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Lufthansa German Airlines Complaints & Reviews

Feb 02, 2021

Lufthansa German Airlines — Unaccompanied minor services

Hello, I had purchased Lufthansa Unaccompanied Minor Service for my ten-year-old son to fly from San...

Nov 01, 2020

Lufthansa German Airlines — Airline service

Description of Problem/Inquiry/Comment:     am 71 years old in a bad health condition, I  booked this flight...

Lufthansa German AirlinesMissing luggage

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have traveled onboard Lufthansa plane from Copenhagen to Frankfort and from Frankfort to Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) on August 29, 2020. When I arrived to Riyadh my luggage was missing. I report my missing luggage at Lufthansa website and they replied that my luggage has been found and it will be sent to Riyadh the next day and later it was changed to 14th of September. Still after more than 5 weeks I have not received my luggage. So I wonder when my luggage will arrive.
my e-mail: w.[protected]
mobile: [protected]

Missing luggage

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    Lufthansa German AirlinesRefund not received since march 2020

    I booked a ticket from Munich to Jfk on January 3, 2020 and a return from Jfk to Munich on April 8, 2020.
    I used the first leg of the flight but due to Covid-19 on March 16, 2020 I requested a cancellation of flight from Jfk to Munich (April 8) and a refund.
    Lufthansa did not acknowledge the email. Due to Covid-19 the airline cancelled my flight on May 16 (email attached).
    It's September 18, 2020 and I still haven't received my partial refund.
    I've been calling and emailing Lufthansa in the US office for 6 months now. Every time I call I get a different message. First, they apologized and assured it would be expedited. Another time they told me there are no guarantees. Their actions are discriminatory- they refunded tickets to German citizens first, then to European ones. The rest of the world, US included is not being taken care of.
    Please help.
    Thank you.
    Agata Maciaszczyk

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      Lufthansa German AirlinesNo delivery

      I was booked to fly nd this was postponed three times due to Corona - fair reason.
      But on each approaching day to fly Lufthansa keeps one in the dark an do not tell us what is happening.
      So one tries to phone them and they do not answer their phones or simply leave one with a polite message to please hold on but after several minutes one puts down the phone. I then tried their so-called helpline in three other countries including Frankfurt but they alsl brickwall one.
      Not only is this frustrating but frankly it is extremely inefficient and discourteous.
      What more must one do to get an answer? One of these days they will perhaps jsut say the flight is cancelled and passengers unfortunately lose their money.

      When things come right in the air industry, this is one airline that seems best avoided.

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        Lufthansa German Airlinesunreasonable refund policy

        I booked roundtrip air with Lufthansa Newark-Munich for river cruise on Danube 4/7-4/15-2020.Cruiseline canceled cruise due to coronavirus and refunded us.
        Lufthansa cannot be reached by phone. The number just rings. I emailed them the cancellation notice from cruise company. Nothing. Their website says that their policy during this crisis is that we can rebook for travel thru December 2020 to the same destination. That's absurd. the only reason to go to Munich was for the cruise which is canceled. Moreover, the pandemic will not be resolved so quickly so as to travel before end of year. Travel between Europe and US is restricted and may get worse. They should just refund our money.

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          Lufthansa German Airlinescomplaint

          Dear Lufthansa,

          My name is Tatyana Leader.
          My passport number is [protected].
          Date is issue 21 July 2010.
          Ticket # 220-[protected].
          I recently flew from Boston to Frankfort
          via flight LH 423 which departed on THURSDAY, August 29, 2019.
          When I made a payment for a ticket I
          35 dollars extra for a seat reservation.
          A seat # 39A, that I was seating on
          was totally disabled: don't have any function: no light, no movement:
          TV service, I cannot even call a flight attendant in any emergency situation.
          (Pictures are attached).
          I asked a flight attendant to find another seat for me, but she could not find any seat available.
          I was in very dengerous situation all time was siating on totally disabled seat without any function even without oxygen supply in an emergency.
          The flight attendant filed a report.
          Could you please check the report and
          send me 35 dollars back plus 300 dollars
          for a customer satisfaction.

          Tatyana Leader.

          P.S.Pictures are attached.


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            Lufthansa German Airlinescustomer service

            I recently flew with your airline to London via Munich. I had a connecting flight which gave us roughly 30 minutes to get from one plane to the next, the gate had been changed and the app on my phone had not been updated; therefore myself and my friend went to the wrong gate, before having to run to the correct one. We made it just in time.
            However, standing at Gate 28 on the 18/09/19 for the 21:40 flight to London, was a blonde lady with glasses wearing the Luthansa uniform. She gave myself and my friend an unpleasant look, took one look at my friends duty free bag (which was actually purchased in Athens) and proceeded to say in a patronising voice ‘well, maybe next time don't go shopping when you have a flight to catch'
            My friend attempted to explain what had happened, however was rudely dismissed with a wave of the arm and the words ‘Its always been Gate 28' and a very apparent threat of not allowing us on the aircraft.

            I am utterly disgusted and disappointed at this appalling level of ‘Customer Service'. It is unacceptable for your staff to assume and/or make judgements of their customers, especially as she was very much mistaken in what she was saying.
            I have flown with many airlines all over the world and have never experienced this level of rudeness or presumption before; I shall now be looking to other airlines to fly with as this has fully ruined my experience of Lunthansa Airlines, and it would maybe be a good idea to retrain this particular member of staff on acceptable customer service.

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              Lufthansa German Airlinesrefund for reserved seats in the amount of $105

              Flight wqwwwa of 18 june 2019, i paid $210 for seat reservation however on the way to munich we lost our connecting flight due to united airlines flight being delayed. We could not get seat reserved for the next flight out on the 19 june, me and my kids ended up seating all separately in different parts of the aircraft. On our way back we were able to use the return seat reservation, i filed a claim after we got back around the 24 of july and was told that a refund check will be forwarded to me for half of the paid fee which would have been $105, i waited until the mid of august but nothing came. I contacted lufthansa customer service and was told they have no record and i need to file a claim on line. I filed a claim on line got a feedback #[protected] and someone will contact me, no one did. 1 week after, sent 2 more emails as follow up, no response. The [protected] customer service for this airline, no one answers ever, unless you push the "make new reservation" than a representative will but can not help you with anything. This is absolutely unbecoming for such a big airline company, i thought i made the best choice when booking with lufthansa now i will make sure to fly with another company in the future even if it will be more expensive. To not have live operators answering the customer service 1-800# is just wrong, cheap and unprofessional.

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                Lufthansa German Airlinesflight delayed in budapest - flight number lh1337 on 5.09.2019 - departure at 11:25 delayed to 11:45

                My booking Number LQB5O3
                Date: 5.09.2019
                Flight LH1337 @11.25
                Passenger : Veeren Manikion
                Flight LH 1337 delayed by 20 minutes
                Connecting flight to LHR :LH908 @ 14:00 hours

                The Chief Executive, Mr CARSTEN SPOHR, Lufthansa Group

                Dear SIR,
                I am in bupadest airport on time to take my flight - I went to the boarding counter LH1337 in budapest - I was asking my question but nobody cares - Someone was busy on his computer and the two others feel like am disturbing them. My question to them is that this flight LH1337 is being delayed and I have the connecting flight LH908 whether this will not pose a problem as i have an important schedule meeting in London. Nobody cares to answer and I said again to them whether anybody can help in my question, when finally the person on the computer replies WITHOUT looking at me, YOU WILL HAVE SUFFICIENT TIME.

                Ok i took the delayed flight LH 1337 and on board I ask to the flight attendant whether there will be no problem for my connecting flight, No worries, the flight will be on time while the aircraft will catch up on the way.

                The flight LH1337 reached the Frankfurt airport at 13:30, to my great surprise we need to take a bus to reach the gate at aeound 13:40 - I thought moving to gate B24 would be easy, to my astonishment it was long away - I have to take 4 steps up, run and 4 steps down to finally understand that i need to go through security check. To note that on the flight it was mentioned that you will have Lufthansa attendants that would help you to get out of security quick. I was expecting someone with a notice board with my name of it and help me to my gate which other airlines do actually. Nobody seems to care. I reach the security breathless as i had run a lot. Finally when i reach the counter at 14:05 it was closed and the lady at the counter just removed another ticket for me as if for them its just and easy way, without any apology he just throw the another ticket to me. She said, You should take the next flight.

                I understand Lufthansa is number one in the world reading the CE bulletin in the aircraft magazine, but this is outrageous and to summarise:
                - Your attendants are careless
                - Your attendants dont know their subject
                - Your attendants have no courtesy
                - Your attendants have no customer cares at all

                LUFTHANSA need to compensate me, Why?

                - I had a business meeting near the LHR airport, a very important meeting .
                - I missed my meeting which has caused prejudice to me as i have to report to my work on this meeting.
                - It was hectic for me while your staff could have informed me that there is another flight and i could have arranged for rescheduling my meeting a bit a later
                - I had to rush and run at Frankfurt airport and this has caused so much stress and discomfort to me.

                CE, Sir, am looking for a compensation based on the above arguments and I hope appropriate actions are taken for others not to face the same situation.

                Awaiting for a positive reply from your prestigious organisation, which i feel is doing a great job but not from a few of your staff which is causing much harm to it, while you mentioned as well in your bulletin, the challenges for your organisation are the low costs flights and the opening of the environment to other international aircrafts, while you need to take immediate actions to address the above first.

                Sincerely yours and thanking you

                Veeren MANIKION
                Country origin MAURITIUS
                Phone +230 [protected]

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                  Sep 03, 2019

                  Lufthansa German Airlines — damaged luggage

                  Dear Sirs, I'm contacting you to complain about a customer service handled by lufthansa. In January, I did...

                  Lufthansa German Airlinesrefund in case of medical waiver

                  This is with regards to my flight from bombay- barcelona and madrid- mumbai from 10th to 26th September.

                  I have had a major uterus surgery just ten days back and the doctor has clearly advised against travel for the next 2-3 months. Our tickets were booked earlier and we were sure of going but this urgency came up and we had to cancel everything and undergo the surgery. I had made bookings for the entire 15 day trip of which many were non refundable, including ryan air flights (who have a no cancellation policy), car jet booking (again non refundable), and a few non cancellable hotel bookings. Once we got to know of the surgery, we immediately wrote to each one of them asking for a medical waiver since the doctor clearly mentioned i wont be able to travel. All the agencies and hotels and airlines refunded the entire amount which was non refundable without even asking for discharge summary, except you- Lufthansa- apparently one of the largest and most renowned airline in the world.

                  I have been trying to get in touch with the sales team of lufthansa and makemytrip has also tried speaking to them (as per the information given to us) but each time i got a reply saying we wont refund a single penny.

                  Lufthansa has left us no choice but to file a suit against them for their inhuman policies, constant harrasment of customers, trouble to the patient who recently had a surgery, and a white collared fraud. We will be posting all your replies and inhuman approach to this situation on all the social media platforms while my lawyer works on the harassment suit. I promise to never fly lufthansa again and soon this shall become a trending hashtag on twitter and instagram! so all the best and thanks for this constant harassment! you are one of the worst airlines anyone can ever choose!

                  i have attached the reports, images of my uterus surgery, and refund given by all other airlines and agencies for your further reference.

                  refund in case of medical waiver

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                    Lufthansa German Airlinesflight attendant corina carrasco rinacdo, lh 0308, august 22, 2019

                    Dear Passengers, please read my story
                    I'm Gold Star Alliance's Member
                    My flight # LH1431 on 21/8/2019 from Sofia, Bulgaria was delayed by Lufthansa and I respectively missed my connecting flight #8860 to Florence. I was given a voucher for a hotel. My luggage was held at the airport and I had no toiletries or pijama to make myself comfortable as a traveler who just missed a flight at none of her fault. My next flight LH#0308 on 22.8.2019 was almost at arrival in Florence when the captain announced that the automatic system failed of that plane, we cant land and we need to return back to Frankfurt to manually land and then get another plane. After our landing in Frankfurt we were told to disembark the plane and get on a bus and stay in the bus while the other plane was fuelling. Then as soon as we got on the bus they said we have to get back on the broken plane and wait there. No one offered us a water when we landed or when we were waiting for the fuelling process. No water!!! We embark the now second plane and the flight attendant who worked on the back of the Embrarer 190 was Corina Carrasco Rinacdo. After take off and when the seat belts signs were off I got up and kindly asked for water. Her cart was ready for service but she loudly said I have to wait because I'm not the only one waiting for water. I told her I'm having panic attack and I needed water, she ignored and processed to the front to help the other and only flight attendant. I waited but I was feeling I'm going to faint I poured myself a glass of water. The lady Corina Carrasco ( I'm not sure of her name because she refused to provide to me) came to my seat which was the last seat all the way in the back and yelled at me and asked me if I self service water myself and I acknowledge saying ** yes I did**. She continued to bully me and shout at me telling me I cant self service water to myself. At that point I was extremely upset and I asked her for her name she refused. Not too long after she came and once again said to me the captain is informed about your behavior and u can speak to him after landing. I was in tears and in shock. How could this be happening to me and my Lufthansa trip to Florence. She had no sympathy for our state of mind, we just did emergency landing and she was yelling at me for pouring myself a water! Unbelievable!!! I'm taking this case to all of the upper management of Lufthansa, even to the European Union for being denied water and being yelled at and bullied. Captain wouldn't listen either but confirm that I'm not suppose to self service myself a water. I request a full refund of the cost of my ticket $675 for me missing my flight at none of my fault.
                    I also request full investigation of this flight attendant*s behavior, discipline action to be taken and an apology from her directly.
                    I will not put this case to rest until this is resolved. Refund of ticket plus why we were not given water at anytime after emergency landing while waiting.
                    Thank you
                    Do not fly this terrible airline

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                      Aug 26, 2019

                      Lufthansa German Airlines — Lack of organisation

                      I am writing this complainment letter regarding to the flight LH-432, with the booking reference of LXYDTQ...

                      Lufthansa German Airlinesmy flight lh 1367, august 17, 2019 - krakow-frankfurt, then frankfurt to san francisco, same date.

                      I checked in to have my baggage checked. The attendant, very rudely, loudly, said you have to remove your bag and go pay
                      as you are over the weight.

                      I said I flew San Francisco, Ca. - United and Lufthansa - August 1 - San Francisco to Frankfurt to Berlin. I have only the same items in
                      the bag I chose to check than I did before.

                      She said you are over … I asked what would the charge be; she said $120 US dollars.

                      Finally she put my bag on the conveyor belt and sent me to Cash Counter; there was no sign saying such to identify where I was to
                      go. I went over to nearby counters and asked if they were the Cash Counter. Learned without signage they were.

                      I handed my paperwork to attendant, lovely woman, who listened to my story. Said when she checked with someone, they told
                      her I should pay $170 US dollars. I had no choice but to pay the charge with my American Express card.

                      The contents were no more but less. The difference was there were dirty items, not clean ones, and I had left - intentionally -a pair of tennis shoes behind for hotel staff. The attendant did not know how much to charge me initially, I asked that she call a
                      staff person to avoid my taking bag and going to cash counter. She was not helpful at all. Again, loudly sent me to the cash counter.

                      The attendant at the cash counter was helpful; I told her I had just been told, I was overweight (I don't know how), and that to send
                      my bag would cost $120. But she said I had to pay $170.

                      I feel most unfairly treated and would appreciate some form of reimbursement for this excessive charge. My credit card is American Express Platinum [protected] expires 05/23, security code 4853

                      Virginia L Hayes - 2934 Baywalk Road, Alameda, Ca. USA 94502 [protected]; phone [protected]; [protected]

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                        Lufthansa German Airlineslost bags

                        Bags lost two days ago. Zero info from lufthansa. On hold repeatedly for over 30 minutes and no one comes back on line. Munich bag claim won't answer their phone lines nor return left messages. The Munich baggage office saw them last but your systems say you have no idea if Munich ever got the bags. I have never been treated so rudely or dismissively in my life. LH simply does not care about its passengers or our possessions. We are now on a two week vacation throughout Europe with no luggage thanks to lufthansa. I am sure no one will contact me from this site either but in case someone actually cares you can email me at [protected] or call at +01 [protected]. Jeff gal

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                          Lufthansa German Airlinesfalse advertisement, and not honoring prices given

                          Yesterday whilst trying to book tickets for myself and my family for a holiday next year, I was shocked to learn that they dont honor their prices shown. Upon trying to pay the ticket and do the reservations, the price had sky rocketed to nearly double the price on the payment page, I contact the call centre, not recieving a warm welcome, which in turn said I need to pay the price given. I inturn explained that the price advertised, had nearly doubled when trying to make a payment. I have taken snapshots from begining of booking to the very end which shows the price changing at the end. I am a avid supporter of Lufthansa and never in my years did I think I would be treated in such a manner, this is false advertising at its best and now they refusing to honor the price advertised in the beginning.

                          false advertisement, and not honoring prices given
                          false advertisement, and not honoring prices given
                          false advertisement, and not honoring prices given
                          false advertisement, and not honoring prices given
                          false advertisement, and not honoring prices given
                          false advertisement, and not honoring prices given
                          false advertisement, and not honoring prices given

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                            • Updated by LeeaRC · Aug 16, 2019

                              And once again, went to choose tickets, this time changing the return to a diffrent location keeping same dates, and again upon trying to make payment the price changes.


                            Lufthansa German Airlinesmy flight got cancelled

                            Monday, 12 august, me and my girlfriend we had a flight from Heathrow to Frankfurt and from Frankfurt to Athens, Greece and we got to Heathrow and with just 3 hours before they announced us the flight its canceled, they gave us instead a flight going straight to Athens, i cant get a sit next to my gf, the guy who provide us the information it was rude when i tried to explain him i need my sit next to my girl cuz she dont feel safe in airplanes, we wanted to visit a bit the Frankfurt aswell but this not possible anymore because of the direct flight, never gonna use this airplane line in my life and im gonna share my story.

                            my flight got cancelled

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                              Lufthansa German Airlinesnon payment of agreed compensation

                              Dear Sir, Mme,

                              It's been mora than two months now that I keep communicating with Lufthansa customer services with regard to the problems encountered with my Lufthansa flight on June 2nd 2019 to Strasbourg.
                              As I have explained in my many of previous emails to customer services, my flight from Tirana to Frankfurt was delayed for more than an hour. Nevertheless, as soon as I got my luggage in Frankfurt, I had to literally run to catch my Lufthansa shuttle bus to Frankfurt. Got the shuttle ticked and went to the bus station. Upon arriving there, the driver of another Lufthansa bus (not the one marked in my ticked) informed me that my bus to Strasbourg had left. You have to go back to Lufthansa customer service he said - to rearrange the travel from Frankfurt to Strasbourg. So, I went back to Lufthansa services where I was told that the bus had not left yet, that my ticked was fine and that the bus would leave at 18.30 instead of 17.30 (delayed by 1 hour). Went back to the Lufthansa shuttle bus driver and told him that I was told that my ticked was still valid. "No, No - he told me, your bus has left. You need a new ticked. You need to go back to Lufthansa (all this while pushing my luggage), inform them that the bus has left and ask for a new ticked". Went back to Lufthansa, explained what the driver told me, and after they rechecked the information on their database and spoke to someone on the phone, gave me a new bus ticked for the shuttle bus of 20.30 PM to Strasbourg. I had to eat and drink in Frankfurt, which I had not planned to. Once arrived in Strasbourg I had to get a taxi to the house - still not planned - as it was late.
                              I phoned Lufthansa (to no avail). I also sent many emails to Lufthansa - Customer Relations (with all the requested documents included) in this regard and explained all this to Mr. Rodel Ocde, Ms. Sunshine May Cayanga as well as Mr. M.A Domingo. As provided by Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 (which applies to passengers whose scheduled flight leaves from an EU Member State or passengers whose scheduled flight is with an EU airline and leaves from a third country to arrive in an EU country) I agreed to the compensation awarded by Lufthansa of a 250 Euros sum for all the inconvenience. I was asked three times (by Mr. Rodel Ocde, Ms. Sunshine May Cayanga as well as Mr. M.A Domingo to send a copy of my passport). However, even though I have contacted Lufthansa's Customer Relations regarding an approximate date when to expect the compensation, I still haven't had a reply from them or received it.
                              Honestly, I believe that for all the inconvenience caused and all the time consumed writing the emails the agreed sum of 250 Euros does not cover all the inconvenience.
                              Truly hoping that someone will get back to me in this regard,


                              Mrs. Brunilda Bara
                              Email: bruna.[protected]
                              P.S. Please find attached all document (ticket, passport details, photos, bank details and emails) concerning this.

                              non payment of agreed compensation
                              non payment of agreed compensation
                              non payment of agreed compensation
                              non payment of agreed compensation

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                                Aug 03, 2019

                                Lufthansa German Airlines — service in the airplane & chief stewardess behaviour

                                In the flight from Frankfurt to London LH900 Friday 2 August 2019, Departure time 8:00 am. FRA to LHR...

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