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US Bank / US Bancorp Customer Service


US Bancorp

800 Nicollet Mall
United States - 55402

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 872 2657(Customer Service) 30 49
+1 513 632 4141(Cincinnati Metro) 2 3
+1 303 585 8585(Denver Metro) 1 4
+1 414 765 4636(Milwaukee Metro) 0 3
+1 612 872 2657(Minneapolis / St. Paul Metro) 3 9
+1 503 872 2657(Portland Metro) 0 2
+1 314 425 2000(St. Louis Metro) 1 8
+1503 401 9991(International Collect Calls) 0 1
+1 800 365 7772(Home Mortrage) 0 7
+1 800 242 1200(Existing Student Loans) 0 1
+1 800 285 8585(Lost & Stolen) 1 3

US Bank / US Bancorp Complaints & Reviews

US Bank / US Bancorp / The way I was treated as a guest

Dave_tacoguy on Feb 15, 2019

I use this bank all the time to withdraw money for my employees. I was having issues with the atm so the clerk said try using our cash advance system. I gave them my I.D and bank card. The lady said she ran my card and it declined. She didn't even ask me for my pin. A man and a woman wa...

US Bank / US Bancorp / my checking account

Amanda Bailey 83 on Feb 14, 2019

You all have charged me so many times for money that I didn't authorize to even be taken out. I changed my account so that nothing could come out if the money wasn't there. That apparently does not matter, and I had to pay nearly 1200 back in rent because of all the fees. That's 350...

US Bank / manager attitude

Sunny33331 on Feb 4, 2019

I just went to the Chicago Chinatown US bank ask for help about transferring money, the manager is a Chinese, she talks very loudly and really doesn't respect customer. She didn't help me figure out the problem at all, there is a service she doesn't know then she just say they don't...

US Bank / US Bancorp / phone payment

Steven Feuerstein on Jan 22, 2019

Upon calling in to arrange for a loan payment due to the holiday, the monthly payment amount was selected. No confirmation email was ever sent by US Bank or received by us. Instead, call it a computer error or whatever, but a total payoff amount of over $ 56, 000.00 was forwarded to Well...

US Bank / US Bancorp / loan process

Michael J S on Jan 9, 2019

Here is an email I sent to the loan officer at us bank san carlos. Before going thru the loan process, I told the officer my mother would be incapable of signing. I was told she would only need to sign a note. Instead, she was forced to sign 17 x's as her signature when I was fully...

US Bank / US Bancorp / credit card

David Sharbutt on Jan 5, 2019

Please DO NOT use this dishonest bank for a credit card. My payment was due on Jan 1 2019 and I paid it Dec 31 and it posted Jan 2 and they charged me a $27 late fee. Jan 1 is a holiday and these clowns could not figure it out. I contacted them but just got fraudulent lip service. As a...

US Bank / US Bancorp / leasing

Sweetest Peach on Dec 28, 2018

My car totaled November 11 Adams still to this day they are not finished with their process. Now they have rights to report me to the bureau's?! I had to get another car and can't afford to keep making payments on the totaled one - plus this case should NOT have taken this long!! Customer...

US Bank / US Bancorp / taking my money

Mary M Novak on Dec 19, 2018

I just received a statement for the year 2018. It summarizes the year to date showing the monies it has removed from my "dormant" account. I went to my local US Bank on Seal Beach Blvd. in Seal Beach CA. and Trevor, the loan officer, reviewed the account on line and stated that I was sent...

US Bank / US Bancorp / ira beneficiary not properly notified

Susan Prechtl on Dec 17, 2018

When my father died, I contacted USBANK in St Helens OR and provided death certificates and other required information. As my father suffered from dementia his record keeping was not the best. USBANK did not inform me of a small IRA acct and it was only later that I became aware of it...

US Bank / US Bancorp / treatment at local branch

BBarajas on Dec 17, 2018

Date of incident is multiple, including 12/17/18. Decline providing customer # due to fear of repercussion. I have a complaint about the teller manager at my local branch. Lancaster Dr NE in Salem Oregon. I walked into the merchant area. I was there for about 20 minutes and all of the...

US Bank / US Bancorp / customer service

Patricia Bradfield on Dec 8, 2018

Date of incidents: 12-3-18, 12-5-18, 12-6-18, 12-7-18 Patricia Bradfield card #4190 0238 5022 9620 I made a Zelle Transfer for $700 to my Daughter's account that never went through on 12-1-18. I had to make a check deposit to her account instead. Everytime I called your customer service...

US Bank / mortgage application

AdamKoch on Nov 17, 2018

I applied for primary home mortgage and the mortgage broker at US Bank has not contacted properly. I can provide you our email conversations. I currently have 4 home mortgages through US bank and I want to add another one but no luck doing more business because of very unprefessinal loan officer at your bank brench in West Seattle (white center bench)

US Bank / US Bancorp / home mortgage

FH515 on Nov 16, 2018

They never told me I needed a two year job history for my second job, instead made me print a whole of paystubs saying that's all they needed. When I got close to closing, they decided they cannot take my second job income, which made me not able to qualify for the loan. Now, I have to...

US Bank / US Bancorp / my small business management account

hconsulting on Nov 2, 2018

I been trying to resolve several issues pertaining to my account ending with 6466 I have been rudely treated for no fault of myself I had to open another bank account in your company's branch in west Hollywood California While trying to make sure that current issue that where happing with my...

US Bank / US Bancorp / consumer banking

Ann Marie Howman on Oct 31, 2018

1) Poor customer service from whoever is delaying check to go through in my checking account. I want my check cleared that I deposited in the US Bank Branch on Galvin Road, Bellevue, NE 68005, last Tuesday, October 23 around 2pm. I was not told there was a waiting period, assumed I could...

US Bank / US Bancorp / fraud department inaction???

Paul_Nakhle on Oct 26, 2018

I sent an EFT to a Hoax US Bank account on Feb 19, 2018. Beneficiary Account Number /199377446646. This account was email fraud. The recipient was not the intended recipient. The sum was USD71, 250.00 I followed all the correct procedures through my Commonwealth Bank in Australia. No result to...

US Bank / US Bancorp / customer service with auto loan through us bank

Alysakay on Oct 23, 2018

This fiasco started October 3. Since then every single time my husband or I have spoken to US bank we have been grossly mislead by money figures, information, account information, you name it. The worst experience I have ever had was tonight with a manager named Nakaya. She is by far the...

US Bank / property loss claim department

lars1051 on Oct 23, 2018

I had nothing but problems getting US Bank Property Loss Claim Department to release my insurance proceeds. I had a $53, 000 insurance claim. I finally got them to release everything but about $3, 2000. The had a final inspection but they refused to release that remaining amount until my...

US Bank / US Bancorp / mortgage

bbhiemer on Oct 20, 2018

NOone should have a mortgage with this company. ONE courtesy waiver of late fee over life of a loan is not sufficient. Wrong bank account used many times on their site, and credit union change account number adding zeroes in beginning. Called and asked to escalate all the way to a...

US Bank / US Bancorp / rude manager

Shawnda Sapp on Oct 19, 2018

I went to the bank yesterday in good spirits, and I walked up the get my problem solved; I did she gave me the information I needed. I call the number she gave me they tell me I need to go back in the branch. I go in.. I put them on speaker... the manager is looking crazy and mean (phone...