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Complaints & Reviews

Gillette Foamy Menthol can is faulty or the product

This can is faulty or the product . . . when you press the top of can it spits out a bit of runny shaving creme. Numbers on can [protected] 7 and [protected]. Numer on bottom of can 62218323A1. If you have any idea what could be wrong, please advise. We always use Gillette products but are very disappointed in this one.

Thank you
Muriel Little
111429 Grey Rd. 14
Conn, Ontario N0G 1N0

new gillette skinguard razor

I recently bought the new skinguard gillette razors to try and was very dissatisfied with it. I use gillette for my razors and most of the time they do a pretty good job giving me a clean shave. The skinguard razors did not touch the growth of hair that I was shaving, left me with a feeling of if I did not shave and I had to go back to my other razor to achieve the results I wanted. I spent almost 30 dollars between the new razor and additional blades and just feel that it was a waste as they do not work. I use gillette shaving cream and have had no issues as I say with other gillette razors. Im just wondering if I could get some sort of refund or coupon for a different gillette razor as I do not want to use any other brand. If you cannot I understand and thank you for your time. My email if you need anything else is [protected] These were purchased at the walmart in cicero ny, however I did throw my reciept away by accident and was unable to find. Again thank you for your time.

unethical behavior, please forward to ceo

To whom it may concern:

Because you advertise on the state owned dishonest Fox News, who recently called the activist teen who has given her childhood in hopes of having an adulthood, a "mentally ill Swedish child", I will no longer be patronizing your store/products.

A sincere public apology could reverse this

gillette fusion proglide 5

I need to know what is wrong with your razor blades! I have gone out and bought 2 sets of these blades, paid a fortune for them and still can only get 2 shavings out of them! I have used your blades for years and the 5 blade design was the smoothest shave ever! I shave every other day and I am gong through the double pack to quick!!! What is wrong with your blades?????

gillette fusion proglide 5
gillette fusion proglide 5

fusion 5 shave gel

Hello, this is the second time I have encountered this issue with the 200ml fusion 5 shave gel. The can is only half empty and no longer discharges any gel (or very little) when the trigger is pushed down fully. Barcode reads [protected]. Number on the bottom of the can is [protected]. Expiry date 02/22. see attached files. I don't have the receipt anymore as it was purchased months ago, most likely from Tesco Extra in Lichfield, UK.

+44 (0)[protected]

fusion 5 shave gel
fusion 5 shave gel
fusion 5 shave gel

manufacturers coupon expired

Hi Customer Service,
My coupon expired on 09/30/2019 for one Gillette Shave Cream (# [protected]). Will you kindly forward an up to date coupon. Thank you for your cooperation.
I enjoy Gillette products and they work well on my face, the shaving cream lathers up well and the razor dances across my face leaving me with a very clean shave.
Arnold Lefkowitz
3908 Parkside Lane
Hollywood, FL. 33021

fusion5 razors

How does one open this plastic container, enclosing the razors??? I have You Tubed with NO luck! Aside from running over the package, we can NOT get it open! It seems ridiculous to have to use a Dremel tool to open it, like one person used to open it!!! You Tube showed some gentleman smashing it with a hammer, using a pry device, screwdrivers, and a sharp knife! Someone else suggested using magnets, which seems ridiculous to have to go this extreme to open a box of razors!?? And, magnets did not work for us either! PLEASE inform us of any easy opening method, so we can use these razors!!!

gillette fusion 5 chill

I have used Gillette Power Fusion razors for years. I have been using the Gillette Fusion 5 Proshield Chill for months now. What has happened on several occasions is the top blue shield strip coming off the razor even after only after 2 or 3 shaves. Which then makes me nervous using the trimmer of which the blue strip protected the blade! This is both uncomfortable and dangerous!

gillette fusion 5 chill

venus razor sensitive

I came across this product and wanted to try it because I'm a fan of the regular venus. I'm extremely disappointed to find after one use its covered in rust and has not been treated any different than any other razor I use that does not rust.
I'm really dissatisfied with this product and feel it's not worth the money at all. I could have got the same result with an inexpensive razor.

sensitive razor

First off I'm a black Male, I've been using magic shave for years. I saw the commercial on the sensitive razor decided to give it a try
I've been using it for 2 months never have I ever in my life had as many hair bump, ingrown hair . I have one that is so bad the right side of my face that it has swollen up
Its very uncomfortable . It's to the point where I might need medical attention on this. Your product is not as acrute as you advertise. I just need to know who to send my doctor bill to? Way to many hair bumps for it to be sensitive.

sensitive razor
sensitive razor

gillette fusion 5 shaving cream

I purchased a 2 pkg of the fusion 5 shaving gel about a week ago at my local Walmart
and when I open the pkg. this morning the first can would no let me push down on the trigger. When I used more force the foam started spraying out from under the trigger cap. I tried the second can and it seems to be fine. this is the second can in the last 6 months that I have had this problem with.

  • Ja
    JamesMcewan Oct 15, 2019

    Gillette fusion cans not good, a waste of money. Cans do not dispense foam efficiently. One can I had fell over and foam poured out unable to shut off. Cans do not dispense foam consistently.

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Goodbye Gillette, I don't care for your toxic advertising.

I have been using Gillette razors since I started shaving 25 years ago. I shall never use them again. Accusing your customers of being a species of toxic proto-criminals is not only insulting, it is a woke misinterpretation of a cultural phenomenon.

Yes, most criminal violence is committed by men (this is a product of the distribution curves for trait disagreeableness). By definition, violent crime is NOT committed by the vast majority of men. But men, however, do dominate other categories. Men constitute the vast majority of bravery award recipients. Most fire fighters are men. Most soldiers who protect our borders are men. The people who drill for oil in the north sea to keep your lights on are men. 93 per cent of people who die at work are men, because men do the most dangerous jobs.

I realise you have now changed tack, to focus on heroic men in your advertising. For me, this is a cynical reaction to the backlash felt after you went woke. It is too late, you have already told us what you really think. As they say in the classics, Go Woke, Go Broke.

It will be Schick razors for me from now on.

Nick Etchells

Mach 3

I've been using the mach 3 for as long as I can remember. I recently went to Walmart and purchased new ones, when I used the first new one the first time it would not shave smooth. Left me with a shadow of hair, like a day old shave. After going over my face and neck again it left me bleeding and still had the shadow of hair .

What is going on with this company? You keep raising the cost of your razors, but the quality is getting very poor.

I used a new razor this morning and the same thing happened except this time I did not shave twice.

I thru out the razors
Tired of wasting my time with the mach3
I am going to try a different brand unfortunately.


fusion razor

Very long time Gillette customer. Not any more! Four month ago I purchased my third Fusio razor in the last year. Just like the others the rubberized handle starter getting gooey and actually spreading out almot like it is melting. Some of the material even comes off on my hand. Very poor quality. This is not the best a man can get! Going to try Harry's. Its a shame. I am 69 years old and have used your products since I started shaving. Just a side note. Don't care much for your TV ads. Thank you.

gillette series 3x action sensitive cool

my husband is a gillette only user, and this last product i purchased for him he was throwing away the whole bottle not 3 days after i purchased it for him. when i asked what the problem was with it since it seemed full he says i went to go use it and nothing would com out. this was the first time he had tried to use it since i purchased it. just wanted to inform you guys of this issue, didn't know if maybe it was a more than one can issue. not looking for any compensation just wanted to inform you guys. we love your products and one bad product is not going to stop us from using it. keep making great products

  • Wp
    WPeterson Dec 27, 2019

    I have the same problem only I bought a 2 pack and both are almost full but will not give any foam. How can I get replacements

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  • Wp
    WPeterson Dec 27, 2019

    I have a problem with both Gillette series 3X shave cream. The foam will not come out even though the can is almost full. How do I get reembursed

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gillette ad

I just saw your Ad focused at the millennial men. As a non-millennial male, I will no longer be buying your product. I don't care for a product maker attempting to scold me for being a man. I was an avid endorser of your product to other men, but Gillette can throw that all out the window after seeing your 2019 ad. You can add what money I spent on your products into your 6 billion dollar loss. I think you know where you can stick that ad...

television ad campaign

Please stop running the Venus razor depicting misfigured women. I have a big screen tv, and seeing this commercial is visually offensive to the point that i immediately have to change channels when it's on. Some of us are eating while watching tv and it literally is stomach turning. I understand there's a lot of ugliness in the world, but why do we need it to be shown on a commercial?

gillette sensor 2 plus

One of your Gillette sensor 2 plus razors (UPC [protected]) has something stuck in the blades; it looks like another blade piece. When I shaved with it, it hurt, so I stopped. It was in the middle, but I wiped it to look closer and it moved and got stuck towards the edge. I'd like to know how that happened, what it is, and hear how you intend to prevent this from happening in the future. I think I was very lucky. Hope to hear from you soon.


If you think men are so bad, then we will not buy your products anymore. Sell to women. I have bought my last Gillette product, and I will tell all my male friends that are not feminist to stop purchasing anything you make. If men are so stupid and treat women so badly. We can boycott your over priced products.
This is regarding your commercial about men and portrays them as misogynistic and ignorant towards women. I have a daughter. I've taught her to depend on her self and depend on no man. Her mother is not around and never has been I have reached her as a man and she has turned out fantastic and awesome woman. I did not do this because I care about how she was treated. I taught her to be a straight shooter and to make her own way. She is attracted to masculine man like her father not incell wimps that you portray in your commercials. Men have buying power we make choices we build things and we can use our dollars to fight this lie that all men are lazy stupid and can't do anything.

  • Cr
    Creighton Sloan Jul 31, 2019

    7/31/2019 -- So ... Gillette has taken an $8 billion hit after insulting millions of men like me, men who USED to buy Gillette products. But believe it or not, Gillette's idiot CEO, Gary Coombe, has doubled down on his virtue-signaling, saying that "angering some consumers with its #metoo campaign was a 'price worth paying' if it meant the brand could increase its relevance among younger consumers and turn around its falling market share. "

    So, Gary, how's that turnaround workin' out for you? Meanwhile, I am enjoying my Merkur safety razors immensely.

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  • Jo
    John Dobson Aug 02, 2019

    Sold my stock, threw away your products... Grow a set. Sometimes you just cant fix stupid.
    J Dobson

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I am wondering if extra blade in package is correct. When I release original blade, there is a silver/grey base attached to razor head. The extra blade in package is just the razor head. I.d/ serial # on blade is [protected]. It is just razor head...not the price that connects to rest of handle...what is this? The grey part is missing from extra supplied razor. Replacement.


shaving cream

I will attempt to attach photos but I open my sink cabinet to retrieve a can of Gillette Shave...


gillette heated razor

I'm very disappointed with the refund process. I purchased the heated razor for Father's Day and it didn't work. I returned it with ALL requested information on June 21st. The razor was received at the IFS-Returns Center on June 28th. My problem is I haven't received an email or any information concerning my return. When I called on July 2nd and 18th, I was told my information was not in the system yet. In addition, I was told it take 6 to 8 weeks for a refund. Can someone please explain why it takes so long to place return information in the system and get your money back. It shouldn't take a month for someone to receive a refund. If my husband didn't want this razor so badly I would NEVER do business with this company again. The fact that you can't do exchanges is obscure to me.

mac 3 blades

I Bought 5 packs of Gillette Mac 3 blades from Priceline Fountain Gate Shopping Centre.
About 12 months ago.
They were on special.
I am only getting a few shaves, maybe about 5 before the blades are no longer able to be used.
This is worse than half of what I usually get.
I've used Mac 3 for many years since they first came out.
I'm thinking that the reason that they were reduced so much in price could be because they were a "bad batch".
Can that happen? Or are they now manufactured differently, more cheaply?

hot razor refund policy - return authorization conflicts with store policy manual

Purchases the new hot razor and discovered it lacks the rear facing blade I've used on their other models to trim sideburns etc. When I requested return authorization, the form they sent specified refund by prepaid card with max of $200. First, with tax, they charged my credit card about $217, and their store policy - Google it-Gillett store policy- clearly promises that refunds will be by original payment method. Prepaid cards have extra charges and other limitations and are not same as refund by original payment method and can result in reduced amount. When I called their customer service I reached well meaning agents who do not have any authority to go beyond prepaid card scenario.

complaint lying unattended for more than 2 months and complaint escalation being stone-walled

The approach of this company has become very high headed and complacent type.
I have been a sensor excel user for last more than 15 years and never had any quality issue until about a year back.
I lodged a complaint ( # 8524158) around mid-march 2019 and sent all related information and the used and unused cartridges (upon company's request) to the desired / concerned people.
The issue still exists and there has been no positive response yet except for" case has been referred to the relevant team and outcome will be notified upon being heard from them".
All my efforts to escalate the matter have been stone walled for the reasons best known to the company.
There is an absolute lull people concerned/ handling the matter are avoiding any communication.

venus razor

I have used Gillette razors for years. I have now repeatedly seen your commercial with the tattooed woman shaving her arm - it is DISGUSTING!!! I have changed brands - and although they may not be a better razor I have no intention of using Gillette again. Clearly you have no desire to continue maintaining tried and true customers. Just call me disgusted, offended and alienated by Gillette.


I waited to see if Gillette management would regain its senses with regard to the transgender nonsense, but the latest ad depicting a father teaching his daughter to face shave indicates otherwise. Apparently the pretenders that make up only 1 or 2 percent of US population are more important than the (at least) 51% of the population who believe that homosexuality is an aberration and that homosexual acts are sinful. Yes, that's right only a small percentage of homosexuals buy into the leftist democrat and gay pride agenda.

In any case, I will never buy a Gillette product again. It is my fervent wish that the Gillette Company ultimately goes out of business. A sad outcome for a business that has been a part of Americana for so many years. Surely someone in your company understands that most of your customer's roots are in a Judeo/Christian, traditional (nuclear family) and Constitutional America. Though it may seem expedient to the decision makers in your company to vacuously follow the small but noisy anti-American secular crowd, there will be a reckoning . God is way bigger than Gillette, the noisy minorities and sly politicians.

You should read history. God always wins.

Chuck Dooley

mach 3 razor blades

Hi Team,
I am unhappy with the recent quality of the Mach 3 blades. I regularly buy these for my partner as he shaves his head 3 times per week, and these were the best. Unfortunately, at least half the razors in each of the last 4 packs have left him cut, bleeding and grumpy! And not to mention out of pocket...Might this be a short term production issue or do we need to find an alternative brand???
Lisa & Charlie

mach 3 razor

The other day I was shaving when the handle to the razor snapped. The blades to the razor cut my neck. This scared me to think what could have happened. This razor was approximately 3 months old. Purchased at Walmart in Seabrook, NH. I have bought your product for years and never had any problems and have always been pleased with the quality of your razors. I am submitting pictures of my neck as well as the broken razor. John

mach 3 razor
mach 3 razor
mach 3 razor


I am disgusted with Gillette I have always used your products untill now I have just bought your so...

your new ideology

You can count me as MAN, that no longer will support your company or any of your products. How...

toxic men behavior ad

I've used nearly all of your products (razors, shave cream, body wash...) for years. No more. I've switched to buying razors via club and have replaced all other products with ones, I made sure were not made by Gillette(my wife and daughter's Venus products too)
Your recent ad is insulting to good men everywhere. To take a complex set of issues from subtle discrimination to bullying, rape... and equate it to simple cultural norms that can be changed with a bit of awareness is simplistic and ignorant.
Gillette has fallen into or is exploiting a recent wave of man-hating feminist popularity that seeks to demonize all men. The real goal of these movements is not to empower women, but to demean men and make them ashamed for natural behaviors. Not talking about violence or discrimination--these are bad.
Gillette, why stop at just all men. How about running an ad regarding black men and the 10x rate of violence, child abandonment and drug use among this group of MEN. Yes, that would be stupid too.
Good bye Gillette. I will be sharing this with the bad men at work (I'm in the race car industry), friends, neighbors...

help to understand why you are attacking men

Dear Sirs I'm writing to you to complain about your TV ad. I have been a customer of your...

recent ad

Please reconsider your ill-conceived attack on men. It is offensive and a lie. Why should anyone believe anything you purport to be fact or even helpful information in your ads when you've ok'd something as egregious as this propaganda filled pseudo commercial?
I've been using your products for decades. I have now purchased an electric razor just so I don't have to patronize your company.
Silly, vapid, narcissistic, condescending, stupid. And just plain bad business.

your recent ridiculous anti-man commercial

Who on earth at Gillette thought it was a good idea for a razor company to enter politics and start bashing men with a stereotype that's not true? I am a 40 year old woman who is utterly disgusted with this recent commercial. How dare you jump on board with all the other lunatics out there and stereotype all men as pigs and toxic and unable to control themselves around women? Did you actually think everyday American men women would agree with this nonsense? Exactly who do you have working at Gillette who acts like this and causes you to think that all men are like this? I am offended at this blatant, pathetic attempt to portray all men as an enemy of all mankind. You, and every other person who believes in "toxic masculinity" is WRONG and you were WRONG to produce a lame commercial such as you did. I can assure you that I will no longer be buying any Gillette product whatsoever. An apology to all men would be appropriate at this time.

anti-male gillette commercial

So disgusted with your commercial. Very cheap shot at your so-called valued customers.

So, this is what I am going to do. Use up the Crest and Mach blades and then I'm off to Colgate Palmolive, for good.

Don't own your stock, so I won't share in your decline.

Did print a copy of all P&G products and have it next to me so I can go to "Last Channel" when one comes on.

By the way, who approved this commercial, are you all high in Cinncy?

So long,

Bill Marquardt

your advertising for gillette razors and p&g products

Why can't you just stick to telling me why I should buy your razors over the many choices I...

unfortunate commercial

Been a Gillette customer for 30 years, and have introduced my sons to your product recently. Due to your recent advertising which broad stroked most men as being stupid, inconsiderate and aggressive...I AM NO LONGER A CUSTOMER AFTER 30 YEARS OF USING YOUR PRODUCT. My sons, and my entire circle of friends (including females) are moving to Dollar Shave Club and I am encouraging others to do so. How DARE you single out men when both men and women do EXACTLY the same bad things you show on the commercial.

be the best advertisement

Mr Kraft, do you think your late wife would approve of that divisive, man-hating ad you let your company's advertising department sign off on? Don't you understand, the creators of this type of toxic drivel are trying to incite? Nothing about FAMILY values is portrayed here, nothing about FATHERING is portrayed here . Just because the director of this ad is a man-hating extremist, whose warped mind views all men in a similar light as the small minority of boneheads we know are out there, does not make it so. An ad supposedly championing "being the best" has sunken to GILLETTE being the absolute DUMBEST...Top notch work, Bob, Patrick, et al

gillette products (and procter and gamble)

Checked this morning when I went to shave -- it was a Gillette razor, and have another couple in luggage for the trip I am on. I'm sure someone is keeping track of how many customers you are losing given your recent commercial, so I thought I should let you know you have lost me as a customer, and won't be coming back. Not sure what product I will use to replace yours, but at the moment I'm leaning towards Harry's.