel agent, who unfortunately did ot process Air Flight additional excess baggage allowance for them . This would have made them entitled to 120kg allowance. In their e-ticket, Air France only show 20kg per customer. Upon their departure on 25th, I was at the aiport with them, we discovered this maistake, and pleaded with Air France customer service offuicer at the counter, to help and cross-ckecked for us, as we were the only person with this problem. The lady saireplied'WHY SHOULD I?' It was unfortunate that i did not take her name. Anyway we were made to pay for our luggage in ecxess of the 60kg shown despite that she and her sons were entitled to 120kg. In Nigeria my cousin went to their office, and the reply was she made the booking through an agent, otherwise she would have been compensated. I want to believe that an agent fully represent their principal, and Air France has conceeded to the contract. Also it was possible for them to duscover this error, but they were just not too interested. I had to pay for this with my Maestro. I want Air France to make this refund, as she was did not carry any luggage outside her entitled 120kg. I am aware that other airline would have discovwered this error easily, and rectified it at tha point of checking in, but Air France refused tio help.

Breach Of Contract


The Incident that transpired on the morning of August 25, 2009 was as follows. I arrived with my family at CDG Terminal E at 9:28 AM by Hotel bus. Our bus was slow to get passengers off the bus at earlier terminals A, and C, but we did arrive at Terminal E by 9:28 AM. As we approached the “check in counter” to cue up for our flight an Air France female agent informed us that “the flight was closed”. The time was 9:30AM. The Departure of the flight was 10:30AM. The ticket said, “last check in time is 9:30 AM” (See attached Ticket). We pleaded with the woman to show some understanding and compassion for our children and that we still had time to make this plane as we were right there in the airport and standing only 200 meters from the gate. There was plenty of time to pass through security, 1 hour to be exact.

The female agent made a phone call to another Air France colleague at the gate to ask if we can get on board still and her colleague agreed. By now the time was 9:38AM.
Still 52 minutes before departure. The AF agent noticed we had baggage and then made another call to her colleague and asked “the clients have bags, can they get the bags on the plane?” Apparently, at this point, her colleague said, “No they can not get their bags on the plane”. We immediately said “this is not a problem” as my husband had a different flight back to Chicago with American Airlines at 12:30 PM and he said “I will take all the bags with me on American, just go ahead and get on the plane”. The time was now 9:42 AM. The agent heard this, understood this, and agreed all was well for our departure under the circumstances that the bags will not get on the plane. One moment later at 9:43 AM the agent received a call from the gate and her colleague said to her “they are not allowed on the plane at all because they have bags”.

We pleaded and pleaded with the agent that the bags are no longer an issue and that my husband was going to take the bags on his flight at 12:30 PM with American Airlines. We absolutely had to be in Chicago that day August 25 for professional appointments and our Children’s School begins August 26. Waiting for “the next day’s plane” simply was not an option. Our discussion/ argument went on until 9:48AM. 5 minutes of arguing by your Air France agent was done, in my opinion, out of malice, lack of concern, righteousness, with an attitude of “I’ll teach you”. The agent had a malicious intent to force us to pay penalties where we could have, by then, been issued a boarding pass and easily have made it through security and have arrived at our gate by 10:05 AM, 25 minutes before departure, a very reasonable amount of time to embark on a plane. Finally she said “you now have to see a ticketing agent to see if you can get re-routed through Washington and then on to Chicago”. At 9:49 AM we were escorted to another ticketing agent and we pleaded with her that we can still easily make this flight at 10:30AM. The first agent then basically disappeared from the argument and scene, and was no longer present at the counter.

The second agent refused to accommodate us. She was rude, arrogant, dismissive, and unhelpful. At 9:51 AM she finally said “you have 2 options: go to an internet kiosk and try to get re-routed at, or pay a 250 EURO penalty per ticket and fly to Chicago tomorrow”. We pleaded and pleaded for help and understanding by saying “we were just told a moment ago that we can get on this flight without our bags”, which was no problem at all as my husband was ready to take his flight 3 hours later with American Airlines”, but this woman was rude and thoughtless and simply dismissed us and said “go back and talk to the agent that said you could get on this flight without bags, I can not help you at all, you bought your tickets on the internet and therefore you have to correct this problem on the internet or Pay a 750 EUROS fine and fly tomorrow.” This offer was absurd and malicious and basically amounted to fraud, coercion, misrepresentation, and breach of contract. We looked for the first agent who promised us we can get on the plane without bags, but she was no where to be found as she most likely walked to the gate where AF50 was to take off from.

In the end, we had no choice but to purchase 3 roundtrip tickets with American Airlines (CDG to ORD, ORD to CDG) with American Airlines to get back to Chicago on August 25. Please see attached copies of that purchase.

Please know that we are regular Air France Customers who fly with your airline 2 to 3 times a year as a family of 4. We typically spend $8000 a year on airline tickets with Air France. In addition, my father has a travel agency in Morocco, Itinerance Plus. For the last 3 years, I have personally organized a group trip from Chicago to Morocco where we book with Air France 10 to 16 tickets. Between my family of 4 and my fathers travel agency We buy around 20 to 40 tickets from Air France every year. We have always had good treatment and no problems. We have Air France Flying Blue “mileage cards” (see attached). However, after this incident, we would certainly seek other companies to fly with for our annual February Group Trip to Morocco (see attached), as well as our semi-annual family trips to Morocco to visit my family.

We would like to achieve a fair settlement with Air France over this incident. We have lost an additional $2650 by having to buy 3 round trip tickets (Paris, Chicago, Chicago Paris) with American Airlines because of this incident. We are seeking two possible settlements.
1. A $2650 refund for our forced purchase of tickets with American Airlines
2. Air France issues 3 brand new round trip ticket from Chicago to Paris and Paris back to Chicago on December 16, 2009 Returning January 5th, 2010

If Air France refuses both options, you will leave us no other choice, but to file a formal lawsuit against Air France here in Chicago for fraud, coercion, misrepresentation, and breach of contract. We will also go out of our way to inform as many news organizations as possible of the incident including TV5 in France, 60 Minutes, ABC, CBS, Fox, CNN, and NBC, as well as local news organizations here in Chicago and in Casablanca and Paris. I work in the news business and have many contacts at these stations as well as major newspapers.

Nowhere on the ticket does it say “You will not be allowed to board the plane if you come to check in at 9:30 AM”. Again, we arrived at exactly 9:30 AM. and were told, “The flight is closed”. Nowhere on the ticket does it say you will be required to pay 250 EUROS penalty per ticket, and take the next flight, the next day, for arriving late and that you will have to do this on your own at an internet kiosk. We were treated rudely by your agents in Paris, and without any concern for the fact that we had young children to care for. In fact, they seemed to have enjoyed watching us agonize over this incident. They were unhelpful, lacked compassion and were dismissive. Quite frankly, both of these agents should be fired. I wish I had their names, but the stress of the incident made that impossible to achieve. If you ever want us as a customer again, honor your end of the contract and either reimburse us $2650 or issue us 3 new round trip tickets for Chicago to Paris and Paris back to Chicago on December 16, 2009 returning January 5, 2010 to:

I look forward to your quick response and feel free to contact us to discuss the matter.


horrible service

I am very tall, so I had chosen a middle bulkhead seat on an air france flight from Paris to Los Angeles. A couple who spoke very little english asked me to move to the aisle seat so that they could sit together. I attempted to politely explain that I had been assigned the seat months ago, and needed the middle seat so that my legs would not stick out into the aisle. Being the troubleshooter and peacemaker that I am, I then went to the flight attendant to see if he could accommodate them elsewhere. Meanwhile the couple starting raising hell to a female flight attendant, and she was LAUGHING at me as I sat between these two extremely rude people. They were talking loudly over me on each side as if I didn't exist. I had to sit in between to obnoxious selfish people, and the flight attendant thought it was amusing. The service on air france is horrible. I will not fly with them ever again.

Totally incompetent Customer Service; still awaiting refund

Here's a copy of the letter I just sent to Air France - this should tell the whole story without overkill. (I hope, anyway.) I'm livid! And this has been going on since...

Poor service, organization & planning

On August 8, 2009, I was a passenger on board Air France Flight 377 flying from Detroit to Paris. I was greatly disappointed with the airline’s service, crew and, later, its customer service line.

Approximately five hours into the flight, the pilot made an announcement the plane was experiencing technical difficulties and had to turn around. The plane landed in Boston around 4 a.m. - only about a half hour to an hour before it should have landed in Paris. Despite consistent inquiry regarding the next available flight and/or accommodations, no one was given any further information. Instead, only baggage handlers were on hand to assist passengers upon arrival who waited in line at the airport for at least two hours before they were able to speak with an airline representative in Boston. Although the representative did give me a hotel voucher good for limited hours, she was unable to address further information because no one from Air France was available to help. I did receive a “customer service” line to call, but it was not yet “open” for another six hours – obviously, an inconvenience considering I could not give any information to those waiting for me in Paris. When I finally did get through hours later, I spoke with a representative, Alexandra, who offered no apologies, but instead, remained aloof, giving me an attitude after explaining the situation and my concerns. Why would an airline state that the number is a “customer service” line if the number is not open when customers need it and if the agents “serving” customers clearly show no attempt at promoting customer service?

After Air France’s recent notorious media attention from transatlantic flight failures, I would think the airline would do everything it can to refurbish its image with the public. I guess I’m wrong. My discontent with the service, organization and planning has not only discouraged me from ever flying with Air France again, but also letting the public know about my ordeal. I am in contact with various passengers on the flight and many of us are already using internet blogs and the media to promote consumer knowledge of the unprofessional way Air France handled this mistake. I feel that many other potential passengers considering flying with Air France will feel more aware of the serious deficiencies in Air France’s planning, organization, safety and especially, customer service.

Although I am glad the flight did take necessary safety pre-cautions, the overall experience with Air France (my first one) made me question the airline’s capabilities. Not only was the flight experience the poorest I have ever gone through with any airline, but I lost one night in Paris, including a paid hotel room. This event was the fault of the airline and was not some weather related incident.

  • I guess you would have preferred the airline did not turn around with the mechanical issue??? Seems the safest choice was made. Their service as explained in Boston on the ground was unaccpetable, but your comment 'I feel that many other potential passengers considering flying with Air France will feel more aware of the serious deficiencies in Air France’s planning, organization, safety...' does seem a bit unfair as it seems to me AF took safety as it's main concern.

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Stolen items from locked luggage

My daughter flew with Air France from Copenhagen, Denmark to JFK International Airport in New York, USA, on Thursday, August 13. Her luggage was locked with a TSA luggage lock...


We missed our connection due to plane delay, and Air France agent gave us a slip with a confirmation for the next flight the next day in the morning, and failed to provide us applicable tickets.

Continental Airlines did not honor the slip provided by Air France, did not offer any help, and wanted us to pay again for our prepaid trip, otherwise we would never fly back home. Air France office was closed by that time, and no agent could help us.

I was crying in the airport with no help and no mercy; in order to catch the plane, we ended up paying an extra $1, 010.00 for our prepaid ticket that costed $3177.84, for 2, which make a total of $4187.84 economy class...

Rude Stewardesses

Flight attendants effing rude for. No fault of ours. Our flight was delayed coming in to Charles de Gaulle, the one prior to AF. The people at the desk gave us incorrect information about our gate number so we were further delayed. Our names were then announced on the intercom that the plane was waiting for us and we ran all the way to the actual gate. Once on the plane the air hostesses rudely told us to put our bags up and when THEY SERVED US TEA WITHOUT ASKING US WHAT WE WANTED OUT OF ALL THE DRINKS SHE NEARLY DROPPED IT IN MY LAP. She was rude to my mother and when my mom asked for creamer she grimaced and condescended to give her one.

  • Au
    Aussie33 Aug 06, 2010

    The problem with AIr France is that it has the word 'France' in its name. Basically, it is an cross sample of French standards of behaviour put into the air. As a frequent traveller I also have been subjected to unwarranted rude behaviour by Air France, but sadly behaviour in the rest of the country isn't much better. Unfortunately, the same cases are being repeated over and over again at numerous hotels, restaurants, shops, petrol service stations, on the roads etc. across France as we speak. Vote with your feet.

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