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Coach Complaints & Reviews

Coach / strap of the messenger bag worn out even not in use

Jun 20, 2019

hi i love using coach products specially the leathers in january 20, 2017 at city plaza taikoo shing hk i bought pbl metro xbody with code 72315 black actually i seldom use it because it was too big for my size maybe i just use it for 5 days until now so i opted to buy again a smaller size...

Coach / color has changed from pink to yellow without usage and no exposure to sun at all.

Jun 18, 2019

I am using many coach Bags/Purse for last so many years and was quite surprised to see that the Coach Bag purchased from Coach Outlet at Premium Outlet Mall at Aurora, Chicago, US. the Bag was kept with the cover as provided while purchasing in my wardrobe with best of the care . the bag...

Coach / iphone 7 plus/8 plus folio-rose

Jun 06, 2019

I received the above item as a gift from my son, Alex Charner on April 4, 2019. (Gift accepted on Apr 4, 2019, order number 92934467) I love this leather iPhone case however, after 2 months of normal use, the plastic corners that hold the phone in place within the leather casing, are...

Coach / my leather and suede bag

Apr 25, 2019

I have horrible stains on my bag and will not use it, my boyfriend brought me this beautiful bag, I love it, and use it maybe 10 times, never put it on the floor, but was told these stain came from me carrying it and it rubbing on my jeans so even if I clean this bag it will happen again...

Coach / coach handbag worn out after only 10 months.

Jan 25, 2019

On 3/22/2018, I purchased a Coach purse in Orlando, FL while on vacation. I am a work at home woman and use it sparingly. I was told I had a year's warranty on it. Last night, I noticed the bottom of the purse was worn looking and the seams were discolored and the straps are showing wear...

Coach / christmas exchange

Jan 20, 2019

I am a repeat customer having purchased at least $30K over the last 5 years. Never would have I would have thought that Coach would allow itself to become as petty as a rank & file brand and allow its millennial store staff to diminish its brand equity. Recently purchased my wife a bag for...

Coach / service

Dec 16, 2018

Shopping while black on vacation with my family from north carolina to california took my daughter to to santa monica mall let her use her own little credit card trying to teach her how to shop correctly keep her balance the young lady was calling on a walkie-talkie watch the black folk...

Coach / sandals

Nov 25, 2018

I own a pair of Coach sandal shoes A 3348 Carolyn G04 7 1/2B. The entire wedge is disintegrating under the coach emblem material. I have only worn these shoes approximately 3 times prior to today. As I was walking, the shoes began to feel funny so I took them off and I realized that the...

Coach / sneakers

Oct 30, 2018

I bought 2 pairs of coach sneakers. I wore one of the pairs and in one day the extent to the damage on the back of my heels was so bad that its 2 days later and I can hardly walk. My heels are in the raw and burns when I shower. I can not believe that such an expensive sneaker and such a...

Coach / perfume watered down rip off

Oct 28, 2018

On the 20th of Oct I had bought the New York Coach perfume 3oz bottle for a birthday gift to myself. Little did I know my boyfriend had bought me the larger version 9oz bottle from Ulta. Heres were my complaint comes in, the two identical bottles had two very different smells. As if one...

Coach / bag straps stripping

Oct 17, 2018

hi I purchased a coach pocketbook a few years ago and I absolutely love my bag but barely carry it because of the wear and tear of the bag. I know things happen to merchandise but I have a bag that has presented a manufacturer defect. When I returned to the store; knowing that my bag i...

Coach / wallet

Oct 09, 2018

Dear Coach, About 4 years ago I purchased an expensive ($100) wallet from your outlet store in the Tanger Outlets, Lancaster, PA. The coin section zipper is now not zipping - i.e. the zipper teeth separate on either side of the zipper pull making openings for coins and items to fall out...

Coach / woman’s handbag

Sep 02, 2018

Around the first week of April my husband bought me a coach purse for our anniversary. And sadly a few days later he passed away so u can imagine how much this purse means to me. I never leave the house much so I rarely pack it and a few weeks ago I noticed some items missing in my purse...

Coach / racist comments

Aug 22, 2018

5050 Factory Shops Blvd #460, Castle Rock, CO 80108 I'm a San Francisco resident who decided to visit CO for the first time. On my way to the airport, I decided to visit a Coach store (address provided) above. I have to say that it was the worst experience I have ever had. I walked in the...

Coach / large accordian zip wallet - poor handling of repair - defective zipper

Aug 02, 2018

I bought a large accordian zip wallet and within the first few months the zipper began to snag. I sent it back under warranty to which is was supposedly repaired by one of Coach's Craftman... joke. Fast forward the zipper began to snag again. I could not deal with it right away because I...

Coach / coach bag and wallet

Jul 21, 2018

My name is Debbie Beaty. A bit of background on myself.. for the past 25 Years, I have been a very loyal customer purchasing several bags a year. Now my husband, and entire family are also loyal customers. Last year, I purchased a bag that was not in stock. Coach said they would mail it to...

Coach outer wear / outer long trench coat with leather trim

Jul 14, 2018

Hi I am a huge coach buyer. I love your products . I bought a trenchcoat style from Coach while back. I only wear it couple times because it was expensive and I tried to save for special occasions. Anyway, I had it dry cleaned by the speciality, I had no stains .I just wanted to get it...

Coach / coach clutch

Jun 29, 2018

I got a corner zip wristlet clutch about a year ago after the one that had was stolen. The one I previously had lasted me I think around 2 to 3 years before it was stolen and this one has already broken. One ends of the strap that goes around your wrist has broken out of the stitching. I would...

Coach / sunglasses case (coach)

May 18, 2018

Hello I got some prescription coach sunglasses from my eye doctor. I really like the glasses but the case that it comes in is pretty small. My frames are large and when you put them in the case you have to push down on them to get them to fit in. And when taking them out you have to pull...

Coach / arrogant manager

May 08, 2018

Date: 5/4/2018 Location: Philadelphia Premium Outlet Store:05457 Operator: Mecky ( person that is rude ) Associate: Charles 122071 Bought 5 bags and 5 wallets for gifts and personal use, after paying I asked from the operator for 1 big paper bag since most of it was for gift but she said...

Coach / service

Apr 27, 2018

I seen a purse on the Coach outlet website and called and outlet store out of state because there's not an outlet store near me, they had the purse i wanted but said they wouldn't ship it to me, very disappointed and plus i was told that it may not be continued. I have enclosed a photo of...

Coach / out of stock shoes

Mar 15, 2018

I ordered a pair of shoes in store to be shipped to my home. After anxiously awaiting the package, the shoes I ordered didn't arrive. I phoned a customer rep in Florida and was told the shoes were out of stock. There was no correspondence before hand and to make matters EVEN WORSE I have...

Coach / handbag

Dec 04, 2017

I purchased a hand bag from coach outlet around a month back and have used only a couple of times. But to my surprise on the second time, I was holding it for hardly 1 hour but in that the bag caught hold of the color of my dress I was wearing. Since then I am trying every way (from...

Coach / purse

Nov 29, 2017

Was at the Woodburn outlet mall on black friday, shopping at Coach. I was with my mother-in-law. She bought me a purse and one for her self. We stood in the checkout line for about an hour. When it was our turn to check out, my mother-in-law asked the cashier if she could put another hole...

Coach / lack of communication/no product delivery

Nov 28, 2017

My mother in law was so excited to give me a coach store gift card for Christmas and she encouraged me to make a purchase ASAP. I purchased a bag online 11/23 with my gift card and the remainder amount after using the gift card was below $2 which was charged to my credit card. After the...

Coach / rosemont il outlet mall coach store

Nov 21, 2017

I have been a coach customer for many years nd I love the customer service provided there in comparison to other purses around that price range i.e Michael kors I usually always but retail well my husband does I have bought outlet a couple times but this store location was the 2nd time I...

Coach / coach women's bag

Nov 01, 2017

We are residents of India, however about 7-8 years ago we had purchased a premium coach bag from the United States from its retail stores. It was the basic coach bag cream colour. However, it was left absolutely unused and when we looked about to use it. It was found to be brown in colour. We request you to change our bag. Waiting for a prompt reply

Coach / purse 59501

Oct 27, 2017

Placed an order for the purse above for my mother's 70th birthday. Confirmation / order 91682099. This was done on Oct 16, 2017. Check my emails and waited for my mother to call on her birthday Oct 26, 2017. No call from mom. So, I went to check status and it stated cancelled. Customer...

Coach / coach men’s leather messenger bag

Oct 18, 2017

Dawn, self-declared “Assoc. Mgr.” at the Arundel Mills Coach Outlet in Hanover, Maryland was rude and extremely difficult to work with. She did not value or respect me as a customer. I had to call Coach CustomerService (Dawn gave me the number since she would not assist me further). The...

Coach / a tote bag

Oct 10, 2017

i purchase a tote bag from premium toronto store i was in love with its color and reversible utility i bought i june 2017 and has torn from corners all four sides within no time i bought it in june from premim outlet toronto, wish to have arefund of the bag as its ahard earned money and...

Coach / handles on handbag

Sep 25, 2017

I have a coach bag given to me as a birthday gift from my sister which I loved and was proud of until in less than 3 months the handles started cracking and peeling to the point that I cant even hold the bag. I had to stop using it and said to myself to write a complaint; which in my...

Coach / coach bag service

Sep 17, 2017

Coach said they whey sending me a label to send my coach purses to see if they can be repaired. I talked to someone (Alexa) on the 14 th of September . She sent something but not a label. Called on the 15 th of September and talked to a customer service person ( Renee) who made a profile...

Coach / handbag

Aug 20, 2017

For the first time I bought what I thought was a luxury item- coach handbag and purses. I am 53 and my husband brought them for me from Coach Shop in Shorten hills Mall Newark New jersey. Within 12 months the zippers frayed away from the seam. I have put up with a broken zipper for 12...

Coach / purse

Aug 16, 2017

The last two purses I have purchased have had the handles start "fraying" fairly soon. (6 months) Never had this with previous purses. New material? New manufacturer? It's annoying and looks cheap and tacky. My friends have noticed this on theirs as well. I want to find out why and what you...

Coach / unethical and discriminating practices at coach store

Jul 24, 2017

A month ago, I went to shop at Coach at Woodbury Outlet in NY. At checkout, I saw a nice bag that another customer was trying to buy. I asked the cashier how much that bag was. She told me $39. And then I asked for 3 same bags. The cashier sent another Coach associate to get them for me...

Coach / customer service

Jul 23, 2017

I've never been so disgusted by impolite, rude, and disrespectful sales clerks in my life until I met a young lady named Dalia at the woodburn outlet mall. I believe that attitude and feelings should always remain outside of work and never to be taken out on customers. Dalia's attitude wa...

Coach / coach new york loafer shoes-damage to foreskin and severe burns

Jul 13, 2017

To Whom it may concern, I have been wearing your shoes in different styles for quite some time now. Unfortunately, this last pair I purchased was poorly manufactured and horribly designed. I have attached pictures for your reference. I put on your shoes, and in a matter of hours the top of my...

Coach / discriminative customer service

Jul 01, 2017

I purchased 3 bags from Coach South Wharf DFO Melbourne, went to exchange and the lady says you can do only once, the policy doesnt say that. When I chose a bag, on asking for a fresh piece of bag that I liked to purchase the chinese sales person says this one is the last one that is on...

Coach / staff behaviour at coach westfield white city

May 30, 2017

Hi. Just visited coach at Westfield white city shopping centre. She was looking for a hand bag and I was looking for a wallet. As soon as we entered a black male (staff) started following me and asked me if I am looking for something specific. I said we are just looking. He started smiling...

Coach / manager at florida city, florida 5/21/17

May 29, 2017

My daughter was going off to college and I wanted to purchase a particular purse which was a brown saddle bag from the Disney X collection. I phoned the store in Florida City to assure they had the product and they did, I drove 3 hours and bought multiple items and the saleslady confirmed that...