Walgreens North Main Street Torrington, CT 06790pharm. dept and employees working in pharmacy on 8/14/2018

B Aug 15, 2018

I dropped a script off at 8:30am, its a comp case, still at 7:30pm script wasn't filled and was told system went down due to a storm, the storm didn't hit until 3-4pm. I then stated that's no excuse I dropped it off at 8:30am. I ten was told by both rude workers that there was nothing they can do there were other scripts to be done before me … really I was in there at 8:30am...The workers in that dept are incompitant. I was also given info that had nothing to do with me ( bin # etc) ( I was also told the script was no good...I stated haw is that since I got it the day before by my Dr at 2pm) they had No answer..This was the 3rd time I had a script filled out on July 6th I had the same script by my Dr and it was filled in 15 min...after going back and forth with the workers I took my scripts back( they had them almost 12 hrs). I went to Walmart they tried to put the info they gave me in the system and it had nothing to do with my comp. Unable to help me I took my scripts back from them too. I called the Walgreens on E Main Street and I explained the situation...I was told to come to them in the morning and they would take care of it for me...Today 8/15/2018 I went to them at 8:15 am and the info given to me from the other one wasn't even in the system under my name.. I had my script in 20 mins...… I will no longer go to the N Main Street location due to the rude and incompitant workers in that dept...I have been there for at least 20 yrs now they lost a loyal customer...also, even though I got quick and fast polite service from the E Main Street walgreens I am unsure if I will continue to shop your company. Needless to say I was very upset.

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