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3/28 at 7pm my bf and I were picking up a few items and I was getting alcohol. Bc he did not have his wallet I could not get my alcohol so I drove back home, dropped him off and went back. We were trying to limit going to stores due to the corona virus which is why we went to sheetz to knock everything out at once. They still denied me alcohol even though I was alone, no one was in my car and I took my bf home. He is 31 anyways. I then had to go to 3 other stores bc of this when we are trying to avoid as many stores and people as possible. The manager gave me a hard time!! She would not even walk out of the office to help her employee who was new and kept asking her to come out to help bc he didn't know what to do. She kept denying to come out until I asked him to ask if she could come out. I get why you can't sell alcohol if another person is there but I drove him home. I go to sheetz very often so this is very ridiculous as this virus is serious.


Bad food and service

When I got my order the hot dogs were over done and rubbery the fries were under cooked the people who waited on me were slow and rude

Brewed Iced Tea — Not being made

I am a night nurse and stop at sheetz in Meyersdale Pa every night for an extra large brewed iced tea. It gets me through my night. Now I get that we have to be cautious with this virus going around but this is ridiculous. To stop making it. The fountain drinks are still up and running. I don't see how there is any difference between the 2. I am more prone in my nursing job to catch this virus than through your drinks. So please start making the brewed iced tea for us nurses putting our health on the line. It's what keeps me going at night.

my 2 orders were all wrong and not done very well

I got the boneless chicken platter with onion rings cheeseburger bratwurst dog with chili and curly fries the chicken platter with onion rings were completely soggy never got...

Staff & supervisors — Rude

I went in to sheetz; (136) 3/15 to get a drink & one of the supervisors waited on me; didnt say a single word and did acknowledge i was even there and handed me my change and...

Worker on drugs

Hello, I am a very frequent/ twice daily customer to sheetz.
I was recently in your store to purchase coffee. There was a small brown haired woman named Jen tending to coffee etc. she smelled very much like alcohol and definitely marijuana. Her eyes were bloodshot and glazed over. She was practically working with her eyes closed. I bring my child in to Sheetz also. I never have much of any problem at all. But seeing this was very aggravating and gross.


Usually I'm raving Scott Sheetz Quesorrito! But THIS time! OMG! I immediately started feeling sick on my stomach. Like they put something in it. It looked like it was just thrown together! I said rice and beans inside of the Quesorrito, they put them in a cup on the outside. I also ordered a few tator tots to be on the inside... No where in sight. I ordered the new cheesy bacon yours with Dr. Pepper sauce on the side...I received the tots. The ONLY thing that was right and good was my Strawberry Pina Colada smoothie! The tots almost tasted poisoned! The Quesorrito was gooey and falling apart. My stomach was immediately MESSED UP. Don't know if I'll tell others to come there to eat.


Mto food

I ordered a full size turkey sub. I wanted it toasted and it was not. I also didnt get any mayo, salt, or pepper on it like I asked. The lady was really slow making it which almost made me late for work then when I get a chance to eat I find it like that. Very unprofessional and poor customer service

Italian hoagie

I purchased a (TOASTED) Italian hoagie & I hit TOASTED for a reason... & got home to bite into a COLD SUB!!! Wasn't to happy. Tried calling got no answer.

Italian hoagie


I come to Pennsylvania often and when I do my family and I like to enjoy a meal at Sheetz. But this time I am very dissatisfied and unpleased. I ordered a few things two of which...

poor service, possibly vindictive (?)

At approximately 5:15 yesterday (03/04/2020) I had stopped in for cigarettes, the line ahead wasnt very long but there were several people behind me (7). An associate and thw...

customer service, food, sheetz app

Soooo... As the comments complain about sheetz goes on here is our lovely experience with this horrible stop... We travel alot and go to many sheetz throughout westmoreland...

Service time

We waited 45 minutes for made to order food on a Saturday night at 2 am. Finally got our money back, be ause we couldnt wait anymore. The manager was very apologetic, and said they are severely understaffed. I WONT SPEND MY MONEY AT A COMPANY THAT DOESNT CARE ENOUGH ABOUT ITS EMPLOYEES OR THE CUSTOMERS, TO SCHEDULE ENOUGH PEOPLE DURING BUSY HOURS. YOU ARE NOT SAVING BY SHORT STAFFING.

Quality of food. And fountain drink

I stopped at sheets in st marys on my way home from work for gas and something to eat and drink! What a big mistake! I got my gas with no problem! Then I went inside to order and pay! I ordered a chicken sandwich. Small order of fries and large fountain drink! I got my ticket for what I ordered and tried to go to register to pay but had to wait at least ten minutes to pay! There were at least 10 people lined up to pay And only one cashier!what a joke! When I finally got to pay ! I proceeded to fountain drink area! I tried to get a large diet Dr Pepper but all foam! As usual! The the girl called my number for my food! I got my food and headed home! I live 5 minutes away! The fries were cold and for the best part was still cold inside! I think it was froze in middle! What a disgusting stop! I have never been so mad! You can bet I will never stop at sheets again!!

French Toast Sticks

Why is the default for most of the employees at Sheetz to put cinnamon sugar on these?? If you're allergic to it and something happens is Sheetz liable? If I buy them and press no for that option why the hell do they think it's the default for them. Plain is the default and if someone wanted it then it would be a lot less bothersome than getting that garbage on there and having to tell them you didn't want it. I have the utmost respect for retail employees and sympathize with their job but this is just plain lazy and not paying attention because it is not even close to the first time this has happened.

food/ service

I first wanna start off with I had got a 6 inch turkey sub and I had wanted it toasted. I got home and it wasn't toasted. Now the main reason I am putting this complaint in is my...

custom made salad

At the Sterling Virginia Sheetz I ordered custom salad to take with me on a car trip. Several hours later when I opened the salad bowl, there were French fries coated with cheese...

management / ordering / cigarettes / not having what I need

Please take this for what it is worth. I stopped tonight after not stopping for a month or so to purchase a pack of smokes. The reason I haven't been stopping there is because I...

wrong order

46606 I received the wrong order while at sheetz tonight. I was disappointed to come home to find no chicken or Mac n cheese bites. I attached a picture of the receipt on my bag and a...

meatball sub

Hello...I ordered a meatball sub from Sheetz, Cranberry - number 521 - February 9th at approximately 3 pm. I ordered it with pickles, black olives, jalapeno peppers and mild...

closed kitchen and restrooms

On the morning of February 8th I stopped here at 2am on my way home from work to get my daughter lunch for the following day. As I entered the store I noticed homemade signs on...

steak hoagie

I go to the Sheetz on Route 60 all the time, but today I got a full steak Hoagie that was awful. The bread was overcooked, extremely dried out and I'm not sure it was even a foot long. It was disappointing to pay almost $9 and be disappointed. Everything else I've gotten has been really good. Therefore today was so jarring. It seems I get better quality at Get Go after today.

mto burrito

They always forget something, but it's our favorite fast food place. So we went today and I got a burrito and they definitely forgot the boom boom sauce and ranch. It'...


Stop there on a regular basis, never disappointed, went on wed morning, got a spicy chicken sandwich and a cheesburger, both were terrible. They were super busy, but not an...

food service and price

U just want to say first that when I lived in Winchester VA, about 4 yrs ago, Sheetz was my favorite store. I loved the food, drinks, service and prices. But I moved to Bealeton...

ruby who works at the front cover

Ruby who work at the register at nights has a nasty attitude. She doesn't halp you move your stuff if she is at a different register. She also has a very nasty attitude. And...

cold brew coffee

Got a large cold brew coffee at the Sheetz off of the Wexford exit in PA with almond milk. I thought that my milk was just all on the bottom of the cup and they just didn't mix it untill I was driving down the road and it was spoiled. The almond milk is chunky and spoiled sitting in my coffee. This is very disappointing. I am working and travel for work and was not able to stop again to get another coffee.

cold brew coffee
cold brew coffee
cold brew coffee


This morning on January 19th at 1:10 a.m. I had one of your Cooks be very hostile towards me because I had ordered two milkshakes. He was cursing thinking I wouldn't hear him...

coffee/cappuccino machine

46606 I went into Youngwood sheetz and took my sheetz coffee mug and tried getting capacinio out of one despencer, which was French vanilla, and it was straight water. So then I tried...

mto drinks

I go to this sheetz every single day and let me tell you, the incompetence of some of the employees is mind boggling. I just waited 35 minutes for a pre-ordered latte...

price dunkin donut coffee

I purchased 2 Dunkin Donuts coffee's today and the sign on the cooler said 2 for $4.00. I checked out and it rang up at $5.58. I asked the clerk and he said the sign must be wrong. I feel he should have double checked on the sign/price. I purchase these all the time and I've never paid this high price. Was this by mistake or is this the new price? Thanks for your time.

price dunkin donut coffee


46606 I ordered the French toast sticks and chose the add cinnamon sugar option. Upon receiving my order I opened the box and I had more cinnamon sugar than I had sticks. The box wa...

sheetz app

I bought 2 hot dogs with 250 points before i walked into the store, when the cashier scanned my card it wasn't on there. so i then added another set of dogs onto my card, in front of the cashier. once again it took away the 250 points but it did not give me the credit. the problem was resolved promptly and my dogs were manually taken off of my order; but i still lost points and would somehow like to get them back. at the the 250 that i got nothing out of, thank you .

online order

I have had the online order app for a while now and sheetz recently changed where you cant pay in store. I dont like that, and theyhave a stand where they put the food. When I got my food my fries were so cold I could not eat them. I also got a minute made apple juice that was not there and I was never instructed to get it myself. What I'm getting at is. I like to pay in store not online, and I would like to have my food hot, not cold and if you get a product from the store put it with the food, and or have a sign that says pick it up yourself.

online order


The cashier that took my winning lottery ticket to scan and then gave it back to me saying that the ticket was already claimed. I told her that that was impossible because i had...


Was at sheetz Hulton road in Oakmont a few days ago and was ordering food and the one worker I asked what's good here to eat at sheetz? She replied with a sheetz smile and...

frozen extra espresso

I get one every day.. The sheetz in the middle of waynesburg. Pa. I have had to take it back so many times I think more training needs done or older ppl hired.. Cause of goofing...


Went to Sheetz tonight (1/5/2020) and got a bucket of fries. The pictures below show what we received without eating any. The bucket was half full at most and there was small pieces of chicken mixed in. If this happened a few times, I would not complain but this has been happening very frequently. I am not sure who I should contact to ensure that this gets resolved but I figured this was a good place to start. I ordered the bucket of fries for 2 people and the amount that was given was not enough for 1 person, let alone 2.


wrong food for order

Good evening, I had visited your cresaptown store in maryland on 1/3/2020 at around 6am. I had stopped in the morning after work to order food. I had ordered 2 of the bacon...

mto food

I have no photos of cold food or anything too rediculous to report.
I am sure that you guys have guidelines that every store is supposed to follow so that the food is the same throughout as it can be the same with different people who do things a little differently. I get that. But I find that it's a hit or miss on whether or not my hot food orders will actually be hot or not. I understand the worker get flooded and they're trying to get food out to the customers as quick as possible. But a lot of times the store isn't even busy when this happens. (9-10 people with only me ordering food at a super Sheetz)

I am eating my food within minutes after purchasing it, not a 20 min car drive and then opening my food. In that case, I could understand food (especially in winter months) would cool down a lot.

The worst is when I get a breakfast sandwich that's too cold. Just as bad is when I get cold Pizza. Literally, the last few times I ordered Pizza, only the first bite (tip of the slice) is just barely warm and the rest of it is very cold. Some spots much colder than others, almost out of the refrigerator cold. Kind of like it sat for a while and was never reheated when given to me. If this could be fixed that would be great because I love Sheetz! I'd say food and drinks is 70% of my stopping at Sheetz, (and then other purchases of stuff I didn't go in for of course) but if I keep having bad food experiences I would hate to have to go somewhere else.

On a good note, this is out of the blue, but just FYI: Rutters don't have anything on Sheetz!! ;) They may as well pack it up and go home with their overpriced, small select garbage. Even their ready food that sits in the cooler where the Yogurt and fruit goes, is WAY overpriced and tastes horrible to eat! (especially their yogurt ;( So way to go in making great foods! Keep up the great work. I would just like my food to be hot please.

Also, I would love if you guys brought Nachos back they way they used to be back in the day. When you guys started to use runny sour cream and have soggy chips and other ingredients, it went downhill quick until you got rid of them completely. Everyone I know loved those! Thanks for your time reading this.