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American Mint Complaints & Reviews

American Mint / I am being dunned for something I never ordered.

Oct 04, 2019

I bought 2 Trump coins several months ago. paid for them.Now I am receiving this bill for $89.00 for something I didn't order and didn't get, namely SPEECHES DONALD TRUMP FOLDER, DONALD TRUMP-BATTLE & DONALD TRUMP -ENERGY. The date I supposedly ordered those items was 01/24/19. It says my...

American Mint / donald trump knife

Jul 26, 2019

I purchased three of the Donald Trump (all the same) to be given as gifts. I paid with my visa card and declined any further purchase or even the catalog. on 7/26/19, I received an additional knife with an invoice of $66.90. My original purchase was paid in full and I have no intention of...

American Mint / trump pocket knives/paid but haven't received any correspondence from american mint

Apr 13, 2019

On April 1, 2019, I paid for 2 Trump Pocket knives through PayPal. The was damount of $19.90 was deducted from my accounton that day but I have not received any correspondence from American Mint, regarding my order. No confirmation, no shipping notices, nothing. Could someone please check...

American Mint / product

Aug 25, 2018

I ordered a "special" Trump coin and paid for it. Didn't realize that the fine print had an automatic "large charge" if I kept the coin. Soon as I found out they wanted $122 more, I called them and tried to return the merchandise. They evidently have a NO RETURN policy, too. Now I'm...

American Mint / re: letter

Aug 20, 2018

I received a threating letter stating I would be reported to Credit Union as this is Delinquent, I have been a customer for many years and bought many coins. Please remove me from your Advertisements as I no longer will purchase from AMERICAN MINT. I've never been late before and I am...

American Mint, LLC / fraudulent practices and scamming of the public interstate fraud

May 27, 2018

I recieved a little flyer in the news paper which was by American Mint. I advertised the company per a little scratch off game. If you had one of the three scratch offs correct you would be intitled to recieve the silver coin at a certain cost. If you had two matches you would pay less and...

American Mint LLC / coins etc.

Aug 16, 2017

I just bought once from them replica of a coin for my grand son.Prior to this purchase, I was receiving a lot of unsolicited mail from American Mint.Being an old citizen, I am not leading a very active life & restrict my outings to a limited chores like purchase of food in the close by...

American Mint / unordered coins sent then bills sent followed by calls from bill collectors

Jul 03, 2017

Unsolicited coin was sent. We called the Postmaster General's office and the FBI. Both offices told us to do nothing. Bills started coming in the mail demanding payment for the unordered coin. Then debt collectors began calling and I called American Mint to see how to resolve the issue...

American Mint / aurora borealis princess ring — madison

Apr 28, 2017

Dear Sir; I received a flyer from Madison, stating that they offered a Aurora Borealis Princess Ring, and that the ring was valued at $79.95, but that I had two credits and that it would bring the ring down to $9.95. Also that I would receive a scarf free with my order. I sent a check in...

American Mint / unethical behaviour

Mar 25, 2017

Terrance Schulze [protected] Dad6.o1 Special 10th Anniversary Edition Bald Eagle Pocket Knife. deadline to redeem your credits is 2/18/17 Free Gift: vial of gold flakes. 2/14/17 mailed personal check $14.90 check no. 7000 Request full refund. Terrance R Schulze 4319 E. LK. Sammamish PKwy...

American Mint / cannot get replacement of defective product.

Feb 14, 2017

Ordered Buffalo Bill Wild West Bowie Knife. Mailed check 9-16-16 Received Knife 10-16-16. Blade loose and had a scratch on Gold Buffalo Bill Insignia. Called 10-20-16 for a return label. 11-4-16 Went to post office and mailed back defective item American mint received 11-18-16. Called...

American Mint / refund

Jan 23, 2017

Bought trump coin.Only. They sent me 2 more present coins i did not order charged to my credit card whith out my consent.Sent me return shipping label.I sent back.They recieved according to my tracking number.Wont send me refund. Going on 3-wks.Please help called no help wont answer...

American Mint / dissipative practices / charging credit card without authorization

Sep 20, 2016

I will keep this short, No need to give American Mint more then it deserves. First i placed an order with the offer for a knife for $9.95 + ship and handling. I received the product with a watch and 2 knifes. I looked at the invoice to see if they had made a mistake or if it was a...

American Mint / statue of liberty anniversary commemorative coins.

Aug 03, 2016

American Mint Account # [protected] Invoice#0000001 On July 26, 2016 I responded to a special scratch off ticket from American Mint in Mechanicsbury, Pa. According to terms listed on the ticket, by having three matching symbols on the ticket, I could get the Statue of Liberty Commemorative...

American Mint LLC / unwanted coins

Mar 05, 2016

I got pulled into the coin scam with the free coin scratch off, upon which they took liberty to send a bill for a coin that didn't exist along with a packet of coupons and the promise to send another coin that I would have a certain number of days to decide whether to keep or not. I did...

American Mint LLC / unauthorized charges

Oct 28, 2015

Back in May I made the mistake of ordering a coin from American Mint. I got the coin I ordered, but they also sent another coin I had not ordered at an exhorbitant price. This was a "preview" coin where I was supposed to either buy it or send it back. First of all, I had X-ed out the...

American Mint / billed twice


I was billed twice for the same unsolicited product. The original bill was paid and then I started getting demands for payment for the same item. I called Transworld Systems to clarify and it was like talking to a wall. The 2nd bill was sent to my address but with an erroneous name. It ha...

American Mint / billed for something I did not order


I was offered a coin for $4.95, now they want $89 after sending me to transunion colection agency. It was a send no money now offer. They sent me two coins. I did not order this, and considering the history of American mint I want to contest this, mostly I want to make sure they do not...

American Mint / free coin


In the mail I received a letter to get a coin for free just pay shipping and handling subject [liberty commemorative gold-accented Coin value 79.95 free 4.95 s&h now they added the next coin with the order total 84.90 minus the 4.95 I sent them and whant me to pay them 79.95 I don't want...

American Mint / took money for nothing


received coins and sent them back asked them to return money but as of this date have not heard from them. am on s.s and can not afford the lost money .have tried to get ahold of them but it is no good phone number is always busy {[protected]] they even sent me a ups label to mail them back...

American Mint / scam!


I filled out survey paid shipping and handling and never received bald eagle with mountains collectors knives and never received free watch.

American Mint / terrible service!

Upon receiving my order, the box contained the item to which I did not order. I then called customer service and spoke with a very nice lady. I explained what I had received, to where I was informed the proper order would be shipped with a return address label. She then informed me to pack...