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Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.

Punta BETE S.A. de C.V.

Av. Costera SN, LH2 Marina Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta
Mexico - 48335

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1800 831 1162(Mexico) 1 0
1800 710 2075(Colombia) 1 0
+1 877 418 3059(United States) 1 0
+1 877 355 9620(Canada) 1 0
+44 800 032 2394(United Kingdom) 1 0
+33 800 917 659(France) 1 0
+39 800 785 725(Italy) 1 0
+34 900 991 622(Spain) 1 0
+54 800 333 0738(Argentina) 1 0
+55 800 038 0616(Brazil) 1 0
+56 448 909 331(Chile) 1 0
+51 80 055 076(Peru) 1 0
+58 800 100 9184(Venezuela) 1 0

Velas Resorts Complaints & Reviews

Velas Resorts / timeshare velas resort puerto vallarta

Aug 14, 2019

Went to puerto Vallarta in June and were booked at the Mayan Palace where we bought into their timeshare. At the airport, we were approached by a sales person about a cirque de soleil show and discount tickets. It turned out to be a Velas Resort presentation. We were impressed with the place...

Velas Resorts / Timeshare Lies and pressure

Sep 17, 2014

In 2008 we visited Velas Vallarta and went to their timeshare. The promised and put undue pressure on us to close immediately. Later, many things hey promised didn't come through. Well, we lived with it. Then this summer we were contacted by a Mexican lawyer that a class action suite...

Velas Vallarta / Timeshare fraud


On November 20, 2008, we were on vacation in Mexico and went to a timeshare presentation at Velas Vallarta. We were told we would get a free breakfast and tickets to an excursion of our choice. We should have said no and walk away; stupidly we didn’t. When Mr. Jerry Ey, our sale...

Velas Vallarta / Resale of My Timeshare


I received a call from Vacation Property Services on 9/12/09 regarding a timeshare that my husband and I have for sale. The man that called said his name was Don Rice and he had a buyer for our property. He sent me a Letter of Intent signed by the buyers and a witness. My husband and I had...

Velas Vallarta / Really bad bussines


I welcome this opportunity to address this horrible experience; and tell to anyone that reads my public complaint, that we were DECEIVED AND LIED TO with DECEITFUL SALES PRACTICES from VELAS VALLARTA SALES STAFF. As soon as we got off the plane we were approached by a man who offered to u...

Velas Vallarta Timeshare Sales / Timeshare Scam - Doug Lockett


Doug Lockett, Sales Manager for Velas Vallarta Timeshare Sales...1 "If you could buy a timeshare at Velas Vallarta that would cost you ZERO dollars, would you be interested..." was Lockett's opening line. Lockett made false promises during a sales presentation: 1. Selling our existing...

Velas Vallarta / not truthful about resale for us


My wife and I went to Velas Vallarta this past summer, and we told them that we wanted to sell our interest in the time share, that we no longer wanted to participate. I was told that they wouldn't be able to sell our unit's use the way we had it - every other year (even #...

Club Velas Vallarta / Timeshare scam


November 2007-timeshare presentation with the added enticement of free extra weeks that will be rented for you by Sierra rentals in Nevada[$600 fee]. Chris Rogers[manager] and his cohort[jerry Ey] made the pitch-too good to be true. I could go on and on and say the same as everyelse. But I...

Velas Vallarta / Timeshare Scam


Beware! I also experienced this unconscionable timeshare scam at Velas Vallarta. The sales representative, Ken Waller, told me that Velas would take a trade-in of a timeshare I owned at a different resort to offset the purchase of a Velas upgrade from a studio unit to a one bedroom. He wa...

Velas Vallarta / Increasing maintenance fees


Much to my regret, I purchased a 1 BR "villa" at Velas Vallarta. Besides getting taken for a huge amount of money for the purchase, I am now saddled with a maintenance fee that is growing faster than the contract allows. The contract states in clause "Seventh": Maintenance fees "may not...

Club Velas Vallarta / Fraudulent sales practices!


Velas Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, Timeshare Scam. The scam starts the moment you walk through the door. The sales person will introduce them self to you and their name may be the last truthful thing you will hear from them. Our sales person was Michel De Lisi from Quebec (supposedly). Our...

Club Velas Vallarta / Scam and lies!


We were suckered into a timeshare speech and fell for it hook, line and sinker. We had purchased a Bluegreen Vacation Club to find we could never get into any of the resorts always "booked" but could find that we could get into the resorts through another means ie: RCI. Paul Rado was our...

Velas Vallarta / Beware of this fraud!


We attended a time share presentation at Velas Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta Mexico in November 2006. We were very impressed with the property and because of the deal that our sales man was able to secure, we purchased the timeshare and left Mexico very happy. A few days after our return the...

Club Velas Vallarta / Lies, scam and rip off!

The 90 minute presentation we attended turned out to be between five to six hours. Once we got down to signing the contract we were rushed through to "get us back on vacation." We were told the timeshare we were buying was previously owned and therefore we wouldn't have the right to...

Velas Vallarta Puerto Vallarta Property / Fradulaent investment

I purchased what i thought was an investment property in velas vallarta puerto vallarta, mexico last year. The pitch was sold for investment and they knew it from the start of the sale. Everything promised has not come true. I turned the situation into profeco in mexico in january of thi...