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money card from nightmare.

This pre-paid money card is a joke! You can't send them an email, you can't even talk to Customer...

terrible experience!

Recently my husband had triple bypass surgery. I brought him home from a hospital in Pittsburgh, PA that is a 60+ mile drive to home in Hermitage, PA, in a snow storm that was the worst storm in our area's history. I got him home safely, however, I needed to get his prescriptions filled. Since we had all our prescriptions at Wal Mart I wanted to keep everything together. I walked up to the counter and handed the slip to the clerk. She looked at me and asked if i wanted all these filled today. I said yes. She said it would take 2 hours! I asked her if she know what the weather was like outside and told her my car would be buried in snow in 2 hours. I explained to them my husband was just out the hospital from triple bypass surgery and he needed these medications asap. She then said there were 80 people in front of me. I looked around and said i doubted that and if the 80 people were call-in refills I was positive that they would not be coming out is this snow storm to pick them up. She looked at the so called "Pharmist", looked back at me shrugged her shoulders. I grabbed the prescription list out of her hand and I have never by back to Wal Mart to buy anything since. We tried to contact the District & Regional Pharmacy Managers but neither would return our calls, they did not want to handle this and had the store manager call us. We explained to them our situation and it fell on deaf ears. BY THE WAY WE NOW GET OUR PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED AT WALGREENS!

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    Tammy Wright Oct 30, 2008
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    Be thankful you didnt have then filled there.I was diagnosed with a form of breast cancer last September and was given several different prescriptions.One was an antibiotic.Well in May I had recieved from Kroger if I switched my prescips I could get $10 per prescrip up to $60 in Kroger gift cards.SO i switched thankfully I did!! I wasnt suppose to have refills every 2 weeks since Spetember I was inly to have 1 refill so WALMART had me getting this filled every 2 weeks since September.I now cant take that antibiotic until they know it is FULLY out of my system which could be a year.Ill never have anything filled by WalMart again.BTW there wait time is always 1 1/2 to 2 hours or more its crazy!!
    PS I would have sued but an attorney told me it would be VERY costly for me as id have to pay him upfront to even start the process and WLAMART most likely would win because they have better lawyers.I talked to about 7 different attorneys who in a nutshell told me all the same thing.

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  • Zo
    zookeeper13 Jul 31, 2009

    OMG. We had a prescription filled at a Hermitage, Pennsylvania Wal Mart all the way back in 1993 for our son's ear infection medicine... we are military and were told by the pharmacist that they accepted Tri-Care. They did not. We received a bill for 32 dollars in Fort Polk for the prescription, which we firmly refused to pay stating "the pharmacist said Tri-Care would cover it." We held firm.

    I guess it hasn't changed much.

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terrible treatment

I live in Fairhaven MA and have shopped at Walmart ever since they opened, but instead of shopping at the Fairhaven store, I travel to Dartmouth MA which is two cities away because the service and appearance of the Fairhaven store does not seem to be one third as good as Dartmouth. Yesterday I used the mens room there was no hand towels in there and the floor looked like it had not been cleaned in a very long time, but my biggest complaint is the fact that if you ask someone for help, they look at you like you have two heads and the usual answer is I don't work in this department well if the don't what are they doing there walking around talking to other employees.? I truly feel that this has taken away from the stores business and how can i help you is not part of there language. Also the difference in the amount of goods stacked on the shelfs between the two stores is amazing.

Thank you for your time.


My son got a job at Mcdonalds about 3 months ago he wanted to save money for the things he wanted and one wa...


The Walmart in Alpharetta, Georgia on WindWard Parkway has hired a known thief. The womans name is Jan...

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charged twice

I went in on may 3, 2008 to tell them i was charged twice for an electric toothbrush and cd the manager...

Resolved bad experience

I bought a 32 inch colour TV from Wal-Mart a month and a half ago. I just moved about a week and a half ago...


I received a call, caller id showed Phoenix, AR [protected]). Rep. with strong accent stated that I had...

wal warranty

I on [protected] purchased a new hp laptop from wal - mart in harrisburg, illinois, my speakers sound like they are busted, i called wal - mart and ask them about this and i was told to contact hp direct well i did and i also purchased a two year service agreement i thought thru hp when i purchased the agreement but to find out it some other outfit in va. Wal mart sure doesn't tell you that when selling their computers so be aware, i want but no more electric products of any kind from wal - mart hp does not honer wal mart service agreement

Vision center quality and service is a disaster!

I brought my own designer frames in and asked if they could fit them with lenses. They said no problem. The...

imitation beef!

My husband and I purchased over two hundred dollars worth of groceries today. We had intentions of enjoying a good steak. We paid $14.50 for 2 packs of new york strip. Each pack had two steaks. Each set of steaks had each steak shaped differently.
We also had my sister and brother in law have a steak as well. Out of each steak package one of the two steaks were not the same meat. their texture were different, and tasted imitation, and was very gross. My husband being a owner of a meat business, recognized off hand that the imitation steak was different than his. We feel that walmart intentionally placed a good steak and a bad steak per package. It makes sense because the price was so good. We will never ever buy steak again, and this happened about 2-3 years ago, and we said nothing.

Someone is screwing around in the meat cutting room and switching steaks. Please look into this. This also happened in the walmart store in Arcadia, Fl. Thank you. Catherine Douglas.

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    mike lother May 19, 2008
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    How can you sell package meat's full of carbonation & spoilage?
    I may get food stamps but that doesn't mean I've got to get
    sick eating it. Just because you advertise you got low prices
    that doesn't mean you got to take away from some of your
    other prices.

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  • Ar
    arthurincanada Sep 09, 2009

    Your husband owns a meat business, and you're buying 14 dollar steaks at WalMart? Your whole story sounds phony. My guess is your a fat, lonely housewife with nothing better to do.

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  • Hy
    hygfvb Sep 09, 2009

    wallmart meat is horrible! i bought a pack of cube steaks and it was not real steak, and it was so full of red dye .

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  • Ka
    karissatx Feb 16, 2011

    We had a similar experience with New York strips at Wal-Mart. we normally don't buy groceries there, but since we were there for something else, i decided to make an exception. the steaks LOOKED great, but when i cooked one last night, it had a weird texture, and like another person described was almost ham-like. it was too weird and my husband wouldn't eat it. so we won't be grocery shopping there again - their produce isn't the greatest anyway, so it's not worth the trip to save a few dollars.

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  • Yu
    Yulia Gaia Sep 26, 2013
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    Verified customer

    I too purchased the "new york strip" steak, from the start the meat was slimy and my fingers slipped right through it. But stupidly i cooked it and it made my roommate and I throw up and was sick for about 3 days. Yesterday I returned the remains to the Ukiah Calif Walmart Store and since I didnt have a recpt the cashier at the "Customer Service Counter" who was standing there with a "closed" sign on the counter, told me no they couldnt refund the money. So the CSR Lindsey came up and didnt bother to hear the reason and just smiled and said No sorry cant return without a receipt . I then asked for the Store Manager Drew, who came up and I explained how bad the product was, how sick I got, and in fact they were falsely advertising a meat product which in fact contained no meat and was a soy based product. He read the back and then said to the "Customer Service" cashier to refund the amount.
    What was sad was the pleasure the CSR Lindsey took in refusing to help and denying a product to be returned.

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fabrics & related merchandise!

I was extremely disappointed and irritated when I went to my LOCAL Walmart to find fabric for some sewing projects I wanted to do this spring. To my dismay, ALL of the fabric was gone and selected notions were being marked 1/2 off. We are located 60 miles from a major city and 30+ miles from slightly larger cities than ours. My question is, "Are all of the Walmart stores doing away with this important department or only in a few select sites?" It is a major inconvenience for me and many others to have to drive so far to get material. No other store in our local area sells regular fabric. I am so upset and disappointed with this action by Walmart, I am seriously considering taking my other shopping elsewhere, i.c., Dollar General, Kroger, Food City, K-Mart, Big Lots, etc. If enough people take this action, you might re-consider what small mountain towns in Tennessee need.

It would be appreciated if you would let me know if any other Walmart stores in this area are continuing to carry fabric and notions. Jo Ann Shaffer, Crossville, TN.

  • Sr
    srewedbydg May 01, 2008
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  • He
    Heather Jun 17, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I totally agree with what you are saying. I say this in regards to my mom who also lives in a small town and has to drive at least an hour to get to a sewing store (besides Walmart). Her Walmart is still carrying fabrics and craft supplies at the moment, however certain things are being discontinued like embroidery floss. She was very upset over this, and now I have to find the colors that she is looking for and send them to her. I hope that they will think a little bit more of their actions more, before they completely eliminated this area of business.

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  • St
    Stephon Feb 10, 2009

    i have to disagree, its all about supply and demand if there aren't enough people needing/wanting the product and that section of the store then they should pull it out, even if there 2000 people shopping in that part of the store that still wouldn't be enough to keep that section

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  • Lc
    lcyoro Jun 23, 2009

    I used to live over 100 miles from nowhere and just made a monthly trip to the city. You can't please everybody, but you can sure tru to please the majority. And just think, if Wal-mart doesn't have that section anymore, it will keep a small business going!

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  • Lc
    lcyoro Jun 24, 2009

    The Walmart in my city is NOT a Super Walmart and they still have a Craft and Fabric Department!

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Resolved Discrimination at walmart

The last few times I have shopped at Walmart I have been accosted as I leave the store by an employee...

Poor attitude and terrible service!

I recently had my 2 sons pictures taken at this walmart picture me studio. Everything went great. They both...

shoddy oil change service!

Took 2 cars to Walmart (old one in town) and selected Value Package Oil Service.

Car 1 - found fluids not topped as in plan, no vacuum cleaning of interiors, no windshield clean and no window shield washer fluid added. Also found some charges for battery terminals that were unchanged... So took back and technician checked and added transmission fluid and had battery charges reversed.

Car 2 - Oil was black!!! as if not changed at all, no vacuum of interior, no windscreen clean, no topping of fluids, so took it back and manager said it did not look okay (oil being black) and that he would have the oil change done again for free. Also promised to top off all the fluids as required. Later found that the fluids were again not topped. But oil change was done second time for free.

I will never go to Walmart for oil change again. Do not know how many times they did this earlier... with inexperienced or non professional technicians. The technicians seem like temps. Last time I went for oil change, they replaced my battery with a new incorrect battery and did not even fix it. Upon noticing that the clock had reset in the car, I checked hood and found the problem. Spoke to manager... who had my old good battery put back and gave the replaced battery to me for free as 1). It was tech fault to replace battery and put incorrect battery and also not connect the clamps back again on the car 2.) They could not sell the battery again.

  • Mi
    Mike Mullins May 13, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had a similar experience here in Lubbock Tx.
    I'll never use them again.

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  • Bo
    Bob the Tech. Jun 09, 2008
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    Verified customer

    You went to Wal*Mart and got bad service at their garage... are you surprised?! It's Wal*Mart!

    You go to wal*mart for cheap, Chinese-made junk not quality auto service. Sears looks down at Wal*mart for cryin' out loud!

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  • Ro
    rocio horan Nov 06, 2008

    Had oil changed and noticed on listed paperwork they had checked my air filter. Knowing last year filter was getting dirty and living near numerous construction site, I asked if it was okay. I was told that they checked it and must be okay. Asked person who actually worked on the car and was told no, they did not check it. I was told it was not convient to get too ? I guess they do not have a screwdrivers at walmart or unable to unscrew several screws? I noticed several other things marked as checked. I am sorry but will not ever go back NOT CONVIENT !

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  • To
    Tom May 12, 2009

    Wal Mart are true capitalists. Take all you can get and screw anyone or everyone if they complain. No integrity and definitely no quality. They forgot to put oil in my car resulting in blown engine!

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  • Li
    Liz May 27, 2009

    I agree. Don't go to Wal-Mart for car work.

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  • Me
    meebabi Dec 04, 2009

    OMG! I had paid the extra $5 or so to have ALL of my fluids topped up during my oil change because i was going out of town the next day. Of course I wasn't even 10 miles out of town & I was out of antifreeze (and no, I did not have a leak)! ALSO: I was extremely low on windshield wiper fluid. Yes, I could have easily topped up these fluids myself but I had so many things to do before the trip & thought I would save myself the hassle for a few extra bucks.

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  • No
    nolan420 Aug 03, 2010

    Man i remember here in yakima when they were using supertech. You used to be able to buy that at the dollar store.

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Push / spit on/ threatened / yelled at / hit

Hi im a mother of 3 small children in need of help!! Heres what happen to me in a walmart, I was shopping for...

Resolved they will get my business any more

We carried our SUV in for oil change & rotate our tires & had two fix one tire. There were 4 workers & one supervisor out there. There was only one worker, working at a time. Our SUV was on the workfloor over 1 1/2 hours that no one was getting anything done. We shop for about an hour, then went back two the service department & sat there four about one & half hours before they finally got through. While we were waiting they all had two take a break at one time. When we got there they told us it would not take about 1 hour to do what we wanted. I don't think they will get my business any more unless they change.

Resolved discrimination!

My brother was returning a pair of jeans at the Wal-Mart in Jackson, KY. He did not have a receipt for these jeans, and just wanted a gift card or exchange. The customer before him in line, an older lady, was returning an older telephone without the receipt, without the box, or anything. The associates gave her CASH back for this telephone. then, my brother (25 yrs. old) took the jeans to the counter. There was nothing wrong with the jeans, except they didn't fit him. They were Brand New with tags and UPC code. The lady behind the counter (Diane) told him, 'We don't give exchanges/gift cards without receipts!' He said, 'well, the lady ahead of me brought back that phone without the receipt or even the box it came in and you gave her cash!' then a manager (Paul) stepped over and my brother explained the situation, and the mgr. said, 'No... no returns without receipts!' then, my brother said, 'look at that phone sitting there... a lady brought that in with no receipt or even a box and they gave her cash!' the mgr. said, 'Well, it didn't go through me.' My brother asked 'well, why does this return have to go through you, then?' the mgr couldn't give an answer.

About 15 minutes later, I took the jeans back (again, no receipt) into the store and they gave me a gift card for them... no questions asked! This is obvious discrimination!

  • Ba
    bat Dec 31, 2008

    Were they discriminating his age? I have more than 5 walmart stores within 30 minutes of my house and all of them have the return policy on the wall behind the counter. its a very large board so it can be read from the customer side of the counter. Your brother should have told the ignorant employees to read and learn the policy.

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  • Kn
    knreeves Sep 27, 2009

    I would make sure everyone knows about this. Get as high up as you can. That is horrible.

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credit limit decrease

I have had a wal-mart credit card for approximately three years. Always paid on time,twice has been paid off...

horrible service as usual!

Ok every time i go to wal-mart i leave so angry. I refuse to go back and this is what everybody should do. you cannot find anybody to help you if something is not out and you ask about it the lazy ### don't even go check. the say they are a leading employer for diversity employees. They get a freaking tax break to have more blacks, mexicans, elderly, woman, and mentally unstable employees. They can sell bigger things for less money because they now work orders so many out of this country. They use a slogan of cheaper things for americans but really little by little they are causing americans to eventually lose jobs. there diversity hiring is pushed so much and believe me i am a marketer and they put it in the spotlight so people will be like oh thats so nice when really its TAX breaks whats wrong with hiring good employees regardless of focusing on there color or ethnic background. The employees they do have suck they do not help by any means they stand around and have 30 lanes but 4 running nobody is helpful and i have been in there stores and heard employees ### about there employers and god forbid they are only getting paid 10.50 and hour which a lot of people would be more than willing to work for that and do there job with a smile. 3 times i had bought something 1. shoes 2. shirt and 3. A can of popcorn at all different times i kept the receipt. In one day the shoes ripped with in the hour and they refused to refund or exchange, the shirt had a stain on the inside of the sleeve the tags still on and same day as purchased i went in they refused to help again and the third the can of popcorn was empty again no help.

This country is always complaining about out sourcing, gas prices, and overall increase in living expenses. Shopping at wal-mart adds a tiny needle into the haystack that will eventually be all needles and no hay at all in the long run. So for those who would like to stop out sourcing jobs and help economy become what it should of been a long time ago. We are heading into a recession and then maybe another depression. Stop it now every little thing you do affects this country every vote counts, every purchase counts, and to stop shopping at wal-mart would help eventually. Wal-mart does not really care about consumers and every customer. Lets stop caring about them.

  • Ki
    kimberly young Jan 06, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i am strongly agree with this, every time i go to shop at Walmart i never get any help and the people work there they try to walk away when we have questions included with all the cashier they are rude and never know how to smile to customer the reason so many people are going to their store because it is cheaper than other. hopefully Walmart will take this serious and show their employee how to respect customer

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  • Lc
    lcyoro Jun 23, 2009

    You say every time you shop at walmart you get so angry you don't go back. Obviously you do, so don't!

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