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L Jul 14, 2019

This store allows animals inside the store that are not service animals. This is the store in Lake Isabella, Ca.

Incident # 1 - a male customer brought his dog in and it was bleeding from the but. It left little puddles of blood on the floor. The store employees were notified and the response was yes we know him he comes in often we just make sure we watch him and clean up after his dog.

Incident # 2 - a customer brought their lizard type reptile into the store. A woman ON DUTY proceeded to hold the animal and have her picture taken. It is a known fact they carry salmonella.

I am so grossed out I will NEVER shop in this store again. I will also be contacting the health department as this is not acceptable in any store.

  • Updated by Llmtar · Jul 15, 2019

    Forgot to mention..

    Incident # 3

    Dog was Inside store.. again not a service animal and not the same as the bleeding dog and was seen licking the packages in the meat dept.

    There are multiple people saying that they bring their lizards into the store and are posting pictures on Facebook. Something needs to be done and this store needs to be held accountable.

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