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S Sep 12, 2018

9/7/18 I received a call from the automatic refill department telling me I was due to reorder Armour Thyroid. I was told by this department, my prescription would be ready the next day by 5, but I can call and check. I immediately called to make sure this was accurate as the next day was Saturday. The pharmacy told me it was not accurate and they agreed to call me after they got the order. I explained I need Armour to function as I have no thyroid. They told me they will let me know when they get the order. Today is 9/12/18. I have one pill left and have not heard from Walgreens. I contacted the pharmacy and was told they have not received a response to their fax. I explained I need the prescription to function and live and can't be without it. This has also happened with my husband insulin and diabetic supplies. The person on the phone informed me they "can do nothing without a doctor's prescription and do you want me to help or not". I explained I also work in health care and have never spoken like that to a patient. I will pursue the prescription myself even though they have had 5 days to address this urgent need. I am considering changing pharmacies. I would like a pharmacy that would consider calling after 3 days if the doctors office does not respond for a life sustaining medication.

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