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Wawa reviews & complaints

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Wawa - Gas/customer service

Went to Wawa convenient store on January 14th around 5:30 pm maybe I believe I was on pump 5 2 children and small maltese. This was during moving so we're tired. Go in and purchased 1 item 24pk Busch...

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Jan 11, 2022

Wawa - I purchased 3 brisket classics

The 3 brisket classics that I ordered was cold and very salty and greasy I was on my way to Tampa from Crystal River and all three of us had stomach pains from eating The heroes I am very unhappy...

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Wawa - Customer service

I was treated rudely. Subsequently I called in and nobody has returned my call - so I complained to BBB. On Wednesday 12.29 2021 I went into WaWa at 8330 Ridge Rd, Port Richey, FL 34668 at or about...

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Wawa - Coffee/Checkout

Recently (last month) I was on a trip and went to 4 different WaWas in 3 different states. All four did not have any Regular Coffee available or brewing. I ended up going to Panera Bread.

Recently, here in Virginia Beach, I just had the same experience at 2 different WaWas including on place that had 2 Regular and 1 Columbian urn all out of coffee and nothing brewing. This was at 3pm not exactly during am or lunch rush hour.

On top of that in both places that was only one cashier and both places had customers 12-15 deep waiting to pay.

At first I was prone to blame the employees. However, the line to pay made be realize that is is the LACK OF EMPLOYEES that is the problem.


Desired outcome: Hire ore people

Wawa - Nastiness of staff

The nastiness of the staff making sandwiches and when they make mistake they have an attitude then touch the food to swap out tops of the sandwiches because they got it wrong with what's saying you...

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Wawa - Wawa on route 4 in newark de.

They ask everyday whether I would donate change to charity but never tells you what charity.. I frequent many different wawa's an this one I only one that asks to keep change for charity... Is the charity for the employees use? Very skeptical and suspicious. I went to a different wawa today and asked them whether they ask to keep change for charity an they said they never do... The one that want change for charity says cause of coin shortage. Funny no tore asks to keep change... Maybe charity is employees...Concerned customer.. Maybe go to other wawa or maybe just stop going to any of them.
Thank you


Wawa - I was misled by the person who interviewed me

I had an interview with my local WaWa everything seemed fine until I came to work, the manager s aid to me my criminal back round check came back and she said i cannot hire you because of what was on my back round check.however after speaking with corprate they said my report was still pending therefore she lied to me which caused great concern that this person lied and decieved me.

Wawa - Custom drinks

It has been a few day that I have been trying to order frappe, smoothies, shakes and other drinks and they are not available and that area is close. I have been not only to one store but a few and it is the same situation. What is going on? Does that means Wes will no have that type o beverages? Are you discontinue in that service? That will be very disappointing. Tks

Wawa - The wawa app not letting me log in to access rewards and rude help desk Holly

I'm filing complaint against wawa app and the wawa help desk because I haven't been able to access my wawa app in over a few weeks I keep changing my password and it sends me a number to my phone goes back to the sign up page. I've already lost 2 free shorties ill loose my rewards ill loose my rewards, all you want to do is give 5.00 in gift card.

Desired outcome: I want my access to my rewards and all the rewards i couldn't use because of this run around fixed. I spend money using the rewards card no get no rewards.

2022 Senior citizens are not able to do apps for free coffee. Please find a way.

Thank you,

Barb Hitman

email: [email protected]

Oct 23, 2021

Wawa - Manager stealing

Wawa #5196
8325 N Florida Ave, Tampa, Florida

The manager (black female) refused to give me my change. This is not the first time. She pretends that she forgets about change and when I remind her she refuses to give it.
She is rude as hell with customers and her co-workers. Terrible attitude.
I would not recommend this Wawa to anyone.



Let me ask you this, and be honest, would you still think she is stealing and pretending to forget if she were not black?

Oh give me a break. Quit your virtue signaling. Wawa managers are very dishonest. How else can you identify them -- white male, black female, the small, white manager, the tall black manager. You're revealing your own racial bias. The race was used to identify the person. Stupid white priviledged brain dead zombie -- blacks all good, whites all evil. Mention a black person did anything wrong and you're racist. Fking idiot.

Wawa - Refund

Hello, today I had a horrible experience at Wawa, store # 983. I went in and purchased three items that came out to about $8.37, I gave the registrar a $100 dollar bill I asked her if she could give...

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Wawa - Milk (gallons)

Today is October 6, 2021.
Last Saturday at the Gap, PA store, (17527), I picked up 2 gallons of milk.
One whole and one 2 %. They both went bad prior to the expiration dates of Oct 5 th and 7 th. The milk had a terrible smell and both products made our coffee curl.
This is unacceptable and not expected from WAWA.
I am requesting a refund.

Frank Valente
81 Skyline Dr
Gap, PA 17527

Desired outcome: Refund

Wawa - Service

My mother and I went into store #8035 at bartam avenue Philadelphia pa this morning at 10:24 am to grab sizzlis and the sales associate at the deli told us to ask the lady who was putting out sizzlis to place my order with her since the sizzlis we wanted wasn't available she wanted to know why they told us to come to her like was was bothering her she insisted it would be 10 mins for the first order and when I proceeded to Tell her the second order she over talked and began conversating and debating with the cashier. The manager on duty name was Kevin and he did nothing . We could tell there is hostility among the co workers. I thank the lord there are many Wawa a in the Philadelphia area. I won't be coming back to this location or recommend it to any of my family and friends.

Desired outcome: Managerial classes and customer service training

Wawa - Custom grilled chicken salad

I always order the custom grilled chicken salad. It is the best, but last night at your Gilbertsville, Pa, location it was the worst. The order was #678 at approximately 5:10 pm with a custom grilled...

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Wawa - Associate Issue

I was in the Essington store a little after 7pm, There were about 10 people in line some before me and some behind me. Someone called out to Denise to go to the register which she did. I walked over...

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Wawa - Cleaning Procedures and Enforcing Mask Requirements

1. I am in Philadelphia were is it mandatory to wear masks again. There are big signs on the doors that masks are required. Believe me I hate wearing them myself but rules are rules. I have been in 3 different stores in the northeast philadelphia area and masks are not being enforced. Employees are wearing them and why should they deal with customers who aren't. Customers without mask should not be waited. I have walked into stores forgetting may mask in the car and were stopped at the entrance to the store and told i cannot enter without a mask.
2. And this was disgusting to see. i went into the wawa on Aramingo avenue 19134. The uncleanliness of the store which is rare but the cleaning that was going on at 9pm. he ledge about your area where sandwiches and other food items are prepared, one of the employees had a dry mop with a long handle reaching up and dusting off the ledge and edges of this ledge above the food preparation. i stood and watched as my frozen drink being prepared and watched the dust and fuzzies falling down and flying around.
I have shopped in wawa for as far back as i can remember. back when wawa was not even open 24/7. i love the cleanliness, the employees, the food and all the conveniences the store offers and have never had one complaint or problem. i know all businesses are short handed and maybe the stores won't be as clean as they always are but the way this employee was doing the cleaning grossed me out.
Thank you for listening and I will still be going to wawa. it was just disappointing because your stores have come such a long way and are such a convenience and a blessing at being open 24/7.

Wawa - Store 120 in Allentown

I've been a customer at wawa for years now and especially at store 120 at Lehigh st in Allentown. I have to say the quality of service has diminished. It used to be one of the best wawa available, and lately it's just a wast of time walking in this store.
From the attitude of the employees to the lack of importance from some supervisors. Several days ago I came in and order food, grabbed my food and went to my car to realize they gave me what I didn't order so I went back in to tell them the issue and I received attitude about this after 10min they decided to fix the problem so once again head to the car and now it was still wrong Order so decided to get refund and go somewhere else. Today 9/3/21 once again order food stood there for 40 min and asked what happened to my order! So again I received attitude and they said I didn't put order correctly. Now it's more than 40 min so I decided to just get another refund and leave. Honestly I will not spend another dime at any Wawa location anymore especially at this Lehigh st store that the quality of service and employees hired are terrible!

Desired outcome: Employees and supervisors need to be replaced or Retrained. Or fired!


Wawa - Overall management of store, with numerous specifics

First of all I want to say, I have delayed this correspondence for many, many months in the hope to see a change. As you tout, "My WAWA" is at 2525 Easton Ave Bethlehem pa. I have been going there...

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Wawa - service

ok so everyrime i get a burger on a sandwich not on a hoagie roll, your staff puts the liquid condiments on
the bottom of the buns, which make it fall apart, i would figure wawa would do research on how to make a sandwhich properly not an upsidedown sandwhich. Edpecially if wawa is known for when they first started out as a deli. i have ruined many of my clothes, first i thought it was a fluke, now i know it common training since i have been to multiple stores.

Wawa - Unethical behavior

Was in store 580 asked for bag for food told no bags and I laughed aloud manager came from behind counter as she had line pushed my son and I out the door pulled it closed and locked it behind us at same time inciting other customers. Called store was hung up on then called corp with my issues. Called back to get managers name and left phone off hook. Please contact me asap. Martin rivet [protected]

Desired outcome: please contact me

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