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Complaints & Reviews

Value Traders and their inability to complete transaction

I entered into contract 3/19 with Velas to trade my Worldmark timeshare in and purchase a Velas timeshare. I have paid all the fees required then and actually all the fees required for the 2020 year. Because of a planned vacation in a Worldmark location in December, 2019, I requested that the transfer not happen until the end of December 2019. My transfer was given to Value Traders to complete the paperwork necessary to close out the Worldmark transaction. The last time I heard from someone at Value Traders, Manuel contacted me on January 10, 2020. He needed 1 further document, which I provided. I emailed him on Jan. 23, 2020 and inquired if the transaction had been completed. No response.

It is now April, 2020. I have had 2 months of housekeeping fees paid by draft to Worldmark - $800. I contacted them yesterday, 4/16, feeling sure this was in error. They informed me that they have never received ANY documents from Value Traders regarding this transaction.

When I talked to your online customer service agent, she connected me to an attorney service that I was supposed to pay for before I talked with an attorney. Believe me, if I need to have an attorney handle this, I have my own.

Velas is who I went in to contract with. You are ultimately responsible for the people you subcontract the work out to - namely, Value Traders. They have failed miserably to complete this transaction although they had nearly a year to have all the paperwork in order and submitted. It has cost me additional money that I did not want to spend. If this is the way you do business, I would like to cancel my contract with Velas as you have not completed the transaction in a timely fashion.

Please contact me with something other than platitudes. I want to know what you are going to do to take care of this.

Linda Helton
428 Eileen Drive
Sebastopol, CA 95472

timeshare velas resort puerto vallarta

Went to puerto Vallarta in June and were booked at the Mayan Palace where we bought into their timeshare.
At the airport, we were approached by a sales person about a cirque de soleil show and discount tickets. It turned out to be a
Velas Resort presentation. We were impressed with the place but we already had a time share with Vida Vacations only two years in. They assured us that would not be a problem, the salesman Mauro Quévedo and his manager Eduardo Herrera assured us that was no problem. According to them they would contact Vida Vacation and buy out our contract. We waited and 20 minutes later they were able to get how much we owed, they showed us a form with confirmation of a buy out and therefore we were free to buy into the Velas Resort time share. The place was an upgrade for us.

We gave them a $6, 000.00 down payment and for being a first time customer and we had already paid Vida for our week there, Eduardo gave us our week with an all inclusive. We were thrilled. It did not last for long, Vida sent us a bill for the remaining monthly payments and when I called them as to why, they said they do not do business with third parties. Called Velas and they DENIED ever having said such a thing. When looking over our papers the form with our "payOut" was not included! Instead we found at the last page (which was not there when we originally initialed )a notation that this was not a trade in. Tried to talk to sales, no help. I spoke to Monica Dellagrave their legal rep. Awful woman with justifications of the sales people behavior and that I wrote the no trade in clause. Not even my hand writing. Eduardo Velas Ruiz owns this company, is this how he does business? He has many accolades for accomplishments, unfortunately he is impossible to contact.

Now I'm stuck with two time shares in the same place with hotels blocks from each other. No one takes responsibility for this deceptive selling, they are liars and thieves. We feel like fools, we are angry and hurt. These people smile, make like they are doing a wonderful thing while they are stabbing you in the back. DISGUSTING!!! In Mexico as it was explained to me I, if I owe money to these timeshares and do not pay, I WILL BE ARRESTED.for owing money. I would not mind paying the first timeshare with Vida Vacation, as it was done in good faith. Velas is not truthful and once they have your money, you are done. Monica Dellagraves their legal rep, should be ashamed of herself, no customer service and even less skill handling an irate customer. Eduardo Herrera according to the verification loan officer is no longer with Velas, so I could not speak to him. Who knows if this is true. NEVER AGAIN. I will not be able to go to Mexico as I refuse to pay under these circumstances, too bad I loved the town. I will never buy another time share ever again, not worth the headaches.

  • Updated by Lvsr · Aug 14, 2019

    I find it interesting that in Mexico I would be arrested for owing money to these timeshares but they don’t crackdown on these sales practices.
    What a shame, our beautiful vacation turned into a financial nightmare. Shame on them for allowing this to go on.

Timeshare Lies and pressure

In 2008 we visited Velas Vallarta and went to their timeshare. The promised and put undue pressure on us to close immediately. Later, many things hey promised didn't come through. Well, we lived with it. Then this summer we were contacted by a Mexican lawyer that a class action suite has just come through.
Ready? Here was the process: In 5 weeks we
Send a complaint, copy of contract
Fill out a couple of forms.
Pay 25000 pesos for search
Pay 39000 pesos for tax
And now. $9000 usd needed for an underwriting

All looked ligitimate. All men had Mexican government email. I am not sure I want to continue because this is also a scam. The lawyer that contacted me was involved in other class action with other time shares.

Timeshare fraud

On November 20, 2008, we were on vacation in Mexico and went to a timeshare presentation at Velas Vallarta. We were told we would get a free breakfast and tickets to an excursion of our choice. We should have said no and walk away; stupidly we didn’t.

When Mr. Jerry Ey, our sales rep realized we weren’t really interested because we already owned a timeshare through Interval International that was all paid for in full, he started throwing scenarios at us about buying at the Velas Vallarta, VV would rent our room out while we were not there and receive a BIG amount of money, which we would get back and could use to make our monthly payment, or several payments at once. He said they did that for all their timeshare holders, now I realized that they have scammed all their members with the same lies.

Monica Dallegrave ([protected]@velasresorts.com) is aware of my situation with the resort but she has offered a membership for the monies that I have paid so far, AN USELESS MEMBERSHIP. Do not buy anything from these people.

  • Fr
    Frank Ketelaa Sep 29, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My Name is Frank Ketelaar, contract number EVV-372. I made reservations for April of next year and was sticker shocked when the cost had skyrocketed to all most double. In 2014 I paid $ 79.20 per day all Inclusive. That has risen to $136. I had planned on enjoying a terrific vacation as usual but the cost is forcing me to change my decision. My cost in 2014 was $2217.60 and now is $3808. I was never notified about this increase. I also had two friends with me in 2014 and now they can't afford to go. We are retired fixed income families and can't afford the increase. Is there a way this can be discounted for the 4 of us. I would appreciate if you could help us out. Thank you

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Resale of My Timeshare

I received a call from Vacation Property Services on 9/12/09 regarding a timeshare that my husband and I have...

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Really bad bussines

I welcome this opportunity to address this horrible experience; and tell to anyone that reads my public complaint, that we were DECEIVED AND LIED TO with DECEITFUL SALES PRACTICES from VELAS VALLARTA SALES STAFF. As soon as we got off the plane we were approached by a man who offered to us a �free breakfast� at the property known as Velas Vallarta. As we arrived at Velas we were greeted by a salesman named Morgan. He made a point of telling us he also is Canadian and that he would look out for our best interest and takes care of us. While talking and discussing about this �new concept� of fractional ownership we were told that we could vacation at any of their properties and only pay membership fee when we used our vacation week.

Initially, Morgan tried to sell us one of the fractional ownership weeks at Velas for $45, 000; but we declined because as we already owned 2 timeshares and we could not afford it. We were extremely pressured and reminded of the benefits of fractional ownership over regular time share ownership. They then came back to us offer that if we purchased their property for $35, 000 that they would purchase both of our existing timeshares, so in the end we would only have the Velas property.

Finally, with an offer of $15, 000 to purchase their property and after much PRESSURE, morgan guaranteed they would assist us in selling our timeshares through a company known as Regal Rentals and Resale. it would be no PROBLEM; it is very easy to sell both of our timeshares within 30 � 60 days. it was too good to be truth, we were very tired, and so we decided to sign the paperwork.

A couple of days after returning home, we tried numerous times to speak directly with a representative from Regal and had a great deal of difficulty. At this point we noted at least 12 timeshares from each place that we owned timeshares; so we realized our timeshares were not going to have a good chance of resale through Regal. At this point we started to get worried and we tried to cancel our contract, they told us that we would lose at least 50% of the $15, 000 US purchase price.

At this point, we started to get worried and we went on the internet and googled the name VELAS VALLARTA and to our surprise, site after site and page after page the words Velas Vallarta was followed by the word s ��SCAM� and �FRAUD�. We were shocked that there were so many others dealing with the same situations that we are dealing with.

Timeshare Scam - Doug Lockett

Doug Lockett, Sales Manager for Velas Vallarta Timeshare Sales...1

"If you could buy a timeshare at Velas Vallarta that would cost you ZERO dollars, would you be interested..." was Lockett's opening line.

Lockett made false promises during a sales presentation:

1. Selling our existing timeshare:

we said we would not be interested in buying "another" timeshare at Velas Vallarta since we already had one in Florida - Sheraton Vistana.

The Promise: Lockett offered to sell our timeshare in Florida to a Mexican national who he claims needs to buy a timeshare (e.g. needed to have title to a US property) in order to gain entry into the U.S. He made a phone call to a broker, and the price he quoted us for our week in Sheraton Vistana timeshare was in the range of $17-20K.

The truth: There was no guaranteed "sale" arrangement, he was just handing us off to a U.S. based timeshare resale company. We had to assume the risk, and the sales fee, up front.

It was a carefully orchestrated sales presentation designed to make us believe Velas Vallarta was taking our property in Florida, and selling it to a Mexican national. The proceeds in the range of $17-20K would be applied to the Velas Vallarta timeshare sale. More weeks were added to the deal, and the weeks would be rented out, paying for the entire deal.

2. Renting out our weeks:

The Promise: Lockett said he could easily rent out timeshare weeks, and needed our weeks, due to high demand from company offsite meetings, etc. at Velas Vallarta. He said renting out our weeks would easily pay for the price of the timeshare.

The truth: There was no contract guaranteeing the rental of our weeks at Velas Vallarta.

Lockett and Velas Vallarta are very smooth. Watch out, they are NOT on the level...!

  • Me
    Mexican Timeshare Solutions Feb 16, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Timeshare Owners,

    We invite you to get to know our services at G&G Mexican Timeshare Solutions. We are a Mexican based company that specializes in cancelling contracts purchased under fraudulent premises. We offer free consultations to anybody interested in our services to discuss the details of their case.

    We are empathetic to victimized consumers and we work on a contingency basis; which means no upfront fees, and if we don't achieve results, you don't pay us a cent.

    We look forward to helping you in your claim.

    Customer Service,

    [email protected]harescam.com

    1 888 275-3595


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not truthful about resale for us

My wife and I went to Velas Vallarta this past summer, and we told them that we wanted to sell our interest in the time share, that we no longer wanted to participate. I was told that they wouldn't be able to sell our unit's use the way we had it - every other year (even # years), that we would first have upgrade to have the unit every year. We did so, at a cost of just under $8000. They assured me that now they would sell it for us, and would have a sale finalized by December of 2008, or January of 2009, which has come and gone. For the past couple of weeks, I've been trying to contact them to ask about any sales prospect. I received one answer, but only by our salesman to ask how he could be of service. When I reminded him of the promise to sell our one-bedroom unit and to give me any information on a possible sale, I never heard back. I have since sent several emails to him as well as one of his colleagues to ask for information, and they don't respond at all. I've said that if they will just give me certain pieces of information that would be needed for me to make the sale myself, that I would take care of it. But they don't answer me, and without the information, there is not way I can sell our interest in the property. I'm stuck! I even said that if they would just give me back out upgrade money of just under $8K, that I would GIVE them back the property and forget entirely about our every-other-year agreement! I definitely want to participate in a class-action suit against these people! Please contact me and sign me up! My email address is robert.[protected]@sbcglobal.net. I eagerly look forward to hearing from you! Thank you!

Timeshare scam

November 2007-timeshare presentation with the added enticement of free extra weeks that will be rented for...

Timeshare Scam

Beware! I also experienced this unconscionable timeshare scam at Velas Vallarta. The sales representative, Ken Waller, told me that Velas would take a trade-in of a timeshare I owned at a different resort to offset the purchase of a Velas upgrade from a studio unit to a one bedroom. He was essentially offering me the same amount for my other timeshare that I would be spending on the upgrade and closing costs. Mr. Waller referred me to Sierra Rentals and Resales for the closing services.

When I sat down to sign the upgrade documents, I could find no mention of the trade-in in the documents. I asked Mr. Waller why the trade-in was not in the documents and he told me that it would be on a separate document and that I would receive the confirmation of the purchase before I left. He said he expected the fax very shortly. I told him that my purchase of an upgrade was based on the trade-in and I would not be doing it otherwise. After signing the contract, I was ushered downstairs into the lobby. Mr. Waller came into the lobby with what he told me was my trade-in/purchase confirmation from Sierra and put it in my sales folder.

When I looked at this document after returning home, it stated the trade-in timeshare was being accepted into a listing inventory. The forms Sierra Rentals e-mailed were also not the closing documents I expected and appeared to be for the purpose of listing the timeshare for resale or rental. There had been absolutely no mention of listing the other timeshare for resale or rental in our discussion. Any discussion was solely about the trade-in to Velas. I did not sign these documents and requested the correct closing documents from Sierra Rentals and Resales. Sierra was unresponsive to e-mails and the customer service person from Velas acted as if Velas knew nothing about the trade-in. He stated that the issue was with Sierra. They said they had no copy of the fax from Sierra in their file. That was when I realized this was all a fraud!

When I asked Mr. Waller about a cancellation period before signing the documents, he told me that no cancellations were allowed on upgrades. This was an outright lie as I later found that Mexican law requires a 5 day cancellation period. This also applies to upgrades.

Velas Vallarta started calling about monthly payments for the timeshare and I refused to pay any more to the resort when they were not acknowledging the trade-in. I gave Velas ample opportunity to follow through with either their purchase of my other timeshare or the cancellation of my membership upgrade and the refund of my deposit which amounted to over $7000. They have not done so. Velas recently notified me that my contract was being cancelled.

Please do not do business with this company. Their lies and deceptive practices are plausible enough to believe. The resort appears to be upstanding on the surface and it can be very deceiving. Stay away!

  • Our experience was quite different from the one described above. We were also interested in selling an existing timeshare and replacing it with the Velas Vallarta plan. All of the rather convoluted but at the same time appealing details of the plan where people rent out your room at Velas Vallarta for the chance for you to stay at resorts all over was intriguing. Our agent Arturo Montaño made it very clear that renting out your timeshare was not strictly guaranteed nor was there a set price. He made it very clear that the timeshare we wanted to trade in would be handled by another agency and that selling would probably be easy but was not guaranteed. We signed all of the paper work for one of the plans and paid $7, 000. After we got back to the hotel we did some internet research and based on complaints like the one above we decided to cancel. The five-day cancellation policy is clearly stated on the contract. It also states that you must go in person to the place where you signed the contract and that they have two weeks to return your money. When we showed up Arturo was very gracious and made no attempt to dissuade us. He simply said it was no longer in his hands and we waited to see Monica Dallegrave. In the meantime Arturo even offered us breakfast or beverages and made sure we were comfortable. We were taken into the inner sanctum where we met with Ms. Dallegrave. She did ask us what our reasons for changing our mind were and even tried to get us to agree to a less expensive plan. When we insisted we just wanted out she put up no more resistance and we cancelled the contract and left. The money was refunded on time as was the fee for reselling our other timeshare. Believe me I understand that some agents may be unscrupulous and that the benefits may be exaggerated. At the same time the people staying at Velas Vallarta itself seemed to be really enjoying themselves and I have to say the service is next to none and the food excellent. The moral of the story is this —don't sign up for one of these timeshares if you are going to be leaving the country in the next day or two. That way, if you change your mind you only need to go back and cancel. Once you are back home you won't have a lot of options.

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  • Vi
    Vilma P. Feb 21, 2009


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  • john7777 Feb 21, 2009

    IT'S A TIMESHARE!!! What in the hell did you expect was going to happen. All timeshares are scams.

    -1 Votes
  • Cr
    Crime share hater Aug 11, 2011

    CRIME SHARE with Waller at the helm... that is guaranteed bad news. Crook disrespectful outright bad person. treats people in a horrid way only concern is taking money with no regard to what it takes.

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Increasing maintenance fees

Much to my regret, I purchased a 1 BR "villa" at Velas Vallarta. Besides getting taken for a huge amount of...

Fraudulent sales practices!

Velas Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, Timeshare Scam. The scam starts the moment you walk through the door. The sales person will introduce them self to you and their name may be the last truthful thing you will hear from them. Our sales person was Michel De Lisi from Quebec (supposedly). Our scamming is near identical to everyone else’s postings so there isn’t a great need to go into all the sordid details. Given the similarity of the scammings by so many different sales people it serves as a testimony to the pervasiveness of this fraud throughout this company.

The 90 minute Timeshare Presentation we agreed to was a scam from the get-go and it lasted several hours. As a Canadian you expect and account for sales people exaggerating claims of their product. The Velas Vallarta sales staff do not exaggerate, they look you in the eyes and out and out lie to you. It is fraud by all definitions.

If even half of the things they tell you were true it would be a reasonable deal. This is the premise under which we bought, factoring in sales embellishments of 50%. Unfortunately for us the embellishments we had factored for were fraudulent lies.

It’s a great investment that will appreciate over time. LIE / Fraud. You can easily rent your weeks for more than your purchase price. LIE / Fraud. Your purchase comes with an Annuity that will return your entire Timeshare investment in 25 years. LIE / Fraud.

Velas Vallarta Corporate Representative Johnny Noe it seems has recently been replaced by Contract Manager Monica Dellegrave. Don’t think for one moment that this will change the sales practices of this company. From a deceitful corporation point of view why change? The scam collects millions with minimal risk of paybacks.

My wife and I have come to the resolution that our “investment” is gone forever. We would have done better if we had invested in Enron. What we wish is to get this message out as far and wide as possible so that no one else suffers the same fate as us.

DO NOT attend a Velas Vallarta Timeshare Sales scam unless you get great entertainment from hearing enormous lies. But most important is DO NOT PURCHASE a Velas Vallarta Timeshare. If you feel for any reason that you must have ownership in a Timeshare do yourself a favour and purchase it from the secondary Resale/Rental Market at a fraction of the original sale price. Better yet, rent the week you want from the secondary market for less than the yearly maintenance fee.

Spread the word to everyone you care about.

  • Bs
    B. Smith Dec 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My experience was similar to what others have said. Fortunately, I was able to get my deposit back because I canceled 4 days after signing. (They tell you that you can't rescind but the contract says you have the right to cancel within 5 days of signing. I cancelled on day 4.)

    The sad part is that these are Americans scamming fellow Americans. I loved Puerta Valarta but hated being harassed by timeshare salesmen and may not go back to Mexico for that reason.

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  • Lo
    loving pv Nov 12, 2009

    Oh My Goodness!! I suppose you would complain about any timeshare you would have bought. We have owned at Vela for 11 years and have referred alot of friends and family. Not one of us has a single complaint. We go twice a year and have exchanged a couple of times and always got our reservations at Velas and our exchange to Europe and Canada were wonderful.
    I highly recomend this company!!! The owner Mr. Vela we have met personally and really cares about his owners.
    Stop telling these lies and use your timeshare!!!
    Loving Velas in PV

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Scam and lies!

We were suckered into a timeshare speech and fell for it hook, line and sinker. We had purchased a Bluegreen Vacation Club to find we could never get into any of the resorts always "booked" but could find that we could get into the resorts through another means ie: RCI. Paul Rado was our big power speaker, also went to see what we would get for our Bluegreen, came back with a good figure, promised us we would NEVER encounter "booked" and find options through other means. This was great a place we would be able to go to without a hassle!!! Signed on the dotted line.

Well we tried to book our time and have now been told they are can you guess it... "BOOKED" and I can now get there by means of RCI, Apple Vacations, Funjet Vacations, MLT and get this... Velas Vallarta website! HA HA! HA! Another US Citizen screwed over. We must have SUCKER on our foreheads or our brains are frozen from the cold. Our Bluegreen is still listed in our name and we are still responsible for the fees. Title was never transferred.

We have tried to settle this with Velas with no success, numerous phone calls and e-mails. Paul Rado's e-mail account is now suspended. Mr Vargas the head of Reservations that Paul Rado had referred us to can't even handle his own e-mails or phone calls, he has one of his girls do the dirty work.

I'm sure the annuity that we were told we had... the $20,000.00 is also a LIE since they wanted $2.000.00 for administrative cost.

What a shame it was a beautiful resort.

  • Su
    Suzanne Bernhauser Dec 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The names have been changed, but the experience was much as yours was with this resort. The rental company they wanted us to use was Sierra Club Rentals. The phone number they gave us and the phone number on my credit card were different. The one on the credit card belongs to a company in California. The governor's office of California could not help me because they said it was part of Mexican time share fraud.

    I have been dealing with PROFECO since April, 2008 but they believe the lies of the Velas group rather than the paper work I have sent. I even have a letter cancelling the contract, but they refuse to give me my money back.

    I am going to start a writing campaign, starting with the US consulate in Mexico and the Mexican consulate in the US. Then travel companies and I'll go from there.

    If there is a law suit out there, my husband and I will gladly be a part of it. I wrote to one person who said they had one, but got no response yes or no.

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  • Lo
    loving pv Nov 12, 2009

    I am an owner at Velas and ALWAYS get my reservations. I bought this timeshare because in the contract the guarantees reservations!!! First time I have ever seen this and they for 4 years have been true to thier word.
    This resort has allowed great vacations for our family every year.

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  • Af
    Affordable Trips and Tours Apr 26, 2011

    5 Apples is not 5 Star by the way. You should really use a travel agent to book your trips. She could have helped you if she was a good one. www.affordabletrips.net

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Beware of this fraud!

We attended a time share presentation at Velas Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta Mexico in November 2006. We were very impressed with the property and because of the deal that our sales man was able to secure, we purchased the timeshare and left Mexico very happy. A few days after our return the nightmare began. The fraudulent sales tactics and horrific treatment that we have since endured has tarnished our view of Velas Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta and Mexico as a whole.

The facts about our “investment” were overstated, embellished and simply not true. We were told because we were purchasing a unit that had previously been foreclosed on we had to give up the 5 day cancellation rights. They can not do this. But the HUGE fraud came to us from there trade in manager Mr. Ken Waller who arranged for a broker to purchase a timeshare we owned in Minnesota. This was the only way we could afford to purchase his property. He gave us a fax from the broker confirming the deal that he had negotiated for us.

When we returned home and spoke with the broker that was purchasing our Minnesota timeshare we learned that they DID NOT send this confirmation fax to Mr. Ken Waller. This means Mr. Waller went into the back room and fraudulently drew up this fake fax for the sole purpose of getting us to sign this contract.

We sent a letter immediately off to Velas Vallarta and Mr. Waller. Mr. Waller called us and we spent 20 minutes listening to him rant and rave, telling us to get a lawyer and he then hung up on us. We received an e mail from a manager by the name of Johnny Noe which was equally unproductive and pointless.

All our letters to them have gone unanswered and we still are pursuing them for a refund of our down payment.

In closing, one has to wonder about an organization that allows there salespeople to represent them in such a fraudulent way and that resorts to illegal tactics to complete a sale. What other devious, illegal and unhealthy practices are they allowing to go on behind the scenes?

  • La
    laura christison Nov 05, 2009

    All you people also go to the presentation for free everything always so don't complain

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  • Az
    AztecWarrior Jun 26, 2018

    @laura christison that you are forced to attend because you went there using another time share. I would rather buy our own breakfast than be forced to listen to scams for hours. You start to feel like a prisoner and the more you try to leave the more people coral around you.

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  • Ol
    olivoeil Jan 03, 2012

    That makes a lot of sense Ms. Christison. People are lured to a presentation with a breakfast or bottle of something so therefore the timeshare company should present fraudulent contracts, fraudulent annuities and swindle them out of thousands of $$$. Does this make sense to you? Do you think ppl who agree to sit around for 90 min should be subjected to high pressure tactics, non stop harrassment while trying to relax & be SWINDLED out of thousands of $$$ because they didn't bring their lawyer to Mexico or expect to be bombarded with a 10hr BUSINESS meeting on their blasted VACATION??? Hopefully you will have a similar experience and not be so quick to judge!

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Lies, scam and rip off!

The 90 minute presentation we attended turned out to be between five to six hours. Once we got down to...

Fradulaent investment

I purchased what i thought was an investment property in velas vallarta puerto vallarta, mexico last year. The pitch was sold for investment and they knew it from the start of the sale. Everything promised has not come true. I turned the situation into profeco in mexico in january of this year explaining the situation that i was ripped off and i have not made any money from the investment and when i spoke to the salesman he informed me that he did the pitch he was suppose to according to the managment of the resort and profeco states that if it is all in writing they will take action but these people do not put everything in writing when they are selling it and many of the things promised were not true as i found out later and i spent almost $60,000 for a delux villa suite or 3 bedroom unit which was to generate x dollars of income over the life of the program and this is totally been a lie and they want close to $1100 a year fees for maintenance which was ok when the return on investment would be well above that according to them. I wrote a letter to the resort mr. Johnny noe who is in charge and a man named ramon who was the manager and i believe still is. I have requested cancellation because of fradulent material and lies and i have not heard anything as to what the results were by the resort or profeco in mexico city. I need to have action against this resort before time elapses much monger and no one is doing anything. When the property was purchased it was investment only as i stated to the salesman allan. I would like this put out on timeshare scams websites so other people are not sucked in to these traps particularly this resort which is known in the area of puerto vallarta as ripping consumers off. Any help in getting this out there would be appreciated and if you have any avenues for me i would appreciate it very much.

  • Ly
    Lynn Knudson Dec 19, 2006
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Looking for anyone who has gotten there money back when they canceled after the 5 day graced period. Also anyone who was told that there current timeshare that they owned was being "traded in" or purchased. Any one who knows Ken Waller or heard of resales and rentals.

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