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Walgreens - Covid-19 vaccine refused to serve

I was refused the vaccine. I was discriminated against. A couple of Middle Eastern young women had a horrible attitude being demeaning and condescending to me. I was just questioning why I should...

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Aug 14, 2021

Walgreens - Pharmacy

I have been a pharmacy customer for several years and I just changed to CVS. They never have my medication on time. They don't order it so I have to wait for the shipment to come in. This happened the last 4 months. Because it is a pain medication, they advise me that I cannot get a partial order or they will have to cancel it. I suffer from extreme pain from several illnesses including RA, Osteo-Arthritis, 2 recent hip & knee replacements, back problems, etc. The last 4 months my medication wasn't ordered and I was out of pills, so I had to wait 3 days after I was out for them to re-order. Another problem I had was that they told me my medication was ready to pick up and when I got there, they advised me that it was a day early and the woman told me they called my physician to see if it was ok to pick it up early. I would never have wanted this. Then my doctor thinks I am abusing them because I wanted to pick it up early when they were the ones that told me the medication was ready. There were 2 nice women that worked there but, with all the issues I had, nobody once apologized and even one said to me, "how can you not have any left?" How unbelievably nervy is that? Because I kept forgetting to tell my doctors to change my pharmacy, I had to keep having the same experience for 4 months of the last 5. So many bad experiences, I won't be getting my medications there and I won't be shopping at Walgreens anymore.

Desired outcome: None, I just wanted to express my feelings about Walgreens on Hempstead Tpke & Newbridge Road, in East Meadow NY

I am changing to another "out of my way" Walgreens just to get away from this pharmacy.

Walgreens - Poor patient pharmacy care

Hello, I am a RN who calls in medication for our nephrologist. I have been working to get a medication filled by Walgreens Pharmacy; 1101 McHenry Ave, Modesto, CA 95350. There was a medication called...

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Walgreens - App coupons never applying to my orders

I take the time to go on the app a d select specific coupons and purchase these items and at checkout they never get applied and when I've mentioned it to the store they say that they can't do anything about it to contact customer service . I shop usually everyday to every other day and every time I select app coupons and they never are automatically applied like there suppose to . Just tonight I should've had a total of $10 taken off my order with $15 in rewards cash applied to my acct and not either of these were applied and this is the first time I've emailed to let u know bc this is a lot of money I keep losing especially to continue to keep shopping at Walgreens when I can go shop elsewhere so I'm hoping you guys will fix this and give me back my money snd apply my rewards to my acct. my email address is [protected]@live.com & name is Shea Schlander & phone number associated with acct is [protected]

Desired outcome: My $10 refunded by email with a giftcard to use everywhere & my $15 cash rewards applied to my acct to use on a future purchase

Walgreens - Charged too much for item.

Bought 18 pack of beer. Coupon on item showed 3.00 off. When I paid for it, it was 3.00 more. The girl told me that item was off sale. They didn't remove the old tag. I told one of the men working...

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Aug 07, 2021

Walgreens - Refusal to fill prescription

Went to Walgreens on Forbes Ave in Martinsburg, WV on Friday August 6 to get two prescriptions filled. Both prescriptions were electronically filed by my physician in Cumberland, Maryland on...

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Walgreens - Pharmacist/manager

I am a prescribing doctor new to Carlsbad, NM 88220. I called in a prescription after hours for my own son and wife went to pick it up midday the next day. They claimed they received no message or...

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Walgreens - Covid test pcr

On the 12th of July went to take a PCR covid test got and my compliant is that I never got the test result back and was unable to board my flight. I went back to the 2a Grandview Plazza Shopping...

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Walgreens - Over charging and changing the price of the same medication to there needs.

I have been getting the same prescription for a few years at this pharmacy. I presented a Good Rx coupon for a lower price of $18.77. Months I received my medication at low cost $25.25 which should...

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Walgreens - Neutrogena sunblock call-back by Johnson and Johnson.

Hi, On July 31/21 I returned 6 cans of Neutrogena sun block and asked for my money refunded as part of the Johnson and Johnson call-back. The Walgreens was the one at Town Center Drive in Eagan, MN...

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Jul 30, 2021

Walgreens - Pharmacy services and personnel

We have been having endless problems with our Walgreens Pharmacy on Putney Road, Brattleboro, VT, ever since the previous Rite Aid Pharmacy was taken over by Walgreens.

The pharmacy here is consistently inefficient, unhelpful, and poorly run. For instance, we receive phone messages telling us prescriptions are ready; then, when we drive 40 minutes to pick them up, the pharmacy does not have them ready, or tells us the medication is out of stock, or sometimes denies even having received the RX's from doctor or refill line -- all despite the fact we were called and told RX's were ready for pickup.

I don't understand why what was formerly an efficient and well-run Rite Aid pharmacy, where it was truly a pleasure to shop, has descended into the unpleasant and annoying mess it is today. The friendly, helpful, constant, and knowledgeable Rite Aid Pharmacy staff we dealt with for over 15 years was replaced almost overnight with an ever-changing suite of inexperienced and frazzled counter help, and pharmacists who seem wholly disinterested in whether or not your customers are happy. When we head out to the Walgreens Pharmacy, we never know whether our prescriptions will actually be available or not.

We have held back changing pharmacies because of the inconvenience of switching all our prescriptions over to a new pharmacy. However, the inconvenience of buying prescriptions at Walgreens is rapidly overtaking the inconvenience of changing.

These problems were present well before Covid appeared. There seems to be no one at our store to whom we can report these problems, or who is willing or has authority to do anything to correct them. These problems are not unique to us; everyone we know who is using Walgreens here reports the same trouble.

Does the Walgreens corporate office care about whether your customers are satisfied?

Desired outcome: Have competent pharmacy staff restored.

Walgreens - Pharmacy

Both girls working at the pharmacy in toms river are yelling and threatening a customer. They are both being so rude about picking up a prescription. Deciding when they can be filled or not. App say...

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Walgreens - Covid testing

My name is Thomas Robinson. I got an appointment and was given a "rapid test" which was supposed to be complete within 24 to 36 hours. I drove in and was given a swab in a cellophane package. I...

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Walgreens - You Need a Security Guard at all your stores

I go to the Walgreens at 30th and Mission in SF at least 2 to 3 times a week.
I've been there I have seen robbers run in and fill sacks full of Walgreen's items mostly in the Cosmetics.

They cuss at the the employees and today the thief said he had a knife and scared me and the other customers. Last Sunday I yelled at 2 of the robbers and told them "I see Cops get out of here!" They kept filling their bags.

I have experienced this 3 times in the past month.

Why doesn't Corporate invest in security guards? You had a guard for about a month or more. What happened? You have closed 17 stores in San Francisco. Don't you want to protect your employees and us customers. Or. Are you waiting to close another store.

Invest some money in protection for all of us.

My name: Mauryne Lees, 415.407.5138 or 415.282.5933, email.
This is a very serious matter.

Please call me. I need to speak to someone in corporate.

I am an 81 year old woman and we (us customers and your staff) are all in danger.

Desired outcome: Get security guards immediately


Walgreens - Pharmacy ineptitude

Store # 05407 295 Main St. Manchester Ct. 06040 Incident Date Between: July 20th 2021- July 24th 2021 First off, my doctor prescribed a pneumonia vaccine for me, due to the issue that it alway...

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Walgreens - Pharmacist hung up on me

On July 22, 2021 I called Walgreens to check on a prescription that had to be ordered the day before. The pharmacist said that the prescription didn't arrive. I asked for a partial refill and the...

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Walgreens - Slow service in pharmacy

Store is at corner of Hope Mills Rd and Camden Rd, Hope Mills, NC. Was told that to get a certain drug, the insurance co. would have to give a pre approval. Not a problem. Contacted BC/BS on wen...

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Walgreens - Prescription drugs

I have 13 medications at Walgreens. The lines are long, the prescriptions are out of stock, they substitute when the prescription says no substitutions, the staff is overworked, and it seems to never be the same person twice. I have received the wrong meds, Medications I have taken for 10 years are never in stock. I waited three weeks for test strips for my diabetes. They are going to inadvertently kill someone. Walgreens has traded patient care for profit. Today I could not get my insulin and the tech put me on hold and never got back to me. The tech also gave me the excuse I had to be on flex pens not vials of insulin and that I would have to pay $1500+ dollars out of pocket as Novolog is not covered. They make it up if they do not have answers. Walgreens is jeopardizing my health. Clean up your pharmacies!

Desired outcome: Fix it and hire staff.

I had several problems with a Walgreens pharmacy in port neches, Texas. They were becoming more and more incompetent. Luckily, I located the phone number for their corporate office to file a complaint. I suggest you call them. [protected]

Walgreens - Pharmacy/Pharmacist

I went to Walgreens pharmacy, on Magnolia and Vineland in North Hollywood, today July14th, 2021 at 7:53pm PST, I always refill my prescription at the same Walgreens. The 2, I guess, "assistant pharmacists" were very polite and helpful. Trying everything to help find my prescription. I have never seen this pharmacists Koushyar there before.

My Dr sent an escript to the pharmacy at 12:22pm. They kept calling the pharmacy to ensure they received it. My dr office thought it was strange as well that they were not answering the phone because that pharmacy normally answers the phone.

After the 2 other pharmacy techs could not find my prescription. The pharmacist Koushyar came to the window already irritated. He was so was combative and rude he would not even allow me to finish my sentence.

This is my medical treatment that I have to trust these individuals with I do not trust him at all. Not with my information or my actual pills. I had to raise my voice for him to stop screaming at me to let me finish the sentence.

Desired outcome: Disciplinary action/Fire rude pharmacists

Walgreens - Pharmacy constant problems with refills and not researching patient orders

Walgreens in Yorkville Ohio has the worst customer service in the pharmacy several times they have not updated the history of my family doctors orders miss counts on prescriptions they are very slow...

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