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Gillette Customer Service


The Procter & Gamble Company

1 Procter and Gamble Plaza
United States - 45202

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1800 641 820(Australia & New Zealand) 1 0
800 000 5071(Austria & Germany) 3 0
8800 200 2020(Russia) 1 0
800 244 0039(Middle East) 2 0
1800 123 7024(Mexico) 1 0
+1 800 445 5388(USA and Canada) 2 5
+44 800 174 543(United Kingdom & Ireland) 1 8
+32 800 944 806(Belgium) 1 0
+420 800 113 322(Czech Republic) 1 0
+33 800 944 806(France) 1 1
+30 800 801 3456(Greece) 1 0
+36 614 511 256(Hungary) 1 0
+39 800 125 656(Italy) 1 0
+48 801 258 825(Poland) 1 0
+351 800 780 194(Portugal) 1 0
+34 900 801 505(Spain) 1 0
+41 800 000 5071(Switzerland) 2 0
+90 850 220 0911(Turkey) 1 0
+86 400 833 3010(China) 1 0
+91 222 494 2113(India) 2 0
+62 800 140 2869(Indonesia) 1 0
+81 120 113 937(Japan) 1 0
+82 809 206 000(South Korea) 1 0
+54 800 222 0420(Argentina) 1 0
+52 800 011 5051(Brazil) 1 0
+56 800 222 972(Chile) 1 0

Gillette Complaints & Reviews

Gillette / razor

Colin Ledger on Jan 26, 2019

I am disgusted with Gillette I have always used your products untill now I have just bought your so called new razor blade you have gone back to using 2 blades and a guard with this new razor it was on at half price at wilko When I got home I was disgusted to find out that you have used the...

Gillette / your new ideology

Bob Crunkleton on Jan 24, 2019

You can count me as MAN, that no longer will support your company or any of your products. How stupid can a corporation be to take the customer that made your product popular, and shame us for being men. Good luck with that. Their are 2 young fellows trying to develop a new razor company...

Gillette / toxic men behavior ad

Sean Allen on Jan 22, 2019

I've used nearly all of your products (razors, shave cream, body wash...) for years. No more. I've switched to buying razors via club and have replaced all other products with ones, I made sure were not made by Gillette(my wife and daughter's Venus products too) Your recent ad is insulting to...

Gillette / help to understand why you are attacking men

Nick Anemouri on Jan 22, 2019

Dear Sirs I'm writing to you to complain about your TV ad. I have been a customer of yours from 1983 when I started to shave. My father used your blades so I did as well, I also introduced it to me kids to use. Unfortunately once I saw your ad which is an attacks men and a political...

Gillette / recent ad

totalsmile on Jan 21, 2019

Please reconsider your ill-conceived attack on men. It is offensive and a lie. Why should anyone believe anything you purport to be fact or even helpful information in your ads when you've ok'd something as egregious as this propaganda filled pseudo commercial? I've been using your products for...

Gillette / your recent ridiculous anti-man commercial

Jay Emm on Jan 21, 2019

Who on earth at Gillette thought it was a good idea for a razor company to enter politics and start bashing men with a stereotype that's not true? I am a 40 year old woman who is utterly disgusted with this recent commercial. How dare you jump on board with all the other lunatics out there...

Gillette / your advertising for gillette razors and p&g products

Mary D D on Jan 21, 2019

Why can't you just stick to telling me why I should buy your razors over the many choices I have to purchase them vs your ridiculous virtue signalling commercial? Leave the real men in our culture alone, and not those pathetic emasculated males you show on your stupid commercial! Real...

Gillette / unfortunate commercial

Another Evil Male on Jan 19, 2019

Been a Gillette customer for 30 years, and have introduced my sons to your product recently. Due to your recent advertising which broad stroked most men as being stupid, inconsiderate and aggressive...I AM NO LONGER A CUSTOMER AFTER 30 YEARS OF USING YOUR PRODUCT. My sons, and my entire...

Gillette / be the best advertisement

tibwd on Jan 19, 2019

Mr Kraft, do you think your late wife would approve of that divisive, man-hating ad you let your company's advertising department sign off on? Don't you understand, the creators of this type of toxic drivel are trying to incite? Nothing about FAMILY values is portrayed here, nothing about...

Gillette / gillette products (and procter and gamble)

Dave-98ufasl;k34jr9 on Jan 18, 2019

Checked this morning when I went to shave -- it was a Gillette razor, and have another couple in luggage for the trip I am on. I'm sure someone is keeping track of how many customers you are losing given your recent commercial, so I thought I should let you know you have lost me as a...

Gillette / gillette razors

Annie Ok on Jan 18, 2019

Dear Gillette assholes, My husband is not toxic. My father was not toxic. NONE of the men (or boys) I know are toxic. YOU ARE TOXIC, COMPLETELY POISONOUS TO ALL OF US!!! I will check my cabinets to see if I own anything (Venus razors?) by your filthy company and NEVER AGAIN BUY ONE OF YOUR...

Gillette / 'believe' ad is offensive

TerenceH on Jan 18, 2019

This ad is an insult to all the decent men on the planet. It is nothing but a piece of PC/feminist propaganda and even contains mild racism (the black person is always the good guy and white is always the bad, when you could easily have made them equal) If you think this a progressive way of...

Gillette / commercials

D.J.DeWolf on Jan 16, 2019

You have gotten me and my two sons(and any influence with many friends and family )to SWITCH to any other brand! - faster than new coke debacle- I can't wait to see the HUGE increase in stock price with this UNBELIEVABLE ad for sales increase. GOOD Luck ! I believe your company REALLY SHOULD...

Gillette / commercial

Slvrback on Jan 16, 2019

You nutless bastards. I will never use your products again and neither will any man that I know. You might as well switch to womens products because I think you are out of the men's department. Just pathetic the way you perceive men. Every man who works for you must be nutless also. I...

Gillette / commercial

Joelseph78 on Jan 16, 2019

To whom it may concern: You should be ashamed of yourself. I am technically in the demographic that is not your target audience. I am 40 years old and am white. I have also used your razors since I was able to shave. Your commercial portrayed men as sexist and this is offensive. I love my...

Gillette / toxic masculinity?

Wm. Barksdale on Jan 16, 2019

Your advertised position on manhood is misguided, highhanded, self-righteous, and very toxic to my manhood. Therefore, I have decided to cease all use of Gillette products. Furthermore I will have to evaluate my use of Proctor and Gamble products and may cease using them as well. You have...

Gillette / toxic masculinity ad

Joe Stanley on Jan 16, 2019

Perhaps Gillette should focus on developing, marketing and selling shaving products and NOT on "virtue signaling" and insulting a very large segment of its customer base. One would think that Gillette would know its customers better than to do this! May I suggest that Gillette pull thi...

Gillette / recent ad

IanH9 on Jan 15, 2019

Your recent ad casts white men in a negative light and non white men in a positive light. Consequently, your ad can be described as racist or race baiting. It is mystifying why you would want to alienate the very market you're trying to sell to. I, for one, won't be buying Gillette...

Gillette / commercial

Harris Anne on Jan 15, 2019

To whom it may concern, Your most recent commercial attacking males was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. Truly insulting to both men and women. As a Female with a Father, Husband, Sons, Nephews, Uncles... You have done them all a disservice by forcing an ugly agenda that frankly none...

Gillette / toxic masculinity ad

Jane Clemens on Jan 15, 2019

This ad is offensive to the men in my family and all of the wonderful men that I know. Why you did choose to insult 1/2 of humanity and the people who buy your stuff? Do you believe insulting your patrons will make your sales go up? I doubt it. Did you really pay an advertising firm for...