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PCS Stamps & Coins Complaints & Reviews

PCS Stamps & Coins / billing for unwanted subscription and coins I never received.

May 08, 2019

I ordered a single silver $.50 piece from them, for about double its value. I knew that, but wanted that year, for my mom. There was, and still is, absolutely nothing on their website stating this is a subscription. About a month later, I saw a charge pending on my credit card from them...

PCS Stamps & Coins / fake unwanted coins

May 04, 2019

I got these coins in the mail and I never asked for them, they tricked me into trying to pay them. but they are not able to charge me now. Please look into this company and get them into trouble, they never charged me & I don't want anyone to give in to these scams, they send you the Coin...

PCS Stamps & Coins / Product and bill sent for something that was never ordered

Feb 15, 2019

Today in the mail I received a package from PCS in Norwalk Connecticut . I have not opened the envelope but can tell that it has some kind of coins in it and can see through the window address envelope that there is a bill for $21. I never ordered this and am reading the complaints online...

PCS Stamps & Coins / u.s. coins of the 19th century

Jan 09, 2019

My father is 84 years old and is now receiving coins he didn't order along with an invoice to pay two $26 payments per month. I researched the value of the first coin, which ranges from $9 to $24. The total cost charged by PCS Coins and Stamps is $52, with a set of 15 coins to be sent. When...

PCS Stamps & Coins / overpriced ripoff

May 21, 2018

Don't get taken in by this company. I just paid $65.00 for a coin that was worth $9.00 (shame on me). Their adds are misleading and deceptive. They make you think you are paying for a set of coins, but the fine print is a per coin cost. Their "smells like roses" deals really stink! The...

PCS Stamps & Coins / pricing

Apr 24, 2018

Pcs pricing is completely unethical & deceptive, their $100.00 gold coin sells for $2500.00 when you can get it from the us mint for $1740.00! Not only this coin but all their coins are outragously priced! Also, most of their coins are not graded and in poor condition; they use the pharse "in...

PCS Stamps & Coins / receiving coins without ordering.

Oct 23, 2017

Last year I received half dollars in the mail that I never asked for, ordered, requested or wanted. I finally paid the bill last month because Kristi Patterson, PCS Stamps and Coins said that my information would go to a collection agency. I do not want anything effecting my credit rating. ...

PCS Stamps & Coins / Thomas Jefferson coin

Dec 10, 2016

I have received many letters requesting $31.95 for a Thomas Jefferson Coin. I haven't purchased any coins. And why Thomas Jefferson ? He was a slave master. I certainly wouldn't want his likeness in my possession. This is truly a scam, they turned me over to MBI, Inc. a collection agency ...

PCS Stamps and Coins / 20 years of worthless junk!!!!

Sep 03, 2016

Upon the passing of my wife of 25 years there's hundreds of what I deem worthless stamps al in a mailer with a postcard inside that is addressed to her on the postcard is a voided stamp. I'm positive a voided postmarked stamp is worthless. Holiday weekend so I can't call them...I wouldn't...

PCS Stamps and Coins / Fake Account/Scammers

Oct 08, 2015

Today, 10/8/15, I received a "Termination" letter and a past due amount from "PCS Stamps & Coins 47 Richards Avenue Norwalk, Connecticut 06857". I called, and since I wasn't in a good mood, went off on the C/S mgr. After a lengthy talk over the contents of the envelope; she came to the...

PCS Stamps & Coins / Illegal Billing

Aug 20, 2015

8/18/2015 Never received any coins or stamps from this business but I received a charge against my debit card as a recurring charge. The transaction number is 24435145230004090142607 8/18/15 PCS*PRES PLAT$_ 2 800-641-8026 CT Date 08/17/15 24435145230004090142607/Recurring Withdrawal Debit Card - Debit...

PCS Stamps & Coins / Coins that I did not order

Nov 17, 2013

At first this company charged my American Express card with an amount that I didn't authorise. I had to call Amex and stop the charge. Then a couple days later I received a Package in the mail which is still unopened, so I don't have the slightest idea whats in it. Now I get an...

PCS Stamps & Coins / unauthorized use of debit card

Aug 18, 2013

After doing 1 previous order with this company, they knowingly kept my debit card on file. They kept on sending me other 2 coins in individual envelopes, cardboard like, I had REFUSED these at the post office because I didn't want them and DID NOT Order them at all. It is ILLEGAL for...

PCS Stamps and Coins / Dishonest company and bills credit card without permission

Jun 12, 2013

I seen an ad in a magazine for a half dollar $15 so I bought it on 4/25. These people then sent a package I did not request in June. I didn't even open the package and pit return to sender and gave it back to post office. These scammers had the nerve to bill my credit card $46.95...

PCS Stamps & Coins / Devious Pricing

Sep 06, 2012

I thought I was buying 28 uncirculated Morgan and Peace silver dollars for a total of $89.90 and a shipping charge of $4.90 for each coin. Offer included a "Free" display wooden box. I wondered why the coins would be shipped a month or two apart but overlooked it. Sure enough my first coin...

PCSstampsandcoins / taking money out of my acct

Aug 30, 2011

i do belong to PCSstmpsandcoins and i do make monthly payments and get my coins;not as fast as i'd like, but they do come.Okay, today around 1pm(pst), I checked my bank activity and noticed my balance being over$250.and change.I took a nap and woke and checked it@4:30pm and it wa...

PCS Stamps & Coins / Did Not Order

Apr 21, 2011

Today, April 21, 2011, I received an unsolicited product from PCS Stamps and Coins requesting payment for a coin I did not order and do not wish to order. This company is guilty of this with others as noted in many complaints. However, this is Texas where, under texas law, if you are sent...

PCS Stamps and Coins / They sent a coind I didn't order.

Jan 21, 2011

In May, they sent my the first coin for a new collection I did not order. I put it on the self and I forgot about it.I did not pay any bill because I did not order. Now, they are sending me this 'cancellation notice" saying that I have to pay or return the coin. I understand I should...

PCS Stamps & Coins / SCAM bills


Sent us a bill for coins we never asked for or recieved, if you call the 800 # to complain about bill you will be signed up for atext messageing service and billed to your phoe bill. its a scamm

PCS Stamps and Coins / Missing shipment #3


I have received Shipment #35 (West Virginia) and #37 (Nebraska) but #36 (Nevada) has never shown up here Ms. Doris C. Hamilton 205 Greenwood Pl North Vernon 47265-9035 I would like to replace the missing shipment #36 (Nevada) if it is available...I have no idea what happened to the original shipment.

PCS Stamps and Coins / Sending unsolicited items and then demanding payment for items we didn't order


We got sent a couple of state quarters last December. They asked for $17.99 and then they would continue to send more state quarters and more bills after future shipments. We had not ordered this item and were not interested in receiving more of them. There was no information about...