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Reviews and Complaints

Vons verified

deli department

Im complaining about an employee in the deli department her name in Jennifer . I usually every friday i buy some fried chicken from here and always the employees are very nice and polite but today i was shocked when i saw this lady. I told her my order and she gave me a part of it and she said another 7 min for the rest of my order and she said she was gonna give me fresh potatoes . I was waiting right in front of her for more than 20 min and she started serving the people behind me and i was ok with that because i thought she put my order to the side and i was just waiting for the hot wings. When i reminded her that she still didnt give me my food she responded very very rudely . I told her i asked you to put my order to the side and you said only 7 min. All she said was i have no more because she gave it to the people behind me. She didnt even say the word sorry to me and while i was leaving she stared me down like she was mad . All i said was i dont want anymore i left it on the counter. I already complained to the customer services but they said to complain to you online. You can contact me at [protected] or my email [protected] thank you.

  • Updated by Thanaa ยท Aug 03, 2019

    Please speak to this women i have been a very loyal customer to vons for over 20 years