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On 12/16/18 around 0130hrs I went in the walgreens in hueytown al to use the atm machine but unfortunately...


Came to pharmacy hwy85 riverdale ga. To pick up inhalers more than 5 times never have prescription ready or...

rude & demeaning treatment by dale, pharmacist in seymour, in location

To Whom It May Concern,
I recently took over as P.O.A. for my Mother. After the death of my beloved Father, she entered a severe depression & was a mess! She'd had her medication stolen, amongst just being generally scatter-brained & losing them. This same medication was also switched from a smaller dosed medication in the same controlled group. All these factors equaled a complete mess for her prescription history! She would always get upset when picking up her meds at the pharmacy (a Non-Walgreens) location & has been known to be quite rude to them. After getting her some help for her depression, her Dr. & I came up with the solution of me keeping her pills (as I'm her P.O.A.) & dispersing them to her by the day, to help her stay on track. This strategy worked well, though by that point, she wanted to switch pharmacies. After that same pharmacy misfilled her medication & had me also bewildered, I agreed with Mom that we should maybe switch. To be fair, my knowledge on this type of controlled medication was quite limited & I'm still learning. I went to the Columbus, IN National Rd location to transfer her script, as we were in town car shopping. The Pharmacist there told me he couldn't fill it yet, as we were a day too early. He was professional & helpful, pointing out the 2 varying dates on the bottle I had. I had looked at the wrong date. I thanked him & went to the Seymour, IN location the next day. I am from Seymour & it was my closest location. After waiting till around 10:06 (Pharmacy is supposed to open at 10, the female Pharmacy tech was also waiting on him), the Pharmacist strolled in finally, looking unhappy to see he had me waiting, as well as an elderly gentleman customer. He slammed the pharmacy door & didn't say a word to any of us. The windows were opened & the Pharmacy Tech greeted me nicely & took my info. I shopped for a bit while waiting, then sat down in the waiting area. The elderly customer had gone by now, but a new one was walking up just as the Pharmacist, Dale, called my Mom's name. Without further ado, he proceeded to make what seemed to be a public announcement, loudly stating he could not fill it. When I asked WHEN he could (thinking my date confusion had me still confused), he said "Never. This prescription has suspicious activity & you've attempted a transfer too many times. I will never fill this". When I attempted to explain that I'd gotten confused on the dates & just recently began filling them as my Mom's P.O.A., he made it clear that he wasn't listening & did everything but scream "you're a worthless, lying pill head" at me! I am a respectfully employed customer with an absolute clean record & this man managed to leave me feeling like dirt on his shoe! I've honestly never been treated that badly in my life! The utter embarrassment of his demeaning "public announcement" left me near tears & shaking in anger! I understand that there are people who DO lie & try to fraudulently fill prescriptions. I'm sure it's awful to deal with, but in all honesty, his treatment was unacceptable & unnecessary. He could've at least pulled me to the side or even let me explain what all I'd been through! If he left me feeling that badly, I can only imagine how many others he's done the same to! I immediately called my Mom's Dr. & we worked out a solution, but I will be certain to voice my concerns about Dale's unprofessional behavior to anyone I come in contact with, socially or in my field of work.

pharmacy staff

My physician submitted a rx for Tylenol w codeine #3 for #60. Received text message that there was a delay. I...

walgreens phone card plus

I use to buy pennytalk phone card for $10 dollars and allowed me to talk for the whole week and gave me 490 minutes and now I can't find the phone card anymore Walgreens took off all those cards !!! Now Im buying this Walgreens phone plus card for$10 dollars and only allowed me to talk for 36 minutes!!! It's crazy!! I will not buy this phone card anymore!! This make people to buy more of this cards and expend more money for less minutes!!!

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My family and I have been coming to this particular Walgreens pharmacy for almost 20 years now and sadly I...

online survey email

I have received 5 emails for me to fill out a survey for your company. When I go down to unsiscribe and nothing happens.
The company that says it is sending the survey is mrsur.com. It also gives a web address [protected]@mrsur.com. I've attempted to email this company several times. The email is returned saying it can't be sent. This company is representing your company. I don't know what kind of scam this is but I want it stopped. I have pictures of all of their emails. My next step is to report this to the NYS Attorney General's Office. Please stop these emails.
Lewis J. Abad

online survey email
online survey email
online survey email

pharmacy 1800 n missouri street, west memphis arkansas

In October I changed my pharmacy from Kroger's to Fred's on advice of my Medicare Part D. Fred's filled on...

refused to fill prescription

I have been a customer at walgreens for over 20 years. I also take my prescriptions to other pharmacies where ever I can get a better price. I took my prescription to your store on Oct. 28 and was given a hard time from a male staffer and told he would not fill my prescription if I did not get all my prescriptions filled there. I get three of my prescriptions from Puplix because they are free and some from Walmart because they are $4.00. I have no insurance and try to get them filled at the cheapest place. I said ok and asked him to transfer them. I came in today to get a refill and I was refused a prescription refill and told from your staff to take my prescription to Walmart and get it filled since that is where I got most of my refills from. I am disabled and can hardly get around so having to come back to your store was so hard for me to get my written prescription. I have a legal prescription and should not have been treated like I was a criminal. So you will never me see me step in your store ever again. This was Store #5327 Lakeland, Florida


I was in the Fairview Road, Ellenwood, Georgia 30294. On 12/3/18 around 6:30 p.m. I asked one of the...

poor and unprofessional customer service

7th, 2018 I am writing this letter in reference to an incident that happen to me and my boyfriend on...

Silver City Retail Stores

pharmacy department.

To whom this may concerns. I called into the pharmacy refill department at my local Walgreens store on white...


On 11/17/2018, I was trying to fill a prescription again for the 4th time using a coupon that would save me...


The Walgreens Pharmacy at Carefree Hwy and Scottsdale Rd in Scottsdale, Arizona continues to fail to refill...

the pharmacist at 10 mile rd. and gratiot eastpointe mi.

when I went to get my prescription filled I was told by a young lady my prescription had already been picked...


On November 1st 2018 I ran out of my Levothyroxine Medicine so I called Walgreens trying to refill and I wa...

pharmacy/ pharmacist

My name is Kelvin Hunt. Im a disabled vet with osteomalacia. Because of my diagnoses i'm forced to take some...

pharmacy - refills on pain medication

I have been a loyal customer at Walgreen's for 12 years. I have also spent approximately $500-600 dollar...

balance rewards breaks customer contract (they are making it up as they go)

How can Walgreens just break their agreements with customers regarding their balance reward points. This i...

coupons/store policy

Worst customer service experience. Went to 255 36th St, South Ogden, UT 84405 to buy SALE items, the...