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Sep 03, 2020

99 Cents Only Stores — Deceitful, fraudulent shelf price labels

The 99 Cents Only stores I have shopped at in Orange County, CA have been for a long time deliberately...

Aug 10, 2020

99 Cents Only Stores — Bad management bad store manager

So on friday august 7, 2020 I went to the 99 cents store in salinas ca on laurel They only had two cashier...

Feb 17, 2020

99 Cents Only Stores — attitude

Today I went into the 99 cent store down the street from my house. I always go to this same store. I wa...

Jan 15, 2020

99 Cents Only Stores — poison plums

Bought plums brand name appeared to be "Flavor Farmer" It burnt my mouth - probably loaded with...

Nov 20, 2019

99 Cents Only Stores — customer service

I stopped by around 8:30 pm as a last minute grocerie stop as I work as a teacher around this neighborhood...

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Nov 06, 2019

99 Cents Only Stores — verbally assaulting accused i'm stealing chicken nuggets with our children no proof no video no police report

My husband is a hard-working man him and my kids and I shop at this store constantly spend lots of money two...

Oct 12, 2019

99 Cents Only Stores — rude mexican staff

October 12, 2019. Rude Mexican employees. This will not increase your business.in fact, you are losing...

Oct 10, 2019

99 Cents Only Stores — animals galore!

I visited this store earlier this week. I was appalled and very disappointed in the LARGE number of dogs in...

Aug 29, 2019

99 Cents Only Stores — customer service

In the 99 cent store in Palm Desert, California, on Highway 111, there is an old white woman with glasses and...

Aug 28, 2019

99 Cents Only Stores — Worker of 99 cent name lupe

My family and I went to 99 cent around time 8:33.my husband ask too one of your employees name lupe where wa...

Aug 23, 2019

99 Cents Only Stores — cacique yogurt

Hello yesterday 08/22/19 I purchase 2 cacique yogurts for my kids when I got home one of them was bad already...

99 Cents Only Storesthe store is in trouble.

I have said for years you should have listened to me and other customer's. The 99 cent store needs to change the name to 99 cents and more . The items are getting smaller in size that its a joke. So many items are over 99 cents. Give customer's a good buy over a dollar and they be happy. If you go to other stores and they charge more you have done a good job . The profits will climb and the stores will do better. Respond to this at [protected]@yahoo.com

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    99 Cents Only Storesmanager "burk" refused last name so i'm not sure what it it

    I came to the store for a quick run in to grab a pair of scissors for my dog going to the self grooming place right down the road. I was going to find a pair quickly and check out and be on my way...

    Seeing as how my four yr old cocker spaniel is a service animal.. I decided to throw on his collar (which is identified as a WORKING animal and grab his small leash and bring him in with me. I have done this once before at this location and the GM was here that day and told me it was perfectly fine...
    I walked in and walked straight to the office supplies/ school supply isle. A few people walked up and asked if they could get Wilson and I agreed and they did... no problem... after I found my one item I was there to purchase.. a man walked up and just reached behind Wilson and pet him on the head... it startled Wilson a little and he let out a few barks... no big deal.. we laughed and went on our way... I walked two isles down and the "manager" shouted at me down the isle and said "that better be a service dog". I was quite taken back by his tone and rudeness... but I still answered.. yes.. he is... then I walked back around and he actually walked up to me this time and told me if my dog "acted up again and barked, that I would be"escorted out "of the store... then he told me that I had to have the documents proofing that my dog was infact a service animal... I told him I thought he was mistakenly about that... and he was very rude and called me miss and told Me that I should take my business elsewhere... I said fine.. put my item down and asked him for his name and once again he rudely replied..."BURK" B-U-R-K in a tone as to treat me as I was illiterate.....

    It was very humiliating and I will not be back to this store ever again..

    I hope this employee will never be allowed to treat anyone like he treated myself and my beloved dog.. whom is like a family member to me. (side note) my dog has NEVER tried to bite anyone.. and has never acted malicious... even during this incident... and I have never heard of a rule/ law that says service animals aren't allowed to bark.

    Thank you,
    Jamie Mendenhall

    manager "burk" refused last name so i'm not sure what it it

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      • Updated by Jamie0107 · Jun 24, 2019

        And once again...you...are INCORRECT. Nothing infuriates me more than a manager or other employee not knowing laws or regulations accurately enough to run or manage a store.



      • Kn
        Know the Law Jun 24, 2019

        I work at an Arena . . . The manager was correct. However, he may not know this. 99.9 % of Service dogs do not bark and if they do bark at a person, in a public venue, you can be asked to leave the venue.

        Service Dogs Laws . . . They are not allowed to
        Whine, bark, grumble, growl or make other noises. An exception may be if the whining is an alert, such as to notify a handler who is experiencing a panic attack or a drop in blood sugar.
        Be anxious, antsy, agitated or aggressive in any way, shape, form or fashion.

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      99 Cents Only Storeslousy work from workers.

      There was a person named Fred who helped me with my groceries and didn't ask me if I wanted a bag for my one onion that I bought that day. This is very rude of them considering that everyone else got a bag for their purchases but I didn't. The guy behind me bought gum and got a bag for that. This was yesterday and I went back today (i practically live at the 99 cents store) and complained to the manager who was no help whatsoever. This was because he just stood there and nodded his head at everything I said and took no action against Fred. Then he offered me bag with a free onion in it and I declined. Thanks a lot 99 cents store I think I''ll take my business to the dollar tree.

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        • Updated by Daisy Adams · May 09, 2019

          I forgot to mention that Fred apologized while looking at the floor because he didn't have the nerves to look at me in the eye. This shows what a coward he is they should fire him. Now that I think of it his name was Fernando not Fred sorry Fernando.

        • Bu
          buildere May 09, 2019

          You are a grown up. If you want a bag for the onion ASK for it. It is not rude because he cannot read your mind. What do you want the manager to do. You never asked for a bag. What exactly did you want him to do. Fire or write up Fred because you were too shy to ask for a bag. Your life must be very difficult and boring if not getting a bag that you did not ask for still upsets you days later. They should not punish Fred because you are too shy to ASK for a bag. If you are shy bring mommy shopping with you. Have her ask for you. The true coward is you for You were bullying Fred. You are the true coward. Also when you are too shy to ASK for a bag do not accuse Fred of being a coward. At least he apologized. He was probably embarrassed that the big childish temper tantrum you threw over a bag that you did not ASK for. He should not have had to apologize since you were the shy one that did not ask for a bag. Grow up. You act like a child and you call someone a coward. Whether his name is Fred or Fernando, you could have simply asked for bag. This is a stupid complaint. You are nothing but a bully and coward.

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        • Cy
          CynthiaLucia Perez May 23, 2019
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          I don't understand why you say that the Manager was no help when you went back to complain. Not only did you get an apology from the cashier but you actually state that the manager was looking directly at you, nodding (MATURE people see that as an I understand gesture) but offered a free onion with WHAT? A BAG which is what you wanted and you see that as negative response. I'm sorry but you must be bored with your life you feel that someone must be "made an example" and be written up or possibly fired for not bagging an onion... Just cause you hate your days, it doesn't give you a right to try and ruin someone else's just to make yours slightly less crappy

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        99 Cents Only Storesemployees

        He's my name is Tamisha Bray I been working really hard wen it's time to close it was to told every employee not to help me whatsoever I am stuck trying to get everything done by myself I was told tht one of asm tht if I keep showing I can't close on time then I will get fired so no one is to help me so tht could happen I love my job to everyone is racist and they have a click formed to try and get me fired since I've been there a couple ppl quit because no one there is team players unless ur in their click I feel someone need to investigate this situation because it's getting out of hand not only do I see it other employees and customers also they expect me to do everything without any teamwork I would appreciate if someone take this situation seriously because I love my job and I've been with the company almost 4 years this June or Oct

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          • Cy
            CynthiaLucia Perez May 23, 2019
            This comment was posted by
            a verified customer
            Verified customer

            Hi I'm sorry to hear that you're getting negative feedback when it comes to trying to get help from you co-workers or supervisor on duty. I hope you don't get fired or at least have some people help you out or give you some tips on how to get done faster. Unfortunately I understand because I work for the 99 too, and yesterday I was told by a supervisor to mind my own business when it comes to checking for B.O.B. (bottom of basket) when a customer has things in a Shopping cart and not on the belt in order to help another cashier who couldn't see it. Yet THAT'S PART OF MY JOB! Yup and she said it loud and Infront of many other employees and many customers who just looked at me like "wow did that just happen?

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          Apr 05, 2019

          99 Cents Only Stores — employee

          I had a terrible experience last night with an employee name donna she rudely told me to hurry up an give her...

          Apr 03, 2019

          99 Cents Only Stores — prices/ customer service

          So I went to this store right now I had to get dish liquid n I saw the fabric softener n thought it was an...

          99 Cents Only Storesuse of bathrooms

          On Monday, March 4th, around 11:30 a.m., we were heading back form Las Vegas to San Diego. We stopped at the 99 cents store to stock up on water and snacks for the trip ahead. When I walked into the store, I asked a cashier where the restrooms were. I was told that the restrooms were for employees only. I could not believe that a store will not permit customers to use the restroom. What do you guys expect people to do when they have to go? Relieve themselves right behind your building? This is inhuman behavior. We immediately left and did NOT buy a thing. I will reconsider buying anything ever again from a 99 cents store. I don't need to be treated like an animal!

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            Jan 08, 2019

            99 Cents Only Stores — disrespectful to an employee

            I want to file a complaint on a manager @the store my son works at. I am VERY upset at how my child i...

            Jan 06, 2019

            99 Cents Only Stores — employee behavior

            On 1/6/2019 my wife and I went into the store and as we were shopping two employees thats were putting...