Unlimited Vacation Club Complaints & Reviews

Unlimited Vacation Club / unethical behavior and misleading sales tactics (class action lawsuit)

Jul 19, 2019

I recently visited the secrets resort in puerto vallarta. While doing the time share presentation we had our reservations about joining uvc, but the sales associate showed us the benefits of rci and that we would be getting 4 free weeks at just the exchange fee of $249, plus 1 free week at...

Unlimited Vacation Club / annual fees

Jul 18, 2019

I signed on to UVC in Cancun Mexico because I was assured there were no annual fees. Basically you only pay if you book. I just got a call that if I paid $2000 my annual fees will be reduced from $299 to $49. I am totally confused and very angry. This is totally wrong, this bait and...

Unlimited Vacation Club / amresorts

Jul 16, 2019

RE: SAX000627 - 3/6/19 Vacation Club Purchased based on stating future nites would only be $87/nite but when I called, was over $300 for same resort that was promised to be ONLY $87. - 3/16/19 Vacation Club cancelled over phone. Told "Someone would call me back to complete." No call! Phone...

[Resolved] Unlimited Vacation Club / membership

Jul 11, 2019

UVC MEMBERSHIP # NN1-00406/ JOHNSON. This company is a total scam and their salespeople are committing fraud. We were promised we could use the membership at the Zoetry arrive resort. After I did the research I found out the government won't even let them build so this resort doesn't even...

Unlimited Vacation Club / membership

Jul 10, 2019

BAIT and SWITCH! DO NOT PURCHASE. COMPLETE SCAMMERS! Consumer beware. Go to CONSUMER ADVOCATES to shut them down immediately. Purchased in Costa Rica because it was beautiful. Went to Cancun and upgrade to 50% off. BUT contract said 25% off which was my original contract from Costa Rica. The...

Unlimited Vacation Club / price match

Jun 22, 2019

June 17 2019, I called sunscape sabor in cozumel to learn about the uvc price match I was email the policy, I first got prices throught I did a screen shot of the price and email to uvc, I read the policy carefully and followed the list of what they needed, the policy never said...

Unlimited Vacation Club / vacation club sales

Jun 21, 2019

We attended the sales program for Unlimited Vacation Club at the Secrets Resort in Akumal. We were very clear that we have a Hilton Grand Vacation Club program and that we are still paying on that program. The "Manager" Brandon said it was no problem that the company will purcahse our HGVC...

[Resolved] Unlimited Vacation Club / unlimited vacation club

Jun 17, 2019

So my family and I purchased our membership in October of 2018 with high hopes. We were promised many things. A few things that sold us on the membership was that every resort we booked at (except Zoetry) we would have access to any room there that was available, automatically have the...

[Resolved] Unlimited Vacation Club / unethical practice

Jun 07, 2019

We took out membership when enjoying our stay at Secrets Maroma Beach staying in Ocean View rooms in July 2016. I must state that we would not buy into membership that did not give us a minimum of a standard we would book independently. On booking 7 nights at Los Cabos in October 2019 we...

[Resolved] Unlimited Vacation Club / we made reservations through uvc (may24th-june 1st) for secrets silversands riviera mexico.

Jun 04, 2019

We were NOT informed in any way before we arrived in MX that we could not stay at Secrets Silversands Riveria Mexico. We were taken to a Breathless resort. Where Isla from secrets Silversands Riveria resort tried to get us to stay at Breathless, we refused. Through her manager, a room wa...

[Resolved] Unlimited Vacation Club / vacation package

Jun 04, 2019

June 2017 while on vacation at Secrets in Puerto Vallarta we were invited to the infamous presentation. We were told it would be 1 hour and it turned into 4. What a waste of a beautiful day that we can never get back. We went to Secrets the previous year and managed to escape the dreadful...

[Resolved] Unlimited Vacation Club / vacation member/package

May 21, 2019

We bought a package for 20 years member. We get 7 nights all inclusive. They showed us all nice resorts- truth is some of the resorts you have to spend 2 nights for one. This was told to us weeks later. We get $2, 000 with Lifestyle for airfare, hotel, cruises, transportation- truth is that i...

[Resolved] Unlimited Vacation Club / premier nights swx-0000271

May 15, 2019

member since 2017 have had nothing but problems they tell you one thing when purchasing program (choices) then its totally different when you try to book it .I am trying to book my remaining 3 premier nights was told had until may 7 when called back on may 7 they told me it was may 5...

[Resolved] Unlimited Vacation Club / ultimate vacation club fraud and lies

May 14, 2019

I have contacted my law firm and they've agreed to help me in filing a class action lawsuit against the UVC and its affiliates. If anyone would like to join me and the large number of others I have already got together, please reply. We need to stop these people from ruining the many lives they...

[Resolved] Unlimited Vacation Club / dreams tulum which is a nightmare

Apr 16, 2019

CONTINUATION- I am not sure how much you guys are aware of but our trip was a complete disaster. We are very disappointed and wanted nothing more than to find a vacation club that would allow us to travel alone and with the kids quarterly. We stayed at Dreams Tulum. When we arrived nothing wa...

[Resolved] Unlimited Vacation Club / totally misleading and deceitful grab of money while we were looking for our transportation to our hotel (casa conde)

Apr 16, 2019

As we were scurrying to find our transportation to Casa Conde there was a very "official looking" kiosk right inside the airport door that exits to ground transportation. A guy with a badge holding a spread out map welcomed us and asked if we were planning any excursions. We thought we...

[Resolved] Unlimited Vacation Club / scam

Apr 05, 2019

This company is a scam it's a bait and switch They're stealing my money They lied about the membership It's a piece of crap This company needs to be put out of business They tell you one thing and it's not that I joined in December 2018 and 3 months later I'm in hell with them There need...

[Resolved] Unlimited Vacation Club / unethical and unbelievable claims

Jan 22, 2019

On Jan 8 we were enticed to attend a 90 minute presentation that turned out to be a 5 hour sham. The Secrets resort in Akumal where the pitch was delivered was gorgeous, as are many of the properties represented as part of the Apple Vacations subsidiary Unlimited Vacation Club. The...

[Resolved] Unlimited Vacation Club / false advertisement

Jan 15, 2019

The website states that I am in a executive suite in which the hotel does not have. All the rooms are considered queen suites. I picked this hotel because of the continental breakfast. Which is a grab and go type of breakfast. To add insult to injury your manager francisco aguila basically...

Unlimited Vacation Club / uvc club silver member da1-000676 silver

Nov 11, 2018

So first I'd like to say we have traveled to Dreams Mayan Riviera twice, Secrets Capri, Dreams Costa Rica and Secrets St.James. When we traveled to Dreams Costa Rica we decided to join the UVC Club; one of our friends traveling with us was a member and had nothing but good things to say...

Unlimited Vacation Club / I have never used this in 7 yrs and don't want to pay more renewal fees

Nov 10, 2018

My husband and I purchased this when we were there for our 40th anniversary, we thought it would be great! But Ahh Nope, we have never used it, we figured out way too late that it was cheaper to do an apple or Funjet vacation and stay there. But now after all these renewal fees, I just...

Unlimited Vacation Club / AM Resorts / false sales presentation

Sep 17, 2018

We were approached at Cozumel airport and enticed to attend a presentation. The next day while attending the presentation we told them we were not happy with our booked resort so they offered to put us up at their "Secrets" resort. It was wonderful!. During the sales presentation we were...

Unlimited Vacation Club / sales presentation

Jun 29, 2018

I was approached in Punta Cana. I knew it was a sales pitch going in but I was promised a $100 leisure credit to the resort so I went. When it was over I received a $50 credit. When I approached your representative he said, oh well I guess I only wrote 50. When I asked to see my original...

Unlimited Vacation Club / salesman false promises on resort prices

May 22, 2018

During a great trip to Cabo on the 26th of April 2018 my wife and I were sold the idea of a attending presentation and for our troubles received vouchers for better deals then we were already planning on buying (trip from airport, snorkeling, Sunset Set Cruise, Paddle boarding, etc.). We...

Unlimited Vacation Club / timeshare

May 16, 2018

Whilst working in sales at their Breathless Punta Cama resort the sales manager fraudulently stole my commisions, for two weeks he lied to me about paying me back, I appealed to his area director who told me the manager must pay me back but in general could do what he wanted. The manager...

Unlimited Vacation Club / customer service

May 09, 2018

We needed to move a vacation we had scheduled for Secrets Costa Rica due to a force majeure event (AZ teacher strike). UVC delayed and delayed until we had to make other arrangements (like my wife taking time off instead of making up the days missed due to the strike and due to airline...

Unlimited Vacation Club / vacation package

Mar 05, 2018

We bought a gold plus package 3 years ago and upgraded this last summer to a platinum. We have used the package and gotten a great discount. We got 56 free nights for $40000 plus 5 VIP weeks. I don't feel totally ripped off but their sales people are so full of [censor] and lie lie...

Unlimited Vacation Club / membership

Jan 12, 2018

Do NOT become a member of the Unlimited Vacation Club. It is a SCAM. My husband and I stayed at a resort in February of last year and were asked a number of times to attend a 90 minute breakfast presentation. On a day where the weather was poor and had no other plans we attended. The...

Unlimited Vacation Club / fraudulent timeshare company

Dec 15, 2017

I was a victim of a fraudulent Travel Club that scammed me and so many others out of their money; fraudulent charges have affeected me when I was misled by a Deceptive Vacation Club. The company did not provide the service or product advertised. I received nothing, the services were never...

Unlimited Vacation Club / scammers at uvc belong in jail!

Dec 11, 2017

I was misled in purchasing a vacation package and scammed by these jokers of over eight thousand dollars along with hundreds of other victims. i was promised discounts on travel and 2 free weeks of stay at any resort I wanted. They claim discount on yacht rentals and airfare. They made me...

Unlimited Vacation Club / we were misled, misinformed and uvc is unethical company

Nov 07, 2017

Unlimited vacation club - We were misled, misinformed and they misrepresent the real uvc which is a scam Oct 2017 As soon as we got there we were bombarded with request from unlimited vacation club to attend one of the 90 minute sales, they promised no pressure.,. Yea right!! Nothing...

Unlimited Vacation Club - Breathless Punta Cana / no actual contract received after joining in june 2017

Nov 03, 2017

My friend and I were talked into joining the Unlimited Vacation Club at Breathless Punta Cana in June 2017. We put down deposits and agreed to have the monthly payment taken out using one of our credit cards. Once we got home we never received a copy of any of the paperwork that was filled...

Unlimited Vacation Club by AMResorts / unlimited vacation club by amresorts

Oct 31, 2017

My husband and I vacationed at Cancun, Mexico from July 10th to July 15th, 2017 . At July 1th we attended a presentation at Secret The Vine Resort in Cancun owned by Unlimited Vacation Club. We were told about a lot of benefits of becoming a member of Unlimited Vacation Club. We signed a...

Unlimited Vacation Club / scam lies

Oct 10, 2017

Unlimited Vacation Club- BRI-000759 I tried to cancel within 5 days (as I was told I could)and they just ignored me and let the 5 days lapse. Once they got my money. Justin Mora Guzman ignored my messages and when I tried to have him call me back he didn’t not. I have not yet spoke to...

Unlimited Vacation Club / unethical behaviour

Oct 04, 2017

We were suckered into this Unlimited Vacation contract on Sept 21, 2017. After we came home reading thru contract and it did not contain anything the sales rep spent 4 hrs selling, and googled them we panicked. We called Unlimited Vacation and questioned some of the "benefits" we were told...

Unlimited Vacation Club / resorts membership - vacation

Aug 28, 2017

I have been reading the many, many complaints on unlimited Vacation Club! We too were roped into this scam, paying a lot of upfront money over $10000.00 and not receiving anything we were told we could use. Our first and only vacation in this club was a nightmare to say the least! There...

Unlimited Vacation Club/ AM Resorts / we were not told the complete truth about the uvc program

Aug 11, 2017

We visited the Breathless Riviera Cancun Resort from June 9th - June 14th, 2017. We arrived late in the evening on June 9th. Once in our suite, we received a phone call that we would need to meet with our transportation (Amstar) at 9:15 to confirm our departure time for the airport on June...

Unlimited Vacation Club / timeshare/vacation club

Jun 05, 2017

Unlimited vacation club Scam!!! Do not sign anything with this company!!! Do your homework!!! Rip off!!! B.S. Lied to Mislead We were pitched b. S. For 5-6 hours, of pure bulls$%t They call you family during the whole spiel because they want you to join the family of the lied to and the...

Unlimited Vacation Club / vacation club contract

May 22, 2017

My name is Kevin Finch, last November my wife, Denise, and I went to Dreams Tulum Resort for a wedding. On our second day (Nov. 9, 2016) there we went on an informational tour about their vacation club package in return for free spa packages and other resort promotions. Our 45 minute tour...

Unlimited Vacation Club / membership

Apr 29, 2017

While in Huatulco, MX we we sold a Pearl Grey membership that promised cheaper rates on vacationing at all AM Resorts locations. They sold us a promise of saving money on our future trips to their resorts. We were also promised a week at ANY of their resorts once we paid for our...