Walgreens Pharmacistincompetent rude mean impatient stupid jerks there


walgreens and just about every pharmacy around esp in orlando has the most rude incompetent ###s you can imagine...stupid jerks always work there..they are slow, incompetent and dont seem to know what they are doing and screw things up not sure what they went to school for for FOUR years but many are just very stupid and rude...almsot every walgreens i go to is a bad experience except a few. I went to one on mitchell hammock and granted it was right at close, but a rude white male jerk pharmacist was just really rude to me for no reason. again i get it's closing but there's no need to get rude and aggressive with customers the way this stupid creepy ### ### did. First off, teh peopel in orlando in general are hideous RUDE mean crazy people almost everywhere there. Its an awful city with incompetent mean rude people everywhere...barely any normal people there just stuck up arrogant jerks...terrible city...secondly...these rude jerks are always mean to young pretty girls for some reason-- guess they are either closeted homos or jealous of pretty women who knows. So I go there, and im on a phone call, i tell him my situation and he tells me this adn that...he doesnt even care to look up my information...he rushes to get my stuff...but again i needed meds but he decided he'll wait until the next day because he had to get out of there asap...since i wasn't in a rush it's fine but what if i needed them right away and it was an emergency?? what a stupid rude jerk and person...what an incompetent pharmacist...walgreens pharmacists all of them everywhere basically he decides to grab one med and ignore the others...because who knows he had to rush out of there at closing...ridiculous.

Then, as he got my stuff, i was saying goodbye on my phone call trying to be nice, and he couldnt' wait even 20 seconds for me to say goodbye..this incompetent white trash ###* sits there yelling the price at me over and over again rudely as if im stupid...he's like its 5.99!!1 its FIVE NINETY NINE...FIVE NINETY NINE...what a jerk?!! he could hear that I was saying goodbye and I said just a minute...and he wouldn't stop...stupid person... Then, he rudely hands me my stuff and bails...He was so rude I had to ask him if he could get a pharmacist and he said he WAS the thinking wow seem like the temporary intern who has no clue what he's doing..or how to treat people... I mean again ive worked many jobs and have wanted to leave at closing time...sometimes am in a rush...but I would never just rush someone out esp if its a medication situation...or if it was something serious and ive never rushed anyone period... what kind fo society is this where medical dispensing doctors don't even have the decency and courtesy towards patients or care about them at all, and most are incompetent rude dumb[censored]s liek the kinds you find at walgreens and most pharmacies around these wonder people are getting diseases or who knows what left and right...stupid idiots are running everything...


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    Samoan Named Flaze Dec 25, 2011

    While talking on your phone and simultaneously communicating with the pharmacist, did you give any sign that you needed the meds immediately? Were you giving your last words to your significant other, or asking for an ambulance?

    Doubt it.

    You call pharmacists ###s for not waiting for you to finish your phone call; the pharmacists think you're a ### for not paying enough attention to what medications you're picking up, and your failure to inquire about their reactions to other meds you take.

    You call the pharmacist rude, when you think it is okay to be on your cellphone talking to another person while the pharmacist gathers the pills to better your health.

    There is no reason to pay attention to your complaint. You used derogatory terms, illogical reasoning, and posted like a teenage girl.

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    Hippieslay Aug 16, 2014


    Things I wish I could say to people while working the register.

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    Snedecor-Smith Aug 08, 2016

    Walgreen's can't keep pharmacist... The ones they has are inconsiderate, and lack intelligence. You ask they simple questions and they act as if your asking them a major rock science question. This is the employment drop off for failing pharmacist.

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  • Sn
    Snedecor-Smith Aug 08, 2016

    Intended mis-spelling for the pharmacist... 😀

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