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Sheetz Complaints & Reviews

Sheetz / disrespectful crew members

Joshua Williams420 on Mar 19, 2019

2 crew members tonight were extremely rude but not to my face, they male one did something to my tacos and didn't replace them and he said "just gonna pretend nobody saw that" and the women with blonde hair went along with it. He also made fun of how I dressed behind the counter...

Sheetz / car wash and the employee I dealt with

formercustomerSue on Mar 11, 2019

I have never used the Sheetz car wash before. I waited for 45 minutes. When I got into the car wash nothing happened. Called the phone number on the wall and they told me to go to the store. The man I dealt with was rude and would not listen. He threw my $12 at me and walked away. First he...

Sheetz / food

Mgshizzle on Mar 9, 2019

My name is marty galsick email is [email protected], I just ordered 3 sliders and nachos grande mini tacos all of my food was ice cold very displeased and was missing half the ingredients on my burgers . This is the 3rd time this year I have had issues with food at this particular...

Sheetz / pork quesorito

Casey Shank on Mar 7, 2019

First and foremost, the quesorito was put together very sloppy and was breaking out of the sheetz wrapper that the employee wrapped it in. Along with that, my biggest concern and complaint is that the Pork inside the Quesorito was not cooked the hole way. It was bloody and red/pink. Ended...

Sheetz / food/mto

Joshua Baxter on Mar 7, 2019

Odered food from this location on 3/3/2019. My total was $23.97 Order #707 The employee called my number, I got my food and drove home. When I got hope I opened my back and my bonless bites (large) wasn't in my back. This item was $8.99 plus the side of boom boom sauce I odered additional $.60...

Sheetz / lack of customer service

Andrew Allison on Mar 4, 2019

Every morning I go into this store for my coffee or whatnot. The employees treat me as like I'm stealing or I don't even get waited on. The manger Chad doesn't treat me any differently. I feel that if I'm going to be treated like this I might as well go to Reuters. Thi...

Sheetz / food and service

cwayneh on Mar 2, 2019

I shopped at this sheetz at about 11:50pm on 3/1/2019. I ordered food from the touch screen and paid for my food. The supervisor rang me up and talked with 3 other employees the entire time.. The only words spoken to me were "is that all". She and the employee working in the kitchen...

Sheetz / food

Megan Hanna on Mar 1, 2019

Today I went and ordered lunch after Sheetz located in Belington West Virginia my quesadilla I received had barely any steak on it the bread was soggy and wet end of my hot dogs were all cold I got my son some french toast sticks and they were hard as hell. Also I've never seen sour...

Sheetz / poor customer service

Collinh on Feb 24, 2019

Me and 3 other people came In to sheetz and ordered food. we were going to sit inside and eat but there were to many people there. so we went out to my truck and ate the food we were there for no more than 45 mins from when we got there. as we were sitting there the sheetz employees call...

Sheetz / discussing food and terrible service

Virginia Roberts on Feb 21, 2019

My daughter went to the location listed above on yesterday and order chicken tenders. The yound man behind the counter gave her the food and told her to have a good day. When she opened her food she notice that the chicken looked like someone had already eaten it and put scraps for a dog...

Sheetz / food

Judge4983 on Feb 14, 2019

I ordered a bacon platter. No eggs. Just bacon and tator tots. It was all shaken up, in the pic I moved it around. But literally had 2-3 shredded pieces of bacon not even one whole piece mixed on with some eggs felt super hard and tasted like plastic or not even cooked. For $7!!! I have...

Sheetz / food

rforry on Feb 13, 2019

My co-worker and I go to sheetz several times a week to pick up lunch. On a regular basis we get the boneless chicken pieces coated in various sauces. Usually they are pretty good although it varies weekly whether or not you get the coated chicken you requested or at least have enough...

Sheetz / gas station video advertising at gas pump

Kayla Rambo on Feb 8, 2019

I purposely avoid this sheetz because of the loud video ads playing while I attempt to pump gas. As a migraine sufferer, sound can be a trigger, especially if one cannot control the volume intensity. There is no turn off option and I think that should be offered for those affected by...

Sheetz / car wash

Kim Rickard on Feb 4, 2019

I waited in line 45 minutes to wash my car. When it was my turn, I swiped my card and chose the $7 Shiny wash option. It said my receipt was printing but nothing came out. When I was told the wash was available, I pulled forward, but the door didn't open. The automated voice kept saying to...

Sheetz / service

Estelab on Feb 4, 2019

I came to sheets as usual to get my lg peanut butter clshake, went to cashier wish was very nice, I go ahead and pay, went back to the counter to wait for the shake, a pretty blond young girl approached me and told me in a rude manner that if I was there for the shake I need it to pay it...

Sheetz / online order through app

Justsploofit on Feb 2, 2019

Hi My name is Jerry Luizza my sheetz card number is 6277 5586 6446 5937 I ordered a 2 meat platter online through the app, popcorn chicken and chicken stripz with my sides. I got my sides and my stripz but did not receive my popcorn chicken. I wanted to put in a complaint because the food...

Sheetz / I am complaining about a worker named rick warnick

trisha year on Feb 1, 2019

My niece and I went to Sheetz on January 27th. Mr. Warnick was very rude and kept making snide comments to my niece. He knew of my 14 niece by the fact that his best friend had been in a relationship with her. This man was 19 and she is 14. He beat and raped her. So Mr. Warnick was upset with...

Sheetz / food

Pooper300000 on Jan 28, 2019

Why in the actual fuck. Did you guys get rid of fried fucking pickles. There are only a few things in this world that make me happy. And those were at the top of the list. You lost all of my business. Please bring them back I'm begging you. I'm so sorry I fucking need them you don't get...

Sheetz / wrong thing

Denise Bickhart-Hosterman on Jan 27, 2019

Store 201 Pa. Apparently there was no barcode on the bottom of my salad so my guy cashier took it got another one & rung it out. I was 20 mins down the road & he put the wrong salad inside. I live an hr & a half away so I couldn't come back. I'd like this taken care of instead of an I'm...

Sheetz / reds wicked ale

Wendy Keller on Jan 25, 2019

I purchased a 12 pack and the price was 11.99, the cashier rang it up and it showed up 12.59. I said the ticket shows 11.99 the cashier says we cannot change the price it was supose to be changed by the beer rep. This is not my problem, this is a problem from your beer rep and you to...