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pharmacy service at guayama puerto rico

I am middle aged working woman that recently have big time swollen feet that comes along with a lot of pain. Making it difficult to walk and stand for long period of time.

I went into this Walgreens and there is two persons attending one dispatching the medicines. One taking in prescriptions. Only 2 people on the dispatch side. No one on the other line.

After being in the line for a while, I was already hanging on from one of the shelves lol. I told the idle lady can you please dispatch my medicine.

The answer is NO you have to stay on that line. So I did. Where is customer service? This pharmacy has very poor customer service. Please give them training I mean the are dealing with sick people, most of them old.

By store managers, cashiers, even the people that arrange the aisles and also the cosmetic employees A+ very polite and customer oriented.

This is not my first bad service encounter from the pharmacy. Was thinking on changing my pharmacy, this happened 6/24/2019 5pm.

gift card

Purchased a $100 Visa gift card from the gift card kiosk. Paid the $1.95 service fee. Got home and found out...

zolpidem 10mg tablets manufactured by aurobindo

The most recent refills of the generic ambien sleeping pills that I received from my local Walgreen's in...


I have been holding in many many complaints about this pharmacy's handling of customers, either on the...

answering phone at pharmacy

Today i called 3 times put on hold 3 times and hung up 3 times. All in a total of 1 hour that i lost.
I called was put on hold by the answering system, with continued messages letting me know i had 2 calls ahead and eventually 1 call ahead and eventually someone just picked pick up and hang up. Unacceptable service, fix it. Your store location where this happened is at walgreens in harrison new jersey.

  • Ca
    cat lily Jun 17, 2019

    I just made the same complaint. I had to call Walgreen's 9x's today due to medication issue. I understand, that i'm going to be put on hold. however, their wheel tape message for holding, told me, over and over again. if I hear "I;m sorry to have you wait, the reps are busy and there's 3 phone calls ahead of me" drove me over the edge. this averaged out to listening their "hold message" every 17 mins. for a 10 minute call. to be fair Corporate contacted me and because I was on the phone holding, I didn't answer. fast forward, I then call the pharmacy and the pharmacist says "oh I see you made a complaint" (I didn't give my name or phone to Corporate. the pharmacist agreed w/me about the hold button. per Corporate, this is a common complaint. FYI: the number for customer service is not a Walgreens location; it's subcontracted by Walgreens to handle complaints. sorry, so long but it's beyond crazy that this crap continues.

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  • Ri
    Rich Grey Jul 08, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It took me 3 days to get a medication that had 1refill on it.(Walgreens in Harrison n.j.)automatic answering service is a nightmare to say the least.I spoke to 3 different pharmacist w before one told me medication in question would be ready in about 20 minutes.returned to find out a different medication was filled.all well and good.what about the medication that I have been waiting 3 days for now?.that one is now ready...ok I now am handed someone else's medication.wtf.!pharmacist said a report would be made and apologized.the Walgreens in Harrison is a disgrace.can anyone tell me where I can take a complaint further than the store?? Richard g

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  • Pr
    ProblemSolvedRx Jul 12, 2019

    Using Walgreens’ app or Walgreens.com is really the best way to go anymore.
    You’re totally right about phone service. As a highly-sensitive Empath, tho... I get to feeling bad for the employees. The stores have skeleton crews who can barely take care of customers staring at them. I’m glad they help the people in line before the phones, until it’s me trying to get something done on my lunch break lol. Since I started using the app and Walgreens.com I’ve had much better results. I can send messages from the website (change that to 3 month supply please; use my discount card instead of insurance on that one; etc) and chat with pharmacy staff on the app (I can only afford 2 weeks’ worth right now and don’t h. The app shows the status of my prescriptions (kinda like the pizza tracker on the Pizza Hut app) and the date I last picked them up. I can tap the one I want to refill and send it to any location in the country to be ready in 2 hours. LOVE.

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On June 4 I received a RX from my doctor and on the way home dropped it off at Walgreens on Plaza and Euclid in National City, CA. I usually use a mail-in pharmacy, but because my doctor said I needed this medication immediately, I went to Walgreens, which I sometimes use. This Walgreens delivers to my retirement facility which is a few blocks away. I was told the wait would be 1-1/2 hour so I chose to have it delivered. I was told by the girl taking my order that it would be delivered later that day June 4. It was not delivered June 4. It was not delivered June 5. So on June 6 I called the store. The girl that answered said it was not delivered because my credit card expired. YES, cards DO expire. I asked to speak to someone in charge and was transferred to another girl. She said again that they did not fill it because my card expired. She said they tried to call me but I was not home. No message. When I asked why they didn't leave a message to call Walgreens back, she said Walgreens doesn't leave messages. How very simple to say into my voice mail, "please call Walgreens". So my prescription just got ignored. When I asked her to take my corrected credit card info, she said "No, you have to come in to the store to give it". I would have to hire transportation to take me to Walgreens just to give them my new expiration date? Incompetence! This was not a pair of socks that could wait until they got their act together, this was a needed prescription.
This was the 2nd time this happened with them. Last time my card expired, I had just come out of the hospital, and no delivery. Fortunately my doctor called me to ask how I was and I told him Walgreens didn't deliver my RX. He was furious and said that my body could go into shock if I discontinued the medicine suddenly. He called Walgreens and chewed them out, probably threatening to sue, etc. Walgreens delivered.

store managers filling prescriptions and messing them up!

The store manager was "helping" the pharmacy and refilled my prescription. Except he didn't fill the right one. I'm going out of town and need that medicine, and the only way they will fill it is if my doctor calls them. Here's the kicker...my doctor's office is closed this week. So now I'm possibly missing a funeral out of state because of Walgreen's incompetency!! It takes 3-5 days for a district manager to contact you back?!?! Are you kidding me?!?!


I am a pediatrician visiting from Fl with my 2 daughters. We walked to Walgreens on corner of N.Main St & Madison in downtown Memphis for a case of water and snacks. We returned today for toiletries etc. I am on a diuretic and had to urinate badly. I keft items I was purchasing with my kids so I could use the restroom. The 2 ladies were approximately 30 ish year old African Americans. I was told "we don't have a restroom ". I told them it was a lot to have a restroom that's when they changed their story and said that they have a restroom but they don't allow the public to use it. I told her that I was in the store the night before and spent quite a bit of money and that was back in the store again today spending money she told me I can make my purchase and then I can go across the street to a restaurant and use their toilet very rude especially since I try to stay faithful to Walgreens. What I should've done is pissed my pants on the floor right there and told her to clean it up .

  • Wa
    Watevvvs Jun 03, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We are sick and tired of cleaning up the bathroom after "sick " people. Use the bathroom at home.

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I've been a customer of the Walgreens Pharmacy in Lorton, Va for 3 years. While trying to be patient and understanding, I've finally gotten fed up. Today, May 31st at 12:55pm I've been on hold for total of 40 mins. My first call was on hold 25 mins and then someone picked up to just hang up in my ear. So I called right and Now I'm waiting again for now 15 mins. The customer service at this location is horrible. I rarely see the same pharmacist twice. There seems to be a very high turnover of staff!

I'm trying to call to see if my ordered prescription has come in?!?! It was ordered last Friday and I have not be notified it has arrived. I keep saying I am not going back and this has really made my mind up.


Walgreens shorted my husbands pain meds by 10 pills two months in a row. When going back to complain pharmacist claims count is correct. I see this is a common complaint against Walgreens and my husband will run out of meds early again. There is nothing we can do but not use Walgreens anymore. Buyers beware cause you are at their mercy. We have no way to prove someone is stealing from the customers.


Walgreens gave the member a prescription with 40 pills in it instead of 90. When confronted the first time, they said they had done all calculations and everything was acconted for. they usually initial the quantity but they did not this time. looked at the surveillance and it all checked out. when the member asked if anything was going to be done about it they said 'nope'. member is upset and wants this complaint documented.

pharmacy staff

Marion Virginia Walgreens workers submitted a picture of a cake for someone's last day it's says "[censored] Cake" wrote on the cake. How disrespectful is this to post on your Facebook page by a employee Leanne Francis. Should you be taking pictures in the pharmacy while you are working? They are customer information every where and this is a privacy issue. I mean does "[censored] Cake " represent Walgreens? Who bought this cake and brought in to the store? Major issues and your employees represent your store! The picture is posted on her Facebook page!


I have worked for the company for fourteen years. I started as a cashier now I am a SFL. I love Walgreens and the work I do, but our ASM we have is not fair with our schedules, he micro manages too much, smokes out by the stockroom stinks up the whole stockroom, has a very high temper to employees and customers. Need to get rid of him, already had complaints. I thought Walgreens was about ECC. He took over the whole store that our store manager does not say anything she rather see unhappy employees which will have unhappy customers. The fourteen years I have been with this company I have never dislike anyone this company has changed so much in so many ways it is upsetting. I go to work and do my job and go home to my Family. This ASM do not have a family like others he even bothers you when you are off the clock! He even goes in on his days off to tell us what we have do that is just too far. Too much control! With that ASM we are going to loose alot of loss profits! I have a family to support and I love my job at Walgreens, but dislike my ASM.

genteal tears night time ointment sku#[protected]

I tried three Walgreens stores in Baton Rouge and none stocked this product. All were out of 3 or 4 other GenTeal Tears products. It is ridiculous that Walgreen's who stock has plumeted, cannot get their assortment right nor can they stay in stock.

I found that two close by grocery stores carry this product and had it in stock (Wal-Mart Neighborhood grocery and Albertons'. How can grocery stores out stock and out service eye products over the larges pharmacy store in the Country? Crazy that Walgreen's cannot execute...no wonder the stock is tanking and they are getting eaten up by Amazon. Wake up before it is too late.


This is the second time I've ordered photos from Walgreens in Quincy Illinois using the 1 hour service—for a...

prescription medication

I had my physician send a new Rx to my preferred Walgreens pharmacy, I have used their services for more than...

amlodipine 2.5

I was offered and approved years ago for the drug program. RX #[protected]. I used my Medicaid card to...

the redbox movie rental box

The red box movie rental is to close to the street entrance. People block the the way by parking in front of the machine to get the movies. The handy cap people cant get by. They park on both sides of the entrance. 5/7/2019. Complained to the manager but to no avail they still block the entrance. It should be moved to another location. The address is store is #[protected] s howell ave. Milw. Wi. 53207.

  • SubSquirrel May 07, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    “the handy cap people cant“

    Mmmmkkk. They aren’t people wearing a cap that’s handy. They are handicapped people. They have a handicap so are handicapped.

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  • SubSquirrel May 09, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Disabled is the word I use. I sometimes use handicapped but since becoming disabled, I try really hard to use the right words. I don’t get upset if someone uses the wrong word.

    I’m not sure when we became politically correct.

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I am absolutely sick of the poor customer service at this pharmacy. It's absolutely heinous. It takes at...

Metropolis Employees

I am complaining about the use of my 20% coupon for purchasing the red nose promotional item.

On 5/3/19, I purchased a red nose for the promotion to help end Child Poverty. I received a 20% coupon to use on my next purchase that exceeds $10. So I went to use the coupon today, (5/4/19) and was not able to use the coupon because I was purchasing cigarettes along with some other items, [pantyhose & alka seltzer]. I asked the cashier to ring the cigarettes separately, to try and use the coupon. I do understand that the "novelty" item might be excluded, but the I was still not able to use the coupon. I asked if I needed to use the coupon where I purchased the red nose and she stated that shouldn't matter. I'm confused because the coupon state that I had to purchase specific items nor did it state I had to use the coupon at the place of issue. This was an inconvenience for me because I made the purchases depending on the discount offered but not given. I want to know why so that I can use the coupon before it expires. This experience was very frustrating for me.