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Lufthansa German Airlines Customer Care Service


Lufthansa AG

Lufthansa Aviation Center, Airportring 21
Frankfurt am Main
New York
Germany - 60546

Customer Support Phone Numbers

800 440 7031(India) 1 0
1800 11 102 273(Philippines) 0 0
+49 698 679 9799(Germany) 5 3
+1 800 645 3880(United States) 2 0
+1 514 673 7286(Canada) 2 4
+44 151 237 3300(United Kingdom) 0 7
+61 280 989 008(Australia) 0 0
+64 99 661 061(New Zealand) 0 0
+43 120 609 2773(Austria) 0 0
+32 27 006 452(Belgium) 0 0
+45 43 314 889(Denmark) 0 0
+358 972 522 134(Finland) 0 1
+33 387 130 113(France) 0 0
+353 18 445 544(Ireland) 0 0
+39 299 953 920(Italy) 0 0
+31 707 709 396(Netherlands) 0 0
+47 23 024 969(Norway) 0 0
+351 707 782 782(Portugal) 0 0
+7 495 411 8444(Russia) 1 0
+34 910 900 700(Spain) 0 0
+46 850 252 104(Sweden) 0 0
+41 227 614 522(Switzerland) 0 0
+90 212 354 8888(Turkey) 0 0
+86 400 886 8868(China) 0 0
+852 28 682 313(Hong Kong) 0 0
+972 39 272 021(Israel) 0 0
+81 363 628 114(Japan) 0 0
+60 320 531 898(Malaysia) 0 0
+65 66 228 401(Singapore) 0 0
+27 21 415 374(South Africa) 0 0
+82 234 831 049(South Korea) 0 0
+66 20 566 868(Thailand) 0 0
+971 43 898 100(UAE) 0 0
+55 113 878 8151(Brazil) 0 0
+54 115 032 0162(Argentina) 0 0
+52 555 091 3140(Mexico) 0 2
Postal Addresses
Customer Feedback, P.O. Box 710234, 60492 Frankfurt, Germany

United States
Customer Feedback, P.O Box 425, East Meadow, N.Y. 11554

Asia (except for China) and Australia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and others
Customer Feedback, P.O. Box № 2882, Makati Central Post Office, 1268 Makati City, The Philippines

Customer Feedback, 8th Floor, Room 801-803, Henderson Metropolitan
№ 300 Nanjing East Road, Shanghai 200001, China

Other Countries
In all other countries please contact your nearest Lufthansa office

Lufthansa German Airlines Complaints & Reviews

Lufthansa German Airlines / compensation voucher credited to wrong person

Sky Scraper on Mar 21, 2019

Passenger: HUNTER FLIGHT #: LH 418 Date : 22 October 2017 Booking code: MFA6GZ Booking code: O3WQKA EMD: 2208214788981 Amount $715 USD CREDITED ON 17 SEPTEMBER 2018 Wrong credit card credited: discover #9125 exp date: 10/21 (companion traveler- credit card number) AIRLINE TICKETS PURCHASED...

Lufthansa German Airlines / exchange flight time

Aya El Swerky on Mar 6, 2019

i had a certificate from my doctor that i should not travel on the date booked as i was suffering form hard diarrhea and vomiting and i send it to you before my flight with 24 hours as requested and i found no feed back from your side and when i called your supevisor he told me no we dont...

Lufthansa German Airlines / unethical behaviour

CBassette on Feb 27, 2019

Dear Sirs I would like to make a complaint about an outrageous and shocking situation which took place in the context of the delays faced by Lufthansa at the Munich airport, during the weekend of 3-4 February 2019. On 3 February 2019, my mother (aged 77) was a passenger on flight No.1659...

Lufthansa German Airlines / inconvenience and missed connecting flights due to lufthansa delayed flights

Atul Mahindru on Feb 19, 2019

I recently had travelled by Lufthansa (Jan 31st) From Los Angeles to Delhi India. Lufthansa flight LH 457. This flight was delayed at LAX for almost two hours due to technical problems, I missed my connecting flight from Frankfurt to Delhi, I waited in line at Frankfurt for hours, and...

Lufthansa German Airlines / cancellation of flight

Anil John on Feb 12, 2019

Hai I booked for a flight to istanbul, turkey on 15/01/2019. And I was notified of the cancellation of flight just a day before. So I requested for a full refund and haven't got any. I booked lufthansa flight through and I contacted their customer care several times but in vain...

Lufthansa German Airlines / charged extra for an additional luggage

Badr-E-Alam Gooda-Sahib on Jan 20, 2019

Lufthansa Flight 9551 Aircraft: 346 346 AIRBUS JET 200-345 STD MRU - 04:40 pm Johannesburg, South Africa JNB - 07:00 pm Tue, Jan 01, 2019 Airline Confirmation: QY8L27 Hi, The above was a flight from Mauritius to Toronto. My wife was allowed only 1 luggage and I called Lufthansa several...

Lufthansa German Airlines / flight booking

graceloh87 on Jan 18, 2019

I have written a feedback on 14 January (number COM-570409) but until now no one has reply me. I was disappointed with the Lufthansa airline service. I booked a flight from Penang, Malaysia to Reykjavik, Iceland (Booking Code: JBWP9O) and after 1 month I just notice that I was pregnant. I never...

Lufthansa German Airlines / lufthansa service center

pranav srinivasan on Jan 12, 2019

I was travetraveling from Blr => SFO with Lufthansa through Frankfurt. First leg took off late due to which I missed my connecting flight. They're now making me stand in a queue of close to 30 people with 1 person serving the entire queue at a rate of 30 minutes per customer. Horrible...

Lufthansa German Airlines / poor security service

Page Salenger on Jan 8, 2019

My daughter left tel aviv for munich on flight #321 1/8/19. When she arrived in munich, she had to pass through security for a connecting flight to the us. She asked if she could pass through with an empty water bottle, and was told yes. When her bag passed through the machine and someone...

Lufthansa German Airlines / unacceptable customer service attitude

Ola Hosny, MA on Jan 6, 2019

I arrived today 6 Jan. Frankfurt coming from Berlin LH 195, seat no. 5A (Business). After collecting my baggage I discovered that I forgot my mobile phone on the plan. By asking, I was guided to the lost and found office. Unfortunately the service provided to us at the office was BELOW...

Lufthansa German Airlines / inflight experience complaint

Juulz Post on Jan 1, 2019

Julie Post 804/265 Exhibition Street Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia Email: [email protected] Phone Number: +61(0)450305871 To whom it may concern, I am writing to inform you of a recent Lufthansa flight experience my family and I had that was unsatisfactory. I have travelled long-haul...

Lufthansa German Airlines / missed flight due to staff incompetence

Mrs simmons on Dec 29, 2018

I was booked on flight LH -5 from Hamburg to Frankfurt on December 29th at 7 am! The flight was on time, but the luggage drop off could not be performed on time due to delays and cancellations of other flights! I was told to stay in line even though a I asked 4 different staff members to...

Lufthansa German Airlines / unethical behavior against my parents

Damian Imbrea on Dec 19, 2018

My name is Damian and I'm writing you from Montreal. My parents were supposed to leave Bucharest on December 18, 2018 - see booking number Lufthansa UPRLQL in the reservation here up - at 06: 25h with flight LH1423, make a stop in Frankfurt from 2: 40h to fly afterwards for Montreal at...

Lufthansa German Airlines / check in staff in cdg paris

Marco LLave on Dec 7, 2018

My business day is just ruined because your employee simply didn't understand my urgency to keep my cabin suitcase with me. I explained this would cost me a big delay in time if my suitcase goes to airplain stores. My flight departed 06:20 from paris. My name is: marco antonio llave gomez. There...

Lufthansa German Airlines / sunglasses left on plane

scotchguard on Nov 1, 2018

We were on flight LH431 Oct, 3 2018 from Chicago to Genoa. We had stop over in Frankfort. When we got on the next plane my husband realized he left his sunglasses in seat pocket in front of him. We were in row 20 he had isle seat. Called your baggage customer service and was told no one...

Lufthansa German Airlines / flight cancellation

Aljifri on Oct 18, 2018

Dear Complaintsboard team, I would like to file a complaint against Lufthansa because of the losses and suffering they caused me and my family My wife and I confirmed our booking in flight LH599 LUFTHANSA WED 17th Oct from Jeddah to Zurich through Frankfurt at 0230. We arrived at the...

Lufthansa German Airlines / service

00soda00 on Oct 7, 2018

I had the bad surprised when scanning my boarding pass to be assigned, my friend and me, new seats. From row 9 we've ended up at the 25th row. I made the remark to the steward at the airplane entrance, he just answered "we change to a bigger plane, you should be more comfortable, if you see...

Lufthansa German Airlines / ticket refund

Fakhri Hamidi Naseri on Oct 6, 2018

Fakhri Hamidi Nasseri had a returned ticket booked for June 3th 2018 from O'Hare Chicago to Tehran. Her reservation code was Q9OXN5. Lufthansa's customer service was contacted, informing them that because of Fakhris's medical condition she was admitted to Nursing Home. The attending Dr. Felik...

Lufthansa German Airlines / $11,073.42 lost to lufthansa in minutes

Robert Lyn Small on Oct 3, 2018

JULY 17, 2018 Booked Lufthansa Business Class flights for 2 from San Diego to Cairo for February 14, 2019 returning from Amman March 5, $11, 000. Booking Code N5RGRS . Received a CHANGE OF RESERVATION NOTICE on August 28. Was in Spiez, Switzerland, at the time, ill, and without phone...

Lufthansa German Airlines / I never got my refund to my flight

Lore Vanden Heuvel on Oct 2, 2018

I had a flight booked back for June 13th 2018 from SFO to Munich and return on June 29th 2018 Munich to SFO. my reservation code was Y3EWAF with flight number 458 I contacted Lufthansa customer service several times some weeks before my flight submitting medical paper work that I was sick...